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Pte. Sydney Grindy

British Army Royal East Kent Regiment

Can anyone help me trace fellow members of the Royal East Kent (The Buffs) Regiment who were confined with my father as a POW in 1940-45? My father - Private 6286696 Sydney Grindy was taken prisoner at Le Milliard on 24th May 1940. He was confined in the following camps:

  • Stalag XXA at Thorn (9th June 1940 - 16th April 1941)
  • Stalag XXB at Marienberg (18th April 1941 - 17th May 1943)
  • Stalag XXA at Thorn (27th November 1943 - 23rd January 1945).

    He was also posted to the following work camps:

  • Elbing Camp from 20th May 1941 - 17th February 1942
  • Konitz Camp from 11th April 1944 - 23rd January 1945.

    I am partculary keen to trace any members of the regiment who may have been confined with my father during this period.

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