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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

Welsh Regiment

   2nd Battalion, Welsh Regiment were based in Aga, India when war broke out. They saw action in the Burma campaign with 62nd Indian Infantry Brigade, 19th Indian Division from 1942.

   1st Battalion, Welsh Regiment were in Palestine serving with 14th Infantry Brigade, 6th Division when war broke out in 1939. At the end of Novemeber they moved to Egypt with 22nd Brigade, 6th Divison. In 1941 they were in Crete ain the June went to North Africa rejoining 14th Infantry Brigade. They saw action in Sicily then in Italy with 168th Infantry Brigade, 56th Division. In Sepetmber 1944 they were reduced to a cadre but were brought up to strength and later joined 61st Infantry Brigade, 6th Armoured Division in Italy and Austria.

   4th Battalion, Welsh Regiment were a territorial unit based at Llanelli. They were mobilised for war with 160th Infantry Brigade, 22nd Division and moved to Banbridge, County Down in November 1942, moving to England for training before landing in Normandy with 160th Infantry Brigade, 53rd (Welsh) Division. They saw action across western Europe and moved into Germany in May 1945.

   5th Battalion, Welsh Regiment were a Territorial unit based at Ponypridd, they mobilised as part of 160th Infantry Brigade. They moved to Northern Ireland in April 1940. They spent time training in England and landed in Normandy in 1944. They saw action across North Western Europe and moved to Germany in May 1945.

28th Jan 1942 Surrounded

24th Feb 1945 Shelling

If you can provide any additional information, especially on actions and locations at specific dates, please add it here.

Those known to have served with

Welsh Regiment

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • Ackland Dennis Claude. Pte. (d.18th May 1945)
  • Bevan Henry Daniel. CQMS
  • Bilson Clarence. Pte. (d.6th September 1944)
  • Boothroyd Ernest. Pte.
  • Bowen Herbert Ian. Pte. (d.23rd July 1944)
  • brady henry . (d. )
  • Butcher Tom.
  • Carter W..
  • Cooke R S. Pte.
  • Cooke Richard Stanley. Pte.
  • Daley W. J.. Pte.
  • Davies Arthur James. (d.24th October 1944)
  • Davies Trevor. Pte.
  • Evans Charles. Pte.
  • Evans David. L/Cpl.
  • Evans Edmund. (d.17th May 1941)
  • Forbes D..
  • Gallagher Terrance. Pte. (d.25th Feb 1945)
  • Headon Ernest Gomer. Pte. (d.23rd March 1945)
  • Hennessy Arthur. Pte. (d.8th Feb 1941)
  • Hopkins Leonard Morgan.
  • Hyde Bert. Capt.
  • John Vernon James. L/Cpl. (d.26th Sep 1944)
  • Johnson Arthur William. Pte.
  • Johnson Frank.
  • Jones Joseph. Pte.
  • Jones Samuel Alfred. CSM
  • Keane Martin Joseph. Sgt.
  • Last George. Pte. (d.17th Sep 1944)
  • Law John Joseph . Pte. (d.4th Feb 1945)
  • Lee Ernest Gwyn. (d.19th February 1945)
  • Llewellyn Iorwerth George. Cpl.
  • Lovell Cecil George. Cpl.
  • Lyons Michael Arthur.
  • Milliner Mervyn Lionel. Cpl.
  • Nagle Patrick William. C.Q.M.S
  • Nash William Henry. Cpl.
  • Oliver Desmond Stuart. Sgt.
  • Oliver William John.
  • Phillips William James.
  • Pitts Lewis George. Pte.
  • Platt Francis Henry. L/Cpl. (d.11th Apr 1945)
  • Rees Albert John. L/Cpl
  • Riddle George Leonard. L/Cpl.
  • Rogers M.. Major.
  • Sinnett Glyndwr George. Pte.
  • Sole Sydney. L/Cpl.
  • Thomas Hubert Gordon . Pte.
  • Tooze Harry. WO1
  • Tuck Harry Arthur. Pte.
  • Vaz Valentine. WO
  • Walbey George. Pte.
  • Watson Tasker. Maj.
  • Welbourne Samuel.
  • Williams Malcolm Frederick Joseph.

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Capt. Bert Hyde South Wales Borderers

My father, Capt Bert Hyde of the SWB and Welch Regiments, was in Oflag XIIB at Hadamr, Franfurt-am-Main. He mentioned that the British prisoners knew that many people were entering the camp next door but few re-emerged. Was this the death camp of Hadamr? He also told of being marched out of the camp by the SS and then being returned to the camp.

Rodney Hyde

henry " " brady (d. )

My grandfather, Henry Brady served in the Welch regiment in Palestine & Crete between 1939-45 he is still alive but in poor health.

Trevor Brady

Cpl. Cecil George "Jim" Lovell 4th Btn .`C` Coy. Welsh Regiment

My father is third in from the left , second row down.

My father, Cecil Lovell, did his basic training with the Dorset Regt. As a native of Weymouth, he enlisted in Dorchester on 11 September 1942, aged 18yrs. After basic training he was transferred to the Welch Regiment, 4th Battalion, `C` Company. He served throughout the Northern Europe campaign and was demobbed on 17th August 1947. I have photos of two of his friends, a D.Forbes and W.Carter

Steve Lovell

Pte. Arthur William Johnson 5th Btn. D Coy. Welch Regmentt

Bill Johnson was my father and the reason why he did not enlist until 26/2/1942 was that he was a bricklayer by trade. Until then he was "sent to Coventry" and labelled a coward despite the fact that he was doing his job. He could have stayed a civilian but could not take being labelled a coward so joined up.

He was posted in the first instance to the General Services Corps and then to the Beds & Herts regiment. On 22/12/1942 posted to 15th Med R.A and later to 'D' Coy 5th Battn Welch Regt then from 13/10/1944 posted to N W Europe. He was discharged 12/12/1945 and resumed his bricklaying. His army pal was Roland Brace who I think was in the same unit. Both have since died.

Mick Johnson

L/Cpl Albert John Rees Welch Regiment

My late father, Bert Rees, served with the Welch Regiment in Italy. I would like to find out details of his service as he never spoke about it.

Graham Rees

Pte. George Last 1st Btn. Welch Regiment (d.17th Sep 1944)

George Last is buried at the Coriano Ridge War Memorial in Italy.

Sylvia Last

Pte. Terrance Gallagher 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment (d.25th Feb 1945)

My grandfather is still alive and was a Royal Marine paratrooper dring WW2. Whilst trying to find out more about his service, I discovered that he had a younger brother who was killed aged 18 on the Belgium/German border. It was the first time I had even heard about him and was therefore trying to speak to anybody who may have known him and the circumstances surrounding the final days of his life. If there is, I would love to hear about it.

Michael Gallagher

Pte. Charles Evans 4th Battalion Welsh Regiment

My uncle was held in Stalag VIII/B (E27)in Lamsdorf, Silesia, after being captured in Norway on 26 May 1940. He returned home in 1945.

Pat Stock

L/Cpl. David Evans Welsh Regiment

I'm writing this for my great grandad who served during World War 2. During his service he was taken to Italy. While in Italy he was captured and was a P.O.W I'm not sure how long he was there before he escaped with a few other soldiers by disguising himself as a women When the Army realised he had escaped he was listed as missing in action for over a year. I'm proud to say I'mm related to him and can't wait to follow my roots by joining the army in the 2nd Battalion Royal welsh.

Liam Stephens

Pte. Joseph Jones 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment

My father, Joseph Jones served in the 4th Battalion, the Welsh Regiment during the Second World war and served from 1939 to 1946 when he was demobbed. He was a bren gun carrier driver and saw active service in North West Europe. After training in Brecon he went to Northern Ireland and then in 1944 was based at Herne Bay, Kent. In late June, 1944 the Battalion landed at Normandy and in July 1944 was involved in battles with the Germans, south west of Caen. The casulalty rate was high and was something like 25% of the battalion were wounded or killed. I am currently researching the battalion's war diary.

A. Jones

Pte. Trevor Davies Welch Regiment

My father Trevor Davies enlisted at Pontypridd on 14/09/1925. He served in China, Hong Kong and India and transferred to the Reserve on 11/04/1933. He was recalled to the Colours in 1939 and he served in France from 11/09/1939 to 20/06/1940. He was discharged as permanently unfit on 24/09/1940.

I am interested to find out where he served in France and with what unit. I can find no record of the Regiment in France as part of the B.E.F. but probably units were cobbled together at this time.

Elwyn Davies

C.Q.M.S Patrick William Nagle 1st Btn Welsh Regiment

Sadly I do not know a great deal about my late father's war. Billy Nagle was a very quiet and softly spoken man. I do know that he was in Egypt during the Second World War and did receive several medals during that campaign. He also holds a medal from Palestine which I know very little about. If anyone can add any information about his time in the army it would be most gratefully received. Many thanks.

Patrick Nagle

William John Oliver MM. Welsh Regiment

William Oliver was awarded the Military Medal for action on the Senio Battle in North Italy in January 1945

John Elias

D. Forbes 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment

with Bren Gun Carrier Sept 1945 Germany

Steve Lovell

W. Carter 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment

Steve Lovell

WO1 Harry Tooze 1st Battalion Welch Regiment

My grandad, Harry Tooze told me that one of his fondest memories of WW2 was when Erwin Rommel visited the camp and he was able to dine with him. I was shocked that he would dine with the enemy. Grandad said he had respect for Rommel as a soldier and considered it an honour to sit at the same table with him.

Philip Tooze

Cpl. Iorwerth George Llewellyn Welsh Regiment

Is anybody still alive who knew my father, Iorwerth Llewellyn? He is still alive, 85 years old now. He went to Burma at latter end of war and he often talks of the Irrawaddy River and Rangoon. He said he was involved in the liberation of POW camps.

Mark Llewellyn

CSM Samuel Alfred Jones Welsh Regiment

My Grandfather joined the Welsh in 1936 in Maesteg town hall, he went on to serve most of his time in India during WW2. I have found out that he was involved in movements control school, embarkation area quarters, Bombay India command. Might have been the 5th battalion but not sure. I know he taught English, to Indian children in is spare time. I am trying to find out anything I can about his time in the army, if anyone can help, please email me.

D Berry

L/Cpl. Sydney "Syd" Sole Leicestershire Regiment

My Grandfather, Sydney Sole never liked to talk about the War much but we did get a few facts. He was a fly weight boxer in the army. He joined the Leicestershire Regiment on the 20th of June 1940 but was transferred to the Welch Regiment on the 7th of April. He served first in Egypt and Eritriea then went to invade Sicily and fought up Italy into Yugoslavia. I would love to have contact from anyone who knows more.

Darren Blackburn

Malcolm Frederick Joseph Williams Welsh Regiment

My father, Malcolm Williams, served in Burma with the Welsh Regiment. After the war he lived in Sri Lanka however went to England for medical reasons and died there from the war injury to his head when I was 18 months old. After his death my mother returned to Sri Lanka with me and later we migrated to Western Australia. I believe my father was buried somewhere in Essex. I have travelled to Essex and made inquiries at Churches and visited grave yards but without any result. I would dearly love to find my father's grave and any information would be wonderful. A form I have on his death states his address on 29th December 1949 is Agricultural Camp, Horndon on the Hill. The writing is difficult to read. I have a photo of him in uniform with two other soldiers.

Kathleen Lamp

L/Cpl. George Leonard Riddle 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment

I know little of my dad's time in the Army which was from 1940 - 1946, his name was Lennie Riddle. His close friend George Harris, also from Redruth, served along side him.

Linda Trelease

Pte. Richard Stanley Cooke Welch Regiment

I have been looking at copies of my uncle's diary and I believe he might have been a camp barber. He was also at Stalag 8b

Gareth John Cooke

Sgt. Martin Joseph Keane Welsh Regiment

My late Father, Sgt Martin Keane, was captured at Tobruk by Rommel's forces around 1942 and sent to Italy where the prisoners were not very well treated. After an escape and recapture he was sent to Stalag 1VB and spent the rest of the war there. He did not speak about it much, but as he grew older little snippets used to come out - about hiding radios and putting on shows to entertain other prisoners.

I am not sure how he got home but the Americans got him out of Berlin and back to the UK suffering from malnutrition and in very poor health. He recovered very well due to my Mothers cooking and care. He did say that food was very scarce near the end and he suffered from the cold weather badly as he had been in North Africa with his unit, the Welsh Regiment. I do have his POW tag and I have traced his name on the prisoner list. He had served in India before WW2 so was called back to duty before war was declared in 1939 leaving my mother and 2 babies in London. Thankfully he lived a long and happy life. He and my mother supported the Royal British Legion all their lives and Dad wore his medals and Welsh Regiment cap badge with great pride. He was flag bearer at many funerals (sadly).

If anyone knew him or can elaborate on his time in Stalag 1VB I would love to hear from them.

Angela Keane

Samuel Welbourne Royal Welch Regiment

My grandfather was Pte Samuel Welbourne from South Wales. He was with the Royal Welch Regiment when he was captured on 1st October 1944 in Italy. He first went to Stalag VII-A in Moosburg, Germany and then went to Stalag 344 / VIII-B in Poland in December 1944. He worked in one of the mines in this area too. My mother recalls him saying it was a salt mine. I have obtained a copy of his ID card from the camp which states on the back that he was part of "E72 Beuthen". This is the name of a nearby town which had lots of mines although I'm not sure exactly what "E72" was mining.

I don't know what happened to him between Dec 1944 and his hospital records from Newbury District Hospital on 9th May 1945. It says that 10 days earlier he had been in the vicinity of Regensburg, Germany. Can anyone shed any light on how he may have gone from Poland to Germany? If you have any more information to add to this I'd be really grateful.

Joanne Jones

Frank "Knocker" Johnson Welch Regiment

My dad, Frank Johnson known as Knocker, from Cardiff, was captured in Crete by Germans, sent to Stalag 8b worked in a salt mine in Poland. I would love to hear from any one in same camp or the Welch Regiment. He tried to escape but was shot through foot, and said he was waiting to be transferred to Germany, left in train on sidings for 3 days and had head lice as big as 5p. He also faked appendix pain, and was operated on, using a lid from an empty can.


Leonard Morgan Hopkins Welsh Fusiliers

Leonard Morgan Hopkins of the Welsh Fusiliers was captured in 1940 and was imprisoned in Stalag 8b until 1944. He also involved in the infamous death march across Poland. Len is still alive and well and living in Flintshire.

Pte. Hubert Gordon Thomas 4th Btn. A Coy. 7th Pln. Welsh Regiment

Hubert Gordon Thomas served with the 4th Battalion, Welsh Regiment during WW2.

June Walters

Sgt. Desmond Stuart Oliver Welch Regiment

My father, Desmond Oliver signed up at 17 in 1942 and served with the Welsh Regiment in Greece and Palestine until 1946/47. After basic training, he was assigned to REME. He may have also been involved in raids on radar installations in Norway.

He had four girls so war stories were not deemed appropriate and as a result, I know little else other than that his best friends who survived the actual war were killed in Palestine. I only recollect the name, Demsey, who I assume is Terrance Demsey from Ireland who was killed at that point. He was devastated especially after three years of combat.

If anyone can help fill in the gaps it would truly be appreciated. Diolwch y'n fawr..... my cymraeg is rusty so pls forgive any errors.

Christine Oliver

Pte. Ernest Gomer Headon 1st Btn Royal Welch (d.23rd March 1945)

My Uncle, Gomer Headon, was captured in Crete in 1941 and spent the rest of the war in Stalag 8C (prisoner no. 6312). The family say that he died of peritonitis on the forced March out of Poland the day before the column was liberated by the Americans. If anyone has any information, no matter how trivial about my uncle, I would be so grateful.

It is said that when the Germans closed in on Suda Bay in Crete, Gomer (as they family knew him) escaped into the White Mountains with a few other soldiers (presumably trying to reach the British base there) and they managed to evade capture for a few weeks. They were captured when they saw an advancing German troops and tried to take shelter in a cave. Sadly they were driven out of the cave by hornets and captured. His best friend was called Ritchie and he survived the war. While he was in Stalag 8C he cast a lead cap badge of the The Royal Welch. This is still in my mother's possession.

Kathy Miller

L/Cpl. Vernon James John 4th Battalion Welsh Regiment (d.26th Sep 1944)

My great uncle, Vernon James John, served with the 4th Battalion Welsh Regiment. He was part of the advance through France, Belgium and Holland.

On the 25th and 26th September the 4th attacked at night the village of Reusel. Heavy fighting ensued around the church. As far as we can tell Vernon was shot by a sniper and died of his wounds we think in the church. Sadly there seems to be no whereabouts of his grave. I wonder if he is buried in the grounds of the church? However, myself and my uncle visited Grossbeek Canadian War Cemetery this September 2014 to mark the 70th anniversary of operation Market Garden where Vernon has a commemorative plaque.

Pete Mansell

Cpl. Mervyn Lionel Milliner 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment

Mervyn Milliner enlisted in the Army 15th Jan 1940 and attended 5 Corps School at Poole between 4th Dec 41 and 16th Feb 1942. He was promoted L/Cpl 11th Mar 1942 and promoted substantive Cpl at Litton Cheney 26th Jan 1943. After a number of home postings he attended Course HW 33 at Small Arms School, Hythe from 17 nov 1943 to 23 Dec 1943. Between 23 May 1944 and 27 jun 1944 he attended Course No. 57 in 3 inch mortar at S.A.S. Netheravon and qualified CY.

He disembarked for North West Europe on 28th July 1944 and posted to 4th Bn Welsh Regiment on 7th of Aug 1944. He continued with this unit through Belgium and Holland into Germany, later requesting to revert to the rank of L/Cpl. He ended his overseas service in Dusseldorf as a regimental M.P. He was awarded 1939/54 Star and France and Germany Star on 30th Mar 1945. After returning to the U.K. he was released to the Royal Army Reserve 30 Jun 1946. Little more is known of his military career but like thousands of others he performed his duty as one of the unsung heroes.

David Jones

Pte. Dennis Claude Ackland 2nd Battalion Welch Regiment (d.18th May 1945)

Dennis Ackland was my uncle but I was only 4 when he was killed in action in Burma - aged 21. I do not have any details of his service but I hope to learn more in the future. He was born in 1923 so I can only assume that he enlisted when he was 18 in 1941. He was the only child of my step-aunt Violet May Ackland who was unmarried. Dennis was therefore a very precious child.

He was serving in Burma when VE day was declared and he was killed a week later which is indeed bitter sweet. He is buried in Rangoon War Cemetery along with the many others who died in that war. His grave is beautifully tended but for my aunt it was devastating that she was never able to visit his grave. He was awarded the Burma Star which is now in my possession, being the only survivor of his family. May he sleep well albeit in a foreign land.

Joan Vallei

CQMS Henry Daniel "Taffy" Bevan MID 1st Btn Welch Regiment

My grandfather Henry Daniel Bevan joined the Welch Regiment aged 17 as his date of birth is incorrect on his enlistment papers. He joined the 1st Battalion Welch but was transferred to 2nd Battalion in India and served 7 years (1931-38) before returning to UK as a civilian.

He married in August 1939 and was recalled when WW2 started serving in Palestine and Egypt with 1st Battalion Welch at Mersa Matruh and Alexandria. He survived the German invasion of Crete and was fortunate to be evacuated back to Alexandria, Egypt where he then joined the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). He was Colour Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) at Siwa, Kufra and Jalo oasis with the LRDG before being captured in the Dodecanese Islands.

Henry was Mentioned in Despatches in the London Gazette on 24th June 1943 for gallant and distinguished service between 1st May and 22nd October 1942

Transferred to Greece as a POW, he managed to escape with 2 other men from a German train transporting them to a camp and he spent 7 months in Yugoslavia working with the partisans. The US 15th Airforce repatriated him to Bari, Italy in July 1944 then he returned home to Clydach Vale in Wales. My mother Valerie then aged 5 met her father for the first time.

He was then posted to Welch Regt HQ in Brecon in a training/drafting role and later to Ballyedmond, Northern Ireland with the 14th Battalion Welch Regt. He died in 2013.

Michael Evans

Pte. Ernest Boothroyd 1st Btn. Welch Regiment

Ernest Boothroyd served in N. Africa, Sicily and Italy in WW2. He was a member of B Coy, 1st Btn, Welch Regiment. On demob in 1946 he returned home with 13 issues of a Company magazine that had been compiled by the company clerk. The magazines contain stories, anecdotes, photos and a large amount of articles and poetry from the members. How they managed to do this under war conditions including the invasion of Sicily and Italy is a miracle.

Michael Morgan

Major. M. Rogers Welch Regiment

My late husband's father and grandfather were both in the Welch. I have a letter from Major Rogers to his son Peter Rogers who has one stripe in the letter. Major Rogers is describing landing on the beach and heading inland into France as part of the BLA. I also have a collection of 'Men of Harlech' magazines in pristine condition from 1946 to 1951. I believe my husband's father Peter Gordon Rogers (b. 1925) served in Burma as we have Burmese Daa? swords that were taken when the Burmese surrendered.

Sue Rogers

WO Valentine Vaz RASC Welch Rgt.

My grandfather Valentine Vaz (enlisted in India), served in the Welch Regiment RASC, WO 2 3975864 from 1941 until 1945. He was captured in Singapore, and spent time in Malaya at Japanese POW camps. He was discharged overseas with a Class A Release. Does anyone have any information about him?

Gerard Vaz

Tom Butcher Welsh Regiment

My father, Tom Butcher, was captured on Crete and was sent to Stalags 7A and 8B. He was also on the 1,000 mile death march from Poland. He hardly said a thing about his time as a POW.

John Butcher

Pte. W. J. Daley Welch Regiment

Pte Daley was captured on Crete during 1941. his POW number was 6155. Does anyone know about him?

Tony Hyman

Arthur James Davies 4th Btn. Royal Welch Rgt. (d.24th October 1944)

Arthur Davies is bured in Uden War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Ernest Gwyn Lee 4th Btn. Royal Welch Rgt. (d.19th February 1945)

Ernest Lee is buried in Uden War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Pte. Harry Arthur Tuck Attchd. Welch Rgt. Royal Army Service Corps

My father, Private Harry Arthur Tuck, served with the Welch Regiment on Crete in 1941 and was wounded and taken prisoner. I think he may have been a bren gun carrier driver as he was RASC, attached to the Welch Regiment. He was a POW in Stalg 8 in Lansdorf and was repatriated in October 1943 via Sweden.

Simon Tuck

L/Cpl. Francis Henry Platt 5th Btn. Welsh Regiment (d.11th Apr 1945)

Becklingen War Cemetery

Frank Platt is buried in Becklingen War Cemetery.

Shelby Hendren

Pte. John Joseph Law 2nd Btn. Welch Regiment (d.4th Feb 1945)

John Law is buried in Taukkyan war cemetery in Burma. I have no information other than above, but would love him to not be forgotten. My father was six when he died, and missed him terribly, it affected the rest of his life.

Linda Law

Pte. Clarence Bilson 1st Btn. Welch Regiment (d.6th September 1944)

Clarence Bilson died at Rimini, and is buried at Gradara Cemetery, Italy. He is commemorated on the new War Memorial erected in 2000 at Alexander House Community Resource Centre, Askern, Yorkshire, England.

Bruce Westerman

Pte. Lewis George Pitts 1st Btn. Welch Regiment

My grandfather, Lewis Pitts, was captured in Crete on 2nd June 1941 and held at POW Camp 65, Gravina Altimura. He was transferred to Stalag 4f at an unknown date. I am only just beginning my research to any help would be very much appreciated.

Robert Pitts

William James Phillips Welsh Regiment

My grandfather, William Phillips never really wanted to talk about WW2. All I know is that he was in Egypt and his camp was destroyed and he put his head in the sand, and a bomb landed by the side of him but did not go off. Also, he was rescued by the Navy and the boat he was rescued on was torpedoed and he ended up in the water, this happened twice to him. I have attached some photos of him that I have recently found. I am trying to find any information if anyone can help that would be great.

Amanda Thomas

Pte. Arthur Hennessy 15th Btn. Welch Regiment (d.8th Feb 1941)

Arthur Hennessy was the son of James and Annie Hennessy of Waterford. He was aged 22 when he died and is buried in the Ballygunner (St. Mary) Catholic Churchyard, in Ballygunner Co. Waterford, Ireland.

s flynn

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