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HMS Pembroke

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Those known to have sailed in

HMS Pembroke

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • Adams Frederick George. ERA.
  • Ashton William Patrick. Able Sea.
  • Beeching Sydney George. Stoker.
  • Burnley Victor Leopold. SPO. (d.10th Jun 1941)
  • Cooper Robert Fawcett. Sgmn. (d.August 28, 2010)
  • Gould Reginald. Sig.
  • Greenhouse Norman. Ldg.Sea.
  • Ives Sidney James. Stoker.
  • Parkes Vernon Charles T..
  • Tugwell Ernest William Robert.
  • Wood Bertram. Stoker 1/Cl. (d.1942)

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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SPO. Victor Leopold Burnley HMS Pintail (d.10th Jun 1941)

My grandfather was Stoker Petty Officer (SPO) Victor Leopold Burnley, aged 34 years old in 1941. Victor was killed on HMS Pintail on the 10th June 1941. He also served on the following ships in 1939 to 1941, HMS Emerald, HMS Pembroke, HMS Sussex.

I have also been able to establish a little more detail about the events around the sinking of HMS Pintail: On 10th June 1941, the Harwich based patrol vessel HMS Pintail was escorting a convoy near 62-Bouy, some 30 miles off the Humber, when steamship Royal Scott detonated an acoustic mine, blew up and sank. Pintail immediately dashed to the scene to help in the rescue, but she was also caught by an acoustic mine close to the steamship. HMS Pintail blew up and was lost almost immediately, instantly killing her CO Lieutenant McClintoch, six officers and 48 ratings. HMS Quantock a destroyer came to the scene and managed to save 22 crew from the water. The location of the ship is 28 miles East south east off Spurn Point.

Richard Bass

Sig. Reginald Gould HMS Pembroke

I have recently been given a list of ships my father was on during WW2 and I have been unable to find a lot of them in the records on line. As he passed away 7 years ago I am unable to ask him.

This has always been a great fascination to me and I want to make some record of his times to pass on to future generations .. so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction where to find more information? The only one I have really found alot about is the Royal Arthur .. the others are

  • Scotia Mercury
  • Fox
  • Europa
  • Oystermouth Castle
  • Prophet
  • Pembroke

Clare Gould-smith

Stoker. Sydney George Beeching HMS Kittywake

My father and mother both served in the Second World War. Both enlisting in England. My father Sydney Beeching, enlisted in the Navy and after spending some time at Royal Arthur served at Pembroke and on the Kittywake from 20 December 1940 to 2 July 1943 according to his papers. Then he served on Pembroke 4 Steadfast from 3 July 1943 to January 1946. He also went to America on the Queen Mary when she went over for refitting as a troop carrier.

My mother was a telephonist in the Air Force but I don't know much about her postings or anything other than she was stationed at different airfields around Kent. Her name was Barbara Edna Bayly.

Heather Osborne

ERA. Frederick George Adams HMS Pembroke

Frederick Adams enlisted in the Royal Navy March 1943. He entered service as an Engine Room Artificer as he had already served an aprentiship as a boilermaker. He served on Minesweepers out of Chatham and Sheerness and apart from St Tudno I do not know what other minesweepers he served on.

In 1946 he joined HMS Rajah a lendlease U.S carrier that went out to the far east to collect released POW's. I know this is a long shot but if anyone knows or remembers him please could you get in touch.

Barry Frederick Adams

Ernest William Robert Tugwell

My father Ernest Tugwell was in Class 21. HMS Royal Arthur from 9th of July 1942 until 25the Jan 1943, training for signals before moving to HMS Pembroke which, I believe, was was at Chatham.

In the picture he is in the 2nd row from the front, 5th from left. he was born in October 1923 so he was just 19 years old.

Robert Tugwell

Ldg.Sea. Norman Greenhouse HMS Nigeria

Norman Greenhouse served on HMS Havock at Narvik and then in the Mediterranean and took part in the Battles of Cape Spada and Matapan. Later was on HMS Resource from 25 July 1941 to 16 April 1942. His record shows that he joined HMS Nigeria on 11 June 1944 until 21 May 1945; I believe it was during this time that he earned his Burma Star.

He was stationed back at HMS Pembroke on 22 May 1945 and spent the last months of his naval career on HMS Solebay, which, I believe made goodwill visits around Britain. He was transferred to Reserve service 7 December 1946 and remained on reserve until 1953.

Norman later served more than 20 years with the National Fire Service, and later was Chief Fire Officer at the Royal Festival Hall until his retirement.

Pat Whitter

Vernon Charles T. Parkes

Vernon Parkes was my father and he was based in Pembroke Gillingham from 1939 to 1955. I would like to know if anybody remembers him. I would like to know what ships he went on and where they went. I haven't got any photos as these were passed down to my brother when our dad died and now my brother has died there isn't any information with the family to trace my dad's naval career. I would like to know if anybody knew of anyone who was in the navy with him.


Stoker. Sidney James Ives HMS Bedouin

Sidney Ives was born in south London on 10th September 1917. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 27th May 1940.

He served on HMS Arthur, HMS Pembroke, and HMS Bedouin which was sunk by the Italians and was in the sea for 10 hours before being rescued and taken prisoner. He was later handed over to the Germans and was in a POW camp for almost 3 years, he escaped twice but was recaptured both times. He was also on the long march across Europe.

He lived on his own in Chatham, Kent but needed extra care, so moved to Pembroke House, a care home for ex Navy personnel. He has short term memory loss but can remember lots of stories of his time in the Navy.

William Chesney

Able Sea. William Patrick "Asho" Ashton HMS Nigeria

My dad, William Ashton, (according to his Certificate of Service) joined the Royal Navy on 18th October 1941, when he was 19 years old. The name of the ships he served on were: Raleigh, Pembroke and Nigeria. I believe Raleigh was a training vessel. He served on Pembroke from 16th December 1941 to 10th January 1942, and on Nigeria from 11th January 1942 to 18th July 1944 and then from 19th July 1944 to 10th December 1945. Under the name of ship it states `u/Russia', but I am not sure what that means. It finishes with his being on the Pembroke again from 11th December 1945 to 13th April 1946. He was released, Class A, 30747.

The stories he related were about escorting the Merchant Navy ships on the Malta Convoys and the Russian Convoys in the Atlantic. I am sure he said he was torpedoed, but not on what ship or where. He said the Malta Convoys where scary, but escorting the Russian Convoys was a nightmare, not with just the attacks by submarines, but the planes and the sub-zero conditions with ice and frost on the ships. They had to knock the ice off with picks, hammers and any other available tool they had. The water coming over the ships was sub zero. I have some photos of a ship being fired on and then sunk by enemy fire. It seems like the photos were taken of the ship my dad was on, then two photos of my dad's ship being fired on. Also a photo of the high waves coming over his ship, which look like Atlantic waves. I have a photo of someone, who must be an officer, being saluted and whistled aboard. Another photo is of a crowd of sailors and (in the background) the flags of Britain, Russia and America, so I presume it could be in Russia. I believe he spent some time in Ceylon because I have a photo of him and two friends standing by some lush vegetation, but there is no information about where they are.

My dad had a twin named Ernie, who was also in the Royal Navy, but I don't know which ships he served on.

Paul Ashton

Stoker 1/Cl. Bertram Wood DSM HMS Ark Royal (d.1942)

My grandfather, Bertram Wood DSM, served in the Royal Navy from 1924 until April 1942, when he was killed. He served in HMS Ark Royal, HMS Royal Sovereign, HMS Pembroke, HMS Chatham, HMS Repulse, HMS Renown, HMS Ramillies, HMS Valiant, HMS Pegasus, HMS Ajax and HMS Havock.

Carol Broomfield

Sgmn. Robert Fawcett Cooper (d.August 28, 2010)

My dad joined the Royal Navy as a Boy/2nd Class in 1939 at the age of 16. He trained as a signalman and had been stationed on land bases Pembroke and Rooke. He also served on HMS Royal Sovereign as well as other ships. He left the Royal Navy in 1948 with his last post being at HMS Rooke in Algiers.

Jeanne Phair

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