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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

A       B       C       D       E       F       G       H       I       J       K       L       M       N       O       P       Q       R       S       T       U       V       W       X       Y       Z      

Veto Iavecchia .     United States Army Air Force 2nd Air Division 389th Bomb Group   from Mayfair, PA)

Veto Iavecchia enrolled in Army Air Forces flight school during World War II and was qualified as a bambardier in the 389th Bomb Group, Second Air Division, Eighth Air Force.

He was stationed in England and participated in two missions on D-Day. On a 20th June 1944, bombing run to destroy the synthetic-fuel supplies in Politz, Germany, his B-24 bomber, "Mistah Chick", with 11 aboard, was hit by enemy fire. The flak disabled the plane's hydraulics and caused fuel to leak. Unable to return to England, and uncertain how long the fuel would hold out, the crew voted to try and make it across the Baltic Sea to neutral Sweden. The crew jettisoned everything, including the machine guns, through the bomb bay doors. The plane made it across the Baltic, and, with the landing gear inoperable, the pilot landed on a dirt field. The crewman suffered only minor injuries. The Swedish Government interned the crew. Unaware of what had happened, the War Department sent telegrams to the men's families saying the crew was "missing in action and last seen over Politz, Germany". Five weeks later, the families learned that the crew of the "Mistah Chick" had been located; five months after that, the crewmen were freed.

F/O T. Ibbotson .     Royal Australian Air Force 44 (Rhodesia) Sqdn.

A Lancaster Bomber of 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron was shot down on 25th/26th July 1944 over Stuttgart. The full crew of this Lancaster were:

  • F/O T.Ibbotson RAAF
  • Sgt. J.R.W.Worrall
  • F/Sgt. E.H.Greatz RAAF
  • F/Sgt.I.R.Murray RAAF
  • Sgt. K.G.Andrews
  • F/Sgt T.W.Whitehead
  • F/Sgt. F.A.Wells

  • Pte. Fumban Ibrihi .     The Royal West African Frontier Force 4th Btn. Nigerian Regiment (d.6th May 1941)

    Private Ibrihi Fumban was buried in the Limbe Botanical Gardens Burial Ground in the Cameroons.

    Phyllis Iddison .     Womens Land Army   from )

    I am trying to trace any information and/or photographs of my late mother-in-law Phyllis Iddison, she served in the Land Army during the Second World War. I do not know where was based but believe she came from Yorkshire. Any information would be gratefully received.

    J. A. Ijselstein .     Royal Air Force   from Holland)

    (d.8th June 1944)

    On 8th June 1944 a RAF air craft, a Mitchell FR182 of 320 squadron, collided with FR150 during night flight at 00:35 hrs (GMT) shortly after take-off and crashed nr. Horsham.

    Crew Members were:

    • J.A. Ijselstein - KIA
    • G. Mulder - KIA
    • Sgt. P. Engels - KIA
    • Sgt. Th.P. Mensingh - KIA

    All buried at 13.6.1944 at Brookwood American Cemetery (3 mls N. of Guildford).

    Flight Sergeant D C Imeson R/67534.     RCAF 59 Squadron

    Sgt. G. P. Imison .     97 Squadron

    Jean Inaudi .     French Army   from France)

    (d.18th April 1944)

    John Inaudi, my husband's grandfather, was sent to Stalag IB in 1940 and then seconded to one of the many Arbeitskommandos working near Preuss Holland (next to a town called Karuviden?), where they extracted peat for plants producing electricity in the region. Then he was assigned to Mulhausen to a butchers 10 miles away. He was in this village with Bruand Edouard, Andrew Bresseau, Jean Bovencourt and Andre Jacquinot. He was repatriated to France in 1942 following the death of his wife.

    In 1943 he was arrested and deported to Sachsenhausen Oranienburg, where he died during Allied bombing on 18th April 1944.

    Lt. Bjarne Indseth .     RNAF 76 Sqd (d.17th Jan 1943 )

    Sargeant C Inge .     RAF 578 Squadron

    Handley Page Halifax III, NA568 LK-Q, took off 11th September 1944 16.04 hrs, Op: Gelsenkirchen. The aircraft was hit by flak and crashed 18.30 hrs. in Kirchhellen. All crew survived and made POW except Sgt J A Ridley who sadly was killed. Sgt J A Ridley is buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.


  • P/O T S Coram RAAF
  • Sgt L Blundell
  • F/S J M Tregoning
  • F/S J Callingham RCAF
  • Sgt C Inge
  • Sgt J A Rix
  • Sgt J A Ridley

  • Spr. Arthur Ingham .     British Army 663 Artisan Works Company Royal Engineers (d.17th Jun 1940)

    Arthur Ingham of 663 Artisan Works Company, Royal Engineers lost his life in the sinking of the Lancastria.

    Midshipman Patrick R. Ingldby .     Royal Navy HMS Nelson (d.12th Aug 1942)

    Lt. Arthur Ray Ingle DFC.     South African Air Force 15 Sqdn.   from Cape Province, SA)

    (d.31st July 1943)

    Lt Ingle served with 15 Squadron. His Stirling bomber EF428 LS-N, took off from Mildenhall at 22.46 hours for operations to Remscheid. The aircraft crashed at Kleinbroich, 9km east of Monchengladbach. All the crew except for F/Lt Dillicar, who is buried in Rheinburg War Cemetery, have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. The full crew were:

  • Sgt A.V.E. Cobby
  • F/Lt J.C. Dillicar, pilot
  • F/O B.L. Jackson
  • Sgt G.H. Beck
  • F/Sgt I.G. Ramsay
  • Sgt P.K. Middleton
  • Sgt A.J. Gibbons
  • Lt A.R. Ingle

  • George Ingleby .     Royal Navy HMS Garth

    I served aboard HMS Garth in 1940-1 and HMS Echo 1941-44 covering the Arctic and Malta convoys and the Sicily-Italy campaign. I would be pleased to hear from any old shipmates.

    Pte. Albert Inglis .     British Army Royal Engineers   from Dover, Kent)

    I would dearly love to hear from anyone who knew my father, Albert Inglis, he died 13 years ago and is still missed greatly. He served with the Royal Engineers in the following campaigns: India 13/2/42-3/5/43. Egypt 4/5/43.20/8/44 C.M.F. 21/8/44-15/2/46.

    Pte. James Thomas Inglis .     British Army Royal Northumberland Fusiliers   from Morpeth, Northumberland)

    My Grandfather died before I was born and I Know that his family came from Gretna in Dumfrieshire, have been searching his army records for several years. Recently I have found that he joined the Blackwatch in 1939 and was then transferred to the Royal Fusiliers with whom he was sent on the British Expedition to France, he was posted from there back to England and then to Iceland where he was posted for two years before being sent back to Kingston in the UK for a further two years before being posted on the British North African Force.

    My grandfather was in the army for a total 7 years. In 1952 he emigrated to America and settled in New Jersey where he passed away in 1964 aged just 46. I would love to hear first hand accounts from anyone who may have served in the same Regiments or who served in the same places as my grandfather

    Gn Joseph John Inglis .     British Army Royal Artillery   from Eastleigh, Hampshire)

    Sgt. William Inglis .     British Army 374 Bty. Royal Artillery (d.2nd Nov 1944)

    William Inglis who died aged 31 was the son of of William and Rose Inglis (nee McNulty) and husband of Violet Inglis (nee Potts) of Jarrow.

    William is buried in Jarrow Cemetery and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

    Sgt. Allen John Dennis Ingram .     Royal Air Force 50 Squadron (d.27th June 1940)

    Allen Ingram was buried in the Norre Havrvig Church Yard in Denmark.

    Sgt. Allen John Dennis Ingram .     Royal Air Force 50 Squadron (d.27th June 1940)

    Sergeant (Observer) John Ingram is buried in the Norre Havrvig Churchyard in Denmark.

    PFC Arlen L. Ingram .     United States Army 354th Inf. M Coy 89th Div.

    My father Arlen L. Ingram escaped from a German POW camp in 1945 with a group of six others. The city of Susice, Czechoslovakia awarded these men a citation for their assistance with the liberation of their city. Does anyone have any information about this escape, what POW camp this was, and the whereabouts of any of these men on this citation? My father died in 1985 and was never one to discuss the war with anyone in the family. Now I would like to learn as much as I can to preserve it for my grandsons.

    The following is a copy of the Certificate from the Czech Army:

    "The Commandant of Czechoslovakian Army in Susice wishes to [illegible] his gratitude to the following [illegible] of the American and British Armies:

  • Joseph P Zutell, 2nd Lt, 05_7515, Company M, 354th Inf, 89th Div
  • Fred H. Jasper, S/Sgt, 37448400, Company M, 354th Inf, 89th Div
  • Leonard E. C__plin, Acting Sergeant, 2572226 Royal Corps of Signals, English
  • Worn E. Drew, PFC, 36067232, Company M, 354th Inf, 89th Div
  • Arlen Ingram, PFC, 38608593, Company M, 354th Inf, 89th Div
  • Byron S. Mooney, Pvt, 11131658, Company M, 354th Inf, 89th Div

    The above mentioned escaped from their Prisoner of War camp in Mokrosuky in the district of Susice on the night of 4 to 5 May 1945, and joined up with the Czech soldiers in Susice. On the following day, they disarmed the German garrison in the town, numbering 63 men. Then, accompanied by a Czech Army officer and members of the Czech National Freedom movement, set out for the tanks of the 4th Division of the 3rd American Army in order to connect up with them. After a journey through areas still partially occupied by the enemy, they reached the spearheads some 20 km away, and gave information about the strength of the enemy craft in the neighborhood and brought the tanks into Susice.

    The area Commandant of the Czechoslovakian Army in Susice Susice, May 10, 1945".

  • Beryl Ingram .     Women's Auxiliary Air Force RAF Hucknall

    Beryl Ingram served in the WAAF during WW2 and was involved with parachute packing.

    Flt.Sgt. Eric Harold Ingram .     Royal Canadian Air Force 214 Squadron   from Campbellford, Ontario, Canada)

    (d.15th Apr 1943)

    Sergeant Eric Harold Ingram

    Stirling Mark 1 EF331 BU-H took off from Chedburgh at 21:26 (9:26pm) on the crews 6th operation, flying to Stuttgart. They were Shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at Sept-Saulx 19km South-East of Reims, France. All are buried in the Sept-Saulx Churchyard, Marne, France

    Crew consisted of:

    Sgt Harold Charles Dent 1384029, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, age 26

    Sgt Robert Ernest Dutton 1338700, Air Bomber, age 27

    Flight Sgt Eric Harold Ingram R/119142, Air Gunner, age 23

    Pilot/Officer Leslie Powell 144037, Pilot, age 22

    Flight Officer Edward Henry Scott 127266, Navigator, age 30

    Sgt Thomas Shepherd 573650, Flight Engineer, age 21

    Sgt John William Williams 1094029, Air Gunner, age 31

    F/Sgt. Kenneth Herschel Callender Ingram .     Royal Air Force 50 Squadron (d.2nd Oct 1944)

    Kenneth Ingram served as flight engineer on T.B.Coles crew

    Lloyd Ingram .     Royal Navy HMS Penelope   from East Farleigh, Kent)

    W/O11 Max H. Ingram .     Royal Air Force 433 Sqd.   from Windsor)

    Sgt. William Frederick Ingram .     British Army 2nd Buffs   from Kent)

    William Ingram died one year after the war, of his wounds.

    Spr. Frederick Ernest Inkpen .     British Army 663 Artisan Works Company Royal Engineers (d.17th Jun 1940)

    Frederick Ernest Inkpen of 663 Artisan Works Company, Royal Engineers lost his life in the sinking of the Lancastria.

    Pte. John Edward Inman .     British Army No.4 Base Ammunition Depot Royal Army Ordinance Corps   from Liverpool)

    (d.17th Jun 1940)

    John Inman served at No.4 Base Ammunition Depot.

    Merle Inman .     United States Army

    Merle Inman was a POW at Stalag 4B after being captured by the Germans on 1st January 1945.

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