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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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J. H. Maas .     Royal Air Force Squadron 320 (Dutch)   from Holland)

On 9th February 1945 a Mitchell FR165 NO-K of 320 squadron, had a nose-tail collision with FW212 in climbing through a cloud-layer soon after take off from Melsbroek, and crashed near Tirlemont, Belgium. The target was Geldern.

Crew members were:

  • P/O J.H. Maas - bailed out and was safe
  • Nav. G. Claassen - bailed out and was safe
  • Sgt. D.H.J. Born (British) - KIA - grave grave at British War Cemetery at Leopoldsburg (Belgium)
  • Sgt. H. Harsevoort - MIA - memorial stone at Loenen

L/Cpl. Richard J. Mabb .     British Army Royal Army Service Corps   from London)

John "Reg" Mabbott .     Royal Air Force 229 Sqdn.   from Nottinghamshire)

I am looking for information about 229 Squadron RAF, especially if anyone has information in relation to my late father, John Mabbott (aka Reg Mabbott). He was from Nottinghamshire and served in Egypt and Italy. I believe he was a winchman or drogue operator. Any information would be great.

F/Sgt. R. MacAllister .     Royal Australian Air Force 97 Squadron

Mabel Hawthorn Macaluso .     Land Army

My Mom, Mabel Hawthorn Macaluso, who is now 81 years old, was in the Land Army - it was during that time that she met my dad while he was serving in the US Army Aircorp. Mom used to deliver milk to the American base from the farm she worked on in Long Marston. Mom and dad have been married for nearly 65 years - my brother was born during the War. After the War, mom and my brother came over to the states, via New York, along with hundreds of other war brides. Mom and dad have gone back to England many many times over the years and every time they go back they always take a side trip to where they courted during the War and for many years Mom kept in contact with owners and the children of the owners of the farm she worked at. My Mom will be so excited to read all the articles on your website and I will encourage her write down her memories of this special time in her life. Although I am 55 yers old, my mom is still my hero and I love her deeply and love hearing her stories of her childhood and growing up during the War.

Calvin R. MacAnally .     United States Marine Corps   from Ocean City, NJ)

John George MacAndrew .     Royal Air Force   from London)

John was stationed at an Operational Training Unit during the war. He trained bomber crew, particularly Canadians and remembers many tragedies. He later worked as a test pilot for British Overseas Airways Corporation and British Airways. He married a woman from Dublin and moved to Ireland in about 2000. He lives there with his daughter to this day.

William Burns Macartney .     Royal Navy HMS Campania   from Glasgow)

My Father, Willie Macartney was a fireman (engine room) on board the aircraft carrier HMS CamPania D48. He used to tell me stories about a Pendulum that would swing near it's limits, apparently measured ship's tilt in rough weather, think it was in the ship's mess room? He chatted about planes that would leave and not return and the extreme weather on convoy duty where they would chip ice to prevent build up. I was only a lad when we talked, we used to have documentation, but this was lost due to many house moves in later years.

F/Sgt John Simeon McPhail "Bible John" MacAskill .     Royal Air Force 98 Sqd.   from Norwich)

Does anyone know of my late father F/Sgt John MacAskill? He trained in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, from 31 Aug 1942- 2nd Jan 1943. He was then with 13 O.T.U Bicester before his first tour of duty with 98 Squadron 3rd May 1944. The Aircrafts he flew were :- Anson, Oxford, Blenheim(1V), Boston (IIIA), Mitchell (IID) It would be lovely if there's anyone still living that flew with him, especially Sgt.Nicholson who he seemed to spend most of his tour of duty. Many thanks,

F/Sgt. John Simeon McPhail MacAskill .     Royal Air Force 98 Squadron

My late father, F/Sgt John MacAskill, trained in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, from 31st August 1942 to 2nd January 1943. He was then with 13 OTU RAF Bicester before his first tour of duty with 98 Squadron on 3rd May 1944. The aircraft he flew were Anson, Oxford, Blenheim(1V), Boston (IIIA) and Mitchell (IID).

If anyone reading this flew with my father, especially a Sgt. Nicholson with whom he seemed to spend most of his tour of duty, please contact me.

Alexander Alistair MacBain .     Army The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (d.1940)

George MacBain .     Army The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

My uncle, George MacBain was a member of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders was captured at st Valerie in 1940 his brother Alexander Alistair Macbain was in the same regiment and was killed in 1940. Uncle George was marched to Stalag XXA where he spent the rest of the war working on a farm. He has told me many horendous stories of the war. Are any of the men who shared those years of his life still alive? He would love to hear from them. One time in Stalag XXA he was nick named "The Blue Man" after catching a form of impatigo from the cattle and his face had to be painted with blue gencenviolet, does that jog any ones memory?

Many Thanks to all you soldiers for giving so much and receiving so little in the name of freedom.

1st Rd.Op Alan Godfrey MacBeth .     Merchant Navy SS Cape Corso (d.2nd May 1942)

Alan MacBeth lost his life when the SS Cape Corso was sunk.

Able Sea. Gordon Blair MacCallum .     Royal Navy HMS Pheobe   from Broomhill, S'clyde)

(d.23rd Oct 1942)

Gordon MacCallum was the Son of Robert S. and Isabella MacCullum of Broomhill, S'clyde. He was 23 when he died and is buried in the Pointe Noire European Cemetery in the Congo.

On the 23rd October 1942, H.M.S. Phoebe was on her way to take part in operations off North Africa, when she was torpedoed off the coast of French Equatorial Africa. 46 men lost their lives in this engagement and 29 of them were buried in Pointe Noire European Cemetery in a large collective grave. This grave was later marked by a screen wall memorial, which carries details of all 46 casualties.

Mary "Molly" MacCloud .     Air Raid Protection Warden   from Kensington)

Does anyone know how I might track down any records of an air raid warden from Kensington named Mary MacLeod Moore, or Mary Rees, or Molly Rees? (Rees was her married name, but she wrote under the name of Mary MacLeod Moore.) Any help would be much appreciated.

Lt. Thomas Finlay MacConnachie .     British Army 6th Battalion, D Coy. Royal Scots Fusiliers   from Edinburgh)

My father Thomas MacConnachie landed in France in 1944 and fought at Caen, Falaise and through France into Belgium. He was taken prisoner after an assault across the Albert Canal near Escaut on the same day as Operation Market Garden was launched. He was a platoon commander tasked with setting up a consolidation in the village of Aart (now Ten Aart) when they were overwhelmed by a German counter attack. Fortunately he was captured by Wermacht troops (Herman Goering Elite) and avoided the SS who he had bitter experience of confronting. I understand that the action was to consolidate the port of Antwerp and diversionary in relation to Market Garden.

My father continued to serve in the Army until he retired in 1974, suffered a massive haemorrhagic stroke in 1976 and died in 1987. My mother celebrates her 93rd birthday this December having been widowed for the past 32 years. My father's commission certificate, swagger stick and pass out photograph from OCTU still have pride of place on the wall of her home. My father's Prisoner of War Log is still treasured by the family.

Alexander MacCuaig .     Merchant Navy SS Athenia   from Islay)

My Grandfather, Alexander MacCuaig, born on Islay in 1883, was a member of the crew on SS Athenia when she was sunk on 3 September 1939. I believe he worked in the engine room as a Stoker. My own mother, born in 1936, had a "skull cap" when she was born, a thin extra layer of skin, which apparently sailors think is a lucky omen. My grandfather took this to sea with him. Thankfully he survived and lived until the ripe old age of 92.

Cadet Anthony Dermuid MacDermott .     Royal Navy HMS Royal Oak   from Bagshot)

(d.14th Oct 1939)

Antony Dermuid Macdermott, died 14 October 1939 on HMS Royal Oak. He was a Bagshot man and on our War Memorial at St Anne's Church, Bagshot.

Seaman A. MacDonald .     Royal Naval Reserve HMS Forfar

MacDonald was one of the crew members who surved the lost of the Forfar in 1940.

Bernard Edward MacDonald .     Royal Air Force 90 Squadron

My late uncle Bernard Edward MacDonald was a bomb aimer with 90 Squadron from January to June 1945 and I would like to know what crew he flew with and on how many missions and where if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have any photos of crews with 90 Sqdn or any family members that may?

PO Charles Lloyd MacDonald .     Royal Canadian Air Force 129 Sqdn.   from Antigonish, N.S., Canada)

(d.21st Sep 1941)

At present we know that Charles MacDonald was shot down over France on 21st September 1941 and is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. My father, his brother named me after him and I am trying to locate pictures of either him and or the brave men he flew with. All that I have at present is a picture of the graveyard and his Mysore Medallion. I have just started this quest and would be very appreciative of any information.

Flight Sergeant D C MacDonald .     RCAF 59 Squadron

Seaman Donald MacDonald .     Royal Naval Reserve HMS Forfar   from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

(d.2nd Dec 1940)

L/Cpl. Donald John "Mac " Macdonald .     British Army 6th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders   from Croydon )

(d.30th January 1944)

Sergeant E MacDonald .     RAF VR 59 Squadron

Seaman Hugh MacDonald .     Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve HMS Forfar   from Fearn, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland)

(d.2nd Dec 1940)

Flight Sergeant J L MacDonald .     RCAF 619 Squadron (d.8th February 1945)

Jessy MacDonald .     Timber Corps

Seaman John Mudo MacDonald .     Royal Naval Reserve HMS Forfar   from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

(d.2nd Dec 1940)

LSA John MacKenzie MacDonald .     Royal Navy HMS Hussar   from Glasgow)

(d.14th September 1943)

Leading Supply Assistant MacDonald was the son of John Malcolm and Margaret MacKenzie MacDonald, of Glasgow.

He was 33 when he died and is buried in the Seydisfjordur Cemetery in Iceland, Back Row, Grave 5.

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