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- Stalag13d - Stalag Luft 3a during the Second World War -

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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

Stalag13d - Stalag Luft 3a

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    Those known to have been held in or employed at

    Stalag13d - Stalag Luft 3a

    during the Second World War 1939-1945.

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    Sargent Harry Tapper

    My father was Sgt. Harry Tapper, #13007264 US Army. He was captured in North Africa and taken to Stalag Luft 3, then he went to Stalag 13D. This is all of the information that I have been able to find to date, I would love to know more.

    Bill Tapper

    Sargent Harry Tapper

    My father was Sgt. Harry Tapper, #13007264 US Army. He was captured in North Africa and taken to Stalag Luft 3, then he went to Stalag 13D. This is all of the information that I have been able to find to date, I would love to know more.

    Bill Tapper

    Flying Officer Daniel McLean 578th Squadron

    Daniel Mclean was the sole survivor of aircraft, LKL, which was shot down over Germany, 21st February 1945. As bomb aimer during bombing run, the nose cone was blasted off by an attack of ME109s, at 10,000 feet. He was shot on his left side, but managed to get his right arm hooked into the harness during freefall and open chute. He was captured and was not given any medical attention.

    He was transfered from a German police cell to Dulag Luft near Wetzlar, then onto Stalagluft111A (Stalag X111d) southeast of Nuremberg. On April 17th 1945, General Patton and his tanks arrived at the camp gates and he was given medical attention also Freedom. This is confirmed in the book Based at Burn Mk11.

    James Miller

    T/Sgt. Morris Franklin Snyder 7th Infantry Reg

    My father, Morris Snyder was captured in France, and taken to Stalag XIIID until he was healthy enough to go to Stalag IIA by the Baltic Sea.

    Pattie Essig

    2nd Lt. Joseph Charles Sanford 782 Bomb Sq, 465 Bomb Group

    I went into Federal Service From 44 Div NG. Sept 16 1940. I then entered USAAF in 1943 a Member of Class 43 10 Bombardier training at Childress Texas. I trained to drop "The Bomb" at Wendover Field Utah as a member of Col Keese' Provisional Group. But The Bomb was not ready so I joined 456th Bomb Group at McCook, Nebraska and flew to Africa, and later on to Italy. I then flew 31 missions bombing oil refineries. I was shot down in July 1944 and taken to POW North Compound at Stalagluft III, then to Nuremberg and then Mooseburg. I was Liberated by General Patton.

    Joseph Charles Sanford

    Tech Sgt. Daniel J Burke 76th Troop Carrier Sq

    My father was shot down during the Battle of the Bulge over Melmedy, Belgium. He was kept in Stalag X111D at some point. His story is highlighted in a book "In Harms Way" written by Paul Cashdollar.

    Dan Burke

    Howard G Crissman 454th Bomb Group, 15th AAF 739th Sqdn

    I was a member of 454th Bomb Group, 15th AAF, 739th Sqdn stationed near Cerginola, Italy from August to December 1944. On my 30th mission on 27th December I went down over Bruck, Austria. I was then a POW in Stalags 13d and 7a until liberated on 29th April 1945. I was a tail gunner on a B24 (a great plane). All except the engineer got out safely. I lost one-third to one-half of my body weight in four and a half months on a 700 calorie (or less) diet. I retuned to the USA on 5th June 1945.

    Howard G Crissman

    H. G. Crissman 454th Bomb Group

    I served with the 454th Bomb Group, 15th AAF, based near Cerignola, Italy from August to 27th December 1944. I was a tail-gunner on B24 `Thunder Mist' which was lost to AA fire over Bruck, Austria on our 30th mission. I was in POW camps in Frankfurt, Wetzler and Nuremburg and walked to Stalag 7a Moosburg in mid April 1945. Nuremburg had to be the worst camp in Germany (old 13d) There was no heat and little food.

    H. G. Crissman

    Albert Lang

    I was a POW first at the Oberursel interrogation center outside Frankfurt, then to a hospital in Obermassfeld, then to a recuperation hospital in Meinengen, Germany. From there I went to Nuremberg. Stalag13D and then on the march from Nuremberg to Moosburg Stalag 7a where we were liberated on 29th April 1945.

    Albert Lang

    Pte. William M. Lang 32nd Cavalry Regiment

    My father Bill Lang was taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge. He was captured on 15th of December 1944 and taken to Stalag XIIID, and escaped along with two other buddies during a forced march in May of 1945. Through the grace of God, he is still alive as of this writing (01/12/2015) and would love to hear from any of his fellow prisoners that may still be alive.

    Gary Lang

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