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Those who Served

Allied Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Axis Forces - Browse by Surname.

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Ord.Sea. James Bowe .     Royal Navy HMS Achates   from Gateshead)

(d.25th Jul 1941)

am currently trying to resurch infomation on my greatgrandfather he served on the achates and was killed 25th july 1941

C. O. Bowen .     Civilian passenger SS. Athenia (d.3rd Sep 1939)

WO II Dennis Charles Bowen .     British Army   from UK)

POW Camp Fukuoka 17 in Japan

Steward John Bowen .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar (d.2nd Dec 1940)

Lt W. Bowen .     Army 5th Btn. The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Private William James "Basher Billy" Bowen .     British Army South Wales Borderers

Basher Billy Bowen as was known because of his boxing abilities. All throughout the war he was a great boxer and he got himself into many a scrap using his fists.

He was captured at Dunkirk during the early days and taken to Stalag 357. He had a high regard for his German captors. He said they suffered with lack of food and facilities just as much as the prisoners towards the end, but the guards did share what little they had with them.

He was a great story teller and one story was that during his days as a Corporal he was asked to teach Diana Dors to swim, not sure if this was true or not.

He spent all his life as an Army man. He ended his days in Chelsea hospital where he died of cancer brought on by smoking and drinking too much. He is now buried at Brookwood. Which is a fitting end for such a tough man who devoted his life to the army.

Gnr. William Bowerbank .     British Army Royal Artillery

My late father, Gunner William Bowerbank, was a Royal Artilery signaller between approx 1936 to 1946. He only joined so he could get a new suit. He was a good footballer and was a member of a team that won the Salisbury Plain Area Challenge Cup in 1937 under a CO named Borthwick, I had a photo but mislaid it. I would like to hear from anybody who could shed any light on this.

G L Bowers .     Navy HMS Nigeria

I have a photo of H.M.S. Nigeria with lots of signatures on the back. It says Torpedo Division 1945 and is dated 19th September 1945.

The names are:

  • R G Stocker
  • Geordie Burns
  • Ronald J Harris
  • G Kent
  • P Rayment
  • W Wheatley
  • D Chapman
  • H J Fisher
  • D P Sweeney
  • A Whithead
  • H Lockear
  • Blimp Palmer
  • G. Kent
  • J Arnold ~(Sussex)
  • A Chapman
  • James Robertson(Jock)
  • R E Fisher
  • D Mercer
  • R E Riley
  • W L Gilbert
  • F J Fulcher (Wind Bo'sun 1st class)
  • D Hughes TGM
  • G L Bowers
  • E Ticehurst
  • F C Welch
  • G W Downes

  • F/O C. Frank Bowker .     RCAF instructor 34 SFTS   from Medicine Hat, Canada.)

    My father, C. Frank Bowker, was an instructor at #34 SFTS with the rank of Flying Officer sometime during the period 1942-1944. He had broken his back as a young man and so was not allowed active duty, but somehow joined the RAF anyway. I was a baby at the time, and so I know nothing of what he taught, indeed I don't recall him being absent from home, and he never talked about his role in the RCAF. He lived at home in Medicine Hat, and had a full-time job with a local flour company, so he may have been a part-time instructor.

    Sgt. Jesse Jack Bowles .     Royal Air Force 104 Squadron   from 57 Hatherly Road, Winchester)

    (d.30th Sep 1942)

    I was only two when my Dad Jesse Bowles was killed and I was never told anything about him and have never seen a photo of him. We have contacted the War Museum and they haven't got one of him. He was based in Kibrit in Egypt.

    The other members of the crew were.

    • Sgt H C Hunt RAAF-Pilot
    • P/O W N Ramage - Pilot.
    • F/Sgt R Sillis RCAF-Air Observer.
    • Sgt T L F Bailey RAAF-Wireless Operator and
    • Air Gunner. Sgt J W Flint -Wireless Operator and Air Gunner

    They were all on board the Wellington Bomber Z-8514 and are still listed as missing when they were presumed lost without trace on September 30 1942. They have no known grave and are all commemorated on Air Forces Memorial at Alamein in Egypt. J.J. Bowles is commemorated on column 250.

    I would be extremely grateful if any one has a photo of him, or knows anything about him.

    Pte. Thomas Joseph "Toenails" Bowles .     British Army Dorsetshire Regiment   from Salford)

    My father served during WW2. He joined the Army in 1938 and went to France with the B.E.F in 1939 with the Manchester Regiment. He was a machine gunner. He was lucky enough to escape from France on the last warship H.M.S Shikari. Sometime between 1940 & 1942 he transferred to the Dorsetshire Regiment and stayed in the UK for home defence.

    In 1944 he went to Normandy and went ashore on Mulberry. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Caen. He told me that he was held in cattle trucks in terrible conditions for a few weeks. He was sent to Stalag 4B and then to Stalag 4G where he worked in the gasworks in Leipzig. I don't think he was treated too badly but he said the Russians were treated dreadfully but he never gave any details. He was also, I believe ,on the great march and suffered badly eventually being liberated by the Americans. There are many details I don't know but my dad has passed away so I am lucky to have this bit of information

    Alan Peter Bowman .     114 Sqd. Royal Air Force   from Meningie, South Australia)

    (d.15th Apr 1944)

    I am trying to find out a little about my Uncle Alan Peter Bowman who left Australia in RAAF but later became part of the 114 RAF Squadron. From family stories I believe he was shot down by the Italians over the Mediterranean Sea on 15.04.1944. If anyone has any further information about my uncle I would greatly appreciate it.

    Elizabeth "Bessie" Bowman .     Land Army

    Bessie married after the war to a Polish solder. They emigrated to the states where her sister, Millie, who had married a Dutch solder had already emigrated. Bessie and Stan had two children, Michael and Cathy. Over the years Bessie has suffered from ill health and has been confined within her home in Conneticut. Tragically she lost her daughter to cancer and in turn her son-in-law also died. They left an only daughter Jennifer. I am trying to gather memories of anyone who may have known her grandmother during her time as a land girl. I am also trying to find out more details such has her service number so i can apply for the new medal of recognition the Land Girls have now received for their service so i can put it together with any stories and present it to her granddaughter. Please can anyone out there offer information or advice?

    Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) Henry Cyril Francis "Harry" Bowman DFC.     RAF (VR) 129 Squadron   from Ilford, Essex)

    (d.28 July 1942)

    This is my Grandad. My grandmother was pregnant with my dad when my grandad died and therefore my dad never knew his dad and I never knew my grandad. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that served with him or is family of someone that served with him that could tell me anything about him

    Update: His Father Rfn. Henry Frederick Bowman, the King's Royal Rifle Corps was killed in action in France, 23rd April, 1917. Henry was a member of Hertfordshire and Essex Flying Club.

    Ronald Bown .     Bevin Boy   from Wolverhampton)

    During during my time as a Bevin Boy, I did a months training Haunchwood Colliery Nuneaton, then nearly two years at Florence Colliery, Longton Stoke-on- Trent, then two years at Hilton Main Colliery near Wolverhampton.

    Hubert Stanley Wilfred "Joe" Bowring .     Army 5th Hampshire Regiment

    My father, Hubert Stanley Wilfred (Joe) Bowring, of the 5th Hampshires(TA) was at Stalag VIIIB after capture in North Africa. During his life he never told us anything about his time as a POW, only that he was at first near Caserta in Italy then moved to VIIIB. I would love to find out more about his time.

    Hubert Stanley Wilfred "Joe" Bowring .     Army 5th Hampshire Regiment

    My father, Hubert Stanley Wilfred (Joe) Bowring, of the 5th Hampshires(TA) was at Stalag VIIIB after capture in North Africa. During his life he never told us anything about his time as a POW, only that he was at first near Caserta in Italy then moved to VIIIB. I would love to find out more about his time.

    Squadron Leader Ronald Bows .     RAF 166 Squadron   from Nettleham, nr Lincoln)

    (d.20th February 1944)

    I have just started looking into my uncle's history and have come upon your website. He was Squadron Leader Ronald Bows, Squadron 166 at Kirmington. He died on 20th February 1944. He never returned from his mission and was never found.

    If anyone knows any details or photos of him I would be delighted to receive them. His widow Thelma Bows never remarried and died several years ago. He lived at Chapel Lane, Nettleham, near Lincoln. He flew Lancasters I believe.

    Reginald Bowser .     Royal Navy HMS Penelope   from Bradford)

    Henry Earnest George Bowsher .     British Army

    Henry Bowsher is on the end top right.

    My father Henry Earnest George Bowsher was in Stalag 8b during WW2 he was captured at Dunkirk.

    Olive Bowyer .    

    Charles Leslie Box Distinguished Flying Medal.     Royal Air Force 166 Sqd.

    My granddad, Charles Leslie Box flew as a wireless operator at Kirmington from October to December 1943, on B flight. I have his flying log but don't understand what a lot of his log says, but they were almost shot down on a bombing raid to Leipzig and he was awarded the DFM. His pilot was Flight Sergeant Foran and the the aircraft were either written down as B, D or H (JB 151).

    S. Boxman .    

    POW Camp Fukuoka 17 in Japan

    Thomas Boyce .     Army Guards Armoured Division Royal Artillery Regiment

    Does anyone recognise the name of my wife's grandfather, Thomas Boyce, and are you able to help us piece together details of his army service — serving with the Royal Artillery Regiment, Guards Armoured Division and involved in BEF action at Reichwald, Rees and Bremen in Germany?

    Cpl. James Aubrey Boyd .     United States Army A Co. 31st Infantry Reg. Infantry   from USA)

    POW Camp Fukuoka 17 in Japan

    Third Electrician William Newell Boyd .     Naval Auxiliary Personnel HMS Forfar   from Netherton, Lancashire)

    (d.2nd Dec 1940)

    A/Sgt. Alfred " " Boyes .     25th Btn.   from Denbigh)

    (d.30th Nov 1917)

    I am looking for information regarding my Great Grandmother's brother, Acting Sergent Alfred Boyes (200579). From research Sgt Boyes was in the 25th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Previously Montgomeryshire and Welsh horse Yeomanry). I think he was killed whilst taking Beir-et-al Foka, he is buried in the Jerusalem War Cemetery. I would like to find out when he enlisted so I can follow his military career. I'm not sure if he was a pre-war regular as I cant find him on the 1911 Census. If anyone has any info please contact me

    P/O Ernest Elroy Boyle .     RCAF air gunner. 101 Sqd.   from Kimberley, Ontario, Canada)

    (d.21st Jun 1944)

    Sgt. Ernest Elroy "Roy" Boyle .     Royal Canadian Air Force 101 Sqd.   from Kimberley, Ontario, Canada)

    (d.21st July 1944)

    Roy Boyle was my uncle, he was born and raised in Grey County in the province of Ontario, Canada. He signed up for military service in January, 1941, with the Queen’s Own Rifles then transferred to the RCAF. He was sent overseas and flew on bombing raids out of Ludford Magna Airfield in Lincolnshire, as part of RAF 101 Squadron.

    On July 20th/21st, 1944, he was aboard a Lancaster Mk1 (LL862) which took part in a raid on Moers/Homberg, Germany. The aircraft was on ABC duty that night (a radio-jamming device), and a half-hour into the return trip, the pilot gave the order to bail out. The plane crashed near Cambrai, France, and there were only two survivors: the pilot P/O D.L.W. Meier, and the bomb aimer, F/S L.K. Gwilliam, both of the RCAF.

    Those who lost their lives that night were:

    • Sgt. Ernest Elroy Boyle – Mid/Upper Gunner, age 26, from Kimberley, Ontario, Canada.
    • Sgt. Glenn Thomas Douglas - Rear Gunner, age 19, from London, Ontario, Canada
    • P/O Keith Gosling - Special Duties Operator, age 19, from Frizinghall, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK (RAF)
    • Sgt. Dominic Ianuziello - Navigator, age 32, from St Thomas, Ontario, Canada
    • W/O2 Jack Elwin McIntosh Nixon - Wireless Operator/Gunner, from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    • Sgt. Ian Henry Milne Reid - Flight Engineer, RAF(VR)

    Joseph M. Boyles .     Bureau Of Yards And Docks   from USA)

    Joseph M. Boyles, Jr., a civilian, was a POW in Camp Fukuoka 17 in Japan

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