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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

Squadrons of The USAAF

  • 100 Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 10th Tac Recon Group, USAAF
  • 11th Tac Air Com Sqd, USAAF
  • 12th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 12th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 12th Tac Recon Sqd, USAAF
  • 13th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 14th Liaison Sqdn. USAAF
  • 15th Airforce, USAAF
  • 15th Tac Recon Sqd, USAAF
  • 16th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 17th Pursute Sqd, USAAF
  • 18th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 19th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 20th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 20th Persute Group, USAAF
  • 20th Pursute Sqd, USAAF
  • 21st Pursute Sqd, USAAF
  • 26th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 27th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 2nd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 303rd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 305th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 305th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 306th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 313th Station Medical Group, USAAF
  • 315th Troop Carrier, USAAF
  • 316th Troopcarrier Group, USAAF
  • 322th Maintenance Sqd. USAAF
  • 325th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 327th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 327th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 331st Bombardment Squadron, USAAF
  • 334th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 335th Fighter Squadron, USAAF
  • 337th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 338th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 339th Bomb Sqdn, USAAF
  • 345th Bomb group, USAAF
  • 347th Squadron, USAAF
  • 348th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 349th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 351st Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 355th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 356th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 357th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 359th Bomb Sqdn, USAAF
  • 360th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 361st Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 365th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 367th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 369th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 376th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 384th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 385th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 386th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 386th Fighter Squadron, USAAF
  • 388th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 389th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 38th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 390 Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 390th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 395th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 3rd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 401st Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 405th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 407th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 410th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 41st Maint.Sqd USAAF
  • 427th Bomb Sqdn, USAAF
  • 434 Troop Carrier Group, USAAF
  • 435th Troop Carrier Group, USAAF
  • 438th Troop Carrier Group, USAAF
  • 444th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 445th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 446th Bomb Group USAAF
  • 446th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 449th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 449th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 44th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 44th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 452nd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 455 Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 45th TC Sqd, USAAF
  • 463rd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 465th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 466th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 479th Anti-Submarine Group USAAF
  • 48 Mtl Sqd, USAAF
  • 482nd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 485th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 486th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 487th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 489th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 48th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 490th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 491st Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 493rd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 495th Fighter Training Group, USAAF
  • 498th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 499th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 4th Antisubmarine Squadron, USAAF
  • 500th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 501st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 506th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 510th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 511th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 51st Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 527th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 545th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 548th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 551st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 562nd Bomb Squad, USAAF
  • 563rd Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 564th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 568th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 56th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 571 Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 584th CBMU US Navy
  • 601st Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 612 Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 613rd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 61st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 61st Fighter Squadron
  • 66th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 67th Tac Recon Group, USAAF
  • 69th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 700th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 701st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 702nd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 70th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 716th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 719th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 71st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 71st Liason Sqd, USAAF
  • 741st Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 748th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 74th Troop Carrier Squadron, USAAF
  • 76th Troop Carrier Sqd, USAAF
  • 775th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 77th Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 782nd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 787th Bomb Squadron, USAAF
  • 78th Fighter Group, USAAF
  • 7th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 7th Fleet Air Wing, US Navy
  • 7th Mat Sqd, USAAF
  • 815th Bomb Squad, USAAF
  • 822nd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 823rd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 836th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 83rd Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 83rd Fighter Sqd, USAAF
  • 846th Bomb Squad, USAAF
  • 847th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 862 Bomber Sqdn., 493rd Bomb Group
  • 885th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 88th TC Sqd, USAAF
  • 89th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 8th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 90th Bomb Sqd, USAAF
  • 92nd Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 94th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 96th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 97th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 99th Bomb Group, USAAF
  • 9th US Army Air Force
  • First Interceptor Command, USAAF

  • Other Squadrons will be added to this section soon.

    If you have any information, stories or photographs to add to this section we would love to hear from you.

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