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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Engineer Wtr. J. C. George .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar

J.C. George was one of the crew members to survive the sinking of HMS Forfar. He had served on the ship before the outbreak of war and remained with her under the T124X Agreement.

John William George .     Army RASC

I hope that someone can help. My grandfather was John William George T/129507. He was a driver with the RASC and was, I believe, captured at St Valery around the time of the Dunkirk evacuations. From there he went to Brahnau Camp 2 and was most certainly there over Christmas 1942 - I have a small piece of paper signed by other servicemen in way of a Christmas card.

Like so many others, would not speak about his wartime experiences. I have managed to piece together very little from the few documents I found at his house when he passed away.

I would love to hear from anybody who knew him or anyone who can lead me in the right direction to find out what his experiences were. Many thanks for any help offered

Adam Dingle

Sgt. John Ernest George .     British Army Royal Hampshire Regiment   from Abbotts Ann)

My dad, John George didn't talk much about his time in the war. Sadly, he passed away 17 years ago. His older brother Lesley George was in the same regiment. I know my dad spent some time in Italy and Palestine and would love to know more if anyone has any stories.

Sue Stacey

Bmdr. John Reginald George .     British Army Royal Horse Artillery

My father John George, was known by his middle name, Reg. He was a Bombadier in the R H A, 'B' Troop. He was captured at St Valery on 12th of June 1940. He spent 5 years as a prisoner of war and was at Stalag xxb. Although I seem to remember him telling me that he was billeted in the village and he worked for a haulage company. Unfortunately he died in 2000 before I began my research. Hope someone can help me find more information.

Anita Wells

Megan George .     Land Army   from Leicester, England)

My Mum Megan George served in the Land Army during the war and I have a photograph of her in her uniform. All I know is that she was on a farm in Leicestershire and that she had a really good time whilst there. The work was hard but the girls had fun. My Mum died in 1973 at the young age of 52 years but I would love to hear from anyone who may have more information as to where she was stationed and what are their recollections of her.

Diane Dickins

Megan George .     Woman's Land Army   from Leicester)

All I know is that my Mum, Megan George served in the Woman's Land Army during the 2nd World War somewhere in Leicestershire. I have a couple of photographs from that time.

Diane Dickins

1st Lt. Paul T George .     (d.8th February 1945)

Held as a Prisoner in Fukuoka 3b.

F/Lt. Reginald Owen George DFC..     Royal Australian Air Force 582 Sqd.   from Sydney, Australia)

Reginald Owen was born on 2nd Nov 1922. He enlisted in the Australian Army in October 1941 and joined the Royal Australian Air Force in October 1942. He flew with 550 & 582 Sqns. He trained as a navigator and was later commissioned. His DFC was awarded in May 1945


Sidney Horace George .     Royal Navy HMS Nelson

My father, Sidney Horace George, now deceased, served on the HMS Nelson. Does anyone have any information about him please?

Amanda George

Able Seaman. W. R. George .     Royal Navy HMS Forfar

Able Seaman George was amongst those brought ashore when HMS Forfar sank.

Sgt. William Arla George .     Royal Air Force air gunner. 460 Sqd. (d.2nd Feb 1945)

PFC Joseph Frank Geositz .     US Army 12th QM Regt.

Joseph Frank Geositz was held in Fukuoka #17. His name appears on a roster containing the names of the 500 Americans sent from Manila to Moji, Japan, aboard the Clyde Maru from 23 July to 9 August 1943. The men were transported by train from Moji station to camp Fukuoka 17 at Omuta, Kyushu, arriving on 10 Aug 1943.


F/Sgt. Gerald Francis Geraghty .     Royal Australian Air Force 101 Squadron   from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

(d.5th Oct 1944)

Gerald Geraghty died in flying in an RAF Lancaster (Designation: LL758, Lancaster III), during an attack on Marshalling Yards in Saarbrucken, Germany. Plane came down in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Boot belonging to Gerald was identified. This appears to have been only his 2nd mission his first was on 26-27/09/1944 to Karlsruhe, Germany.

Drew Hayes

Sergeant Hugh Michael Geraghty .     British Army Black Watch

A. Geraghty

Pte. Oscar James Geraghty .     Australian Army

Oscar James Geraghty was held in Fukuoka #17 from the 16th of January 1945.


M. A. Gerard .     Royal Canadian Air Force 419 Sqd.

Sgt. Thomas German .     British Army 6th Btn. Durham Light Infantry

Sgt. Thomas German Service No.4439753, Durham Light Infantry was held as a POW in Stalag 8B (344) Lamsdorf Poland. POW no. 16268.

Pte. Arthur Gerrard .     British Army 13th Btn. King's Royal Rifle Corps (d.1st Jul 1917)

Arthur Gerrard is buried in Messines Ridge Cemetery. He was the son of Philip Yeatman Gerrard, and Kate Gerrard of 109 Woodland Avenue, Wanstead, London and the husband of Agnes Gerrard.

F/O George E D Gerrard DFC .     RAF 12sqd

Pilot Officer G W Gerring .     RCAF

Lorenzo del Mann

Sgt. J. Gerry .     RAF 77 Sqd.

Mavis Jarvis

Sgt J Gershaw .     RAF 12sqd

Tec. Jacob "Jake" Gerstner .     United States Army (d.7th March 1945)

My uncle Tec Jacob `Jake' Gerstner was a POW in Stalag 4B. We were informed that he was taken from the barracks and not seen again. We would appreciate any other information that anyone may have about him or anyone who may have been with him in the camp. He was declared dead on 7th March 1945.

Robert Gerstner

Edward Gess .     British Army 8th Army

My father, Edward Gess, was a sniper in the 8th Army. He used to have lots of pictures of all his wartime mates, most of whom died in battle. We also used to have a lovely letter from Montgomery which talked about his bravery at El Alamein. He would never talk about his experiences and, sadly, he suffered dreadfully throughout my childhood and died quite young. All photos, letters and his medals have been lost over time due to many moves.


Hugo William Gevers .     Dutch Army


P/O. Richard Geytenbeck .     Royal Air Force 227 Squadron

I met the son of an Australian pilot in 227 Sqn with the surname Geytenbeck or Geytenbeek and am trying to find information for him. The man I am searching for only served in the last period of the war (approximately Sep 1944 to July 1945) and flew out of Strubby for 5 operations. I believe his last operation was to Berchtesgarten. He did not die in the war and therefore his name does not appear on 'Honour Rolls'. I have also searched Autralian War Memorial site to no avail. Does anyone have any information?

Richard Chmielewski

Hdvr. Gaje Ghale VC..     British Indian Army 2nd Btn. 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles   from Nepal)

Gaje Ghale was 20 years old, a Havildar in the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles when he was awarded the VC.

"During the period 24th to 27th May 1943 in the Chin Hills, Burma, Havildar Gaje Ghale was in charge of a platoon of young soldiers engaged in attacking a strong Japanese position. Wounded in the arm, chest and leg he nevertheless continued to lead assault after assault, encouraging his men by shouting the Gurkha's battle-cry. Spurred on by the irresistible will of their leader, the platoon stormed and captured the position which the Havildar then held and consolidated under heavy fire, refusing to go to the Regimental Aid post until ordered to do so."

S. Flynn

Sergeant Thomas " " Gibbings .     'B' Squadron   from 110 Thames Crescent, London)

Thomas Gibbings was my Grandfather, he served in the 46th Recce Regt and the R.A.C and as far as I know was at the Salerno Landings and eventually in North Africa. I would dearly love to hear from anyone with any knowledge.

David Hill

Sgt Homfray R Gibbon. .    

Sgt. Anthony James Gibbons .     Royal Canadian Air Force 15 Sqdn. (d.31st July 1943)

Sgt Gibbons served with 15 Squadron. His Stirling bomber EF428 LS-N, took off from Mildenhall at 22.46 hours for operations to Remscheid. The aircraft crashed at Kleinbroich, 9km east of Monchengladbach. All the crew except for F/Lt Dillicar, who is buried in Rheinburg War Cemetery, have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. The full crew were:

  • Sgt A.V.E. Cobby
  • F/Lt J.C. Dillicar, pilot
  • F/O B.L. Jackson
  • Sgt G.H. Beck
  • F/Sgt I.G. Ramsay
  • Sgt P.K. Middleton
  • Sgt A.J. Gibbons
  • Lt A.R. Ingle

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