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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Nicholas M. Haas .     USMC USS Boise

My Dad, Nicholas M. Haas, was a Marine aboard the USS Boise. I know he was on board during the Sicily campaign and fought aboard her in the South Pacific afterwards. He passed away in 1954, and I have some items of his and some notes. I have to check the dates, but I believe he went aboard sometime in 1942.

Rudi Haas .       from Germany)

Was anyone at White Cross POW Camp 115, St Columb, Cornwall during WW2? Do they remember a German POW called Rudi Haas?

Joyce Habbershaw .     Women's Timber Corps

My Grandmother, Joyce Habbershaw, was in The Women's Timber Corps during WW2 and I'm looking for a lady who served with, her name is or was Miss Burne, and I believe her Christian name is either Hilda or Bab's. She served with my grandmother at Woolverstone Saw Mill, Ipswich between 28th January 1943 to 23rd February 1944. I believe they were then both transfered to Bury St Edmund's on 9th March 1944. Can anyone help?

Victor Habbick .     Royal Air Force

My father, Victor Habbick was in the RAF and posted to both Karachi and Mauripur. I am researching my family tree and trying to trace any information.

P/O Mike Habiluk .     Royal Canadian Air Force 434 Sqdn. (d.17th June 1944)

P/O Mike Habiluk was an airgunner of Halifax bomber LK792. The Halifax was shot down by a nightfighter on 16th/17th June 1944 while raiding Sterkrade. The full crew were:

  • P/O Philip Alan Kingston, RCAF, Air bomber
  • F/O William Melvin McQueen, RCAF, Pilot
  • F/O Douglas Fraser McAllister, RCAF, Navigator
  • P/O Mike Habiluk, RCAF, Airgunner
  • P/O Charles Trask Beech, RCAF, Airgunner
  • P/O Arthur Warrington, RAF, Wop/Airgunner
  • /O William Gordon Pearcey, RAFVR, Flt. Engineer


    There were no survivors and the crew were buried at Ede, 10 miles from where they came down at Otterlo. RCAF crew members were later reburied in Groesbeek Canadian Cemetery.(Dick)

  • Sgt Alfred Harvey Hackbart .     Royal Canadian Air Force 419 Moose Squadron   from Kitchener, Ontario)

    (d.20th Feb 1944)

    February 19/20, 1944 31 Lancaster from 408 and 426 Squadrons were joined by 98 Halifaxes from 419, 420, 424, 425, 427, 428, 429, 431, 433, and 434 Squadrons on an attack at Leipzig. The crews were over the target at between 19,000 and 25,000 feet, releasing 112,000 lbs of high explosives and 422,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, the target was cloud covered and the attack was scattered. The crews were met by strong winds and fierce fighter attacks. 18 crews, or 128 men failed to return from operations. P/O D. MacLeod, RCAF and crew, flying Halifax II JD-114 coded VR-V, failed to return from this operation. Sgt. M. Leboldus, RCAF F/O J. Piper, RCAF W/O2 J. Beattie, RCAF Sgt. T. Gettings, RAF P/O D. Lewthwaite, RCAF Sgt. A. Hackbart, RCAF All were killed.

    Ch.Cook. Roger Laurence Hackett .     Merchant Navy SS Kirnwood (d.11th Aug 1940)

    Roger Hackett who died aged 21 was born in Jarrow in 1919, the son of Roger and Isabella Hackett (nee Veitch) of Jarrow. He was killed when the S.S. Kirnwood was hit by a bomb from an aircraft on 11th August 1940

    Roger is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

    Sgt.Mjr. James Edmund Hacking .     British Army   from Clayton Le Moore, Lancashire.)

    My dad, Jim Hacking was a POW in WW11 and was held in Germany. I have been researching any and all information for years. Any information will be greatly appreciated. He was from Clayton Le Moore in Lancashire.

    PO Herbert Branwell Hackney .     Royal Air Force 64 Sqdn. (d.29th May 1940)

    Joseph Bate Hackney .     British Army Royal Engineers   from Stoke-on-Trent)

    My great grandad was in the Royal Engineers. I believe he went to Gibralter to blow up bridges. His name is Joseph Bate Hackney. He was born in 1902. If anybody has any info or stories I would love to hear them.

    George Haddad .     US Army Air Force VB 105 Sqd.

    F/O Haddingham .     RAF 12sqd

    Sergeant C Haddock .     RAF VR 59 Squadron

    Lt. Col. Thomas Haddon .     British Army 1st Btn. HQ Coy. The Border Regiment

    Leah Josephine Haddrell .     Woman's Land Army   from Rotherham)

    I know so little about my Mum's life in the Land Army, which is why we should pass on to the next generation. Her name was Leah Haddrell and she was from Rotherham, and died in 1993 aged 67. Any information, would be appreciated. I'm hoping her unusual name may jog a few memories. She met my father Joe Allen (Irish) while she was working on a farm in Evesham. They went on to have 5 children when returned to Rotherham. My mum passed away when I was pregnant with my son, I would love to pass on any information and lovely stories of her time in Evesham, we have a photo of a group of Land Army girls, looking amazing and happy, in fancy dress outfits.

    Marine. Robert William Hadfield .     Royal Marines 40 Commando (d.22nd Dec 1944)

    Wiliam Hadfield is buried in the Bari War Cemetery, Italy.

    S Hadfield .    

    Stoker William Albert Hadfield .     Royal Navy HMS Malaya   from )

    I would like to find out about my father, William Hadfield who served as a Stoker on HMS Malaya during the second world war.

    Midshipman David Arthur Charles Hadingham. .     Royal Navy HMS Daedalus

    F/O. Geoffrey Edwin Hadley .     Royal Air Force 181 Sqdn.   from 42 Portland Street, Walsall, Staffs)

    Geoffrey Hadley served 1941 to May 1946 mainly flying Typhoons.

    F/O. Wilson Orchard Hadley .     Royal New Zealand Air Force 75 Squadron   from St. Albans, Christchurch, Canterbury)

    (d.12th Sep 1944)

    Flying Officer (Pilot) Wilson Hadley was the son of Charles Hadley and of Ellen Hadley (nee Hawke) of Amberley, Canterbury, New Zealand and husband of Esme Elizabeth Hadley of St. Albans, Christchurch, Canterbury. He was 30 years old when he died and is buried in the Orslev Churchyard St. in a Joint grave in Denmark.

    F/Sgt. J. D. Hadlington .     97 Squadron

    Cpl. William Thomas Hadlow MM.     British Army 1st Btn. King's Dragoon Guards

    Cpl Hadlow was awarded the Military Medal for service in Egypt. The award was posted in the London Gazette of 16th February 1943. Other corps members awarded with him were:

  • Sgt. James Joseph Martin (Luton)
  • Sqd Sgt Mjr. Norman Henry Morgan (London)
  • Sgt. Benjamin Joseph Hogarth (Bradford)
  • Sgt. William Lay (Birmingham).

  • LAC. Frederick Hadrick .     Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 84 Sqd.   from Aycliffe, Co. Durham)

    (d.16th Feb 1944)

    Sgt. Maurice Ernest Haffenden .     Royal Air Force 77 Sqdn.   from Hailsham, Sussex)

    (d.23rd September 1943)

    Jmdr. Abdul Hafiz VC..     British Indian Army 9th Jat Regiment   from India)

    (d.6th Apr 1944)

    Abdul Hafiz was a 19 years Jemadar in the 9th Jat Regiment when he was awarded the VC.

    "On 6 April 1944 north of Imphal, India, Jemadar Abdul Hafiz was ordered to attack with his platoon a prominent position held by the enemy, the only approach to which was across a bare slope and then up a very steep cliff. The Jemadar led the assault, killing several of the enemy himself and then pressed on regardless of machine-gun fire from another feature. He received two wounds, the second of which was fatal, but he had succeeded in routing an enemy vastly superior in numbers and had captured a most important position."

    Jemadar. Abdul Hafiz VC..     British Indian Army 3rd Btn. 9th Jat Regiment   from Rohtak, India)

    (d.6th Apr 1944)

    Abdul Hafiz is buried in the Imphal Inidan Army War Cemetery in India. He was the son of Nur Muhammad and Hamidan and husband of Jigri Begum, of Kalanaur, Rohtak, India.

    Rge citation for his VC was published in the London Gazette on the 23rd July 1944:- "In Burma on 6th April 1944, 10 miles north of Imphal, the enemy had attacked and occupied a prominent feature. Jemadar Abdul Hafiz was ordered to attack with two sections up a completely bare slope, very steep near the crest. Jemadar Abdul Hafiz so inspired his sections that from the start the attack proceeded with great dash. The enemy opened fire with machine-guns and grenades, causing several casualties, but the assault continued without hesitation up the last few yards of the hill. Jemadar Abdul Hafiz was wounded, but seeing a machine-gun firing, he immediately went towards it and, seizing the barrel, pushed it upwards whilst another man killed the gunner. He again advanced, killing several of the enemy, but was badly wounded in the chest. He died shortly afterwards. The inspiring leadership and bravery displayed by Jemadar Abdul Hafiz in spite of having been twice wounded so inspired his men that the position was captured and severe casualties inflicted on the enemy. His complete disregard for his own safety, and his determination to capture and hold the position at all costs, were an example to all ranks."

    P/O A. Hagan .     Royal Air Force 77 Sqd.

    P/O Hagan was in the same crew as my father John Gardner. Their Lancaster was shot down over Holland in the early hours of the 22md of June 1943. P/O Hagan evaded capture, the other survivors were taken as prisoners of war.

    James Hagan .     USAAF

    I am 63yrs old and just found out who my father was.He was an american man called James Hagan and was in the USAAF. He was in the Yarnfield area in staffordshire in 1943 where he met my mother who was working in an ordnance factory there. I have only his name to go on. I have found a James Hagan who flew with a crew called Rohans Crew from Sudbury in 1944 hewas in the 833BS. I have come to a standstill if anyone has any information I would be very grateful

    T/Cpl. Samuel Hagan .     Royal Air Force 129 Sqdn.

    I asked my father about what he did during the war and all he ever said was that he was a mechanic and worked on Spitfires. My father, Samuel Hagan was trained as fitter of engines at No.2 School of Technical Training. He served time as a mechanic at the maintenance unit before moving to 6129 Servicing Echelon associated with No.129 Squadron where the Spitfire picture was taken.

    When my father passed at 98 he left me with a small shadow box that showed him sitting on the left wing 2nd from left on a Spitfire, along with 23 other crew members, a picture of him standing on a barrel working on a Spitfire, and his Squadron patch.

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