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    10th May 1940 103 Squadron Battle lost

    14th May 1940 218 Squadron Battle lost

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    Staff Sgt. Eugene G. Bailey Company K 112th Infantry Regiment

    Eugene G. Bailey in 1945 after returning to the USA.

    My Dad, Staff Sergeant Eugene G. Bailey 28th Division 112th Infantry Company K. Was caputured during the Battle of the Bulge on December 17th, 1944. He never talked about his time in the war. However, he was in four campaigns, Normendy, Northern France, Rhineland and the Ardennes. He received a bronze metal for following a line which lead to a Germen Bunker. In turn the bunker was taken out. As a pow he was held at both Stalags IXB and IXA. He arrived at Stalag IXB on December 26, 1944 and was transfered to Stalag IXA on January 26, 1945. I found in his Bible a picture of a group of men all in uniforms on the back of the picture it is written it was taken in April 1945 after liberation of pow camp. I really would like to know who the other men are in the picture and if they remember my dad. I do not know if this was his unit or the other men from the Stalag IXA.

    Eugene Bailey (back row, fifth from the right) after his liberation, in Paris during April 1945

    I also have his hand written journel it reads:

    December 12th 1944 - left for Paris

    December 13th 1944 -arrived Paris

    December 14th 1944- sick

    December 15th left Paris stayed in Reames

    December 16th arrived Orwen on Belgium Luxburg Germany Boarder - Heavy Arty-bombing

    December 17th Heavy arty, bombing 2000 - Town surrounded 2010 - Captured Watch taken Walked all night

    December 18th walked all day- 1/3 Loaf bread cheese, marmalade

    December 19th in PW cage

    December 20th walked all day

    December 21st walked all day

    December 22nd walked all day

    December 23rd Boarded train no food

    December 24th on train no food no water

    December 25th on train no food little water

    December 26th 1/6 loaf, little meat 0100 on train

    December 26th left train at 0900 Bad orb Stallager (IXB) Stew at 1200 Bread 1/6 at 1600

    December 27th Life in Pw Stew lieder per day Bread 1/6 loaf No recreation at all

    December 28-31 Same

    Jan 1-24 continue Same-meat -cottage cheese - marmalade One or twice a wk

    Jan 25th 1945 Boarded train

    Jan 26th Arrived STL. 9A No food

    Jan 27th- Stew & Bread Food Tea better

    Jan 28th Same

    Jan 29th Same Food Better but very insufficient French PW donating a few smokes From RC packages

    Jan 30th Situation unchanged Getting very thin & weak News excellent Russians - 65 miles from Berlin

    Jan 31 Food same-cottage cheese no butter A break in the weather thawing

    At this point in the journal I do not know if the dates are for Feb. or March the first entry looks to me like it is

    3-1 Situation unchanged

    2-3 same

    3-4 shaved 1st time since Dec 14 1944

    5 war news0 rosins 25miles from Berlin

    6 situation unchanged

    7 2 letters one card

    8 red cross Box 1 per 4 men

    9 dined well, smoked well

    10 same

    11 grub gone smokes too.

    12 -20 grub poor-no smokes recreation (I can not tell what it says)

    This ends the dates however there is more on the paper.

    Marshall imaan 19098805

    Blankets-NO GI Bed NU 8

    Alex Justus = 36376532=2456

    Blankets=No-GI Bed

    Ndill Landberg+36220111=2430

    Blankets (unreadable)

    Lam Mrchunee=20320737=24015

    Blankets NO GI Bed NO 108

    Wed- 1000-1100 Stockseb by Bolger

    Sat. 1000- 1100 making up of a newpaper by jones

    Thur Quiz contest 1000-1100

    I cont from each section

    Fri. winners- Fri.

    There are other man named in my dads journal. I have researched the names some are from Stalag IXB. My dad was almost 6 feet tall and weigh in 1979. Reseaching all of this has made me a very proud daughter. Thank you for your time.

    Diana Thomas

    Staff Sergeant Eugene G Bailey Company K 28th Infantry Division, 112th Regiment

    My dad, Eugene G. Bailey, was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, 28th Infantry Division, 112th Regiment, Company K during WW2. He was in four campaigns including the Battle of the Bulge where he was taken prisoner on December 17, 1944. He arrived in Bad Orb Stalag IX B on December 29, 1944 and remained there until late January 1945 when he was transferred to Stalag IXA. This information is from a journal he wrote during his time just before the Battle of the Bulge. The dates of this journal are from December 13, 1944 until the end of March 1945. However, there are not any entries for Feb.

    My dad did not talk about his time in the service or about being a POW. I do know that he weighed only 79 pounds upon his return to the states.

    Diana Thomas

    Corporal Rogers F Renusch Purple Heart Field Artillery

    My brother Rogers F. Renusch, was captured on or around December 12th, 1944 and sent to Stalag 9, camp 017 at Ziegenhein Hessen-Nassau by railroad car. He said that on Christmas Eve while the POWs were crowded in the rail car that they began to sing "Silent Night" and the German soldiers outside the car began to sing along. He said for those few moments there were no enemies. He was a Corporal with the United States Army, Field Artillery and received the Purple Heart.

    RoseMarie Miller

    Corporal Rogers F Renusch Purple Heart Field Artillery

    My brother Rogers F. Renusch, was captured on or around December 12th, 1944 and sent to Stalag 9, camp 017 at Ziegenhein Hessen-Nassau by railroad car. He said that on Christmas Eve while the POWs were crowded in the rail car that they began to sing "Silent Night" and the German soldiers outside the car began to sing along. He said for those few moments there were no enemies. He was a Corporal with the United States Army, Field Artillery and received the Purple Heart.

    RoseMarie Miller

    Pte. Daniel Robert Douglas 4th Btn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

    My Father Daniel Robert Douglas, of the 4th Battalion Cameron Highlanders joined the army on the 15th of July 1939 and was taken POW on the 6th of June 1940, captured at Abbeyville. He was allocated POW No. 542 and held at Stalag 9 in Bad Sulza, Germany.

    Marlene Malcolm

    Sgt. Benjamin Isaac Ford

    My grandfather, Sgt. Benjamin Isaac Ford, arrived at Stalag 9A sometime between January 25th and March 21-25. He wrote about it in his service man's notebook. I am looking to make contact with anyone else who has a relative that may have known him during the war. He passed a few years back, but I would still like to find out if there is anyone who knew him still out there.

    Dave Ray

    Fernand Guedon

    I have moved to Bazoges En Pareds, Vendee, France to an old farm building which contains some pencil writings and drawings. I wondered if they mean anything to anyone, or if anyone can steer me in the right direction. There are several names written, although most are hard to make our or are worn away with time. The two main ones are: Fernand Guedon and Auguste Guedon, Stalag IXA, Komando: 1004 Gefangimmen (the rest is illegible) 1460. 15 May 1940 Prisoner de Guerre.

    Another word which is a little vague: pebusenfrei and other names: Maurice Chaveau, Hoetrol Chataiganei, Marie Jouepose, Bonnie Jerome 1942.

    These surnames are pretty much a guess but I would be grateful if anyone can let me know if someone would be interested in viewing this or knowing the details.


    Try contacting the local `ancien combattants' group (like the British Legion). If you google it, they have a website. Failing that, the local press may be interested in the story. (Pete)

    Wendy Banks

    Driver William Lansley 2nd Searchlight Rgt. Royal Artillery

    My grandfather, William (Bill) Lansley was POW 31049 in Stalag IXA from 1940 until 1943. On 19th May 1940 he was a driver/mechanic with the 2nd Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery when they were captured by the Germans. During the battle his leg was so badly damaged it had to be removed. He went to a hospital in Delans, onto Devens, then to Belgium and finally to Germany, where he remained in Stalag IX until he was repatrited in 1943.

    Lorraine Price

    William Lansley 2nd Searchlight Rgt. Royal Artillery

    My grandfather William Lansley was a driver/mechanic in the 2nd Searchlight Rgt, Royal Artillery. He was captured in France on 19th May 1940. He then went to hospital at Derans, then Devens, then to Belgium. Finally he went to Stalag IXA in Germany, where he remained until repatriation in 1943. I have photos of him and his fellow POWs. Does anyone remember him?

    Lorraine Price

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