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Those Who Served


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Private John William "Jack" McCartney .     Army 25th battalion King's Regiment √É?√?¬†(Liverpool)   from Everton, Liverpool, England.

Keith McCartney

Pte. James McCarty .     British Army 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment   from Bill Quay.

(d.4th May 1916)

James McCarty served with the 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, he was aged 26 when he died on 4th May 1916. He was born and enlisted in Jarrow. Native of Hebburn, on the 1911 census he is listed as James McCarty age 18 Rivet Heater in Cammell Laird Shipyard is lodging with a number of other lads from South Tyneside at 9 Stanley Street, Tranmere, Birkenhead. He was the husband of Agnes Hall McCarty (nee Gidney) of 58 Coxon Street Bill Quay.

James is buried in Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt and is commemorated on the Palmer Cenotaph (south face) Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

Pte. John McCauley .     British Army 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers   from Jarrow

(d.26th May 1915)

John McCauley served with the 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers and was aged 30 when he died on 26th May 1915. Born in 1884 in Jarrow he was the son of Mary Ann McCauley and husband of Catherine McCauley (nee McLaughlan) of 42 Cambrian Street Jarrow.

John is buried in Brandhoek Military Cemetery and is commemorated on the Triptych in St. Paul's Church, Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

Sgt. Thomas McCaw .     British Army 15th Btn Highland Light Infantry (d.3rd July 1916)

Thomas McCaw is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial.

Janine McCaw

L/Cpl. Robert McChesney .     British Army Tyneside Scottish Northumberland Fusiliers   from Seaham, County Durham

(d.4th July 1916)

Robert Mcchesney

My great uncle, Robert Mcchesney, from Seaham, County Durham, served with the 22nd/3rd Tyneside Scottish Northumberland Fusiliers during World War One. He was stationed in France from early 1916, this information obtained from the war diaries of the Tyneside Scottish units held at Alnwick Castle.

The 22nd Tyneside Scottish went into battle on the first day of the Somme at La Bosielle with the 21st forming the 102nd brigade right, and he was wounded on the site of the still existing Lochnagar Crater, which was created by a mine blown minutes prior to the commencement of the battle on the 1st of July 1916. It is here that the body of George Nugent also of the Tyneside Scottish was found in the 1990's.

Robert was wounded on the 1st of July 1916, and died from wounds on 4th of July 1916. He is buried at Heilly Gate Cemetery, France, which was a casualty clearing station like many of the cemeteries on the Somme. He was 24 years old and his younger sister, my grandmother, never got over the loss of her brother and she named her first born son Robert in honour of him.

Mareen Gartland

Pte. H. McClair .     British Army 2nd Btn. Border Regiment (d.1st Aug 1918)

Pte. H. McClair served with the Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion He was executed for desertion on 1st August1918 and isburied in the City of Paris Cemetery, Bagneux, France.

s flynn

CSM. Thomas McClay DCM MM..     British Army 9th Btn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers   from Omagh

David Marshall

Sergeant R J McCleary .     British Army 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles   from Tonaghmore, Banbridge

(d.22nd July 1915)

This is a photo of my great-grandad, Sgt R J McCleary, Service No 4775 of the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles. He was the son of Robert McCleary of Tonaghmore,Banbridge and husband of Amy McCleary, of Saul St., Down Patrick, County Down. He died on Thursday 22nd July 1915 at the age of 27, and is buried at Merville Communal Cemetry, Nord, France.

I am visiting his grave in August as my Nana (who sadly has died) always wanted to visit her father's grave but never got the chance.

Teresa Price

A. McCleery .     British Army 14th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles (d.1st Jul 1916)

Rfmn. David McClelland .     British Army 2nd Btn. Royal Irish Rifles (d.17th Oct 1914)

David was my grandfather Robert McClelland's brother. He was born in Belfast on 5th May 1885 to John and Sarah. He served with the Royal Irish Rifles and is registered in the 1901 Census as in 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles so must have switched to 2nd Battalion before embarking for France in August 1914. He died of wounds on 17th October 1914 and is buried in Bethune Town cemetery. Other than this I know nothing about him. His service record is not available.

R Aiken

Pte. Robert McClelland .     British Army 594th MT Coy. Army Service Corps   from Blantyre

(d.12th Sep 1917)

Robert McClelland was the son of Hugh and Grace McClelland of Hamilton, Scotland. I have no idea what happened to him but he is buried in Westouter Churchyard, West Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Robert McClelland

Pte. James McClure .     British Army 1st Btn. Royal Scots   from Abercromby Street, Glasgow

My great-uncle James McClure served with the 1st Battalion Royal Scots from March 2015 until the war ended when he re-enlisted and served with the Military Mission in Bulgaria.

I'm still trying to piece together all the details but it looks as though he was acting as some sort of courier between Sofia and Constantinople between 1919 and Mar 1920. He married a Russian girl in January 1920 and in March 1920 he was shot dead by a member of the Bulgarian Secret Police during an altercation.

Gnr. Robert Calderwood McClure MM..     British Army 103rd Bde. A Bty. Royal Field Artillery

Robert Calderwood McClure won the Military Medal in Italy (date of Gazette was 21st October 1918). He was part of "A" Battery.

Robin McClure

Pte. William McClure .     British Army 7th Btn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers   from Howood, Renfrewshire, Scotland

(d.11th Nov 1916)

William McClure is interred at the Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery.

James McClure

Pte. James McCluskey MM..     British Army 6th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers   from Jarrow

(d.25th Nov 1918)

James McCluskey MM served with the 6th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers. Born in Jarrow in 1885, he was aged 33 when he died on 25th November 1918.

James is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial and is commemorated on the Triptych in St. Paul's Church, Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

Pte. Peter McCluskey .     British Army 2nd Btn. Northumberland Fusiliers (d.8th May 1915)

Vin Mullen

RSM James McClymont DCM..     British Army 9th Battalion Royal Sussex   from Graveley, Hertfordshire

james McClymont as chauffeur to Lord Jowett.

My grandfather,James McClymont, joined the 9th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment in Chichester on the 7th September 1914, aged 23 yrs and 4 months. His occupation was motor mechanic and before war broke out he was working as the Chauffeur to Lord Jowett. As some of his documentation was partially burnt during WW2, there is only sparse information about him. He served in France and Belgium, and took part in nearly all the engagements. He was awarded the Distingiushed Conduct medal in 1919, the announcement appeared in the London Gazette dated 15/5/1919.

He was a very quiet man, and would never talk about the war, even to his family. We do know that he went back to visit Ypres after the war,(and the memorial on the Menin Gate), where he and his two brothers had fought. All three brothers survived the war, although James' brother John, died at an early age, probably due to being gassed on 17/4/1918.

Jane Hanick

Pte. Charles Frederick McColl .     British Army 1/4th Btn. East Yorkshire Regiment   from 6 Bramham Avenue, Hull

(d.28th Dec 1917)

Charles McColl was a shipyard plater and therefore exempt from military service but he voluntarily joined the Army on 7th of September 1914. He enlisted into the 11th East Yorkshire Regiment in 1914 and at the end of 1915 sailed to Egypt before the battalion was recalled to the Western Front.

In September 1916 his unit had been holding the line near Neuve Chapelle when he was wounded by a shell and invalided home with heart failure. Upon his return to France he was posted to the 4th East Yorkshire Regiment but soon went absent receiving a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. On the 28th October 1917 Private McColl absconded from his platoon which was in brigade support near Houlthult Forest in the Ypres sector leaving behind his rifle and equipment. Four days later he was arrested in Calais after enquiring about a rest camp and stating he was on his way to England.

At his court-martial he was not represented and detailed his nervous condition and inability to control himself when in the trenches. No medical examination was ordered. He was tried by Field General Court Martial on a number of occasions but the final, fatal proceedings took place at Brandhoek on 21 December 1917. One of the two members of the court, Captain C.J.A. Pollock, was from the defendantís own unit and although they were assisted by a Court Martial officer, Captain F.S.A. Baker, Private Charles McColl was undefended and was sentenced to death. He was held in a military prison at Brandhoek then on the eve of his execution brought to the prison at Ypres when he was told of confirmation of the sentence of death. As dawn approached he was manacled and blindfolded with a reverse gas mask and taken out and strapped to a chair and shot. This story is told by Julian Putkowski in his book "Shot At Dawn" (The Sad Campaign to Secure Millennium Pardons for British and Commonwealth Soldiers Executed during the First World War) The disciplinary regime exercised by the British Army during the First World War was truly draconian and I still believe that the conditional pardon does not represent an adequate acknowledgement of the disgraceful fashion in which these men were culled and the hardships endured by many relatives and dependents. (This comment from Julian Putkowski re: British Govt Pardon to Executed Soldiers, Section 359 of the Armed Forces Act 2006)

Private C. F. McColl, 1/4th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment was executed for desertion 28/12/1917.

Update: There are lots of errors in the original story of McColl. For example, he never went to Egypt, he was AWOL. These are often repeated from data in a very poorly researched book on those shot at dawn. Vanessa, who submitted the text, is aware and has seen our research.

We recently held a service for him as the Padre at his execution refused him his right to a Christian burial. Our UK and Belgian researchers have tried but can find no other instance of this having occurred.

The Hull People's Memorial adds to the story.

The above images are copyright (c) 2014 Hull People's Memorial. Alan Brigham

The Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull

Vanessa McColl

Pte. Herbert James McCombie .     British Army 10th Btn. London Regiment (d.29th May 1918)

Jeffrey Ernest McCombie

Seaman George Charles McConaghy .     Royal Navy HMS Amphion   from Straw House, Bovevagh, Dungiven, Co. Londonderry

(d.6th Aug 1914)

George McConaghy of HMS Amphion is listed on the War Memorial in the town of Limavady Co. Londonderry. I am an Ex Lt Cdr RN and am researching the stories of all the names mentioned, if you have any information please get in touch.

Robert M Stewart

Capt. Charles Edward McConnell .     Royal Garrison Artillery 82nd Heavy Artillery Group   from Plympton

My grandfather, Captain C.E. McConnell RA, served as adjutant of the 82nd Heavy Artillery Group fighting the Turks at Gallipoli, was part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under General Allenby and among the first to enter Jerusalem in 1916, when it was captured by the British. As a young man he had served at the Relief of Ladysmith, during the Boer War, meeting the journalist Winston Churchill. He was stationed in Devon and then Malta. An all round sportsman, he became the world Indian Club champion. He had several wartime decorations. After the Great War he moved to Kent, where he became the adjutant of Dover Castle and then set up a small school.

Charlie McConnell

Pte James McConnell .     British Army 27th Battalion (Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers   from Jarrow

(d.5th May 1915)

James McConnell served with the 27th Battalion (Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers. He was aged 27 when died on 5th May 1915. Born in Jarrow in 1887 he was the son of James and Elizabeth McConnell (nee Topping) and husband of Mary Ellen McConnell (nee Bucknall) of 57 Walter Street Jarrow. On the 1911 census James McConnell age 23 General Labourer in Shipyard is listed as living with his parents James and Elizabeth McConnell and family at 1 Hurworth Street, Jarrow.

James died in South Shields and is buried in Jarrow Cemetery.

Vin Mullen

Pte. John McConway .     British Army Royal Army Medical Corps   from Hebburn

(d.20th May 1918)

John McConway served with the St. John Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. He was aged 25 when he died on 20th May 1918. Born in Hebburn in 1893 he was the son of John and Sophia Smith McConway (nee Reid) of Monkton Village Jarrow. On the 1911 census John McConway age 18 Analytical Chemist at Copper Extraction Works is living with his parents John and Sophia Smith McConway and family at 48 Jervis Street, Hebburn.

John is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery and is commemorated on the Monkton Memorial in Monkton Village, Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

Pte. Edward McCormack .     British Army 2nd Btn. Northumberland Fusiliers (d.8th May 1915)

Vin Mullen

Sjt. John Robert McCormack .     British Army 330th Brigade, D Battery Royal Field Artillery   from Jarrow

(d.21st Oct 1917)

John Robert McCormack served as a Serjeant with 330th Brigade D Battery, Royal Field Artillery. He was aged 23 when he died on 21st October 1917. Born in Jarrow in 1894 he was the son of Michael and Elizabeth McCormack of 34 High Street Jarrow. On the 1911 census John Robert McCormack age 18 Driver in Coal Mine in Shipyard is listed as living with his mother Elizabeth McCormack and family at 110 High Street, Jarrow. His older brother Michael Austin McCormack was also one of the fallen.

John is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial and is commemorated on the Triptych in St. Paul's Church, Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

Cpl. Michael Austin McCormack .     British Army 8th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers   from Jarrow

(d.4th Oct 1916)

Michael Austin McCormack served with the 8th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. He was sged 34 when he died of wounds on 4th October 1916. Born in Jarrow in 1882 he was the son of Michael and Elizabeth McCormack of 34 High Street Jarrow. On the 1911 census he is listed as Michael Austin McCormack Town Postman at General Post Office living with his mother Elizabeth McCormack and family at 110 High Street, Jarrow. His younger brother John Robert McCormack was one of the fallen.

Michael is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery and is commemorated on the Triptych in St. Paul's Church, Jarrow.

Vin Mullen

L/Cpl. Samuel Osborne McCosh .     British Army 12th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles   from Liburn, Belfast

(d.19th Jun 1918)

Samuel McCosh is my wifeís Great Uncle but unfortunately all I know about him is that he served with the 12th Royal Irish Rifles, was born in Lisburn, Belfast and was killed in France.

Henry Marshall

L/Cpl. James McCoubrey .     British Army 12th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles   from Ballymoney, Co. Antrim

(d.2nd Jun 1917)

Friends, Lance Corporal McCoubrey, Rifleman Hanna and Rifleman Wade, were killed instantly by a shell on the morning of the 2nd of June 1917 whilst preparing for the Battle of Messines. A fourth friend, Rifleman George Wales, was sheltered from the direct blast and only injured by the shell, but sadly he was killed later that year at Cambrai. McCoubrey, Hanna and Wade were buried close together, in Pond Farm Cemetery.

S. Flynn

J. McCoy .     British Army 10th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles (d.1st Jul 1916)

Pte. John "Jock" McCoy .     Australian Imperial Force 40th Infantry Btn.   from Claude Rd, Kentish

Jock McCoy served with the 40th Infantry Battalion, 10th Brigade, 3rd Division of the Australian Imperial Force during WW1. He was born in Kentish and enlisted on the 16th May 1916 at Hobart, Tasmania. He embarked on the 8th August and arrived in England on the 30th September 1916. He moved to France on the 23rd Nov 1916. He was wounded 4 times, the last being on the 4th August 1918 from a gas attack. He returned to Australia and was discharged on the 13th September 1919.

Susan McCoy

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