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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Pte. Richard Parker .     British Army 7th Btn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)   from Hebburn)

(d.13th Dec 1942)

Richard Parker, son of Thomas W. and Mary Jane Parker (nee Jefferson) was born in Hebburn, County Durham, Great Britain in 1919. He was the husband of Jane Parker (nee Scott), also of Hebburn. Private Parker died aged 23 during the Western Desert campaign in the minefields of the village of Mersa Brega. He is buried at Benghazi War Cemetery in Libya, and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance to Jarrow Town Hall, Tyne and Wear, Great Britain.

Robert Stothart Parker .     British Army   from Glenluce)

He did not talk about ww2,only recently found out he was in the d-day landings. Think he was in the scottish rifles.

Rfmn. Walter John Parker .     British Army 1st Btn. Rifle Brigade   from Birmingham)

I have a certificate with my grandfather's name on it and all the places he served.

Sgt G Parker. .     RAF 12sqd

F/O Tom MacKinlay Parker. .     RAF. 220 SQD (d.11th Feb 1940)

Ivan Parkes .     Royal Air Force

I am researching what my great uncle and those other brave souls who, with him, went through during World War 2 as a POW of the Japanese. I have tracked down a little information. The problem I have is that no member of my family will speak about it. My ambition with this information is to write a book dedicated to the memories of those who were killed, maimed or psychologically scarred by the Japanese.

My uncle's name was Ivan Parkes. He was in the RAF and was captured (most likely) in Singapore in 1941, though I am not 100 per cent sure about this. He spent a few months in Changi and was transported either to Japan or very close to Japan on one of the hell ships.

P/O Peter Denys Parkes .     Royal Air Force 37 Sqn   from Banstead, Surrey)

(d.5th May 1944)

Peter Denys Parkes was the son of Major Denys Parkes and Mrs Dorothy Parkes of Lingfield, formerly of 15 Green Curve, Banstead, Surrey. He was born on the 22 September 1924 and attended The Priory, a boys’ school at the western end of Banstead village and then Sutton County Grammar School. In 1940 he joined the RAF Voluntary Reserve and spent part of 1942 and 43 training in Canada. Following the end of his training, Peter went to RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland to 20 Operational Training Unit.

His training completed, Peter joined 37 Squadron in North Africa. At the end of December 1943, the Squadron moved to Tortorella. During the early months of 1944, 37 Squadron was kept busy conducting bombing raids against the enemy, often in an attempt to disrupt supply lines to the front line. In May, roads, railways, marshalling yards and docks were again to be targeted by the Squadron.

Peter Parkes and his crew failed to return from a mission to bomb the Ploetsi oil refinery in Rumania on the 5th May 1944.

Cpl. Reginald Gordon Parkes .     British Army 1st Btn. Welsh Guards   from Birmingham)

Reginald Gordon Parkes served with the 1st Battalion the Welsh Guards during WW2.

S/L S. M.P. Parkes DSO..     97 Squadron

Vernon Charles T. Parkes .     Royal Navy   from Medway)

Vernon Parkes was my father and he was based in Pembroke Gillingham from 1939 to 1955. I would like to know if anybody remembers him. I would like to know what ships he went on and where they went. I haven't got any photos as these were passed down to my brother when our dad died and now my brother has died there isn't any information with the family to trace my dad's naval career. I would like to know if anybody knew of anyone who was in the navy with him.

Rfmn. Bertie Parkin .     British Army 1st Battalion Cameronians   from Darlington, Durham)

(d.19th April 1942)

Bertie Parkin of the 1st Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) died on 19 April 1942, aged 26 years. His name is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial. None of my family is sure what actually happened to Bertie, only he never came home. He was presumed killed or missing. A search on Google turns up a note about his campaign medals which somehow were sold in auction in 2008 and that his name is listed on the Rangoon Memorial in Myanmar.

I have a number of his letters home from 1941/42 when he was serving in Meadows Barracks, Secunderabad, Deccan, India. These go into a lot of detail: Onions with every meal and eggs costing 1d each. 10 Players cigarettes for 3d. Cakes and tea from the Charwalla which they get 'on the book' and pay for at the weekend. How the natives do everything for them and he even gets a shave in bed and then has his bed made and boots cleaned by a native. Going to the pictures to see "Green Light" and Laurel and Hardy in "A Close Shave". He goes about with a couple of friends from Hexham and Copley but doesn't mention their names. There's lots more letters and info if anyone is interested I can pass this on.

If anyone has any information or can tell me how to access the war diaries from the date he was listed as killed that would be hugely appreciated.

Sgt. Thomas Parkin .     British Army Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

My father, Sgt Thomas Parkin, was with the Ox & Bucks as a Bren Gun carrier driver. I assume he was with the First Battalion. I am trying to get background on any Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry action in South West Holland and in and around the town of Goes. Time frame is sketchy but would be, I believe, late July to October, 1944.

Can anyone assist?

FO James A. Parkins .     Royal Canadian Air Force 6 Group 428 Sqdn.

Dvr. George Parkinson .     British Army Royal Army Service Corps   from Manchester)

My dad, George Parkinson,joined up at the start of the "phoney war" in 1939,-he didn't need to go,-he was married with three sons.

I was the middle one.He'd had a driving licence since he was eighteen,(unusual in 1919),and thought his driving skills may have been put to good use. He had joined the Grenadier Guards(1Bn)when he was nineteen,(which explains his "Guards" number). He did three years,-in which time he went to Constantinople to support some uprising against Kemal Ataturk,-then came out. I can remember him Blancoing his webbing,checking the contents of his "hussif" (housewife) and having a .303 SMLE rifle at home! Then he was gone... Because of his age,-he was 38,-he spent all his service in this country,-I believe he spent some time driving an ambulance in Birmingham; the rest of his time he was stationed in Cornwall,transporting stores of every kind countrywide.If ever he was coming to somewhere near Manchester,he would call in give us all a load of chocolate,(which he had saved), then he was gone again. One time he arrived in what he called an "eight legger"-an eight wheeled ERF with a drawbar trailer and parked it in our dead end street in Longsight, Manchester.How he got it out I have no idea!

He came home in various trucks,Chevrolets,Dodges etc., etc.,mostly stuff that presumably the country had had to buy from the USA or Canada because of the shortage of vehicles after Dunkirk. As I said he was mostly based in Cornwall,he thought it was the most wonderful place,his stories were full of names like Taunton,Truro,Bodmin,Penzance,Falmouth etc.,and that all true Cornishmen had names that began with either Pen or Tre,-it was a world apart... When he was demobbed,-and after all that effort,he was awarded three medals,Victory;War,and the TA; he "didn't qualify" for the '39-'45 Star,as he didn't serve abroad!

Ivy Parkinson .     Land Army

My aunty, Ivy Parkinson, served in the Land Army in St. David's in Wales. She often talks about her time there with fond memories. She says they had good food and were given fresh eggs to take home when on leave.

Rex Parkinson .     British Army Royal Army Service Corps

Flt.Sgt. Richard Cole Parkinson .     Royal New Zealand Air Force   from New Zealand)

Sgt Ron Parkinson .     RAF w/op 44 Sqd.

Ron Parkinson

Sgt Ron Parkinson was the Wireless Operator with Merrick Heath's crew, flying R for Robert PB417 with 44 Rhodesia Squadron based at RAF Splisby.

Sgt. Edward Parks .     United States Army 823rd Btn. Tank Destroyer

Sgt Parks served with William J. Krantz and Michael Gombar.

Stkr. Herbert Parks .     Royal Navy HMS Sirius (d.17th Oct 1943)

Herbert Parks served on HMS Sirius.

Ord. Seaman Percival Arthur Woolacott Parks .     Royal Navy HMS Prunella (d.21st Jun 1940)

L. G. Parley .     Royal Navy HMS Forfar

L.G.Parley is listed as one of the survivors brought ashore after the loss of HMS Forfar

Joan Parlour .     WAAF   from Darlington)

My wife, Joan Parlour was stationed at Croft from 1942 until demob in 1945 as a MT Driver. Her home was in Darlington and being with the Canadians who were more relaxed, she was fortunate to be able to live out most of that time. I remember her mentioning friends, Jane Storrar, Ann Misset, Jane Corbett, Moira and others.

Joan died in 2006 after we had shared 63 years wed.

P/O Stuart Boyd Parnall .     Royal Air Force

Pte. N. Parnell .     Australian Army A Coy 33rd Btn.

Pte Parnell was captured in Greece in April 1941, along with Reginald Holt and P T Green, all of A Coy, 33rd Btn.

Stkr2. Francis Parnwell .     Royal Navy HMS Acheron   from Mansfield)

(d.17th Dec 1940)

Francis Parnwell served on HMS Acheron, he was the son of Constance Emma Parnwell, his father, Francis H Parnwell, had died in 1938.

Sgt Norman Parons .     Royal Air Force 10 OTU

Norman was the pilot of a Whitley V was shot down on 26 June 1942 in the Third Thousand Bomber raid over Bremen by Obit Helment Lent from unit 4/NJG2 in a Messerscmit BF 110 R4+AC.

George Edward Parr .       from Birmingham)

My late grandfather George Edward Parr was held in Stalag XXa for much of the war. Unfortunately he rarely talked about his time there and all I have to go on is the few photographs that I have. I have learnt more through your website than I have from any other source, so thank you. My grandfather's name is on the list of prisoners as George A Parr, his middle name was actually Edward. I believe he was taken at Dunkirk but do not know what regiment he belonged to, can anybody help me to find this information? I know that he was held prisoner for at least four years but I am not sure if he was at stalag xxa for all of that time. All the photos that were sent from and to home all have the xxa mark on them.

I would be so interested to hear from anybody who knew my granddad or can give me any more information. He sometimes used to talk about how the men were marched for long periods of time, so I wonder if he was part of the forced march. He came from the Birmingham area and often told us that he used to be one of the camps barbers. Would this jog anybodies memory? I have some wonderful group photographs that were sent home from the camp.

Raymond "Tommy" Parr .    

I am a SSFA caseworker working with Raymond Parr, known as Tommy, who was with Working Party E51 at Stalag 8B from 1940-45. He would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Capt. Eric George Parramore .     Royal Air Force Special Operations Executive

My grandfather, Eric George Parramore, (born: 24 June 1918) passed away a year before I was born on 24 June 1981. My grandfather flew as a captain on the AVRO Lancaster bomber and he was an operative with the SOE from 1939 until 1946.

After the war my grandfather moved to the Netherlands and he worked as an adviser for the Royal Netherlands Airforce, Hawker Hunter and Plessey/ Fokker. My grandfather spoke very little about the war to my father or his siblings and, therefore, almost nothing is known about my grandfather during his time in World War 2. I cannot find much about him on the internet, except for some records which have been opened last year in the National Archives in Kew: Collection: Records of Special Operations Executive, Date range: 01 January 1939 - 31 December 1946, Reference: HS 9/1148/9 Subjects: Intelligence

The reason I posted the information above, is that there might be still some people who knew my grandfather, or perhaps even have been a crew member during his RAF period. As I am still searching for some more information, I would also be very happy if someone could point me in a direction (such as archives) where I might find out some more. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you very much in advance.

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