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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Carl D. Gabrielson .     United States Army 313rd Field Artillery Btn., Baty C 80th Inf. Div.

My dad, Carl D. Gabrielson, was a forward observer in the 80th Infantry Division, 313rd Field Artillery Bn, Battery C. I am interested in learning more about his time in Europe during WW 2. I would welcome any information.

F/O A. Gaddass .     Royal Canadian Air Force bomb aimer 419 Sqd.

Edna Gadman .     Land Army   from Sutton Flats, Salford)

I would love to hear from Edna Gadman who lived at Sutton Flats, Salford, and served in the Land Army with me at Holland House, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Mm1/c Augustine Raoul Gagnon .     US Navy

Cpt. Bernard Arthur Gain .     British Army AAC (d.16th Feb 1944)

Captain B.A. Gain was killed in close combat with German paratroopers at h 593 16/2 1944. He was from AAC and dressed in a new Sussex uniform, how did an airman get into an Infantry close combat? Im a Swedish documentary filmmaker and I had an interview with the German paratrooper who shot him at point blank range with his pistol, and we visited B.A Gain's grave. After 65 years the German was wondering who he was.

Chester Devoid Gainey .     United States Army   from Laurel, Mississippi)

My father, Chester Devoid Gainey, from Laurel, Mississippi and his army buddy, Merle Inman of Tulsa, OK, were captured by the Germans on 1st January 1945 and were POWs at Stalag 4B until the war ended.

After the war Chester and Merle did not meet again until Christmas 2001 when Merle spent the holidays with the Gainey family. It was a wonderful Christmas present for both, as my dad died on 2nd March 2002. At my dad's funeral, one of the soldiers who had come to play taps and fold the flag said that members of his family had been overseers of the German POW camps. His immediate family had left Germany because they didn't like that connection. Life sure has some twists!

Mary Gair .     Civilian

I lived mostly in Canterbury during WWII with my mother and sisters. We watched the dog fights overhead during the Battle of Britain. Canterbury was blitzed in June 1942, although we had had quite a few bombs drop on the city before that. I married a Canadian soldier in November 1942 and then, when the war was over, I travelled to Alberta, Canada with my baby girl.

Flt.Sgt. Hubert Phillip Galarneau DFM..     Royal Canadian Air Force 426 Sqd.   from Hamilton)

Hubert Galarneau was born 1916 in Hamilton, Ontario, he lived in Woodstock, Ontario and worked as a Salesman. On 21st of May 1942, he enlisted in London, Ontario Ex-RCA. He was commissioned on the 8th of April 1944 and trained at Mo.4 WS, graduating on 19th of April 1943 and No.3 BGS graduating on 23rd of July 1943).

His original recommendation for immediate DFM, dated 11th of July 1944 when he had flown 19 sorties (81 hours 35 minutes) details that when the pilot regained control he found that the navigator, wireless operator, bomb aimer and flight engineer had baled out. "Sergeant Galarneau went forward to the aid of his skipper, who had decided to return to England, and assisted the gunners in the Engineers duties. Having had some experience with wireless, he also worked violently to make the instruments serviceable, so that contact could be made with a Landing Field, but without avail. Then, as it was impossible to jettison, he went to the Bomb Aimer's compartment and defused all bombs. Three different aerodromes were circled before a safe but shaky landing was eventually made with a full bomb load. Sergeant Galarneau, by his coolness and presence of mind, and his complete disregard of personal safety, contributed in a large degree to the safe return of his aircraft to this country. This airman was the mid-upper gunner of an aircraft detailed to attack the railway junction at Acheres recently. During the outward flight the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire, causing it to go into a violent spin. The pilot regained control but extensive damage had been sustained. Despite this he decided to attempt to fly the aircraft to this country. On the return flight, Flight Sergeant Galarneau proved a most resourceful member of aircraft crew and proved of great assistance to his captain. He set a fine example of determination and devotion to duty."

Distinguished Flying Medal - Award effective 19th of September 1944.

Sgt. Zygmunt Stefan Galazka .     Royal Air Force 304 (Silesia) Squadron   from Zyrardow)

Prior to WW2, Zygmunt Galazka's civilian profession was a locksmith mechanic working for the Polish Home Office servicing office machinery. He was in this role for 18 months. With the possibility of war, he joined the Polish Army and from 22nd March 1939 to 30th September 1939 was with the 36th infantry regiment with the Polish rank Plutonowy. Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939.

Zygmunt was caught crossing the border into Russia and sent to a Siberian concentration camp. He was released by Stalin in September 1941 along with thousands of other Poles, following the German attack on Russia. He had been incarcerated for one year. Released Poles including women and children were told to travel to Persia (Iran) via the Caspian Sea.

On 18th September 1941 he joined the 19th infantry regiment training in Iraq, known as Anders army, who were later sent to fight at Monte Casino, Italy. The Polish flag was the first to be planted on the top of the monastery. However, Zygmunt did not go to Italy as he had been classified as future personnel for the Polish Air Force and was shipped via South Africa to Greenock in Scotland for training. On 17th January 1943, was transferred to Royal Air Force. Service Number 704885. On 11th April 1943, was transferred to Polish Air Force Depot in Blackpool with the British war rank Corporal. On 21st April 1943, started training as pilot in 25 Polish Elementary Flying Training School. In February 1944, he restarted training in 25 EFTS. Then on 18th May 1944 was transferred to 16 SFTS. On 18th September 1944, he obtained a trade and insignia of pilot. Promoted to Flight Sergeant. On 3rd January 1945, he started training in 6 Operational Training Unit which was a training unit for Coastal Command. On the 12th April 1945, was attached to 304 Polish Squadron which at that period was under Coastal Command. Wellingtons were equipped with radar and a searchlight looking for U-Boats recharging their batteries on the surface at night. VE day was 8th May 1945. In December 1945, was transferred to Polish Resettlement Unit on RAF Station Hucknall.

Jack Galbraith .     Army 5th Btn. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Flying Officer P R Galbraith .     RNZAF 59 Squadron

L/Sgt. Harry Mitchell Gale .     British Army 531 Bty. Royal Artillery (d.26th June 1944)

Harry Mitchell Gale who was born in Jarrow in 1911 died aged 33. He was the son of Harry and Lily Gale (nee Mitchell) of Jarrow and the husband of Anne Stafford Gale (nee Wright) of Jarrow.

Harry is buried in Jarrow Cemetery and is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

Tel. Joseph Thomas Gale .     Royal Navy HMS Royal Arthur

My father, Joseph Thomas Gale, was a telegraphist at Royal Arthur from 27th September until 3rd April 1940. I have his certificate of service and am trying to trace the ships he served on until 9th October 1945.

Flight Sargeant Norman Leslie Ernest Gale DFM.     RAF 57 Squadron   from Sway, Hampshire)

(d.19th July 1944)

My great uncle flew (and died) with 57 Sqd in WW2: Flt Sgt Norman Leslie Ernest Gale DFM, No 1297387 Flight Engineer from Sway, Hampshire. Died 19/7/44 over France - buried with 3 other members of crew in Bassevelle (East of Paris) They are the pilot, Flt Lt John Alec Bulcraig DFM, wireless operator Sgt Thomas Loughlin from Liverpool, and bomb aimer F/O Edward Chatterton Robson who was from Blackpool. The surviving crew members were, Sgt L.E.S.Manning and Sgt F.J.D.Taylor who both evaded capture and F/O E.H.Ruston who was taken POW and held in Stalag Luft 1.

I'm trying to find out circumstances of both raid my great uncle died on and his DFM


The Lancaster, DX-L took off at 22:56 on the 18th of July 1944 from East Kirkby to bomb the key railway junction at Revigny. It was coned by searchlights soon after crossing the French coast and while escaping the beams wandered off course. The aircraft was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed at Bassevelle (Seine-et-Marne)

Sgt Gale had gained his award in the most hazardous circumstances while serving with No.106 Sqdn, his DFM Citation was Gazetted 28th Sep 1943. His Lancaster, JB146 had taken off at 20:10 on the 31st of Aug 1943 from Syerston and was hit by Flak over Berlin. The pilot F/O Harry Ham and w/op Sgt James Weight were wounded when the Flak struck their aircraft and both later died as a result of their injuries. The crew managed to get the aircraft home but crash-landed at 03:00 on the 1st of Sept on the Romney Marshes in Kent.

The crew were:

  • F/O H.D.Ham
  • Sgt N.Gale
  • F/O C.Pitman
  • Sgt J.E.Jones
  • Sgt J.W.Weight
  • F/S N.D.Higman
  • Sgt T.Waller

15 years ago, Anne-Marie and Bernard Langou of Bassevelle - 77750 France have found the survivors and the families of them and the families of the people who died on 19 july 1944 when the Lancaster JB318 crashed here. We wrote a booklet (80 pages). I wrote to Ivor GALE, the uncle of Norman, many times and Leonard MANNING, the air gunner, too, but only one answer, (I have a copy for you), after no contact. Here, at Bassevelle, we had commemorations on 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009 with many flags, music, and english families of the crew who are now our friends (families MANNING, RUSTON, BULCRAIG, TAYLOR and ROBSON). We have made a memorial, a panel and other things. the last ceremony : 18 july 2009.

I can give M. Padgett, what we have collected during these fifteen years and perhaps we can answer a little. We will be honored to receive you and your familie in the village like the other families.

Pte. Victor Lawrence Gale .     Australian Army 10 Ord. Wksp Australian Ordnance Corps   from Victoria, Australia)

(d.2nd Sep 1942)

Victor Gale died on the 2nd September 1942, aged 23 and is buried in the Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore. He was the son of Arthur Edward and Annie Gale of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.

Cpl. William Gilbert Gale .     British Army Highland Light Infantry   from Greenock, Scotland)

CSM. Jack William Galer .     British Army 4th Btn. Essex Regiment   from Smarts Lane, Loughton, Essex)

Ldg Seaman. Adolphis Louis Galipeau .     Royal Navy HMS Prunella (d.21st Jun 1940)

Hebbie Gall .    

Fireman W. Gallacher .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar

Fireman Gallacher survived the sinking of HMS Forfar, he was brought ashore and was treated for his injuries in Liverpool.

Gnr. Charles Gallagher .     British Army 326 Battery Royal Artillery (d.19th Apr 1942)

Charles died aged 23. Born in Jarrow in 1918, he was the son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth Gallagher (nee Rogers) of Primrose. He is buried in Jarrow Cemetery and commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall.

George Gallagher .     British Army 5th Btn. Kings Liverpool Regiment   from Liverpool)

My father George Gallagher joined the Liverpool 5th Kings Regiment in 1939, he took part in the D-day landings, I understand that they were resposible for clearing remaining local opposition and facilitating the landing of follow up troops. A few weeks later, its job done, the regiment as to be disbanded, to find reinforcements for other units. I understand that my Father was then transferred to the South Lancashire Regiment until his demob after the war. I have been trying to find the details of his movements during the war, but so far not much luck.

Greaser Hugh Gallagher .     Merchant Navy SS. Athenia (d.3rd Sep 1939)

J. Gallagher .     Royal Navy

J. Gallacher RN is commemorated on the WW2 Roll of Honour Plaque in the entrance of Jarrow Town Hall. Does anyone have any further information?

Pte. James Gallagher .     British Army Royal Irish Fusiliers

My uncle James Gallagher was in the Royal Irish Fusiliers from 1939-1945. After James was de-mobbed he worked in Birmingham until 1949-1950. I would like to hear from anyone who might of served with him .

John Donald "Donald" Gallagher Mentioned in Despatches.     British Army   from Bolton Lancashire)

Sadly I cannot tell very much about my Uncle Don except to say what a wonderful man he is. I do know there was some story regarding his career in the Army during WW2 where he successfully held a German Machine gun post and was later commended for his act of bravery. Uncle Don is 84 now and sadly had a stroke last Christmas.Although he cannot walk the stroke did not take away his wonderful ability to recount stories and discuss the latest novel. All I know is that along with all the other brave lads who fought and served during the Second World War I am so very proud of him.

Pte. John Gallagher .     Canadian Army Canadian Scottish Regiment

I am trying to obtain information on my uncle Pte John Gallagher, Canadian Scottish, who was captured in the Dieppe raid. He was imprisoned in Stalag v111b and was in there during 1943.

Pte. John Ronald Gallagher .     Australian Army

Robert Gallagher .     British Army 1st King's Dragoon Guards   from Birtley)

The only thing I have of my grandfather, Robert Gallagher's, military service is this photo of him with his unit. On the back of the photo is written: "1st King's Dragoon Guards, Nov 22 1940." He is 2nd row, 3rd from right.

I do not know his service number or rank. His medals were lost after he passed. All I know for sure is he served in North Africa and survived the war. He passed in November 1972. I am posting this hoping that some of these brave soldiers are still with us and also that others might find their relative in this photo.

Pte. Terrance Gallagher .     British Army 4th Btn. Welsh Regiment   from Middlesbrough, Yorkshire)

(d.25th Feb 1945)

My grandfather is still alive and was a Royal Marine paratrooper dring WW2. Whilst trying to find out more about his service, I discovered that he had a younger brother who was killed aged 18 on the Belgium/German border. It was the first time I had even heard about him and was therefore trying to speak to anybody who may have known him and the circumstances surrounding the final days of his life. If there is, I would love to hear about it.

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