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50th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force

6th June 1915 50th AIF leave Egypt

12th June 1915 50th AIF arrive in France

12th August 1915 50th AIF go into Front line on The Somme  50th Battalion AIF moved into the front line at Wire Trench near La Boisselle on the Somme. They were quickly ordered forward to relieve the 16th Battalion. Upon reaching Tom's Cut, the movement was spotted by enemy observers and a heavy barrage rained down. They met the men of the 16th in Park Lane with both battalions, crowding into the trench as the exchange took place. The heavy barrage continued until 7.30pm when it eased somewhat. The 50th suffered heavy losses, especially amongst officers and NCOs.

13th Nov 1916 Very Cold Night

14th Nov 1916 Enemy Aircraft

15th Nov 1916 Patrols

16th Nov 1916 Air Combat Observed

17th Nov 1916 Working Party

18th Nov 1916 Snow and Ice

19th Nov 1916 Reliefs Completed

20th Nov 1916 Working Parties

21st Nov 1916 Salvage

22nd Nov 1916 Aircraft Downed

23rd Nov 1916 Aircraft Active

25th Nov 1916 Wet and Miserable

26th Nov 1916 Reliefs Completed

27th Nov 1916 Aircraft Lost

28th Nov 1916 Cold Day

29th Nov 1916 Very Cold

30th Nov 1916 Letters Home

1st Dec 1916 Ground Frozen

2nd Dec 1916 Parcels Arrive

3rd Dec 1916 Letters from Home

4th Dec 1916 On Leave

5th Dec 1916 Train Cancelled

6th Dec 1916 At Rest Station

7th Dec 1916 On the Move

8th Dec 1916 On Leave

9th Dec 1916 On Leave

10th Dec 1916 On Leave

11th Dec 1916 On Leave

12th Dec 1916 On Leave

13th Dec 1916 On Leave

14th Dec 1916 On Leave

15th Dec 1916 On Leave

16th Dec 1916 On Leave

17th Dec 1916 On Leave

18th Dec 1916 On Leave

19th Dec 1916 On Leave

20th Dec 1916 Back in Camp

21st Dec 1916 Slow Train

22nd Dec 1916 Changes

23rd Dec 1916 Route March

24th Dec 1916 Festive Celebrations

25th Dec 1916 Christmas Dinner

26th Dec 1916 Route March

27th Dec 1916 Baths

28th Dec 1916 Tactical Excerise

29th Dec 1916 Boxing Match

30th Dec 1916 Football Match

31st Dec 1916 New Year Hopes

1st Jan 1917 Sports

1st Sep 1917 On the Move

2nd Jan 1917 Route March & Inspection

2nd Sep 1917 Town bombed

3rd Jan 1917 On the March

3rd Sep 1917 Kit Inspection

4th Jan 1917 On the March

5th Jan 1917 Baths

6th Jan 1917 On the March

7th Jan 1917 Preparing for Reliefs

8th Jan 1917 Reliefs Completed

9th Jan 1917 Under Shellfire

10th Jan 1917 Very Cold Night

11th Jan 1917 Snow

12th Jan 1917 Artillery Active

13th Jan 1917 Enemy Raid

14th Jan 1917 Working Party Spotted

15th Jan 1917 Enemy Artillery Active

16th Jan 1917 Enemy Observed

17th Jan 1917 Heavy Snow

18th Jan 1917 Heavy Snow

19th Jan 1917 Repremand & Recommedations

20th Jan 1917 Frozen Boots

21st Jan 1917 Enemy Shelling

22nd Jan 1917 Lunch Distrupted

23rd Jan 1917 Enemy Aircraft

24th Jan 1917 Enemy Aircraft

25th Jan 1917 Artillery in Action

26th Jan 1917 Aircraft Active

27th Jan 1917 Prisoners Taken

28th Jan 1917 Christmas Comforts Arrive

29th Jan 1917 Freezing Cold

30th Jan 1917 Fire

31st Jan 1917 Rough Night

1st Feb 1917 Attack Made

1st Dec 1917 Football

2nd Feb 1917 Counter Attack

2nd Dec 1917 Jumping

3rd Feb 1917 Artillery In Action

3rd Dec 1917 On Stand by

4th Feb 1917 Parcels Arrive

4th Dec 1917 At Rest

5th Feb 1917 Still Cold

5th Dec 1917 Training

6th Feb 1917 Aircraft Lost

6th Dec 1917 On the Move

7th Feb 1917 Enemy Aircraft

7th Dec 1917 On the Move

8th Feb 1917 Artillery In Action

8th Dec 1917 Parade

9th Feb 1917 Nice Day

9th Dec 1917 On the March

10th Feb 1917 Under Shellfire

10th Dec 1917 Ready to Move

11th Feb 1917 Transport Lines

11th Dec 1917 Inspection

12th Feb 1917 Gas Alarm

12th Dec 1917 Training

13th Feb 1917 Late Night

13th Dec 1917 Artillery Active

14th Feb 1917 Ground Frozen

14th Dec 1917 Fatigues

15th Feb 1917 Preparing for Reliefs

15th Dec 1917 Football

16th Feb 1917 Ammunition Dump Targeted

16th Dec 1917 Football

17th Feb 1917 No Mans Land Inspected

17th Dec 1917 Snowball Fights

18th Feb 1917 Night Patrols

18th Dec 1917 Very Cold

19th Feb 1917 Fatigues

19th Dec 1917 On the March

20th Feb 1917 Patrols

20th Dec 1917 On Leave

21st Feb 1917 Plans Changed

21st Dec 1917 On Leave

22nd Feb 1917 Difficult Reliefs

22nd Dec 1917 On Leave

23rd Feb 1917 Hostile Shelling

23rd Dec 1917 On Leave

24th Feb 1917 On the March

24th Dec 1917 On Leave

25th Feb 1917 On the March

25th Dec 1917 On Leave

26th Feb 1917 Man Under Arrest

26th Dec 1917 On Leave

27th Feb 1917 Reorganisation

27th Dec 1917 On Leave

28th Feb 1917 Cavalry Moving Up

28th Dec 1917 On Leave

29th Dec 1917 On Leave

30th Dec 1917 On Leave

1st Mar 1917 Range Practice

2nd Mar 1917 Lecture for Officers

3rd Mar 1917 Football Matchs

4th Mar 1917 Church Parade

5th Mar 1917 Heavy Snow

6th Mar 1917 Training

7th Mar 1917 Route March & Lectures

8th Mar 1917 Training

9th Mar 1917 Training

10th Mar 1917 Football

11th Mar 1917 Church Parade

12th Mar 1917 Training

13th Mar 1917 Training

14th Mar 1917 Training

15th Mar 1917 Training

16th Mar 1917 Training

17th Mar 1917 Training

18th Mar 1917 Preparing for Attack

19th Mar 1917 Attack Made

20th Mar 1917 On Leave

21st Mar 1917 On the March

22nd Mar 1917 Parade & Baths

23rd Mar 1917 Route March

25th Mar 1917 Good Observation

26th Mar 1917 On the March

24th Mar 1917 Training

27th Mar 1917 Reliefs Completed

28th Mar 1917 Under Shellfire

29th Mar 1917 Under Shellfire

30th Mar 1917 Preparations

31st Mar 1917 Attack Postponed

1st Apr 1917 Preparations for Attack

2nd Apr 1917 Attack Made

3rd Apr 1917 Reliefs Completed

4th Apr 1917 Reorganisation

5th Apr 1917 Burial Party Shelled

6th Apr 1917 Burial Party

7th Apr 1917 Changeable

8th Apr 1917 Effects sent Home

9th Apr 1917 Ready to Move

10th Apr 1917 Stand To

11th Apr 1917 On the Move

12th Apr 1917 Burial Party

13th Apr 1917 Reliefs Completed

14th Apr 1917 On the Move

15th Apr 1917 Praise for Battalion Work

16th Apr 1917 Commission Recomended

17th Apr 1917 Rain

18th Apr 1917 Instructors Arrive

19th Apr 1917 Back in Billets

20th Apr 1917 Late Night

21st Apr 1917 Parade & Baths

22nd Apr 1917 On Leave

23rd Apr 1917 On Ranges

24th Apr 1917 Fine Day

25th Apr 1917 ANZAC Day Celebrations

26th Apr 1917 Training & Route March

27th Apr 1917 Afternoon Tea

28th Apr 1917 Half Holiday

29th Apr 1917 Medals Presented

30th Apr 1917 Training

1st May 1917 Route March

2nd May 1917 Training

3rd May 1917 Courts Martial

4th May 1917 Courts Martial

5th May 1917 Courts Martial

6th May 1917 Church Parade

7th May 1917 On Ranges

8th May 1917 Rifle Meeting

9th May 1917 Rifle Meeting

10th May 1917 On Leave

11th May 1917 On Leave

12th May 1917 On Leave

13th May 1917 On Leave

14th May 1917 On Leave

15th May 1917 On Leave

16th May 1917 On Leave

17th May 1917 On Leave

18th May 1917 On Leave

19th May 1917 On Leave

20th May 1917 On Leave

21st May 1917 Return from Leave

22nd May 1917 Return from Leave

23rd May 1917 Route March

24th May 1917 Visit to the Line

25th May 1917 Letters Home

26th May 1917 Advanced Guards

27th May 1917 Cricket Match

28th May 1917 Court of Inquiry

29th May 1917 OC's Meeting

30th May 1917 Preparations for Attack

31st May 1917 On the March

1st Jun 1917 On the March

2nd Jun 1917 Route Recce

3rd Jun 1917 Very Warm Day

4th Jun 1917 Ammunition Dump Targeted

5th Jun 1917 Ammunition Train Blown up

6th Jun 1917 Inspected Model

7th Jun 1917 Into Support

8th Jun 1917 Wild Romours

9th Jun 1917 Pushing Forwards

10th Jun 1917 Pushing Forwards

11th Jun 1917 Trophy Gained

12th Jun 1917 Back to Camp

13th Jun 1917 At Camp

14th Jun 1917 Brigade Parade

15th Jun 1917 Cricket Match

16th Jun 1917 Cricket Match

17th Jun 1917 On the Move

18th Jun 1917 Huge Storm

19th Jun 1917 Courts Martial

20th Jun 1917 Orders to Move

21st Jun 1917 On the Move

22nd Jun 1917 Courts Martial

23rd Jun 1917 Ceremonial Parade

24th Jun 1917 Enemy Aircraft

25th Jun 1917 Medals Awarded

26th Jun 1917 Inspection

27th Jun 1917 Aircraft Active

28th Jun 1917 Advance Guard

29th Jun 1917 Demonstration

30th Jun 1917 On the Move

1st Jul 1917 Cricket Match

2nd Jul 1917 General Killed

3rd Jul 1917 Baths

4th Jul 1917 Royal Visit  Map

5th Jul 1917 Quiet Place

6th Jul 1917 Ammunition Dump Targeted

7th Jul 1917 Route March

8th Jul 1917 Wet Day

9th Jul 1917 Parades

10th Jul 1917 Medals Presented

11th Jul 1917 Balloons Downed

12th Jul 1917 Rifle Practice

13th Jul 1917 Into Support

14th Jul 1917 Under Shellfire

15th Jul 1917 In the Trenches

16th Jul 1917 Strongpoint Captured

17th Jul 1917 Enemy Aircraft  Map

18th Jul 1917 Gas Shells

19th Jul 1917 Relieved  Map

20th Jul 1917 Determination  Map

21st Jul 1917 Parade & Baths

22nd Jul 1917 On the March

23rd Jul 1917 In Billets

24th Jul 1917 Route March

25th Jul 1917 Parade & Baths

26th Jul 1917 Route March

27th Jul 1917 Inspection

28th Jul 1917 Demonstration & Lectures

29th Jul 1917 Thunderstorm

30th Jul 1917 Lecture

31st Jul 1917 Route March

1st Aug 1917 Wet Day

2nd Aug 1917 Wet Day

3rd Aug 1917 Interview

4th Aug 1917 Fourth Year of War

5th Aug 1917 Church Parade

6th Aug 1917 On Stand by

7th Aug 1917 Route March

8th Aug 1917 On the March

9th Aug 1917 Turnips

11th Aug 1917 Artillery In Action

12th Aug 1917 Viewing Model

13th Aug 1917 Looking Back

14th Aug 1917 Aircraft Downed

15th Aug 1917 On the March

16th Aug 1917 Accident

17th Aug 1917 Into Support

18th Aug 1917 Town bombed

19th Aug 1917 Church Parade

20th Aug 1917 Enemy Aircraft Downed

21st Aug 1917 On the March  Map

22nd Aug 1917 Gas Shells  Map

23rd Aug 1917 Improving Positions

24th Aug 1917 Front Line Recce

25th Aug 1917 Preparing for Reliefs

26th Aug 1917 Muddy Tracks

27th Aug 1917 Wet Day in the Trenches

28th Aug 1917 Very Muddy

29th Aug 1917 Preparing for Reliefs

30th Aug 1917 Artillery In Action

31st Aug 1917 Reliefs Completed

4th Sep 1917 On the Move

5th Sep 1917 Parades

6th Sep 1917 Parades

7th Sep 1917 At the Ranges

8th Sep 1917 Kit Inspection

9th Sep 1917 March Past

10th Sep 1917 Working Hard

11th Sep 1917 Parades

12th Sep 1917 Battalion Sports

13th Sep 1917 Training

14th Sep 1917 Training

15th Sep 1917 Competition

16th Sep 1917 Brigade Sports

17th Sep 1917 Lecture

18th Sep 1917 Training

19th Sep 1917 Training

20th Sep 1917 On the Move

21st Sep 1917 On the Move

22nd Sep 1917 Preparations for Attack

23rd Sep 1917 Preparations for Attack

24th Sep 1917 Preparations for Attack

25th Sep 1917 Preparations for Attack

26th Sep 1917 Attack Made

27th Sep 1917 At Casualty Clearing Station

28th Sep 1917 To Hospital

29th Sep 1917 Enemy Aircraft

30th Sep 1917 Enemy Aircraft

4th Oct 1917 Visit to Hospital

19th Oct 1917 Discharged

20th Oct 1917 Travelling

21st Oct 1917 Gas Test

22nd Oct 1917 Walk by the Sea

23rd Oct 1917 Medical Board

24th Oct 1917 Dull Day

25th Oct 1917 Court of Inquiry

26th Oct 1917 Stitches

27th Oct 1917 Court of Enquiry

28th Oct 1917 Into Town

29th Oct 1917 Into Town

30th Oct 1917 Very Wet Day

31st Oct 1917 Travelling

1st Nov 1917 Travelling

2nd Nov 1917 Wet Day

3rd Nov 1917 Wet Day

4th Nov 1917 Lousy

5th Nov 1917 Baths

6th Nov 1917 Travelling

7th Nov 1917 Letters from Home

8th Nov 1917 Demonstration

9th Nov 1917 Seniority

10th Nov 1917 Football

11th Nov 1917 Church Parade

12th Nov 1917 Sunny Day

13th Nov 1917 On the March

14th Nov 1917 Route March

15th Nov 1917 Fine Day

16th Nov 1917 On the March

17th Nov 1917 On the March

18th Nov 1917 On the March

19th Nov 1917 At Rest

20th Nov 1917 On the March

21st Nov 1917 On the March

22nd Nov 1917 On the March

23rd Nov 1917 On the March

24th Nov 1917 Cleaning

25th Nov 1917 Church Parade

26th Nov 1917 Colder Day

27th Nov 1917 Into Town

28th Nov 1917 Dull Day

29th Nov 1917 Route March

30th Nov 1917 Company Dinner

31st Dec 1917 On Leave

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Those known to have served with

50th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Armitage MID. Harold Edwin. Capt.
  • Creighton Edward William. Cpl. (d.22nd Aug 1917)
  • Davey William Charles. Pte.
  • Jensen VC. JÃ????rgen Christian. Pte

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Capt. Harold Edwin "Rollo" Armitage MID 10th Infantry Battalion

Harold Edwin Salisbury "Rollo" Armitage was born 11 November 1894 at Norwood, South Australia. He was educated at public schools in Adelaide and at the University of Adelaide. Armitage worked as a junior teacher at the school house in Millicent, South Australia and was completing a university course in Arts before the outbreak of the First World War. He had also spent some time with the cadets.

Armitage enlisted on 24 March 1915 as a private, but quickly received a commission as a second lieutenant and was assigned to the 10th Infantry Battalion. He departed Australia aboard HMAT Hororata on 20 April 1915. He was promoted to lieutenant on 7 August 1915 and later captain. Armitage was transferred to the 50th Infantry Battalion on 2 March 1916 while stationed in Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt. He was transferred to France and arrived at Marseilles on 12 June 1916. He received a Mention in Despatches for leading his men on the night of 12 and13 August 1916. Harold Armitage was killed in action on 3 April 1917 and is buried at Noreuil Australian Cemetery, France

s flynn


Pte. William Charles Davey 50th Battalion

William Davey was my Grandfather. He was an Iron Worker from the South Australian Mid North town of Burra where his Cornish parents settled in the 1850's. He enlisted on the 16th of Aug 1915 at the age of 24yrs. On the 26th of February 1916 his Unit were joined by 500 of all ranks of the 10th Battalion at Habieta. On the 27th they moved from the Railhead to Serapeum to Tel-el-Kebir. On the 9th 1916 they took up position in trenches & occuped 9 miles of trenches. At the end of the month the Battalion was relieved by 8th Hampshires. On the 2nd of June the Battalion moved back to Serapeum and went on leave to Alexandria in marching ordertwo days later. On the 5th of June they boarded H.M.T Ardadian and sailed on the 6th arriving at Marseilles at 4pm on the 12th of June. By the 12th of August they were at Brickfields and were ordered to move to the Wire Trench at front line, suffering heavy shelling & many casualites. Over the next four days the Battalion gained their objectives, though with many casulaties, 110 killed, 400 wounded, and were relieved by 4th Battalion. Between the 17th and 29th of August they marched from Brickfields to Warloy to La Vicogne to Montrelet to Rubempre to Vandencourt to Brickfields, Albert.

His Casualty Form - Active Service is a little hard to read beyond this, but as far as I can make out it reads as follows:- 31st August 1916 to England via Boulogne, 21st December 1916 Transferred to 2nd Australian Hospital England, 22nd Transferred to Weymouth. December 7 - 13th 1916 (Dates are out of order here.) Report no4 Co - From Weymouth ex furlo. 4th May 1917 Received #2 CO Depot Weymouth in from Wancham? 23rd May 1917 Invalided back to Australia per A33 (Irratable Heart) for home service. 27th May 1917 to Weymouth - For embarkation to Australia

His discharge papers cite him as being "medically unfit (not due to misconduct" with the the following medical Board proceedings & documents, B.179, B.178, B.122 & Record card A.29. I'm still doing research, so would appreciate any information on Weymouth N02 Command Depot, Australian Troops and what exactly is a "Irratable Heart"? is this a shell shock or gas attack reaction? Was it a common condition amongst the Allies?

Source for some of the above information:- Hurcombe's Half Hundred p302.

Peter J Davey

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