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Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

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- Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) during the Second World War -

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Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)

1st Jun 1940 Evacuation

2nd May 1941 Live Fire

31st Jul 1941 Excerise

1st Oct 1941 Excerise

27th Nov 1941 Demonstration

9th Feb 1942 Demonstration

17th Feb 1942 Excerise

28th Feb 1942 Football

28th Jan 1944 Aircraft Active

If you can provide any additional information, especially on actions and locations at specific dates, please add it here.

Those known to have served with

Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Cpl Joe Smallman Sherwood Foresters

My Dad, Corporal Joe Smallman, was in the Sherwood Foresters. He was taken prisoner and ended up in the Italian POW camp PG70 He was transferred to PG62 close to Bergamo, Italy where he escaped into Adelboden, Switzerland.

Trevor Smallman

Sjt. Eric Howell King 2nd Battallion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regt.) (d.30th May 1940)

Serjeant King was my Grandfather but he was killed when my mother was only two. I don't have much detail but I know he was defending the perimeter of Dunkirk when he died at the time of the mass withdrawal back to Britain.

Steve Johnson

Private Ernest Jephcote Sherwood Foresters

My father was one of those on the Lancastria when she was sunk. He was lucky enough to be rescued after a number of hours in the water. After the war he spoke very little about his experiences only saying that the survivors had to swim through burning oil. What he went through that day remained with him for the rest of his life. As a result he was never a well man, suffering from breathing problems every day until he died in 1977. If any one has any information about dad or knew of him I would love to hear.

Irene Jephcote

L/Cpl John Layton 1st/5th Sherwood Foresters (d.10th Jul 1943)

I've never seen our Jacky, he was poisoned by the Japs in 1943 and I was not born until 1945. My dad was his brother. I have been told by my older relations, those who are left, that he was a great dart thrower so I must take after him. It would be nice to visit his grave in Kanchanburi War Cemetery in Thailand one day.

He would have been my hero - God Bless. He died for our freedom. My darts go in for Jack Layton.

Mick Layton

Sgt. Francis Patrick A. Halliwell Sherwood Foresters

My Dad, Frank Halliwell couldn't really talk about the war. He was a very proud man. I did have a letter once that the Sherwood Forresters had sent my Dad and it had his Battalion on it and his number etc. but I handed it over to someone many years ago as he dealt in war things and medals and he was trying to find information out for me about my Dad. I left the area and never heard from this man again, so I lost all the info I had about my Dad in the war. I have a button cleaner and a bullet shell that was my dads, that's all I have and I know he was at Dunkirk and in Egypt. If anyone knew my Dad I'd love to hear from you.


Cpl. Jack Leverton Sherwood Forresters

My Grandfather, Jack Leverton, who was captured and sent to Stalag IVb. His Prisoner Number was 261315. Any information at all would be greatly valued and appreciated, as he sadly passed away a number of years ago.

Kate Baguley

Sherrard "Shed" Bannister Sherwood Foresters

I was wondering if anyone knew my grandfather, Sherrard Bannister, (known as Shed). He served in the Sherwood Foresters and REME. I am interested in knowing where he went and what he did during WW2 or if anyone remembers him.


Pte James Preston Mallory Sherwood Foresters Regiment

My Uncle James Preston Mallory was a prisoner in the Stalag VII-B camp n/o 344 in Lamsdorf Poland, formally known as Lambinowice. He served in the Sherwood Foresters Regiment from 1939 – 1945, after the War in 1945 he subsequently joined ‘Commission Control’.

I was told that he escaped from the camp and was recaptured and duly returned to the camp, he also took part in the March from Poland to Germany. I have been told that during the infamous 'long march' from Poland to Germany he and his friends used to take potatoes from nearby fields and boil them up quickly to sustain them on the journey. In order to preserve the soles on his boots he strapped pieces of wood to his soles and due to this ingenuity when he arrived in Germany his soles were nearly unworn.

If anyone remembers or even knew him I would be very grateful to know.

John Leverton Sherwood Forresters

My grandfather Jack Leverton was held in Stalag IVb for much of the war, however, we have very little information regarding him.

Kate Baguley

Pte. Gilbert Richard Naylor Sherwood Foresters

Last year my wife and I visited Anzio to see where her father, Gilbert Richard Naylor, had been captured during the war, and subsequently obtained his service record.

He invaded Italy at Anzio on Feb 29th and was captured on 1st Mar. 1944. He was in the Sherwood Foresters having one month earlier been transferred from the Black Watch. He spent the remainder of the war in Stalag 344 at Lamsdorf. During his time there he wrote quite a few letters home and one of them came our way quite recently. It is basically about a photo, of my wife as a 2 year old that had been sent to him, we also now have the photo which he carried with him. My mother-in-law still has all the letters but they are obviously of a personal nature and we have declined to read them.

He was in Arbeits kommandos E30 but I do not know what town it was near. All we know about his time there is that he worked on the night shift at a cement factory and on Sundays he liked to go on a walk to a nearby river because it helped with the boredom. I got the impression that this was not a high security camp as they were escorted to work but on the return had to waken the guards so as to get back into the camp. He still remembered the German language that he had learnt and had no hard feelings against the German people. He said that the locals were not much better off than the POWs but that they did give them bits of food. We think that he was on the march east in '44 but he did not talk about it. The family had a German army back pack that had deer fur on the flap, he said that he acquired it on the march, but we thought that he meant between Anzio and Lamsdorf not knowing about the march in '44.

Trevor Taylor

Pte. Cyril Burch 1st/5th Btn. Sherwood Foresters (d.12th Sep 1944)

Cyril Burch drowned on the 12th September 1944, aged 26 and is commemorated on Column 71 on the Singapore Memorial in the Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore. He was the husband of Freda Burch of 40 Chestnut Ave, Newark, Notts.

He worked on the Burma Railway but was to be sent to Singapore on one of Japanese ships The Hachidoki Maru or the Rakuyo Maru both of which where torpedoed by 2 US Submarines, the USS Pampanito and the USS Sealion on the 12/09/1944.

s flynn

Capt. Lionel Cuthbert Thornton 5th Btn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) (d.15th Feb 1942)

Lionel Thornton died on the 15th of February 1942, aged 37 and is commemorated on Column 69 on the Singapore Memorial in Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore. He was the son of Thomas and Edith Thornton; husband of Joan Ross Thornton, of Ascot, Berkshire.

s flynn

Spr. William Kirkman Royal Engineers

My grandad William Kirkman served from 1941 to 1946. He was in the Sherwood Foresters and went to Malta tunnelling. He was also at Gibraltar. Then he served in Burma. I believe he was a sapper, then was promoted. He lived in Nottingham and was born in 1920.

Jane Kirkman

Pte. Harold Percy Spencer 1st Btn. Sherwood Foresters

Harold Spencer served with the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters in Palestine in 1939 and in Cyprus in 1940. He was taken prisoner by the Germans at Tobruk, North Africa on 20th June 1942. He was held in various POW camps, but the last known was Stalag 17a at Kaisersteinbruck bei Bruck. Harold was repatriated in 1945.

My great-uncle never recovered, emotionally, from his experiences as a POW and never once told his family about what happened. My mum says that he had been a very outgoing man, always playing with his nieces and nephew before the war, but was definitely a changed man when he returned home. He was single when he joined up and remained a bachelor his whole life. He died on 14th January 2004.

Denise Wynn

Pte. A. Marks Sherwood Foresters

My grandfather, Pte A Marks of the Sherwood Foresters, was held in Stalag IVB. He was captured at Tobruk.

Denise Marks

Eric Toombs Catering Corps

Is there anyone left alive who served with the Leicesters and the Sherwood Foresters in WWII in North Africa, Greece and Italy? My father was in the Catering Corps. Other names we know: Ron Allen, Sgt Arthur Reynolds and Danny Wheatly.

Steve Toombs

L/Cpl. Raymond Hawley 2nd Btn., C Coy. Sherwood Foresters

My father-in-law Raymond Hawley, C Company, 2nd Btn Sherwood Foresters was captured at the Anzio landings and interned at Stalag 4B until liberation on St George's Day 1945.

Bill Dalby

Douglas Allan Sherwood Foresters

My uncle Douglas Allen served with the Sherwood Foresters and was captured in the fall of Crete. He was a POW for the rest of the war. I have his portrait, which was painted by a fellow POW who signed it with the initials `TEMF 1944'.

Tony Orme

Pte. A. Marks Sherwood Foresters

My grandfather Pte A. Marks was a Sherwood Forester, captured at Tobruk and taken to Stalag IVB. He was involved in an escape, and he and some others got as far as Lake Geneva before being recaptured by Italian soldiers (Italy had not yet surrendered). They were taken back to the camp.

Denise marks

George Fletcher Sherwood Foresters

My father served in North Africa, Italy and France during WWII and later in Palestine.

Michael Fletcher

George Fisher Notts & Derby Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)

I am seeking any information about George Fisher who was at Stalag 8b. He was a soldier in the Sherwood Forresters and was captured in Africa.

Oliver Fisher

Pte. John Edward "Ted" Leese Notts & Derby Regiment

My father, John Edward Leese, who was a member of the Sherwood Foresters in the British Army in WWII. He was captured at Dunkirk. Dad was not one to tell of the horrors of war. His family is in Australia (where he and mum emigrated after war) and believe he was in either Stalag 9 or 11 in Poland. Dad told a story of being marched for days and days across Poland. This story I have read on many websites. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Just in case you do not have this information, Prisoners of the British Army lists: Leese J.E., Pte 4971012, Foresters, POW No. 8659, Camp Stalag 20A (located at Thorn Podgorz). - Stuart Brown

John Leese

Sgt. Horace Victor Vardy 2nd Btn. Sherwood Foresters

During his time at war, in June 1940 Horace Vardy was put aboard the Lancastria which was packed full in an emergency evacuation from France. While evacuating from St Nazaire, a German bomb had hit the ship and killed hundreds of soldiers instantly.

To survive the Lancastria disaster Vardy had to fight for his place on a piece of wreckage, while comrades lost their lives. He felt guilt and sorrow later for this. Troops in the water were being machine-gunned as Vardy paddled away from the ship, covered in oil. As he was in the sea he could hear the men trapped below decks in the ship singing Roll out the Barrel, a song that brought tears to his eyes whenever he heard it, until the day he died in 1963. He spent many hours in the water praying and singing until a fishing boat picked him up. This was the 17th June, the day before his birthday. He would be 22 years old the next day; it was the best birthday present he could wish for. He served in Bees Squad, 2nd Battalion Sherwood Foresters.

Pte. Frank Kindleysides Sherwood Foresters

Frank Kindleysides was my father's first cousin and was born in 1919.

Pte. Ronald Cain 8th Btn. Sherwood Foresters (d.6th May 1945)

Ronald Cain was the son of William and Margaret Jane Cain of Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He was aged 25 when he died and is buried in the Rechenberg-Bienenmuhle Cemetery in Germany.

s flynn

Pte. Robert Hansel Norman 10th Btn. Lancashire Fusliers

Robert Norman disembarked at Bombay, on the 28th Oct 1944 under Ranchi, India Command. Due to heavy casualties within each regiment Robert was moved from regiment to regiment and served with Cameronian Highlanders, King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1st Btn. Royal Scots Fusiliers, 10th Btn Lancashire Fusiliers 11th of Jul 1945 and 12th Sherwood Foresters. He embarked from Bombay on the 19th of May 1946.

Robert was my maternal uncle and I have all his photographs, ranging from when he was baptised, through being a schoolboy, and then when in Burma. He was awarded the Burma Star. The dark side was that his eyes show no emotion and stare into space, as if frozen in complete shock of what he has seen and experienced. In his regiment photo in Bombay he is wearing a Chindit hat.

Post war he never spoke one word of his war-time experiences, as was the case with my father and uncle Jack Norman of the Durham Light Infantry. He never married, although a tall handsome man of excellent physical stature for his entire life. He retained that 'strange stare', although after several pints his eyes did relax with a twinkle. How many young men like Robert came back from Burma in that strange trance like stance? The Forgotten Army?

Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton

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