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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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S/Sgt. Henry Perry Gibbs .     British Army

My great uncle Henry Gibbs was a prisoner at Stalag 7a, his capture postcard is dated 12/10/1944.

Dave Gibbs

F.O. R. A. Gibbs. .     Royal Air Force 10 Sqd. (d. 3rd Feb 1945 )

Gibson .     RAF 102 sqd.

Wing Cdr. Guy Penrose Gibson VC, DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar.     Royal Air Force pilot 83, 106, 617, 627 Sqd. (d.19th Sep 1944)

Hugh Gibson .     Royal Air Force 100 Squadron

My Dad, Hugh Gibson, was an RAF Flight Engineer with 100 and 355 Squadrons between 1944 and 1946.

Linda Storey

Sgt. J. L. Gibson .     Royal Canadian Air Force 97 Squadron

John Edward "Gibbo" Gibson .     Royal Air Force 104 Squadron   from Dewsbury)

Ted Gibson joined the RAF in 1943 and went to Winnipeg for training. After a short time at West Freugh and Westcott was transferred to Tortorella in Italy with 37 Sq. In Dec 1944 went to Foggia Main 104 Sq., in both cases as a Bomb aimer in Wellingtons. He left the RAF briefly after the war but rejoined as a navigator and retired as a Flt Lt in 1975.

Don Gibson

Laurence Gibson .     British Army Royal Artillery

Laurence Gibson served Dunkirk. He had to swim to the hospital ships. I believe he was also stationed in Iceland and India. He must have been demobbed at Darlington. His Pal was Arthur Witerburn

Maurice Gibson

Pte. Marion Jasper Gibson .     USAAF 19th Bomber Group 7th Mat. Squad


Stoker Robert "Hoot" Gibson .     Royal Navy HMS Penelope   from Newcastle)

(d.May/June 1942)

My father's brother, Robert, followed my grandfather into the Royal Navy in 1939 much against my grandfathers will as he was sure war was about to break out. Robert had served his apprenticeship on Tyneside as a Turner but was determined to join up. He consequently joined the ship's company of HMS Penelope as a stoker.

Very sadly Robert was mortally wounded in 1942 of Malta and although brought home never recovered and died in Newcastle aged just 21. If anyone remembers Robert whose nickname was "Hoot" after the cowboy hoot Gibson! Please drop a line or email. My father would love to hear from you I'm very sure.

Ian Gibson

F/O Stanwell John Gibson .     Royal Canadian Air Force pilot 419 Sqd. (d.29th Jan 1944)

Stuart Paul Gibson .     24 Operation Training Unit

W/O T. H. Gibson .     97 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant W G Gibson .     RAF VR 59 Squadron

Lorenzo del Mann

Sgt. W. Gibson .     Royal Canadian Air Force 419 Sqd.

Cpl. William "Gibby" Gibson .     British Army 7th Btn. Cameronians   from Glasgow)

I never met my granda, William Gibson, he died before I was born, I was the next generation to go in to the forces after him, the Royal Marines,and my family didn't really talk about this great man. I'm just trying to go back to see what kind of man grandad was, thanks if anyone can help me on this matter.

John Gibson

P/O B. W. Giddings .     Royal Australian Air Force 97 Squadron

L/Cpl. Philip Giddings .    

Held in Stalag 4d.


S/Sgt. William Charles Giddings .     British Army Royal Signals   from London)

All I know is my father William Giddings joined the Royal Sussex Regiment and transferred to the Royal Signals and served in Burma and India.

Kevin Giddings

Sgt A. Gielty .     408 Sqd.   from 17th April 1943)

W/O. George E Giff. .     RCAF. 1659 HCU

Gifford .     Royal Navy HMS Nigeria

Gifford .     Royal Navy HMS Nelson

Mil.Sld. Henri Gihaux .     Dutch Army


Sergeant Alexander George Gilbert .     Army 663 Artisan Works Company Royal Engineers

My grandfather was a Lancastria survivor, his name was Sergeant Alexander George Gilbert, 663 Artisan Works Company, Royal Engineers. Does anyone have any information about him?

Gary Lomas

Dvr. Frederick John Gilbert .     British Army Royal Army Service Corps   from Plymouth)

I do not know very much about my Uncle Fred Gilbert except that he was a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps. He was captured during the Battle of Crete and spent much of the rest of the war at Stalag VIIIA in or near the town of Gorlitz. He never spoke about his time there very much except that he worked for quite some time in a quarry near the town.

Pete Gilbert

George Alfred Gilbert .     Army Royal Army Service corp

My grandad, George Alfred Gilbert RASC, was mentioned in despatches during World War II and I would be very interested to know how I can find out what he was mentioned for.

Karen Moore

Sgt. James Walter Gilbert .     Royal Air Force 156 Sgd   from Market Harborough)

(d.24th Feb 1944)

My father, Sgt James Walter Gilbe, was rear gunner in Lancaster JB479. Serial GT-K piloted by Sgd/Ldr Eric Porter. On the evening of 24 Feb.1944 they'd left their base at R.A.F. Warboys. They were the lead Pathfinders on the raid at Schweinfurt. They marked the target but were shot down, believed by a night fighter. There were no survivors. Their collective grave was found in 1952 and they were re-buried at the Durnbach War Cementery.

My father's birthday was the day before he died and he had just found out that he was going to be a dad (that was me). If anyone had any information of if there are any relatives or friends of the crew please let me know.

Peter Gilbert

W L Gilbert .     Navy HMS Nigeria

I have a photo of H.M.S. Nigeria with lots of signatures on the back. It says Torpedo Division 1945 and is dated 19th September 1945.

The names are:

  • R G Stocker
  • Geordie Burns
  • Ronald J Harris
  • G Kent
  • P Rayment
  • W Wheatley
  • D Chapman
  • H J Fisher
  • D P Sweeney
  • A Whithead
  • H Lockear
  • Blimp Palmer
  • G. Kent
  • J Arnold ~(Sussex)
  • A Chapman
  • James Robertson(Jock)
  • R E Fisher
  • D Mercer
  • R E Riley
  • W L Gilbert
  • F J Fulcher (Wind Bo'sun 1st class)
  • D Hughes TGM
  • G L Bowers
  • E Ticehurst
  • F C Welch
  • G W Downes

    Jo Russell

  • Sgt D H Gilbert. .     RAF 77 sqd.

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