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Those who Served

It is not possible to fully understand the history of the Second World War without refering to the forces of the Axis.

The Wartime Memories Project is purely a historical resource and the information contacted in this section is for historical educational. We are a Non Political organisation and do not support the ideas of The Third Riech, we simply present the facts.

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Tolu Pacifico .       from Italy)

My father,Tolu Pacifico was a prisoner in SomerhillCamp,Tonbridge. I would like to get some information about the camp At the moment I am looking for an Irish Lady called Mary he met there. can anyone help me in this search ?

William Pancazyk .       from Ukraine)

I wonder if anyone can help me. My mother's partner, Bill Pancazyk was telling me that he had owned a book written by an internee from the camp at Botesdale, Diss. Bill himself, and his brothers were imprisoned at Botesdale between 1949 – 1952. He remembers bits about it and every time he tells me a story he starts to cry. I find this very moving. He also told me that he had owned a book written by a Ukrainian who was also imprisoned in the same camp at the same time. He cannot remember the author’s name. This book was published in Canada – from what I can gather – Bill was so pleased with this book as it actually mentioned him and his brothers (who were in the choir) in the camp. He lent the book to other Ukrainian friends and ultimately it got lost. He is very distraught about this. If anyone could help me locate this book it would certainly make Bill a very very happy man, he is a lovely gently chap, salt of the earth. His memory about this book and his time served at the camp is very vivid. If anybody can help me I would be extremely grateful – I have scoured the internet to no avail.

Wolodumuir Pidkawora .     Axis

I would like to know if anyone knew my grandad, Wolodumuir Pidkawora. He was in the POW camp at Barton Field, Ely. He was a German prisoner and was a driver/chaffeur. I have also been told that he was a sniper in the Red Army. He died in Newmarket in 1993. Sadly, he never knew what happened to his family as he wasn't allowed to contact them.

Hubert Ginter podstawski .       from Bytom, Germany)

Hubert Podstawski was my father and he was a German POW at Ganger Camp 41 Romsey and I would like to find out as much information about his time in the war & his stay at the camp. We never spoke about the war & now it is to late he died last year so if you can help any information would be great.

Capt. Erich Priebke .     Schutzstaffel

Erich Priebke, a former Nazi SS captain who evaded arrest for nearly 50 years after taking part in one of the worst atrocities by German occupiers in Italy during World War II, died Friday, 11th October 2013

Wilhelm Friedrich Franz Joseph Christian Olaf Prince .     Wehrmacht (d.26th May 1940)

Prince Wilhelm of Prussia at the beginning of World War II, was among a number of Princes from the former Germany Monarchies who enlisted to serve in the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Germany. In May 1940, Wilhelm took part in the invasion of France. He was wounded during the fighting in Valenciennes and died in a field hospital in Nivelles on 26 May 1940. His death and the ensuing sympathy of the German public toward a member of the former German Royal House greatly bothered Hitler, and he began to see the Hohenzollerns as a threat to his power. Shortly after Wilhelm's death, a decree known as the Prinzenerlass, or Prince's Decree, was issued, barring all members of the former German royal houses from service in the military.

Can you help us to add to our records?

The names and stories on this website have been submitted by their relatives and friends. If your relations are not listed please add their names so that others can read about them

Did you or your relatives live through the Second World War? Do you have any photos, newspaper clippings, postcards or letters from that period? Have you researched the names on your local or war memorial? Were you or your relative evacuated? Did an air raid affect your area?

If so please let us know.

Help us to build a database of information on those who served both at home and abroad so that future generations may learn of their sacrifice.

Celebrate your own Family History

Celebrate by honouring members of your family who served in the Secomd World War both in the forces and at home. We love to hear about the soldiers, but also remember the many who served in support roles, nurses, doctors, land army, muntions workers etc.

Please use our Family History resources to find out more about your relatives. Then please send in a short article, with a photo if possible, so that they can be remembered on these pages.

The Wartime Memories Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers.

This website is paid for out of our own pockets, library subscriptions and from donations made by visitors. The popularity of the site means that it is far exceeding available resources.

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