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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

British Army

  • Royal Artillery
  • Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Royal Army Service Corps
  • Royal Engineers
  • Royal Signals
  • 1st Lothians Border Horse
  • 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
  • 10th Hussars
  • 11th Hussars (Prince Alberts Own)
  • 12th Royal Lancers
  • 13th/18th Royal Hussars
  • 15th/19th Kings Own Hussars
  • 17/21st Royal Lancers
  • 18th Btn Royal West Kent Regiment
  • 1st Kings Dragoon Guards
  • 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays)
  • 2nd Lothians Border Horse
  • 4th Queens Own Hussars
  • 4th/7th Dragoon Guards
  • 50 (Middle East) Commando
  • 7th Queens Own Hussars
  • 9th Lancers
  • Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
  • Army Air Corps
  • Army Catering Corps
  • Army Dental Corps
  • Army Pay Corps
  • Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
  • Auxiliary Territorial Service
  • Auxiliary units
  • Ayrshire Yeomanry
  • Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
  • Bevin Boys
  • Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
  • Border Regiment
  • Cambridgeshire Regiment
  • Cameron Highlanders (Queens Own)
  • Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
  • Coldstream Guards
  • Commandos
  • County of London Yeomanry
  • Cyprus Regiment
  • Derbyshire Yeomanry
  • Devon and Dorset Regiment
  • Dorsetshire Regiment
  • Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
  • Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding) Regiment
  • Durham Light Infantry
  • Dutch Marines
  • East Yorkshire Regiment
  • East Yorkshire Yeomanry
  • Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
  • First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
  • Glider Pilot Regiment
  • Gordon Highlanders
  • Grenadier Guards
  • Hertfordshire Regiment
  • Highland Light Infantry
  • Home Guard
  • Independent Armoured Regiment
  • Inns of Court Regiment
  • Intelligence Corps
  • Kings Dragoon Guards
  • Kings Liverpool Regiment
  • Kings Own Royal (Lancaster) Regiment
  • Kings Own Scottish Borders
  • Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
  • Kings Royal Rifle Corps
  • Kings Shropshire Light Infantry
  • Lancashire Fusiliers
  • Life Guards
  • London Irish Rifles
  • London Scottish
  • Long Range Desert Group
  • Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)
  • Manchester Regiment
  • Middlesex Regiment
  • Military Police
  • National Defence Companies
  • Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
  • North Staffordshire Regiment
  • Northamptonshire Regiment
  • Northants Yeomanry
  • Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
  • Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
  • Parachute Regiment
  • Pioneer Corps
  • Queen Alexandrias Royal Army Nursing Corps
  • Queen Marys Army Auxiliary Corps
  • Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons
  • Queens York Yorkshire Dragoons
  • Raiding Support Regiment
  • Reconnaissance Corps
  • Rifle Brigade
  • Royal Armoured Corps
  • Royal Army Chaplains Department
  • Royal Army Ordnance Corps
  • Royal Army Veterinary Corps
  • Royal Berkshire Regiment
  • Royal Cheshire Regiment
  • Royal Devonshire Regiment
  • Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)
  • Royal East Lancashire Regiment
  • Royal East Surrey Regiment
  • Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Royal Essex Regiment
  • Royal Fusiliers
  • Royal Gloucestershire Regiment
  • Royal Hampshire Regiment
  • Royal Horse Guards
  • Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
  • Royal Irish Fusiliers
  • Royal Leicestershire Regiment
  • Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Norfolk Regiment
  • Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
  • Royal Observer Corps
  • Royal Scots
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • Royal Scots Greys
  • Royal Sussex Regiment
  • Royal Tank Corps
  • Royal Ulster Rifles
  • Royal Warwickshire Regiment
  • Royal Welch Fusiliers
  • Royal West Kent Regiment (Queens own)
  • Royal West Surrey (Queens) Regiment
  • Scots Guards
  • Seaforth Highlanders
  • Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
  • Somerset Light Infantry
  • South Lancashire Regiment
  • South Notts Hussars
  • South Staffordshire Regiment
  • South Wales Borderers
  • Special Air Service
  • Special Constabulary & War Reserve Police
  • Special Operations Executive
  • Special Service Battalions (The Commandos)
  • Staffordshire Yeomanry
  • Straits Settlement Volunteer Force
  • Suffolk Regiment
  • Welsh Regiment
  • West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Waless Own)
  • Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburghs)
  • Womens Auxiliary Air Force
  • Womens Auxiliary Army Corps
  • Womens Land Army
  • Womens Royal Naval Service
  • Womens Timber Corps
  • Worcestershire Regiment
  • York and Lancaster Regiment
  • Yorkshire Hussars
  • Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)

  • Australian Army

  • 2/1st Battalion, 2nd Australian Imperial Force
  • 2/20 Battalion, Australian Army
  • 2/28th Australian Battalion
  • 2/2nd Australian Ambulance
  • 2/7th Field Coy. Royal Australian Engineers
  • 2/8th Australian Field Ambulance
  • 224 Austrialian Imperial Force
  • 33rd Battalion, Australian Army
  • 43rd Australian Battalion
  • 4th Anti-Tank Regiment, Australian Army
  • 8th Division, Australian Army
  • 9th Division Supply Corps, Australian Army

  • British Indian Army

  • 1st King George Vs Own Gurkha Rifles (Malaun Regiment) , British Indian Army
  • 2nd King Edward VIIs Own Gurkha Rifles (Sirmoor Rifles), British Indian Army
  • 3rd Queen Alexandras Own Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army  
  • 4th Prince of Waless Own Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force), British Indian Army
  • 6th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 6th Punjab Regiment, British Indian Army
  • 7th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 8th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 9th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 10th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 25th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 26th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • 29th Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army
  • King George V's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners
  • 18th Royal Garwhal Rifles, British Indian Army
  • Gurkha Rifles
  • Indian Army Medical Corps, British Indian Army

  • Canadian Army

  • 1st Canadian Division
  • 27th Armoured Regiment (Sherbrooke Fusiliers), Canadian Army
  • 3rd Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
  • 3rd Light AA Regiment
  • 5th Canadian Armoured Division
  • 6th Battalion, Canadian Seaforth Highlanders
  • 7th Medium Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 8th Canadian Hussars
  • 8th New Brunswick Hussars
  • Calgary Highlanders
  • Canadian Army Loan Officers
  • Canadian Military HQ
  • Canadian Seaforth Highlanders
  • Cape Breton Highlanders
  • Cape Breton Highlanders
  • Carleton & York Regiment
  • Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Army
  • Governor Generals Horse Guards
  • Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
  • Highland Light Infantry of Canada
  • Irish Regi­ment of Ca­nada
  • Lincoln & Welland Regiment
  • Royal Canadian Artillery
  • Royal Winnipeg Rifles

  • New Zealand Army

  • 18th Battalion, New Zealand 2nd Expeditionary Force
  • 5th Brigade Artillery, New Zealand
  • 5th NZ Field Ambulance, New Zealand Army
  • New Zealand Army Service Corps
  • New Zealand Division

  • South African Army

  • 17th Field Ambulance, South African Medical Corps
  • 18th South African Field Ambulance
  • 22nd Field Artillery
  • 2nd Battalion, Botha Regiment, South African Army
  • 2nd Field Regiment, South African Army
  • 2nd South African Signal Corps
  • 6th South African Armoured Car Regiment
  • Die Middelandse Regiment
  • Imperial Light Horse, South African Army
  • Natal Mounted Rifles
  • South Africa Rifles, South African Army

  • United States Army

  • 1st Armoured Division, US Army
  • 1st Infantry Division, US Army
  • 2nd Rgt US Army Air Corps
  • 4th Infantry Signals Regiment, US Army
  • 5th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 9th Armored Division, US Army
  • 9th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 13th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 16th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 18th Airborne Regiment, US Army
  • 18th Field Artillery Group, US Army
  • 29th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 30th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 32nd Armored Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 32nd Cavalry Regiment, US Army
  • 34th Division, US Army
  • 35th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 36th (Texas) Infantry Division
  • 38th Cavalry Recon. Squadron, US Army
  • 42nd (Rainbow) Infantry Division, US Army
  • 42nd Tank Battalion, US Army
  • 45th (Thunderbird) Division, US Army
  • 45th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 45th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 49th AAA Battalion, US Army
  • 4th Marine Division, US Marines
  • 52nd Field Troop, US Army
  • 54th Field Artillery, US Army
  • 60th Armored Infantry Battalion, US Army
  • 64th Infantry Replacement US Army
  • 65th Field Artillery Regiment, US Army
  • 70th Tank Battalion, US Army
  • 71st Infantry Division, US Army
  • 71st Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 75th Division, US Army
  • 78th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 79th Infantry Regiment US Army
  • 80th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 82nd Airborne Division, US Army
  • 82nd Infantry Battalion, US Army
  • 83rd Infantry Division, US Army
  • 83rd Infantry Regiment, US army
  • 83rd Signal Company, US Army
  • 85th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 86th Infantry Division US Army
  • 87th Infantry Division, USA Army
  • 87th Division US Army
  • 87th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 88th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 89th Division, US Army
  • 90th Cavalry Recon Squadron, US Army
  • 92nd AA Battalion, US Army
  • 92nd Signal Battalion, US Army
  • 94th Cavalry Recon Squadron, US Army
  • 101st Airborne Division, US Army
  • 103rd Division, US Army
  • 103rd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 104th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 109th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 10th Reinforcement Depot, US Army
  • 112th Combat Engineers, US Army
  • 116th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 116th Quartermaster Corps, US Army
  • 119th AAA Gun Battalion, US Army
  • 125th Engineering Battalion, US Army
  • 134th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 135th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 142nd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 142nd Field Artillery Group, US Army
  • 142nd Infantry Regiment US Army
  • 143rd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 143rd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 143rd Infantry Regiment
  • 156th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 157th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 172nd Field Artillery Battalion, US Army
  • 175th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 186th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 188th Field Artillery Group, US Army
  • 191st Tank Battalion, US Army
  • 205th Field Artillery Group, US Army
  • 216th Replacement Depot, US Army
  • 221st Airborne Medical Corps, US Army
  • 222nd AAA Search Light Battalion, US Army
  • 222nd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 232nd Regiment, US Army
  • 242 Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 279th Station Hospital US Army Medical Corps
  • 285th Field Artillery Obs., US Army
  • 289th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 291st Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 294th Ordinance MM Regiment, US Army
  • 29inf-usarmy2 - 29th Infantry Division, US Army
  • 309th Combat Engineers, US Army
  • 310th Regiment, US Army
  • 313st Field Artillery Btn, US Army
  • 314th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 317th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 318th Regiment, US Army
  • 319th Regiment, US Army
  • 320nd Infantry Regiment US Army
  • 321st Glider Field Artillery Regiment, US Army
  • 325th AA Battalion, US Army
  • 325th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 330th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 333rd Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 331st Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 334th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 335th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 345th Regiment, US Army
  • 345th Regiment US Army
  • 347th Regiment US Army
  • 354th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 357th Infantry Regiment US Army
  • 358th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 386th Field Artillery Regiment, US Amry
  • 38th Infantry Divisison, US Army
  • 393th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 394th Infantry Regiment
  • 406th Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 430th AAA Battalion, US Army
  • 447th AAA AW Battalion, US Army
  • 4th Transport Corps US Army
  • 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 505th Light Pontoon Company, US Army
  • 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, US Army
  • 519th Parachute Regiment, US Army
  • 540th Combat Engineers, US Army
  • 574th AAA AW Battalion, US Army
  • 576th Ambulance Company, US Army Medical Corps
  • 5th Transport Corps US Army
  • 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 634th AAA AW Battalion, US Army
  • 667 Field Artillery Battalion, US Army
  • 687th Field Artillery, US Army
  • 711th Artillery Gun Btn, US Army
  • 753rd Tank Regiment, US Army
  • 759th Tank Regiment, US Army
  • 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 777th Tank Battalion US Army
  • 777th Tank Btn, US Army
  • 793rd Artillery Regiment, US Army
  • 802nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 805th Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 811th Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, US Army
  • 838th AAA AW Battalion, US Army
  • 941st Field Artillery Battalion, US Army
  • 980th Field Artillery Regiment, US Army
  • 992nd Engineer Treadway Bridge Company, US Army
  • US Army Medical Corps    
  • Postal Unit, US Army

  • Other Units will be added to this section soon.

    If you have any information, stories or photographs to add to this section we would love to hear from you.

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