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No. 460 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

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- No. 460 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War -

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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

No. 460 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force

   No.460 Squadron RAAF was formed on the 15th November 1941 at Molesworth, flying Wellington mkIV. They converted to Halifax mk II in August 1942 and then to Lancasters in October.

408 Squadron flew from the following airfields.

  • Molesworth. 15th November 1941 to Jan. 1942
  • Breighton. Jan. 1942 to 14th May 1943
  • Binbrook. 14th May 1943 to 20th July 1945
  • East Kirkby. from 20th July 1945


9th Jun 1942 460 Squadron Wellington lost.

14th Sep 1942 Aircraft Lost

24th Jan 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

19th Mar 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

24th May 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

24th Aug 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

4th Sep 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

3rd Dec 1943 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

25th Feb 1944 Lancaster Lost

26th Feb 1944 Lancaster Lost

30th Mar 1944 Aircraft Lost

21st May 1944 Bomber Command

21st May 1944 Bomber Command

4th Jul 1944 

3rd Feb 1945 460 Squadron Lancaster lost.

If you can provide any additional information, please add it here.

Those known to have served with

No. 460 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • Andrew . Sgt.
  • Arthur F. A.. WingCdr.
  • Baskerville Henry.
  • Bateman Jerry.
  • Bates Richard.
  • Baudinette Ivan Sydney. F/O.
  • Beard G. R..
  • Belfield Frank.
  • Bentham . Sgt.
  • Brooks. Edward. Sgt
  • Brough Roy.
  • Brown Gerry.
  • Brown Joe.
  • Bull James Henry. Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • Burke James. Sgt. (d.3rd Aug 1944)
  • Burrows John. LAC
  • Cannon Sidney Alfred Thomas. Flt.Sgt.
  • Carr .
  • Carter Harry Cherry.
  • Challis Col.
  • Child Glen.
  • Chisman Arthur Langley. Sgt. (d.19th Oct 1944)
  • Clague William Francis Collister. Sgt. (d.30th May 1943)
  • Clark Jack. Sqd.Ldr.
  • Clarke T. T.. F/Sgt.
  • Cleverly George Edward. Sergeant (d.9th October 1943)
  • Collett Dennis Malcom. Sgt.
  • Compton Robert.
  • Corser E. G.M.. Sqd.Ldr.
  • Coveny Robert.
  • Cummings Don.
  • Cunningham William Alexander. Flt Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • Dally Tom.
  • Daly Peter James. F/Sgt.
  • Dodds Jack R.. F/Sgt.
  • Douglas R. A.N.. WO.
  • Douglas Ron K.. WingCdr.
  • Douglass Glen.
  • Duncan Robert.
  • Dunn Ron D.. Sgt.
  • Edwards William Austin. Sgt.
  • Ellery E J. F/S
  • Erbage C. W..
  • Farlam John. P/O
  • Fenion .
  • Findlay Peter W.. Sgt. (d.30th May 1943)
  • Flattery Fred.
  • Flattery Frederick John. Flt Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • George William Arla. Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • Gordon Douglas B.. Sgt. (d.30th May 1943)
  • Goulding Jack Donald. P/O
  • Goulevitch Jan.
  • Gourlay William.
  • Green Charles Edward. Sgt
  • Greenacre . F/Lt.
  • Greenacre E R.
  • Grimmett Victor.
  • Harris Keith.
  • Harrison Charles. F/O (d.28th May 1943)
  • Haywood R. E.. Sgt.
  • Healy Norman.
  • Hemming Bert.
  • Hill Jack. Cpl.
  • Hodge Doug.
  • Hodgen Owen. F/Sgt.
  • Holmes J. C.. Sqd.Ldr.
  • Holmes John Cecil. F/Lt.
  • Hudspeth Donald George.
  • Human Frederick. Flt. Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • Jarman E. G.D.. Sqd.Ldr.
  • Jarratt . F/O.
  • Jeffries Walter Thomas. Sgt. (d.2nd Feb 1945)
  • Jenkins Alex. F/O.
  • Kelly Bruce.
  • Kills P F. Sergeant
  • Kirby Jack. F/Sgt.
  • Kirk George Andrew. Sgt
  • Korsman Peter. F/Sgt.
  • Legett . F/O.
  • Lewis Bernard Charles.
  • Luhr Lomand.
  • Martin Chad R.. WingCdr.
  • Martin Charles Ernest. W/Cdr.
  • Maxton Eric.
  • Maxton Murray.
  • Mayne Alwyn Oswald Thomas. WO.
  • Mayor Frank.
  • McGarvey Robert Robinson. Sgt
  • McKay Jack.
  • McKenzie Jack. Sgt. (d.16th Dec 1943)
  • McNamara Joe.
  • Milton Peter.
  • Moffatt William.
  • Moore Dick.
  • Morgan Bryan. Sgt.
  • Morgan Bryan. Sgt.
  • Murray Jack. F/Sgt.
  • Neale Victor.
  • Newton Bert.
  • Norman R A. W/C
  • Norman R. A.. WingCdr.
  • Northway Patrick William. Warrant Officer
  • O'Bree Harry George John. Sgt. (d.28th May 1944)
  • O'Donoghue Donald. Sergeant (d.9th October 1943)
  • Oakes Norman . Warrant Officer
  • Odell Peter.
  • Osbourne Tom. W/O.
  • Owen Edward.
  • Parsons Keith R. G.. G/C
  • Payne H. C.. F/O.
  • Pearce Royce.
  • Peskett Alan Albert. LAC.
  • Peters Gordon.
  • Pogson Jack.
  • Rees D.. F/Sgt.
  • Richer Eric James Rolfe.
  • Roberts Charles.
  • Robinson P..
  • Russell Thomas P.. Sgt.
  • Satchell Doug.
  • Simpson J O. Flight Sergeant
  • Simpson Jim.
  • Simpson L. J..
  • Stratford Ronald Kenneth. FO (d.30th August 1944)
  • Sullivan Eric. Sgt (d.3rd Dec 1943)
  • Tardent Ronald.
  • Taylor Clarence. WO.
  • Taylor Maurice.
  • Taylor Tom. Sgt. (d.30th May 1943)
  • Thompson Jack.
  • Thorburn Walter.
  • Trimmer Jos.
  • Tuchen Jim.
  • Turner Steven.
  • Utz E. A.G..
  • Valance William.
  • Wales A.. F/Lt.
  • Webb Robert.
  • wells Laurence Ernest Percival. Sergeant (d.9th October 1943)
  • Wheldon Frank Christopher.
  • Whitmarsh Arthur.
  • Williams Frank.
  • Williamson Edward.
  • Woods Bruce.
  • Woods Lawrence W..
  • Worthington William. Flt.Sgt. (d.23rd June 1944)
  • Young J..
  • Young William.

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Sgt. William Francis Collister "Francie" Clague 460 Sq (RAAF) (d.30th May 1943)

My Dad William Clague was Killed in action on the 30th May 1943 (over Wuppatal) For the first time I have been able to visit his grave in Rheinberg Cemetry, Germany. Grave no. 9 C 18. I notice he is stated as Air Gunner which was his description before Flight Engineer. There is no age on His grave. He was 33 years old. He flew with 460Sq(RAAF) from RAF Binbrook I have been trying to find out more about the crew he flew with. I met Margaret Russell, widow of the Pilot. T. P Russell and also met the two crew members (who were taken PoW) when they returned to U.K prior to demob. As I was only 8 years old then I have vague memories. I would like to make contact with anyone knowing of any crew members or descendants. The PoW's names are George Andrew Kirk, 409057, born 1/2/1921 in Malvern, Victoria discharged 13/5/1946. Rank Warrant Officer.(460 Sq.) Ron D Dunn (Navigator) I have not found anything for him except to know that he is Australian. The other crew members who died were: Tom Taylor 413803, Bomb aimer he was Australian. Peter W. Findlay 1342595. Wireless Op. from Dundee. Douglas B Gordon. 1349618 Air Gunner from Fochabers Morayshire and Thomas P. Russell. 1347861 Pilot. from Ardrossan, Ayreshire.

Daphne Towler

Maurice "Mo" Taylor rear gunner 458 Sqd.

Mr Taylor is a very long standing family friend, he is now 86 yrs. old, over the years he has told me many things about his wartime years.

He joined the RAF in 1938 and served with various units - 458, 460, 150 and possibly others. Holme on Spalding Moor, Molesworth, Binbrook are bases he remembers in the early part, flying in Wellingtons as a rear gunner. At this point in time he was shot down to which even today he finds hard to come to terms with and at the same time I would not press him to talk about. Beyond this point he served in Ceylon on various sqd's until 1946. I would love to find out more as the tales he tells me never cease to amaze me

Reuben H Holmes

E R Greenacre DFC G19 460 Squadron

I notice that Russell Thorburn has put up a small paragraph about his father W.F.Thorburn, who was in the crew of my uncle E.R.Greenacre with 460 Sqn, muster G19.

Over the years I have done a fair bit of research on my uncle and would be happy to share whatever may be relevant with Russell Thorburn. For example, their Lancaster DV193 was badly damaged over Kassel on 22 October 1943, from my uncle's log book: "...hit by cannon, 2 gunners wounded and severe damage...'. I have the citation for my uncle's DFC awarded for this sortie and they clearly had a bad time of it.

DV193 was a 'lucky' aircraft as they did 21 raids in this aircraft, which was withdrawn from service in Dec 1944, but survived the war to end as an instructional airframe at St Athans. As DV193 was in a contract series delivered between May-Nov 1943 and was first flown by my uncle in August 1943, this aircraft had a life of about 18 months which was probably fairly remarkable for those times.

Roger Rigby

Jim Simpson 460 Squadron

I just came across your website and thought you may be interested in Jim Simpson's story. He was 19 years old when he was sent to fight the war and was shot down on his first mission and captured by the Germans. Jim is still alive, 92 years old, independent and living in his own home on his farm. His story regarding the knitting of a rug whilst a POW in Stalag IVb can be found on the following website:

The Man from Snowy River Museum is currently raising funds to enable us to build a room to house Jim's rug and ensure it is preserved as best it can, to enable visitors to marvel at the resilience of the human spirit and what can be achieved in adverse conditions. The crew of the 460 Sqd Lancaster were:

  • F/S E.J.Ellery RAAF
  • W/C R.A.Norman DFC RAAF
  • Sgt L.E.P.Wells
  • F/S D.S.Thomas
  • F/S J.O.Simpson RAAF
  • Sgt G.E.Cleverly
  • Sgt D.O'Donoghue
  • Sgt P.F.Kills

  • Marita Albert

    Warrant Officer Norman Oakes 460 Sqd.

    My Grandfather Norman Oakes, was in the flight crews of RAAF 460 Squadron. He was one of a handful of British men assigned to this squadron but apart from this information, we don't anything more about his service during WWII. If anyone knows more please get in touch.

    Editor's note: It's quite likely that your Grandfather was a Flight Engineer, as only British air crew were trained for this role.

    Lucy Park

    Warrant Officer Patrick William Northway 460 Squadron

    My father, Patrick Northway, as a POW in Italy helped build a Church near Udine. He had a photograph of it but had not himself seen the finished product. He wanted me to see it on my travels in Europe in the early 1970s but I was on an organised COntiki tour and was not able to reach Udine. This year my sons are giving me a holiday in Italy for my 60th birthday and we are definitely going to visit the Church and the POW campo 57. One of my sons, TOby, has some some research on the Camp. I know this is going to be a very emotional visit and sadly, Dad will only know I've finally achieved his wish, by looking down from Heaven. Like most returned servicemen, Dad did not speak much of the war. He was a member of the Caterpillar Club as he was taken prisoner in the Middle East while parachuting to safety from his burning aircraft. He was a rear gunner. Dad died in very sad circumstances, after a heart attack when he was 69, his mind went due to oxygen not getting through to his brain, and when he died in Hollywood Hospital, he was 'back in the POW camp'. He had to be restrained because he tried to strangle the poor old bloke in the next bed. No-one should ever have to endure anything like that. No physical wounds, but permanent mental scarring. Thank you for letting me share. I for one, and my brothers and sons, am very proud of my Dad but I never told him!! How common is that? Kathleen

    Kate Northway

    Eric James Rolfe Richer nav. 460 Sqd.

    Eric Richer was a Navigator on a Lancaster bomber based at RAF Binbrook. His aircraft AR-P ME326 was involved in a mid-air collision over France whilst on the return leg of an operation to Wiesbaden, on the 2nd of Feb 1945, but Eric survived as he was replaced as a navigator for that ops due to an eye sight test. He lost some good friends on that day. The crew were:
    • G/C K.R.J.Parsons RAAF
    • Sgt W.T.Jeffries
    • F/S F.J.Flattery
    • Sgt J.H.Bull
    • F/S W.A.Cunningham RAAF
    • Sgt W.A.George
    • F/S F.Human

    ME326 was one of two 460 Sqd Lancasters lost on this operation. G/C Parsons took off from Binbrook at 20:45, by 11pm, they were home bound when the aircaft was involved in a mid-air collision at 19,000 feet with a No.626 Sqdn Lancaster (PD286), both aircraft crashed at St-Maxent Somme, 8 km south west of Abbeville. G/C Parsons survived, but the rest of the crew, including F/S Human who succumbed to his injuries, are buried in Abbeville Communal Cemetery.

    Eric also flew with the Maxton Brothers Eric and Murray possibly on AR-D

    Rob Richer

    P/O Jack Donald Goulding Upper Mid Gunner 460 Sqd.

    Sylvia Thompson

    F/O Charles Harrison 460 Squadron (d.28th May 1943)

    Charles Harrison was my mum's brother and volunteered to join up in 1940. He sailed on the Queen Mary to America where he did his pilot training. On returning home he was posted to Binbrook and flew Lancaster Bombers. We believe his last mission was in 1943, when he flew to Essen and that on the way home, his Lancaster was attacked by German fighters. Charlie and four of his crew were killed and are buried in Uden, Holland.

    After the war, Charlie's family was visited by one of the Australian crew members who escaped the crash and was captured. He said that when their aircraft was hit, Charlie gave the order to jump, but remained in the aircraft to check if the rear gunner was OK. Apparently, when Charles finally jumped, his parachute opened but the explosion of the aircraft killed him. When the crewman found Charlie, he was dead, but didn't have a mark on him.

    My mum has wondered over the years if he told them this out of kindness, or if it was really true. We would love to learn more. Charlie would have been 21, the month after he died.

    Carol Morgan

    Sgt. James Burke 460 Squadron (d.3rd Aug 1944)

    James Burke was a crew member of Lancaster PB125 AR-L, they took off at 11:38 on the 3rd of August 1944 from Binbrook to attack the flying-bomb storage site. I was told that when the crew bailed out they were shot and killed as they floated down, over St Maclou-De Folleville. The crew where all are buried in the local churchyard alongside three airmen from 57 sqdn who were killed four weeks earlier. Some years later the graves were opened, over i.d. issues, and his signet ring with JB on, was returned to the family.

    The crew were:

    • F/O R.C.Fidock
    • Sgt D.C.Stock
    • F/S R.H.Jones
    • F/S W.R.Hullett
    • F/S K.F.Heidtman
    • Sgt J.E.Trollope
    • Sgt J.Burke

    James Burke

    Flt.Sgt. William Worthington 460 Sqd. (d.23rd June 1944)

    William Worthington was a cousin, he served as an air gunner onboard a Lancaster. His plane was shot down on the 23rd of June 1944 and is buried in France. He still has sisters in Belfast, Dublin and Ballycastle. William was killed the day before my father, Gerard Connolly, who was killed in Italy and is buried in Assisi.

    Sally O'Hare

    Sgt. Dennis Malcom "Yorkie" Collett 460 Squadron

    Dennis Collectt was navigator on the Lancaster of PO Arthur Whitmarsh 460 squadron. He flew 31 sorties in 1944 and 1945. On the 7th of January 1945 their aircraft suffered severe damage in collision over target, but they managed to land safely in UK.

    The men he flew with on various missions were, flight engineer, A Sheppard, bomb aimer P Turnbull, W/op's J G Wilson, A L Wingett and R G White, air gunners, D G Fellowes, H R Hendrie, F J Cornwall, K De Lamare, C G Matthews, G Crosby, A Hutchison, R Smith, H M Young, D L Hanes and R G Taylor.

    J.A. Schofield

    Sgt. Arthur Langley Chisman 460 Sqdn (d.19th Oct 1944)

    I knew that I had been named after my parent's best man at their wedding but had not investigated very far. They had told me he had died during the war and was in the Air Force. Both my parents are now dead and I was looking through old photos when I came across one with the name of their best man on it. In the past I had looked for Chisholm or similar but the actual spelling is Chisman. A little bit of investigation with the help of Google and and I have found out the following: Their best man was Arthur Langley Chisman who joined 460 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force flying Lancasters as Flight Engineer (only British aircrew were trained for this role). He was killed along with all but one of the crew of the Lancaster on 19th October 1944, leaving behind his wife Mary.

    Langley Popley

    Sgt Robert Robinson McGarvey 460 Squadron

    My late father, Bob McGarvey, was only 20 when he signed up as an RAF VR in Glasgow in May 1941. Based at Binbrook as a a WOP/AG, his Pathfinder Lancaster aircraft ED 658 crashed 8/9 October 1943 at Bahnof during Operation Hanover. All the crew became POWs. Dad was in Stalag Luft 6 and Stalag 357 until he was repatriated in 1945. Since I was only two when dad died, I would be interested to hear from any of the family of the crew or Bomber Command who included:
    • Pilot F/O M C Caffyn (RAAF)
    • Flight Engineer Sgt C W J Marshall (RAF)
    • omb Aimer F/S N L Wulff (RAAF)
    • Navigator F/O F Brown (RAAF)
    • Air gunner A/G Sgt R N Cannon (RAF)
    • Air Gunner F/S T A Richardson (RAF)

    Julie McGarvey

    Sgt. Jack "Mad Mac" McKenzie 460 sqd. (d.16th Dec 1943)

    My uncle, Jack McKenzie, flight engineer, was killed in action, together with all crew, on the 16th December 1943 at Market Stainton. They had been shot up over Berlin and circled Binbrook for 45 mins but were unable to find the drome, due to fog and low cloud. They stalled on the ammo dump at Market Stainton. At least Uncle Jack had celebrated his 21st birthday 6 days before he crashed.

    The crew were:-

    • F A Randall (P),
    • W K Halstead (N),
    • H G D Dedman (B),
    • H H Peterson (W),
    • C G Howie (G),
    • R A Moynagh (G).
    They are all buried in a beautiful RAF cemetery in Cambridge. The 7 gravestones are grouped together. There were quite a few stones with the date 16th December 1943.

    His ops were with:- J. Goulevitch (11), J.D. Ogilvie(8) and F. A. Randall (2). All Jack wanted was revenge on the Germans for killing his uncle, mother and 2 brothers - maybe that's why he was known as 'Mad Mac'.

    John Isaacs

    Bernard Charles "Crasher" Lewis MID. 460 Squadron

    My dad, Bernard Lewis, nickname Crasher, served in the RAF at Binbrook in 460 Squadron during the war. He was a bomb loader. He was a Londoner, and met my mum in Woolworths in Cleethorpes. Then he saw her again at the Gaetey Dance Hall in Grimsby putting up balloons. Dad used to walk all the way to Binbrook from Grimsby after he taken mum out on a date, usually missing the transport back to base. He said he was mentioned in dispatches, I have to research that. Sadly I lost both my parents a couple of years ago, but how I wish I had asked them more questions.

    I went to Waddington Air Show recently, and I nearly had a fit when I saw my Dad's photo on a card, loading bombs. Obviously, I had to buy it. It's a brilliant photo. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knew my Dad. Bless all the men and women who never made it home, they will never be forgotten,

    Angela Silk

    Frank Christopher Wheldon 460 Squadron

    Frank Weldon

    Frank Weldon Top Left R-Roget at Binbrook 1944

    Frank Weldon 2nd left with R-Roger Crew.

    460 Sqd Ground crew with G-George

    My father after the war

    My father, Francis (Frank) Christopher Wheldon was a member of the 460 Squadron and flew out of Binbrook in the UK from 1943 until 1945.

    Frances T. Backer

    Sgt Eric Sullivan 460 Squadron (d.3rd Dec 1943)

    My 84 year old father who's name is Terry, only revealed the story of his brother Eric Sullivan a few years ago. We knew very little about Eric and his service record as all possessions were lost in a burglary 60 years ago. Eric was killed along with his crew mates in a raid on Berlin. He was killed near a town called Mahlow. He was a rear gunner flying with an Australian crew under Flight Sgt C H Edwards. Their call sign was AR-E2 or sometimes known as DV296. Eric's mum had forbidden him to join the RAF but he left home as soon as he was 18 and was killed at 19. His mother in her grief forbade my dad from ever discussing his older brother and only revealed his sadness in 2011. We have no photos of him or his crew. I have taken my father to Berlin to visit his brother's war grave. The MoD have also provided his medals and we recently obtained his service record from the RAF, but alas still no photograph. Eric will live on in our family, my brother has his name. In his honour and in honour of all those who flew with Bomber Command,our family contributed to the Bomber Command memorial.

    Gary Sullivan

    Sgt Charles Edward "Eddie" Green 460 Sqd.

    Eddie Green, my Father, served in 460 Sqn. from July 44 until Aug 45 approx. He was the mid upper Gunner. The crew were:
    • F/O Cassie R, Pilot (Australian)
    • SGT Young J, Flt Eng.
    • SGT Breaker E H, A/B
    • SGt Blake J, NAV (Australian)
    • F/S Leader J W, WOP/AIR
    • Sgt Kelly W J, A/G
    • SGT Green C E, A/G

    Richard Green

    LAC. Alan Albert Peskett 460 Sqd.

    I have a picture which appears to be 460 with my father Alan Albert Peskett present at RAF Cardington 29/08/1941. It appears to be an Australian squadron and I am unable to find reference to my father who was from South London. Can you help ?

    Editor's note: Although 460 Squadron was an Australian Squadron, it like all squadrons was made up of men from across the commonwealth.

    Lee Peskett

    Sgt. "Andy" Andrew 460 Sqd.

    Andy Andrews served as a Flight Engineer with 460 Squadron.

    Richard Bates 460 Sqd.

    Dick Bates flew as a rear gunner with 460 Sqd.

    F/O. Ivan Sydney Baudinette 460 Sqd.

    Ivan Baudinette flew as a Wireless operator air gunner with 460 Sqd.

    G. R. Beard 460 Sqd.

    G Beard flew as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Frank Belfield 460 Sqd.

    Frank Belfield was a flight engineer with 460 Sqd.

    Sgt. "Ben" Bentham 460 Sqd.

    Ben bentham was a flight engineer with 460 Sqd.

    Roy Brough 460 Sqd.

    Roy Brough flew as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Gerry Brown 460 Sqd.

    Gerry Brown was a read gunner with 460 Sqd.

    LAC John Burrows 460 Sqd.

    John Burrows served with the ground crew of 460 Squadron.

    Harry Cherry Carter 460 Sqd.

    Harry Carter was a pilot with 460 Squadron

    Col Challis 460 Sqd.

    Col Challis flew as a mid upper gunner with 460 Squadron

    Glen Child 460 Sqd.

    Glen Child was a flight engineer with 460 Squadron

    Robert Compton 460 Sqd.

    Bob Compton served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Robert Coveny 460 Sqd.

    Bob Coveny served as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Don Cummings 460 Sqd.

    Don Cummings served as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Tom Dally 460 Sqd.

    Tom Dally served as a rear gunner with 460 Sqd.

    F/Sgt. Jack R. Dodds 460 Sqd.

    I am searching for historical information on F/Sgt J Murray and W/O Clarrie Taylor. These two were crew members that my Great Uncle (my Dad's, mothers' brother ) F/Sgt Jack R Dodds (W/T operator ) flew with in 1943/44 in the 460 squadron ( 29 or 30 Op's all up and 19 or 17 in G for George ). The other crew members were Sgt Ben Bentham (Engineer), W/O Tom Osbourne (Bomb aimer), F/Sgt Owen Hodgen (Mid upper gunner) and F/Sgt Jack Kirby (rear gunner). I have a flight log, medal citations and medals, personal correspondence (letters to his mother and sisters), the telegram sent to his father explaining he hadn't returned from an op's mission ( with the 156 Squadron - his 2nd tour after finishing with the 460 squadron), and much more.

    Leighton Rogan

    Glen Douglass 460 Sqd.

    Glen Douglass flew as a rear gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Robert Duncan 460 Sqd.

    Bob Duncan served as a navigator with 460 Sqd.

    C. W. Erbage 460 Sqd.

    C. W. Erbage served as rear gunner with 460 Sqd.

    William Gourlay 460 Sqd.

    Bill Gourlay flew as navigator with 460 Sqd.

    F/Lt. Greenacre 460 Sqd.

    F/Lt Greenacre served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    Victor Grimmett 460 Sqd.

    Vic Grimmett served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    F/O. Jarratt 460 Sqd.

    F/O Jarratt served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    F/O. Alex Jenkins 460 Sqd.

    Alex Jenkins served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    Keith Harris 460 Sqd.

    Keith Harris served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Sgt. R. E. Haywood 460 Sqd.

    Sgt Haywood served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Norman Healy 460 Sqd.

    Norm Healy served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Bert Hemming 460 Sqd.

    Bert Hemming served as a navigator with 460 Sqd.

    F/Sgt. Owen Hodgen 460 Sqd.

    Owen Hogden served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    F/Lt. John Cecil Holmes DFC. 460 Sqd.

    John Holmes served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    Cpl. Jack Hill 460 Sqd.

    Jack Hill served as an armourer with 460 Sqd.

    Doug Hodge 460 Sqd.

    Doug Hodge served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Bruce Kelly 460 Sqd.

    Bruce Kelly served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    F/Sgt. Jack Kirby 460 Sqd.

    Jack Kirby served as a rear gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Lomand Luhr 460 Sqd.

    Lomand Luhr served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    Jack McKay 460 Sqd.

    Jack McKay served as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Joe McNamara 460 Sqd.

    Joe McNamara served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    WO. Alwyn Oswald Thomas Mayne 460 Sqd.

    Alwyn Mayne served as an air gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Frank Mayor 460 Sqd.

    Frank Major served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Peter Milton 460 Sqd.

    Pete Milton served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Victor Neale K2 "Killer" 460 Sqd.

    Vic Neale served as a pilot in 460 Sqd.

    Peter Odell 460 Sqd.

    Peter Odell served as a flight engineer with 460 Sqd.

    W/O. Tom Osbourne 460 Sqd.

    Tom Osborune served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Edward Owen 460 Sqd.

    Ted Owen served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    Royce Pearce 460 Sqd.

    Royce Pearce served as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Gordon Peters 460 Sqd.

    Gordon Peters served as a navigator with 460 Sqd.

    Charles "Blue" Roberts 460 Sqd.

    Charles Roberts was a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    P. Robinson 460 Sqd.

    P. Robinson was a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    Ronald Tardent 460 Sqd.

    Ron Tardent served as a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    WO. Clarence Taylor 460 Sqd.

    Clarrie Taylor served as a navigator with 460 Sqd.

    Jack Thompson 460 Sqd.

    Jack Thompson served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Walter Thorburn DFC. 460 Sqd.

    My Father, Walter F Thorburn DFC, was stationed at RAF Binbrook. He was a member of the RCAF and on loan to the RAAF. He was a rear gunner in a Lancaster piloted mostly by F/L Greenacre. Dates of service at RAF Binbrook as taken from his flight log are June 1943 to December 1943.

    Russell F. Thorburn

    Jos Trimmer 460 Sqd.

    Jos Trimmer served as a bomb aimer with 460 Sqd.

    Jim Tuchen 460 Sqd.

    Jim Tuchen served as a mid upper gunner with 460 Sqd.

    Steven Turner 460 Sqd.

    Steve Turner served as a wireless operator with 460 Sqd.

    William Valance 460 Sqd.

    Bill Valance flew with 460 Sqd as a rear gunner.

    Robert Webb 460 Sqd.

    Bob Webb flew with 460 as a navigator.

    Frank Williams 460 Sqd.

    Frank Williams flew with 460 as a navigator.

    Edward Williamson 460 Sqd.

    Ted Williamson served with 460 Sqd.

    Bruce Woods 460 Sqd.

    Bruce Woods was a pilot with 460 Sqd.

    J. Young 460 Sqd.

    Sgt Young served as a flight engineer with 460 Sqd.

    William Young 460 Sqd.

    Bill Young served with 460 Sqd.

    Sgt. Harry George John O'Bree 460 Sqdn. (d.28th May 1944)

    My cousin Sgt Harry O`Bree was shot down over France 23/4/1943 where he is buried. Some nuns returned his shirt collar number to England. He could have been flying Halifaxs, as the M.of I. had previous made a film of G for George at his station. He was a bomb aimer. His name is in the RAF book in Lincoln Cathedral. CWGC come up blank, would like to know his Squad. No. and where in Lincolnshire he was stationed. He originally came from Portsmouth.


    According to CWGC, F/Sgt H.G.J. O'Bree died on 28/5/44 whilst with 460 Sqdn. Bomber Command Losses state that he was on Lancaster LM545, AR-J which crashed into the sea off the French coast, two bodies were recovered from the sea, one of which was your cousin. (Alan)

    George Burton

    Flt.Sgt. Sidney Alfred Thomas "Shino" Cannon Air Gunner 460 Sqd.

    Sidney Cannon joined the RAAF in 1943, born in 1907 in West Kensington, West London. Son of Sydney James Cannon of Camden, London. He was a Mid Upper and Rear gunner and flew 32 Ops with Capt C D McCoy.

    Robert Cannon

    FO Ronald Kenneth Stratford DFM 460 Squadron (d.30th August 1944)

    Flying Officer (Air Gunner) Stratford was buried in the Anholt Cemetery in Denmark.

    S Flynn

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