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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Flight Sergeant W McLoughlin .     RAF 59 Squadron

Rfm. Michael McMahon .     British Army 7th Batalion Scottish Rifles   from Glasgow)

(d.28th Oct 1944)

My grandfather Michael McMahon served with the 7th Battalion Scottish Cameronians, 52nd Lowland Division. He was killed during Operation Infatuate on the River Sheldtz, on 28th october 1944 aged 35. They were clearing a causeway . I Would like to learn more about his service .

Rfm. Michael McMahon .     British Army Cameronian Scottish Rifles   from Glasgow)

(d.28th Oct 1944)

My father was only 2yrs old when his father, Mick McMahon was fighting to clear the causeway in the River Scheldt. I don't know how he died, but he was only 35 yrs old, and was involved in Operation Infatuate with 52nd Lowland Division. He is buried in Bergen-op-Zoom. He received 4 medals.

Does anyone remember him? He's my hero, and I don't know what he looks like, or how he died.

P/O Philip Joseph McManus .     Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve air gunner. 419 Sqd.   from Herne Hill, London, England.)

(d.17th Jun 1944)

Flt. Sgt. J. P. McMaster .     RCAF 428 Sqd

Flt Sgt McMaster flew with My uncle, F/S Paul Barske a Canadian, in 428 Squadron "B" RCAF. His partial diary was handed down to me from my grandmother.

The crew were:

  • S/L J.R.Beggs RCAF
  • Sgt T.C.Qualey
  • F/S J.P.McMaster RCAF
  • Sgt P.J.Barske RCAF
  • F/O G.M.Ruff RCAF
  • Sgt F.Moore RCAF
  • Sgt G.W.Redwood

Halifax NA-G, Serial Number LK969, took off from Middleton St.George on the 25th of November 1943 at 23:33. The aircraft was shot down at 19,000 feet over Frankfurt by a night-fighter. The opening burst set the starboard inner engine on fire and its second pass killed Sgt Barske as well as setting light to the outer starboard engine. The rest of the crew survived but were all captured and taken prisoners of war; S/L J.R.Beggs was held in Stalag 9C with F/S J.P.McMaster who also spent time in Stalag 357. Sgt F.Moore was held in Stalag 4B, with Sgt T.C.Qualey and Sgt G.W.Redwood, the later also spent time at Stalag Luft 3. F/O G.M.Ruff was held at Stalag Luft 1. Sgt Barske was buried in the Durnbach War Cemetery.

Can anyone tell me more?

P/O James Gordon McMaster .     Royal Canadian Air Force pilot 419 Sqd.   from Toronto, Canada)

(d.17th May 1944)

Sgt. William Ernest McMeakin .     British Army 1/4th Btn. C Company Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry   from Kirkdale, Liverpool)

(d.5th Oct 1944)

Bill McMeakin was my father in law whom I never knew. He was killed in action on the 5/10/44 in the battle for Poppel forest near the Dutch town of Goirle. He is buried in the war cemetery in Leopoldsburg just over the border in Belgium. My wife, his daughter Patricia and myself visited his grave last May. An extremely moving and sad moment. Bill's name is on the war memorial in the town of Goirle, although it is spelt wrongly. ie MacMeakin instead of McMeakin.

If any of Bills old comrades are still about, or if anybody knew him, we would love to hear from them.

Peter McMenemy .     British Army Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders   from Motherwell, Scotland)

My Uncle, Peter McMenemy was captured and made a POW shortly after arriving in the battlefield. He was with the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders who responded to Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939-1945. A German MD nursed him back to health when the prison camp was abandoned and reunited him with the British. He moved to Coventry and stayed there, alone, until he died in the 1960's or 70's. He never really recovered from his ill treatment as a POW.

Update: He was probably in the 6th, 7th or 8th Battalion each of which lost many in the retreat to Dunkirk, between the 5th and 7th June 1940.

Corporal Michael James McMillan .     British Army 6th Battallion Scottish Rifles   from Glasgow)

I would like to contact Michael as I last saw him in 1944. I was in contact with his sister, Margaret for some time but lost touch.

Pilot Officer P McMillan .     RAF VR

Fus. Alex McMullan .     British Army Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers   from Bushmills)

Back of Another group Stalag XX B

My uncle, Alex McMullan, was a member of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers with the BEF at the beginning of WW2. He was wounded and captured north of Dunkirk in 1940 and spent the remaining years of the war in a prison camp, either Stalag 3A or Stalag XX B.

Upon his release he returned to Northern Ireland but was killed in a shooting accident, at his home, in December 1946. He was 24 when he died. I have numerous photos and postcards at home and would like to share with others on this site. I doubt whether there will be anyone alive now who remembers him but any snippets would be welcome. I was only 2 years old when he died but have childhood memories of him and his bagpipes. He joined the Inniskillings with a friend of his, Freddie Wilkinson, as a piper when he was 17, Freddie was killed in the action where Alex was taken prisoner, or so I am led to believe.

Pte. A. McMullen .     Home Guard Signal Sect. Workington Btn.

P/O Douglas James McMullen .     Royal Canadian Air Force w/op 419 Sqd.   from Campbellford, Ontario, Canada.)

(d.13th Jun 1944)

Pte. Sidney Charles McMullen .     British Army 2nd Battalion, A coy. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders   from Perivale, Middlesex.)

(d.16th Jun 1941)

Private Sidney Charles McMullen was born in 1915, the youngest son of five siblings. I don't know the name of the ship he sailed on but Sidney states in his letter home from HM Ships "touched lucky on board a 20,000 tonner her first trip as a troop ship. We sleep 6 to a cabin, it has a smashing bathroom just for ourselves with ultra modern fittings and best of all we sleep on sprung mattresses. It's just like a floating hotel. You can get a 1lb of tobacco for 7/6d and the panelling is all oak." At the time of writing they had just dropped anchor. His next letter states that was just their first port of call and they had another 4 weeks to go and he was getting fed up with the voyage.

Sid talked about the port they visited, how they had stayed for 48 hours. He said it was a pretty place with mountains in the background and little red-topped houses dotted about in the valley. Dark skinned natives came out in little boats loaded with fruit, and if you threw a penny in the water they would dive down to get it. At night the lights of the town were all lit up and Sid said "you couldn't see a prettier sight if you wished to".

At their second port of call they were allowed onshore, it was very hot. Sid found a Woolworths and went inside for an iced drink where Sid found an old friend from "Palm" who had been in the same convoy all along.

On arrival at his destination Sid writes "it's a pretty desolate hole, and nothing much happens where we are. Around the back of us are big rocky hills, we went for a walk up one, every step we took in the sand we slid back two. It took all the go out of you and we were nearly creased up by the time we got to the top."

Sidney was killed in action on 16th June 1941 and is buried at the Halfaya-Sollum War Cemetery. He was a single young man just 26 years old and much loved by his family.

P/O William Stuart McMullen .     Royal Canadian Air Force 428 Squadron   from Lulu Island, British Columbia, Canada.)

(d.13th Jan 1945)

As an ex-Darlington resident I am very interested to learn more about William Stuart McMullen, Canadian Pilot killed when his Lancaster crashed on the outskirts of the town in 1945. Our family does have some connection to the McMullen story as my father was apparently one of the first on the scene after the crash. He did tell my mother that he helped to extricate the pilot from the plane but on reading the documented reports it would appear that P/O McMullen had already been ejected from the plane when it crashed, so maybe my father helped remove him from the debris and from the seat which he apparently was still strapped to. Details of P/O McMullens injuries were passed on to us but obviously that is something which needs no re-telling. I have no reason to doubt my fatherís claims and indeed he was quite emotional in the re-telling of the event. I recently learned that Mr McMullen is buried in Stonefall Cemetery Commonwealth War Graves section here in Harrogate and on Saturday I visited his grave. Iím so glad I took some flowers as his is one of the few graves which does not bear any floral tribute. Almost all of the others have a rose bush or some other shrub and the overall effect is one of tranquil beauty. I found the experience very emotional and the connection with Darlington, my late parents etc was quite overwhelming. This brave pilot saved the lives of so many and who knows, maybe I wouldnít be here to tell this tale had he baled out and allowed the aircraft crash onto Eastbourne area of the town which my parents lived in. I am very surprised that for his heroic gesture McMullen was not recognised with some sort of posthumous commendation/medal and wondered if there was any way of setting the wheels in motion in order for this to happen? Also, I would love to make contact with his daughter, Dona Mae Barber, in Canada or other relatives to ascertain what, if anything, they would like to have put on his grave. I would love to dedicate this with a rose or similar floral tribute.

G. McMurtri .     Royal Canadian Air Force pilot 419 Sqd.

Agnes McMutteridge .     Timber Corps

Dkyman. Michael McNally .     Merchant Navy SS Carperby (d.1st March 1942)

Michael McNally who died aged 27 was born in Jarrow in 1914 to Daniel and Mary E. McNally (nee Lynch) of Jarrow. He was the husband of Mary McNally (nee Mullen) of Primrose Jarrow and father of Michael McNally born 1942 in Jarrow

Michael is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

R/O Michael McNamara .     Merchant Navy

My Father was a radio officer during WW2 in the Merchant Navy. He is now deceased but I do recall him mentioning the nickname of a ship that he was on. The nickname was The Nellie. Would anyone know the actual name?

Pte. R. McNarry .     Home Guard Signal Sect. Workington Btn.

P/O John Crawford McNary .     Royal Canadian Air Force pilot 419 Sqd.   from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.)

(d.2nd May 1944)

Flt. Sgt. Irvin Robert McNay .     RCAF bomb aimer 101 Sqd.   from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

(d.31st Mar 1944)

Ed "Mac" McNeil .     US Navy 103 Sqd. Fleet Air Wing 7

Ed McNeil flew with crew 20 from Dunkeswell in 1944/5

Frmn. David William McNeilly .     Merchant Navy SS Corbet (d.4th May 1941)

Having served with the 12th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles during the Great War, David William McNeilly was already in the Merchant Navy and serving on board the coal ship Corbet when the Second World War broke out. On the 4th May 1941 as the Corbet was leaving Liverpool Harbour under a heavy air raid, the ship was hit by an explosion. The ship had hit a mine which had been laid previously in another air raid. Unfortunately his luck finally ran out. On watch that night,in the panic of the getting under way, he left the ship's glasses below deck and went down to get them, leaving another seaman on watch. That man was the only one to survive the sinking ship.

Update: Fireman David McNeilly was born in Larne c1898 and was the husband of Catherine (Craig). He is commemorated at The Tower Hill Memorial Part X Mcll-Miz.

Ronald William "Mac" McNichol .     RCAF   from Manitoba, Canada)

I am very grateful to have found this site. My father, Dr. Ronald McNichol, was trained in England and flew bombing raids over North Africa. He was a navigator/bombadier (Wellington) who survived being shot down twice, and was a POW in P.G. 78 in Sulmona, Italy. He and his dear friend, Jack Harlton, escaped from P.G. 78 during a time of confusion when the guards thought the war had ended and opened the gates. It had not, and it is my understanding that many of them were shot as a result. For my family, Daddy's service and adventures in World War II are rich sources of pride and gratitude. He is our hero. Before his death, he wrote about several of his wartime adventures. I would be glad to post them if anyone is interested. Also, if there is anyone who knew my Dad or knows of P.G. 78, I would like to hear from them. Many thanks for preserving these priceless histories.

Pte Haskell McNutt .     (d.27th April 1945)

Held as a Prisoner in Fukuoka 3b.

Pte. Christopher McPartlan .     British Army 1st Btn. Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment (d.7th Nov 1940)

Christopher McPartlan who died aged 24 was born in Jarrow in 1916 to James and Mary Catherine McPartlan (nee Eales) of Jarrow

Christopher is buried in Keren War Cemetery and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

Bosns-mate. McPhail .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar

Sergeant Alistair Mcphail .     Cameronians Scottish Rifles

I am trying to find any information on my uncle Alistair Mcphail. I don't really know much about him, but I think he was killed. I dont know any dates etc. but I have some pics.

Ldg, Seaman John George McPhail .     Royal Naval Reserve HMS Forfar   from Dagenham, Essex)

(d.2nd Dec 1940)

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