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Please tell us what you know:

Please use this form to add details and stories of those who served during the two World Wars 1914-18 and 1939-45. Please complete all fields where possible and write in full sentences with correct punctuation and capitalisation when providing information. Please enter each person on a separate form. If you do not have information for a particular field please leave it empty, inserting "Not known" or "-" only creates extra work for our volunteers. DO NOT use all CAPITALS for any words (except abbreviations) as entries will have to be retyped and this will delay the processing. We have a very large backlog and entries which are in all capital letters will not be processed until the backlog has been cleared.

Please note this is not a live entry system, it will take time before the submission appears on the site, thank you for your patience. If you have already submitted a story to the site, please do not resubmit without contacting us first, we are getting a lot of duplicates which only add to the backlog and slow the process down.

If you are trying to place an advert or are intending to type nonsense, please do not waste your time or ours, all submissions are checked before they appear online all unwanted submissions are deleted.

Please include the name of the Service and of possible the Regiment/Ship/Squadron etc. for those who served. If they were a civilian please put Civilian in the service field This form is used for all submissions from all pages of the site, we are unable to tell which the page you were viewing when you completed it so please insert names of regiments/ships/squadrons and pow camps in the relevant boxes as appropriate.

If you have a question or a reply to an existing query please use the email link below, NOT this form. Thank you.

Questions submitted on this form will not be answered, if you are not yet ready to submit a story have a single question or are looking for general information, please post it on our Wartime Memories Facebook Page

If you are looking for assistance with research, please read our Family History FAQ's before emailing.

Please DO NOT re-submit entries. We have a very large backlog and all material submitted will be added to the site as soon as possible.

Checking for duplicate entries is slow down editing and making site admin an almost impossible task. Thank you.

Required fields are marked *

War:                    *Please select WW1 or WW2 Submissions with the incorrect selection will not appear on the website.
Surname:             * Of the veteran or person in the story.
First Name:         
Middle Name(s):
Nick Name:       
Gallantry Awards: DSO, MID etc.
Service Number:
Service:               *eg. British Army/US Army/Royal Navy/Royal Air Force/USAAF/Woman's Land Army/Civilian. etc.
Unit:                     Regiment/Ship/Squadron etc.
Sub unit:              Battalion/Section/Flight/Trade etc.
Home:                 Of the veteran or person in the story. Prewar address/town/village
Date of Death.     If during the war.

Please tell us your tales, we would love to hear about joining up, training, any funny stories, your friends, dramatic events, sad events etc. Please enter your story or information about the veteran exactly as you would like to it see it displayed on the website, writing in full sentences with correct captialisation (not as a letter addressed to the webmaster or in all capitals) as additional comments will need to be edited and this causes considerable delays. Please do not include any confidential information such as telephone numbers or current home address.

Please do not use this form for questions or corrections, please email us instead.

Please do not copy and paste large chunks of text from other websites, unless you are the owner of the website in question. Thank you.

Your story:

We recommend that you type your story in a word processor then copy and paste it into this box.

If you have any photographs please scan or digitally photograph your originals and upload them here. Please only upload vintage photos and copies of documents or photos of memorials or headstones. Do not upload memorial certificates generated from as we do not add these to the website. We cannot accept screenshots of websites taken on your phone.

Please note: images must be in .jpg format, less than 5mb file size and file names must not incude spaces or special characters. eg. @?#'£$* The name of the image should contain the name of the person in the story.

* Photographs named "image.jpg", "dad.jpg" or similar will not be accepted by the system.

If you are using an ipad, only one image can be uploaded via this form, this is due to the limited functionality of the device. If you have more than one image to add please send any additional by email, link will be given after this form has uploaded.

Photo 1:    

Text for Photo 1:

Photo 2:     *If you are using an ipad only one image can be uploaded via this form.

Text for Photo 2:

Photo 3:     *If you are using an ipad only one image can be uploaded via this form.

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Photo 4:    *If you are using an ipad only one image can be uploaded via this form.

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Photo 5:     *If you are using an ipad only one image can be uploaded via this form.

Text for Photo 5:

If you have more photos to add you can send them after this form has been submitted.

Your name: *

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Please please click to refresh the code and type in the new code which appears, before you submit:

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To refresh the code or if you are unable to read the code please click here.

If you have received an error message for incorrect code, please click to refresh the code before resending and check that any images are less than 5MB in size. This should overcome the error message.

We recommend you copy the text of your story and keep a copy on your own computer before pressing submit.

If you have any photographs we would love to see a copy. Please scan or digitally photograph your originals and send a copy. If you would like to relate your tales as an audio or recording we would love to add any recordings you can make to our archive, please get in touch:

If you wish to donate original photos, documents or small items we would love to add them to our educational collection, please contact us by email.

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This website is paid for out of our own pockets, library subscriptions and from donations made by visitors. The popularity of the site means that it is far exceeding available resources.

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