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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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P/O R. Henderson R. .     RCAF 149 Sqd.

P/O Henderson was taken POW when his Wellington was shot down by a night fighter whilst on Ops to Duisburg, it crashed at Haelen in Holland.

Able Sea. Cornelis Rab .     Royal Dutch Navy HMS Nelson   from Argentina)

I'm seeking information about Able Seaman Cornelis Rad A90446 or 90446Z on behalf of a friend. She has the following info about her grandfather: He worked at a meat factory in 1936 in Argentina. He served (or is thought to have served) on the Dutch Light Cruiser the Heemskerk in Scapa Flow, Orkneys. But due to engine trouble he was ordered to HMS Troubridge. Mediterranean Sea. Malta stopover, as cook & translator. He was then ordered to HMS Nelson. and saw action at Tubruk destroying German Oil supplies then went back to Malta where he was ordered back to HMS Troubridge. The ship was torpedoed off the Southern Italian coast. He was back in London in 1943 or 1944 visiting his Aunt in Redhill. Has anyone got any information about him? Did he ever receive any award? Thank you on behalf of his family.


Sgt. Gordon Leonard Rabbetts .     Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 630  Sqd. (d.17th May 1945)

Graham Smith

W/O. Reginald Paul Rabett DFC..     Royal Air Force 166 Squadron (d.9th Oct 1943)

My grandfather's brother, W/O Reginald Rabett flew from RAf Wickenby. On th e8th of October 1943 he took off for Ludwigshaven, Germany in a Lancaster BII, marked ED993 of 166 SQ. The aircraft which had been recently mended due to engine trouble, was scheduled for Reg Rabett as the pilot to fly out and bomb his destination. On the way more trouble had occured and there were notes of cabin or engine fire on the way. With determination and great bravery he carried on to the target and succesfully bombed the location. On return with problems on the way, the plane crashed landed. The crash broke off the tail setting the rear gunner free from the craft and a crew man in the centre turret was also thrown free from the Lancaster, both of whom survived. Unfortunatly the remaining crew, W/O Rabett included, all died in the aircraft which broke into fire after the crash landing. Due to his bravery, after the mission, my Great Grandparents recived the DFC medal in honour of their son Reginald Paul Rabett.

The men flying in the Lancaster which crashed during the emergency landing on 9th of October 1943 were: Sgt James O'Reilly (Nav.)1549441, Ronald Davies, (W/T) 1032360 Age: 23, Sgt Ronald Ernest Gratwick (B/A) 1324750 Age: 20 and Trevor Roberts (F/E) 1413356. Sgt E Croxon (M/U) and Sgt L. Davidson (R/G) both survived the landing.

David Rabett

Sgt Reginald Paul Rabett. DFC.     RAF 166Sqd. (d.9th Oct 1943)

Nav. Regimald Rabett was killed on 9th Oct 1943 in Lancaster ED993 of 166 Sqn

Rachal .     United States Army

My father served in the United States Army during WWII and became a POW. I am trying to find information about him. Can you help?

Debby Rachal

Able Seaman David Radcliffe .     Royal Navy HMS Hunter   from 20 Canal Street, Bootle, Liverpool)

(d.10th Apr 1940)

David Radcliffe was my Great Uncle and joined the Royal Navy in 1933. He served in HMS Barham, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Active and HMS Hunter. He was married only two weeks before he died. I do not know much about his Naval Service except for information obtained from his Certificate of Service. If any survivors from HMS Hunter knew my Great Uncle or served with him in any of his other ships then I would like to hear from them.

Ronnie Walsh

David August Radke .     Royal Australian Air Force   from Australia)

David Radke was held in Stalag 8b.

Update: Wireless Operator / Air Gunner - Sgt David August Radke RAAF (405139), of Hendra, Brisbane, Australia was born on 3rd April 1920 in Beenleigh, Queensland and enlisted in Brisbane. On 2nd/3rd July 1942 he was flying on Ops to Bremen in a Wellington Z1381. The aircraft was damaged by flak near the Dutch/German border and suffered serious damage to the port side. The aircraft was partially abandoned before it crashed. F/Sgt Johnston (27), Sgt Downing (20) and Sgt Taylor (27) were killed, while Sgt Wyllie, Sgt Radke and Sgt Reed were taken prisoner of war. The survivors were firstly taken to Dulag Luft near Frankfurt (Maine) and after interrogation moved to Stalag VIIIb at Uber Silesia on 4th August 1942.

Edgar George Radley. .    

Velimir R. Radovich .     Serbian Army

My father, Velimir R. Radovich was a Yugoslav (Serb) POW at Stalag X B from June 41 to April 45

Rade V. Radovich

Able Seaman. Alexander Rae .     Royal Navy HMS Prunella (d.21st Jun 1940)

Pte. Samuel Rae .     British Army 7th Battalion Argyll & Southerland Highlanders   from Galsgow)

(d.25th June 1944)

Samuel Rae was my uncle who was killed in action at the age of 30 years in 1944, and buried at Bayeux War Cemetery, Calvados, France. He served with the 7th Battalion Argyll and Southerland Highlanders. His two brother`s one of them being my dad both survived the war. Samuel was one of 14 children to Samuel & Jessie Rae of Glasgow.

Christine Rae

F/O F. S. Raferty .     Royal Canadian Air Force 419 Sqd. (d.25th Oct 1944)

Jack Rafferty .     British Army 7th Btn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)


Naik. Agansing Rai VC..     British Indian Army 2nd Battalion 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles   from Nepal)

Agansing Rai was a 24 year old Naik in the 2nd Battalion, 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles, when he led his section in an attack on one of two posts which had been taken by the enemy and were threatening the British forces' communications on 26 June 1944 near the town of Bishenpur in the state of Manipur, India. Under withering fire Agansing Rai and his party charged a machine-gun. Agansing Rai himself killed three of the crew. When the first position had been taken, he then led a dash on a machine-gun firing from the jungle, where he killed three of the crew, his men accounting for the rest. He subsequently tackled an isolated bunker single-handed, killing all four occupants. The enemy were now so demoralised that they fled and the second post was recaptured.

S. Flynn

Sgt. P. S. Rainer .     102 Squadron

1st Lt. Herman R. Raines .     United States Army   from Wynnewood, PA)

Herman R. Raines served as a combat medic. He rose to the rank of first lieutenant and assistant battalion aid surgeon in the U.S. Army and fought in many European conflicts, including in Normandy, France and Rhineland, Germany. He was awarded the American Campaign Medal, the European, North African and Middle Eastern Medals with three battle stars, and the Bronze Star for remaining in position and saving lives while under intense fire. He also was nominated as a Knight of the French Legion of Honor.


Trimmer H. Rainey .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar

H. Rainey was amongst the survivors of HMS Forfar.

3rd Radio Offr. Harry Rainford .     Royal Navy HMS Prunella (d.21st Jun 1940)

F/Sgt. A. Rainsford .     97 Squadron

Pfc. Richard M. Rairdon .     US Army Co. C 314th Infantry Regiment   from DeGraff, OH)

My father, Richard M. Rairdon, PFC., was captured in November of 1944 and spent much of the time he was a POW at Stalag 12A, Limburg. He was nearly starved to death and received a second Purple Heart for the damage he received to his feet as a result of the severe frost bite he also suffered.

He also related to me the story of the Dec. 24, 1944 bombing which killed the officers in their barracks. He was assigned the next day, Christmas, to removing the remains of the dead officers. He also helped remove the only two who survived and carried them out. He was reunited with those two men in the 1990's after I recognized an account of this same story in the Catholic Digest, written by one of the men! Amazing coincidence that I found the story.

Dad was liberated on April 14, 1945 from prison camp by an American tank unit.

Robin Borchers

F/O. Edouard Raizenne .     Royal Canadian Air Force 192 Squadron   from Ottawa)

Flying Officer Edouard Raizenne flew with 192 Squadron. I am looking for imformation on him, and his missions. We know he made 40 missions.

Andre Raizenne Quesnel

Pte. Bernard Rakeepile .     South African Army Native Military Corps

Bernard Rakeepile served with the Native Military Corps of the South African Army He was captured in the Desert campaign. He was previously in Camp 122. He survived the train wreck on the Orvieto North railway bridge at Allerona, Italy and was sent to Stalag 344 Lamsdorf, in Germany.

s flynn

Pte. John Ralfe .     British Army The Buffs

David Ralfe

Sgt. L. F. Ralls .     Royal Air Force 605 Sqdn.

My great uncle was Sgt L.F. Ralls, a Hurricane pilot with 605 Squadron. I wonder if anyone has any photographs of the squadron or planes, or interesting anecdotes about this squadron.

Mike Ralls

P/O I. Ralston .     102 Squadron

Sgt. J. W. Ralston .     102 Squadron

Sepoy Bhandari Ram VC..     British Indian Army 16th Battalion 10th Baluch Regiment   from Village Serunia, India)

Bhandari Ram was 25 years old, and a sepoy in the 16th Battalion 10th Baluch Regiment, British Indian Army fighting against the Japanese Army in the Burmese Campaign when he was awarded the VC:

"On 22 November 1944, in East Mayu, Arakan, during a company attack on a strongly held Japanese bunkered position, No. 24782 Sepoy Bhandari Ram was in the leading section of one of the platoons. To reach its objective, his platoon had to climb a precipitous slope, by way of a narrow ridge with sheer sides. When fifty yards from the top, the platoon came under heavy and accurate machine-gun fire. Three men were wounded, amongst them Sepoy Bhandari Ram, who received a burst in his left shoulder and a wound in his leg. The platoon was pinned down by the intense enemy fire. Bhandari Ram then crawled up to the Japanese machine-gun, whilst in full view of the enemy, and approached to within fifteen yards of the enemy, who hurled grenades at him, wounding him in the face and chest. Undeterred and severely wounded, this sepoy, with superhuman courage and determination, crawled up to within five yards of his objective. He then threw a grenade into the position, killing the enemy gunner and two other men, and continued his crawl to the post. Inspired by his example, the platoon rushed up and captured the position. It was only after the position had been taken that he lay down and allowed his wounds to be dressed. By his cool courage, determination to destroy the enemy at all cost and total disregard for his personal safety, this young sepoy enabled his platoon to capture what he knew to be the key to the whole enemy position. For his outstanding bravery, selflessness and qualities beyond the call of duty, Sepoy Bhandari Ram was awarded the Victoria Cross."

S. Flynn

CHM. Chhelu Ram VC..     British Indian Army 4th Battalion 6th Rajputana Rifles   from India)

(d.20th April 1943)

Chhelu Ram was 37 years old, and a Company Havildar-Major in the 4/6th Rajputana Rifles when he was awarded the VC.

"On the night of 19/20 April 1943 at Djebel Garci, Tunisia, the advance of a battalion of the 5th Indian Infantry Brigade was held up by machine-gun and mortar fire. Company Havildar-Major Chhelu Ram dashed forward with a tommy-gun and killed the occupants of a post and then went to the aid of his company commander who had become a casualty. While doing so he was himself wounded, but taking command of the company, he led them in hand-to-hand fighting. He was again wounded, but continued rallying his men until he died."

S. Flynn

Sepoy Kamal Ram VC.     British Indian Army 8th Punjab Regiment   from Bholupura Bindapura, Karauli, Rajasthan, India)

Sepoy Kamal Ram was awarded the Victoria Cross. His citation reads as follows:

The War Office, 27 July 1944. "The King has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the Victoria Cross to No. 35408 Sepoy Kamal Ram, 8th Punjab Regiment, Indian Army. In Italy, on 12 May 1944, after crossing the River Gari overnight, the Company advance was held up by heavy machine-gun fire from four posts on the front and flanks. As the capture of the position was essential to secure the bridgehead, the Company Commander called for a volunteer to get round the rear of the right post and silence it. Volunteering at once and crawling forward through the wire to a flank, Sepoy Kamal Ram attacked the post single handed and shot the first machine-gunner; a second German tried, to seize his weapon but Sepoy Kamal Ram killed him with the bayonet, and then shot a German officer who, appearing from the trench with his pistol, was about to fire. Sepoy Kamal Ram, still alone, at once went on to attack the second machine-gun post which was continuing to hold up the advance, and after shooting one machine-gunner, he threw a grenade and the remaining enemy surrendered. Seeing a Havildar making a reconnaissance for an attack on the third post, Sepoy Kamal Ram joined him, and, having first covered his companion, went in and completed the destruction of this post. By his courage, initiative and disregard for personal risk, Sepoy Kamal Ram enabled his Company to charge and secure the ground vital to the establishment of the bridgehead and the completion of work on two bridges. When a platoon, pushed further forward to widen the position, was fired on from a house, Sepoy Kamal Ram, dashing towards the house, shot one German in a slit trench and captured two more. His sustained and outstanding bravery unquestionably saved a difficult situation at a critical period of the battle and enabled his Battalion to attain the essential part of their objective."

S. Flynn

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