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William Leonard Bowden

British Army Black Watch

from:Newbigging, Angus, Scotland

My Father, William Leonard Bowden, was in the Black Watch and I know he was a POW and am pretty sure that firstly he was captured at Dunkirk and was then in Stalag XXB. I know he was a POW for the whole of the War and did not return home until 1945. Sadly, he died at the start of 1953 and I never asked my mother much about his war time experiences and suspect she might not have wanted to speak about them anyway having been widowed after only seven years of marriage. One thing I do have is a little New Testament Bible which is stamped with the Stalag number and had been presented by The Ecumenical Commission for The Chaplaincy Service to Prisoners of War and it then has a brief address in Geneva. I am assuming that all POWs were given these and that it was his

If anyone has any knowledge about his experience during the War I would be most grateful although I know now it is rather late to be asking!

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