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USS Boise

   USS Boise (CL-47) was a United States Navy Brooklyn-class light cruiser, with a length of 185 m. Named for Boise, the capital city of the state of Idaho. Built by Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, construction started on April 1, 1935 and she was launched on December 3, 1936.


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Those known to have sailed in

USS Boise

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

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Aerographers Mate 1st Cl John Nathaniel "Jack" Given USS Boise CL-47

My father served on the Boise from early '42 through the end of the war. He was on board for all major campaigns including the Battle of Cape Esperance and McCarther's tour of the Phillipines. As Aerographers Mate or meteorologist, he was positioned near the Bridge of the ship and we have some of the messages or reports. As with many servicemen that saw action, he didn't speak much about the actual battles or even the war in general.

Paul Given

EM2c. Ruben Schramm USS Boise

Crossing the Line Certificate

I have found this card that my father Rueben Schramm had he was on the USS Boise. Could anyone tell me what it was used for or what it means? Thank you for reading this hope some one can help.

Editor: This is a "Crossing the Line" certificate, given to crew members at a ceremony performed to honour Neptune whenever the ship crosses the Equator.

Sharon Kelm

Lt. (j.g.) Harold Chester Thomas USS Boise (d.Oct. 1942)

I am an associate currently working on the namesakes of the individual vessels of the United States Navy for the web site I need assistance obtaining a digital image of Lt. (j.g.) Harold C. Thomas. The image is to be posted along with his biography on the page dedicated to the escort destroyer USS Harold C. Thomas (DE-21) named in his honor. He was mortally wounded during the Battle of Cape Esperance. I am looking forward to hearing from former crew members or family members of the USS Boise with any information in the very near future or on any other Namesakes. We need tons of assistance in our project.

Bill Gonyo

Jack Prescott Easton USS Boise

My grandfather Jack Prescott Easton served on the USS Boise during WWII. That is the only information I have. He didn't like to talk about it. I sure would like to find some photos or others that knew him.

Susan Riddle

Nicholas M. Haas USS Boise

My Dad, Nicholas M. Haas, was a Marine aboard the USS Boise. I know he was on board during the Sicily campaign and fought aboard her in the South Pacific afterwards. He passed away in 1954, and I have some items of his and some notes. I have to check the dates, but I believe he went aboard sometime in 1942.

Johnny Haas

George Pugh USS Boise

My grandfather, George Pugh, was on the USS Boise from I believe either 1939 or 1941 to 1946. I was wondering if anyone remembers him or had any information about him during that time?

Matthew Pugh

Jesse Gene Peck USS Boise

Jesse Gene Peck served on USS Boise. I believe he was a gunner's mate.

Shannon maxey

Merl Clark

Merl Clark had a 20-year career in the US Navy and was a WWII Veteran where he received 13 battle star citations and 5 personal citations from the Navy. Six of those twenty years were served on the USS Boise CL47. The USS Boise was part of the Pacific fleet and during his tenure with the ship, Mr. Clark participated in The Battle of Cape Esperance (sunk 4 ships), the Battle of Guadalcanel, The Lone Tokoyo Raid; and the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Mr. Clark was aboard the US Boise during the Lingayen Gulf Landing (Philippines) with General McArthur aboard.

During his Navy career, Mr. Clark was the commanding officer of approximately eight different LCU, a recruiter, deep sea diver, and an instructor for boot camp. He received six letters of commendation for his service (one for citing the enemy during WWII as a gunner on the Boise and another for attaching a coaxial cable on the enemy’s submarine). He was also awarded “Outstanding Chief” of an LCU during his tenure. Overseas ports of call included: Sicily, Gibraltar, New Guinea, Portugal, Panama, most major Pacific Isles, Sidney Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, West Indies, Bombay India, Colombo Ceylon, Brunei Bay Borneo, Athens, Korea, Naples, Algiers, Plymouth and Cannes France to name a few.

He participated in two fleet campaigns and was in Torino the day that Sicily surrendered and took 700 commandos as prisoners. When he was not on an ocean campaign, he spent most of his Navy career in Navy bases located in Virginia and California.

Deb Mills

Kenneth Dale Forrer USS Boise

My father, Kenny Forrer, served on the USS Boise from sometime in 1943 until the completion of Operation Magic Carpet in 1946. He never talked too much about the war except to say that the kamikazes were terrible and the General McArthur was aboard ship.

Now that my father is deceased, us kids are trying to piece together what he did and where he was during the war. If anyone has any information, such as which division he was assigned to, a crew list that shows his name, etc., please feel free to contact me.

Jeffrey Forrer

Store Keeper 2nd Class Joseph F. "Reds" Leary Sugar Division USS Boise

My Grandfather Joseph F. Leary, Store Keeper 2nd class fought on the USS Boise from 1942 until 1946. He is 87 years old and still speaks often of his time on the ship and the men he served with. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who remembers him.

Michael Conroy

Ens. Joseph Alexander Steinmetz USS Boise

My stepfather, Joe Steinmetz was aboard the USS Boise (Light Cruiser) during 1942 and told stories about being in Ceylon after the ship hit an uncharted reef and had to go to India for repairs.

He also told us about being the OOD one night on the bridge, when he saw a Japanese torpedo stream by to starboard. He summoned the captain and asked permission to do evasive turns but this request was refused. He was very upset about it and made a terse comment in the ship's log. I would love to see the log entry, but I don't know where to look....

Jim Spies

Daniel Leonides Withers USS Boise Cl-47 (d.November 1942)

I never knew my Uncle as he was killed before I was born. My mother missed him terribly and would tear up anytime she saw men in uniform. She is gone now and I would love to have more information about the farm boy from Missouri who went to sea.

Marily Francis Hughey

PO. George Reid Lane USS Boise

My uncle, George Reid Lane, was on the USS Boise.(CL-47) at the Battle of Cape Esperance. He was into one of the turrets. A total of 107 crew was killed and his family received word that he was missing in action, then received a gram that he was dead. Several months later he walked into the family home alive. However, he had been unconscious for a long period of time could have been the mix up. He returned home with a steel plate into his head and scars on his back.

He has passed away now. I would love to have information to share with my sons about their great uncle. If any one can give roster list to show their names etc. or has an medical information, somewhere to make a connection it would be a wonderful to have.

Joyce C. Lassiter

James Joseph Keating USS Boise (d.12th Oct 1942)

James Keating was my Uncle. He was killed in action, during the battle of Cape Esperance on 12 Oct 1942. He joined the Navy in early 1942 shipped out of San Diego never to return. Two of his 4 brothers followed him into the Navy later that same year, Walter and Ed both survived the war.

Tom W McCarthy

Joseph F. Leary USS Boise

My Grandfather Joseph F. Leary, Store Keeper 2nd class fought on the USS Boise from 1942 until 1946.  He is 87 years old and still speaks often of his time on the ship and the men he served with.  We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who remembers him.

Michael Conroy

Vincent A. Langelo USS Boise

A book giving the details of the Boise during WWII was written by a former member of the crew and was published in 2000. The book provides a great deal of information that relatives of the former crew members may find interesting. With All Our Might by Vincent A. Langelo

Erik Gilliam

Warren Gilliam USS Boise

My father Joe Gilliam, his twin brother Warren, and the fellow who became their brother-in-law after the war, Don Tucker all served on the Boise. All three were Radiomen and were ship's company by mid 1941. My Uncle Warren was transfered off the ship after the Battle of Cape Esperance and served on an LST for the rest of the war.

Erik Gilliam

Radioman Joseph Gilliam USS Boise

My father Joe Gilliam, his twin brother Warren and the fellow who became their brother-in-law after the war, Don Tucker all served on the Boise. All three were Radiomen and were ship's company by mid 1941. My Uncle Warren was transfered off the ship after the Battle of Cape Esperance and served on an LST for the rest of the war. My father and his brother have both passed away, but Uncle Don is still alive and lives in the Palm Springs area of California.

A book giving the details of the Boise during WWII was written by a former member of the crew and was published in 2000. The book provides a great deal of information that relatives of the former crew members may find interesting. With All Our Might by Vincent A. Langelo

Erik Gilliam

Don Tucker USS Boise

My Uncle Don Tucker, my father Joe Gilliam, his twin brother Warren, all served on the Boise. All three were Radiomen and were ship's company by mid 1941.

Erik Gilliam

Mate 2nd Class. Martin Buell Biggs USS Boise CL-47

Martin B. Biggs was my Uncle. He was on the USS Boise CL-47 in the Battle of Cape Esperence and survived. He was a Fireman's Communication Mate and told of being in communication with all sections of the ship during the Battle. He recounted that as he heard the words to close watertight doors he knew a friend in that section was gone. He remembered the sounds of the shells hitting the ship and stuffing the holes with bedding later to help stay afloat. He told me of passing the Jap Fleet on the way to Guam and the Exec being upset that they could receive messages but not send out. He lost several friends on the USS Arizona.

Richard Biggs

Lt. Edward John Powell USS Boise

My 2nd cousin, Edward John Powell, known as Jack was born in 1911, and emigrated to the USA in 1913 as a small boy, with his parents, Edward and Matilda Powell, and his three older sisters, Vera Gladys, Doris Irene, and Marjorie. All members of the family were born in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Jack's father (an accountant) had received an inheritance in 1912 from his uncle, who was a resident of Kansas City, and that was where the family eventually settled.

During World War 2 Jack served on USS Boise as a Lieutenant, and all my information about him was passed on to me by my late aunt, so the information is rather limited. He was known to serve in the Pacific, and was aboard USS Boise, when it escorted General MacArthur.

After World War 2, Jack settled in California, and was still unmarried in 1948, when his father went to live with him. I have no knowledge about him after 1950. If anyone knows anything more about Jack Powell, I would be most interested to hear, as I may also have living descendants of this side of the Powell family, still in the USA.

Jan Hazell

John D. Howell USS Boise

Lt John D Howell he was on the USS Boise on the fateful night of Oct 11th. He was a great war hero. He is 91 yrs old now and in bad health but he received the Naval Cross for his service on the Boise on Oct 11 and was in charge of the planning, plotting and firing of all the guns and with keeping the boat afloat after the attack. He also was later given his own ship to be Captain over the Kaskaskai and also went on to become a avaitor and rescue the men in Anartica in 1947 at Pine Island when their plane went down and 3 died and 6 lived. John D Howell flew in and got them in what is called Operation High Jump. There are numerous articles and mentions of him in books that have been written about the Boise, the Kaskaskai ships and also the Operation High Jump on the rescue of the 6 men in the Anarticia in 1947 it is all in history about these brave men.

An admirer of a great man and the Boise and the men who served on her.

James Brower USS Boise

My grandfather, James Brower, served on the Boise during WW2. He told me stories out being in Algiers, and having a Stuka drop a bomb on him off Italy, and the Battle of Surgawa Strait. After my grandfather died I met a man who served on Battleship Pennsylvania, and he told me how his ship was in Surgawa too. He said remembers the Boise in action a few thousand yards away. It was a great conection to grandfather's past.

Jason Brower

Stephen Prokop USS Boise

This picture is from the USS Boise in 1945. My father, Stephen Prokop, Jr. is pictured.

Dave Prokop

Cpt. Francis Whaley Ewald USS Boise

Unfortunately, my grandfather Frank Ewald died when I was only 5 so I never got to hear any of the tales of his time on the USS Boise. It says on some papers I found that his primary duty was Student A.A. Control Officer and in remarks it says Deck Division Officer. I am not sure what that means or what he did exactly. I would love to know more. He was on the USS Boise from Sept. 44 through Oct. 45 for the Battle of Leyte. He did continue on in the Navy and eventually became a Captain. He was accepted and graduated from flight school. He went on to become a flight instructor in Norfolk, and then a test pilot in Maryland. Eventually, he was Commander of the Naval Air Development Center in Johnsonville, PA. He retired about a year before he died at Bethesda. I would love to learn more about his time in the Navy if anyone recognizes him and wants to contact me.

Jennifer Joiner

GM 1st class James Joseph Baldock Cl 47 USS Boise

My father served on the Boise during WW II. Just seeing if there are any of his shipmates still around.

James Baldock III

Gerald Amos Neeley USS Boise

My Grandfather Gerald Amos Neeley served on the USS Boise from 1941-1945. We have no information on his time there as he passed away quite young serving his country in 1958. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Melinda Feliciano

Aaron A "Buster" Blackwelder USS Boise CL-47

My grandfather was Buster Blackwelder and along with two of his brothers, Brent and Otto, served on the USS Boise from mid-1941 before the war through 1942 when the Boise returned to Philadelphia Navy Yard for repairs after the Battle of Cape Esperance. "Buster" was my grandfather's nickname, but when he enlisted that was the name he gave. Years later when he joined the Reserves he updated his records to show his "real" name which is Aaron A. Blackwelder. The Boise took my grandfather all over the world before and during the war with stops in many exotic locales. He had a large world coin collection that he put together that eventually made its way into my hands. Many countries from his travels are represented in these coins!

During the war the men were not supposed to keep diaries in the event that Japanese got their hands on them and learned something from the information. Somehow my grandfather found a way to keep a journal which is now in my possession. His first entry was a few weeks before the war, dated 18 November 1941, and he wrote that the Boise was escorting merchant ships to Manila in the Philippines. This was almost 3 weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl. It appears that he wasn't keeping the diary every day and probably went back to add or edit information days after it really happened because some of the dates and events don't line up exactly with the official records of the Boise. Regardless, his short entries, when he decided to note something, are to me an interesting view of how a typical seaman saw world changing events happening around him. He notes things like spotting Japanese subs at night, meeting up with other ships to patrol, spotting and chasing enemy ships, Christmas dinner while stuck aboard ship and docked at Surabaya, and the fall of Corregidor, Many other entries repeated several times the boredom of waiting to leave port or simply steaming to another assignment. Most entries are a terse 2 or 3 lines in length. The importance of the Battle of Cape Esperance in comparison to all other events prior to October 1942 are revealed in the page and a half he gives the afternoon of Oct. 10 leading up to the battle and the battle itself which happened just after midnight on Oct. 11.

For days after the battle he wrote that they kept finding and removing bodies and parts of bodies from the turrets that had been blown up in the battle. My grandfather loved talking about the Navy (he stayed in the Reserves until 1979), but I don't recall him ever talking about that experience although my grandmother told me once that he had told her of the overpowering smell of those bodies as they slowly rotted in the tropical heat before they could be removed from the damaged areas. He lost his best friend in one of those turrets so I can't imagine that made the labor of repair and body retrieval any easier. The last entry of my grandfather's journal was the day the Boise finally arrived in Philadelphia --19 Nov 1942-- which was a year and a day after he started his diary. While his brothers Brent and Otto stayed aboard the Boise for the duration of the war my grandfather was transferred to another ship. His future wife, my grandmother, traveled to Philadelphia and they spent some time sightseeing there and in Boston before my grandfather was eventually transferred to his new ship that patrolled the North Atlantic based out of Canada. Later, he would be transferred to another ship before the war ended.

It wasn't until after his death in 1989 that I even knew my grandfather had served on a ship other than the Boise because the Boise was all he ever talked about. He loved that ship and attended a number of reunions (if not all of them) before his death in 1989 in Rock Hill, SC.

Greg Matthews

Darrell Wininger USS Boise

My brother Darrell Wininger was on the USS Boise during wartime. He was a turret officer and was on the cruiser when it destroyed six Japanese ships. He was also on the Boise when he got hit. I was very young at the time so only know what I as told later on.

Patsy Wininger Kellams

B/Mate 1st Cl. Kenneth P. Howell USS Boise

My dad, Kenneth P Howell Jr, served on the USS Boise from 1941 to 1946. He was a Bosun's Mate 1st Class. He died on 6th March 2004. We grew up hearing stories of the Battle of Cape Esperance in which the Boise fought.

Karen Howell Cox

William Vincent McLaughlin USS Boise

My grandfather served on the USS Boise (CL-47). I am not sure of the years, but he enlisted on 25th July 1941 and was discharged on 1st October 1945. Any information would be welcome.

Arlene McLaughin Allard

B'swain C. C. McAmis USS Boise

My father was stationed on the USS Boise from 1940 until after the Battle of Cape Esperance. He was a talker in the No 5 powder magazine during the battle. As a boatswain he helped remove and wrap the bodies of the men killed in the forward part of the ship after the battle.

He almost ended up being stuck in the Phillipines at the outbreak of the war because he and a buddy jumped ship on 7th December 1941. He had two fake liberty cards. The next morning when they got to the dock the ship was getting under way. They were able to talk one of the men manning the liberty boats to run them out to the ship. They got there and jumped on the gangway as it was being pulled up and the ship was leaving the harbour.

The war was on. He said that the feeling on board was that they would sink the Jap "rowboat" navy in two weeks. As he said later, it took a little longer than we thought.

Ronald McAmis

Allen "AC" Crespo USS Boise

My uncle was killed in the forward magazine on USS Boise.

Tim Herbert

Fireman 1st cl. David Orland Phillips USS Boise

My uncle, Dave Phillips, died last week at 92 yo. He was very proud of his days on the Boise and showed his pride by decorating his room with several pictures of "His Ship". Yes he loved to brag about those days. He earned the Victory Medal

Frederick Dimmler USS Boise

My grandfather Frederick Dimmler served on the USS Boise. He died before I learned of what he did during the the war. If anyone has any information I would love to know anything about him. He won a medal and I don't know why and would love to have information about that also. Does anyone remember him?

Joleen Drake

Robert E. Spaulding USS Boise

My father served on the Boise from 1941-1945. I would appreciate any stories/pics about him from his shipmates. He passed away in 1988 and didn't pass along a lot about his naval service. Too painful for him.

Michael Spaulding

Cpl. Frank C. Bolin Marine Corps USS Boise

I am looking for information on units detached USS Boise l942-l943. My father participated in the African/Asian/European theaters during the war and was part of a security detail detached to Douglas MacArthur. He was Corporal Frank C. Bolin, later commissioned Lieutenent Bolin, USMC/WWll. Any information on his detail would be greatly appreciated.

Pamela D. Means

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