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No. 59 Squadron Royal Air Force in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

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- No. 59 Squadron Royal Air Force during the Second World War -

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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

No. 59 Squadron Royal Air Force

May 1939   59 Squadron formed at Narborough on the 1st August 1916 and served in France from February 1917 as a reconnaissance squadron. It continued with the Army of Occupation in Germany until disbanded at Bickendorf on 4th August 1919.

The Squadron reformed again on June 28, 1937 at RAF Old Sarum as part of No.22 Army Co-Operation Group, serving as a Night Reconnaissance Squadron. It moved to RAF Andover and was re-equipped with Blenheims in May 1939.

May 1939 

1st October 1939 Move to France

6th Oct 1939 Reinforcements

10th Oct 1939 New Wing Formed

18th October 1939 Advanced Landing Ground

18th March 1940 Friendly Fire

30th April 1940 Reconnaissance

11th May 1940 Aircraft Lost

13th May 1940 Aircraft Lost

14th May 1940 Aircraft Lost

16th May 1940 Detachment to Strike Force

18th May 1940 Aircraft Lost

18th May 1940 Evacuation

22nd May 1940 Friendly Fire

24th May 1940 On the Move

26th May 1940 Aircraft Lost

June 1940 On the Move

15th June 1940 Battle of France lost

16th June 1940 Aircraft Lost

5th July 1940 On the Move

16th October 1940 Detachment

17th Oct 1940 Aircraft Lost

1st January 1941 Detachments

31st January 1941 Operations

1st April 1941 Transfer to Coastal Command

23rd June 1941 On the Move

22nd July 1941 Rearming

1st August 1941 Another Move

20th October 1941 Detachment

18th December 1941 Detachment to the Far East

8th January 1942 Aircraft Lost

17th Jan 1942 Another Move

23rd Jan 1942 Move to Sumatra

26th Jan 1942 Arrival in Sumatra

12th Feb 1942 Attack on the Scharnhorst

15th February 1942 Evacuation from Sumatra

26th Feb 1942 Evacuation from Java

30th April 1942 Squadron reformed

8th May 1943 Detachment to Gibraltar

25th June 1942 1000 Bomber Raid

1st August 1942 Detachments

28th Aug 1942 Conversion to the Liberator

24th October 1942 Escort Duty

13th December 1942 Conversion to the Flying Fortress

21st Jan 1943 Patrols Resume

6th February 1943 On the Move

23rd March 1943 Aircraft Lost

27th March 1943 Conversion back to the Liberator

7th May 1943 Escort Duty

11th May 1943 Posting to Northern Ireland

12th May 1943 Turning Point

Sept 1943 Another move

30th Sept 1943 Detachment

16th Oct 1943 U-Boats

16th Oct 1943 Aircraft Lost

17th Oct 1943 U-Boat Attack

17th Oct 1943 U-Boat Sunk

6th November 1943 Detachment

25th May 1944 U-Boats

19th June 1944  Operation Cork

26th June 1944  Aircraft Lost

4th August 1944 Detachment

18th Aug 1944  Aircraft Lost

6th September 1944 Detachment Withdrawn

November 1944 Increased crew numbers

12th March 1945 Conversion

8th May 1945 Escort Duty

10th June 1945 Transfers to Transport Command

August 1945 

If you can provide any additional information, please add it here.

Those known to have served with

No. 59 Squadron Royal Air Force

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • Abell . Sergeant
  • Aitken L. Squadron Leader
  • Aldcroft H R. Pilot Officer
  • Allen E E. Flight Lieutenant
  • Allen Ernest E. Flight Lieutenant
  • Anderson J. Flight Sergeant
  • Andrews . Sergeant
  • Apitz K J N. Flight Sergeant
  • Apitz Kenneth John Nielsen. Flt.Sgt. (d.19th June 1944)
  • Argent A C. Pilot Officer
  • Arnold W J. Warrant Officer Class 2
  • Arscott G O. Pilot Officer
  • Ashton Stanley W. Pilot Officer
  • Ashton Stanley William. P/O (d.4th June 1940)
  • Avenel-Van Someron N. Pilot Officer
  • Ayres R W. Flight Lieutenant
  • Back Sidney. Warrant Officer
  • Badland . Pilot Officer
  • Baillargeon P E R. Flight Sergeant
  • Bain D H. Pilot Officer
  • Bain Donald Hunter. F/O. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Bain Donald Hunter . F/O. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Baker E W K. Flight Sergeant
  • Balsom A J. Flight Lieutenant
  • Barford G H. Flight Sergeant
  • Barford G H. Sergeant
  • Barnett P S. Sergeant
  • Barson Neville. Flying Officer
  • Bartlett G C C. Wing Commander
  • Barton Bart. Sergeant
  • Battle E F. Sergeant
  • Beauchamp F A. Flight Sergeant
  • Beaumont B W. Sergeant
  • Beech E W. Flight Lieutenant
  • Beelearts-Von Blokland J C E. Pilot Officer
  • Bettis L E. Sergeant
  • Bird F D. Flying Officer
  • Birks Hubert Farewells. W/O
  • Birks Hubert Farewells. Sgt.
  • Black M N. Pilot Officer
  • Blair C E. Flight Lieutenant
  • Boggon M G. Flying Officer
  • Bolle J A. Flight Sergeant
  • Bolton H. Sergeant
  • Bolton I E. Flying Officer
  • Bradley F J. Pilot Officer
  • Brinn C J W. Sergeant
  • Brown J H. Sergeant
  • Buchan D A. Flight Lieutenant
  • Buckley D N. Sergeant
  • Burns Robert. Sergeant
  • Butler W J. Sergeant
  • Carvil L S. Sergeant
  • Cave W W. Squadron Leader
  • Cave W W. Squadron Leader
  • Chamberlain C J E. Pilot Officer
  • Charlton M. Pilot Officer
  • Christie A W. Sergeant
  • Clark H A. Pilot Officer
  • Clayton F. Sergeant
  • Close G C N. Squadron Leader
  • Close J R. Sergeant
  • Coates K. Pilot Officer
  • Cock E L G. Flying Officer
  • Cojocar George. Pilot Officer
  • Collie . Flight Lieutenant
  • Collier S G. Pilot Officer
  • Collins Joseph. Flight Lieutenant
  • Collins R. Flight Sergeant
  • Conrade N L. Sergeant
  • Cook J. Sergeant
  • Cook K C. Pilot Officer
  • Cook L E. Pilot Officer
  • Coombe H G. Warrant Officer
  • Coombs S A. Flight Sergeant
  • Cooper N A. Flight Sergeant
  • Cooper Norman Athol . Flt.Sgt. (d.19th June 1944)
  • Copping C L. Warrant Officer Class 2
  • Coulton G H. Sergeant
  • Cowgill A M. Sergeant
  • Cowman Stanley Corbett. Flight Lieutenant (d.19th September 1945)
  • Crout G E. Sergeant
  • Crowther G A. Sergeant
  • Cruikshank J. Flying Officer
  • Curtiss John. Wing Commander
  • Custerson D. Pilot Officer
  • Danks C. Sergeant
  • Date D W. Pilot Officer
  • Davies F S. Flight Lieutenant
  • Davis D H. Pilot Officer
  • Davis H L N. Pilot Officer
  • Davis L. Sergeant
  • De La Bastita H J P. Pilot Officer
  • Dear P D. Squadron Leader
  • Delahanty J I. Pilot Officer
  • Dellow J. Pilot Officer
  • Dickinson P E. Flying Officer
  • Donaghy P J. Flight Sergeant
  • Donaghy Patrick Joseph. Flt.Sgt. (d.11th May 1942)
  • Drew D A. Pilot Officer
  • Dulley D N. Sergeant
  • Dunkerley . Squadron Leader
  • Dunlop C E A. Flight Sergeant
  • Dunn D M. Pilot Officer
  • Duplooy S G. Flying Officer
  • Durie Roy A. Pilot Officer
  • Edwards K A. Sergeant
  • Edwards T H. Sergeant
  • Emmett K R N. Flying Officer
  • Erskine J. Sergeant
  • Evans F J J. Sergeant
  • Evans Philip. Squadron Leader
  • Fage J. Sergeant
  • Falconer J. Sergeant
  • Finlay J J. Pilot Officer
  • Finlayson J A C . Sergeant
  • Fitzpatrick R. Flight Sergeant
  • Fleiger George. Sergeant
  • Fletcher K P T. Sergeant
  • Flury B R. Sergeant
  • Foster W F W. Pilot Officer
  • Frankis R G. Warrant Officer
  • Freeman E. Flight Sergeant
  • French R E. Sergeant
  • Fry A E R. Flight Lieutenant
  • Fyfe John B. Squadron Leader
  • Galbraith P R. Flying Officer
  • Gamble . Sergeant
  • Gamble N R. Flying Officer
  • Garrard P. Squadron Leader
  • Gates G S. Sergeant
  • Gee D J R. Flying Officer
  • Gee R A. Pilot Officer
  • Geering George W. Warrant Officer
  • Gerring G W. Pilot Officer
  • Gibson W G. Flight Lieutenant
  • Gilchrist . Wing Commander
  • Gillard J E J. Flying Officer
  • Gillingham S J.
  • Grayson . Sergeant
  • Grece C M M. Wing Commander
  • Greening I C. Sergeant
  • Greenwood T. Flight Sergeant
  • Grill G A. Sergeant
  • Haddock C. Sergeant
  • Haines J. Flight Sergeant
  • Hall W A S . Flying Officer
  • Halliday J G. Wing Commander
  • Hammond G H. Flight Lieutenant
  • Hann J A E . Sergeant
  • Harris James W. Flight Sergeant
  • Harry G M. Flying Officer
  • Haswell H. Flying Officer
  • Hawks P A. Flight Lieutenant
  • Heggaton K W. Flight Sergeant
  • Heggaton Knox William. Flt.Sgt. (d.11th May 1942)
  • Henry Al. Sergeant
  • Heron J L. Flight Lieutenant
  • Hinman L B. Pilot Officer
  • Hird W. Flight Sergeant
  • Hitch . Pilot Officer
  • Hives E E. Pilot Officer
  • Hopkin A D. Pilot Officer
  • Hopkins L J. Sergeant
  • Hoskins J R. Sergeant
  • Hoskins John Richard . Sgt. (d.28th April 1942)
  • Hovenier A P. Flying Officer
  • Howarth J. Sergeant
  • Howell J E. Sergeant
  • Humphries H. Pilot Officer
  • Hunt Harry. Flying Officer
  • Hunter J A. Sergeant
  • Hutchings M D. Flying Officer
  • Imeson D C. Flight Sergeant
  • Instone T H M . Sergeant
  • Jackson A K. Pilot Officer
  • Jeffrey J S. Sergeant
  • Jenkin F L. Flight Lieutenant
  • Jenkins I B. Pilot Officer
  • Jenkins Ivor Bramwell. P/O. (d.24th June 1944)
  • Jerwood K W. Pilot Officer
  • Joanette J H S. Flight Sergeant
  • John Leigh. Sergeant
  • Johnson M P. Flying Officer
  • Johnson R F W. Pilot Officer
  • Jones J H. Flight Sergeant
  • Jones W T. Sergeant
  • Jones W. J.. Sgt. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Jones Winston Trevor . Sgt. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Kermode K W. Flight Sergeant
  • Kermode Kenneth William. Flt.Sgt. (d.11 May 1942)
  • Kerr T D. Pilot Officer
  • Kerr Thomas Donald. P/O. (d.3rd June 1941)
  • Kershaw C L. Flight Sergeant
  • Kingshott R V. Sergeant
  • Kknowles . Flight Lieutenant
  • Knight G E. Flight Sergeant
  • Knowles . Flight Lieutenant
  • Knowles Eric. Flight Lieutenant
  • Knowles Eric. Flt.Lt
  • LaForme George. Sergeant
  • Langton N R. Warrant Officer
  • Lauder K J. Sergeant
  • Lauder Keith John. Sgt. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Lauder Keith John Collinge . Sgt. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Le Grow Ronald H. Flying Officer
  • Leonard J F. Flight Sergeant
  • Lewis W F. Pilot Officer
  • Liddiard . Sergeant
  • Liddle J W. Sergeant
  • Lishman M W. Pilot Officer
  • Livingstone B A. Flying Officer
  • Lloyd John. Pilot Officer
  • Logan G F. Warrant Officer
  • Loney Wes G. Flight Lieutenant
  • Longmuir H R. Flight Lieutenant
  • Luckwell Richard. Pilot Officer
  • Lynch G B. Flying Officer
  • MacDonald D C. Flight Sergeant
  • MacDonald E. Sergeant
  • MacDonald R V. Flying Officer
  • Macdonald Roderick Villiers. P/O.
  • Martin A W. Pilot Officer
  • Mason A J. Sergeant
  • McCartney R N. Pilot Officer
  • McCurdy Alec. Pilot Officer
  • McDonagh T W. Sergeant
  • McDonald R A. Flying Officer
  • McKenzie D. Flight Sergeant
  • McLay Alan J. Pilot Officer
  • McLay Alan James. P/O (d.18th Aug 1944)
  • McLean Don. Sergeant
  • McLean G. Pilot Officer
  • McLellan V A. Warrant Officer Class 1
  • McLoughlin W. Flight Sergeant
  • McMillan P. Pilot Officer
  • Montgomery R G. Warrant Officer Class 2
  • Moore E P. Pilot Officer
  • Morgan C A. Sergeant
  • Morgan-Weldon-Smith R G S. Wing Commander
  • Morton D D.
  • Morton R D . Pilot Officer
  • Moss V. Pilot Officer
  • Moxham J G. Flying Officer
  • Murdoch M. Pilot Officer
  • Neary H F. Sergeant
  • Neilson A R. Flying Officer
  • Neilson Roy J. Pilot Officer
  • Newell F J. Sergeant
  • Niven Robert H. Wing Commander
  • Normore E S. Sergeant
  • Palmer G T. Squadron Leader
  • Palmer K V. Pilot Officer
  • Parsons J A. Flying Officer
  • Peckham J S. Sergeant
  • Perring R C. Pilot Officer
  • Phillips R A. Flying Officer
  • Pickering A. Flight Lieutenant
  • Pitcher D J. Flight Sergeant
  • Playford A R. Flight Sergeant
  • Polkinghorne P G. Flight Sergeant
  • Powell W. Flight Sergeant
  • Pratt D. Sergeant
  • Prentice W N. Warrant Officer
  • Ratel Philip P. Flight Lieutenant
  • Regan K R. Pilot Officer
  • Reilly J J. Pilot Officer
  • Revell R R J. Warrant Officer
  • Rex J. Pilot Officer
  • Reynolds B. Pilot Officer
  • Rhodes A M. Flight Lieutenant
  • Richards D J. Pilot Officer
  • Richards D J . Flying Officer
  • Richards Douglas John. F/O (d.30th May 1942)
  • Richards R. Flying Officer
  • Riley V T. Flight Sergeant
  • Roberts F G. Flying Officer
  • Roberts R L. Pilot Officer
  • Robertson J C. Flying Officer
  • Rogerson C F. Pilot Officer
  • Roper H D. Pilot Officer
  • Rowe H. Flying Officer
  • Rowles T J. Sergeant
  • Rutherford D R. Sergeant
  • Rutherford Douglas Robert. Sgt. (d.2nd March 1942)
  • Sandeliln R W. Warrant Officer Class 2
  • Sandes L D. Pilot Officer
  • Schafer L V. Sergeant
  • Schwind G L. Sergeant
  • Scouller C. Flight Sergeant
  • Scouller Chandos. Flt.Sgt. (d.11th May 1942)
  • Seigler Robert. Flying Officer
  • Seldon G E. Sergeant
  • Sharpe M L. Flight Sergeant
  • Shaw R E. Pilot Officer
  • Short F R. Flying Officer
  • Sissons B A. Squadron Leader
  • Slack L J. Flight Lieutenant
  • Smith G. Warrant Officer Class 1
  • Smith T. Flight Sergeant
  • Spiller John. Flight Lieutenant (d.19th September 1945)
  • Spino F. Warrant Officer Class 2
  • Spraggs H C J. Pilot Officer
  • St Ours J A. Pilot Officer
  • Steer J. Flight Sergeant
  • Stevenson R D. Pilot Officer
  • Stratton J A C. Wing Commander
  • Sturrock J G R. Flying Officer
  • Summers H J. Pilot Officer
  • Swierzynski . Pilot Officer
  • Taplin George W. Sergeant
  • Taylor D W B. Flying Officer
  • Thesiger D V. Pilot Officer
  • Thomas B J. Flying Officer
  • Thomas T. Flight Lieutenant
  • Thomas W J. Pilot Officer
  • Thomson J S J. Squadron Leader
  • Trusson S J. Sergeant
  • Turnbull M R. Pilot Officer
  • Villis . Flying Officer
  • Wade R P. Flight Lieutenant
  • Wallace W C. Warrant Officer
  • Weatherland . Flying Officer
  • Webb S H. Sergeant
  • Weight-Vowden P D. Pilot Officer
  • White N. Sergeant
  • White Nathaniel. Sgt. (d.21st Apr 1942)
  • Whitmore J N. Pilot Officer
  • Whitson A D. Sergeant
  • Wilkinson W G J. Sergeant
  • Williams R A . Pilot Officer
  • Wilson Ronald. Sergeant
  • Wilson W J. Sergeant
  • Wilson W H. Sergeant
  • Wood G T. Flight Sergeant
  • Woods Lloyd. Sergeant
  • Wordsworth K. Pilot Officer
  • Wright E E. Sergeant
  • Wright Peter. Pilot Officer
  • Wright T D . Flying Officer
  • Wylie Clive R. Pilot Officer
  • Zapfe W C. Flying Officer

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Flight Lieutenant Ernest E Allen Coastal Command 59 Squadron

My father was RCAF on loan to the RAF. Before his Alzheimer's clicked in about 6 or 7 years ago he did a memoir of his wartime experiences which can be found here:

There are some pictures that might be interesting to the Northcoates guys. I visited Northcoates with my mother maybe 20 years ago.

Mike Allen

Flight Sergeant A R Playford 59 Squadron

Pilot, who sank U-990.

Warrant Officer W N Prentice 59 Squadron


Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant A Pickering 59 Squadron


Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant Kknowles 59 Squadron

U-540 was sunk on the night of 16/17th October 1943 by Flt Lt Knowles of 59 Squadron RAF and W/O Turnbull of 120 Squadron RAF, in the north Atlantic.

Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant Knowles 59 Squadron

U-540 was sunk on the night of 16/17th October 1943 by Flt Lt Knowles of 59 Squadron RAF and W/O Turnbull of 120 Squadron RAF, in the north Atlantic.

Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant Wes G Loney 59 Squadron

F/L was the pilot for the sinking of U-470 on the 16 October 1943. 18 days southwest of Iceland, a patrolling aircraft spotted U-470 with two sister boats. The aircraft radioed back to base, and soon a whole swarm of British Royal Air Force Liberator aircraft from 59 Squadron and 120 Squadron had descended on the trio, who decided to battle it out on the surface rather than dive, which would have made them easy targets for depth charges. Over the course of the next several hours, the Liberators attacked the U-boats again and again, losing two of their number to anti-aircraft fire, one with all aboard and the other with two fatalities from the crew.

Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant John Spiller DFC 59 Squadron (d.19th September 1945)

F/L John Spiller DFC died in training, the 19th September, 1945.

Lorenzo del Mann

Pilot Officer H J P De La Bastita 59 Squadron

P/O De La Bastita was with OTU Belgiu.

Lorenzo del Mann

Flying Officer Harry Hunt 59 Squadron

missing in action

Lorenzo del Mann

Flying Officer Ronald H Le Grow 59 Squadron

missing in action

Lorenzo del Mann

Flight Lieutenant Eric Knowles DFM 59 Squadron

My Dad was Flt Lt Eric Knowles DFM of 59 Sqn RAF. I'd like to hear from anyone who flew with my late father.

Roger Knowles

P/O Stanley William Ashton 59 Squadron (d.4th June 1940)

Stanley Ashton is buried in our Swindon cemetery in the same plot as 11201 Frederick Loveday who died 6th November 1918 serving also with the RAF No. 1 transport depot. I'm looking for any more information on both men and the connection between them.

Mark Sutton

P/O. Thomas Donald Kerr 59 Squadron (d.3rd June 1941)

Thomas Kerr was my uncle. just didn't want him forgotten.

James R Kerr

P/O. Ivor Bramwell "Taffy" Jenkins 59 Squadron (d.24th June 1944)

My uncle, P.O. Ivor Bramwell Jenkins, was pilot of Liberator V H (FL977). It was on patrol on June 24th 1944. He was returning after a 16 hour flight to Ballykelly. The fog was so bad that he tried 3 time to land but crashed into Benvenegah mountain. All on board were killed. The Irish Wreckology world war 2 group built a memorial cross at the site of the crash. As the sole surviving relative of the family, I am most grateful for this. The account of the crash is in the book,"Covering the Approaches" by John Quinn and Alan Reilly.

Update: Taffy Jenkins was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jenkins, of Blaengarw. He died age 24 is buried at Row G. Grave 23 Pontycymmer Cemetery.

Morton Jenkins

P/O. Roderick Villiers Macdonald 59 Squadron

My dad, Roderick Macdonald was a member of 59 Squadron and flew many missions. I am sure they were part of the 1000 bomber raid on Bremen. His Pilot before he got his wings was F/O Du Ploy from Rhodesia. I have many photos if anyone is interested.

John Macdonald

Sgt. Keith John Lauder 59 Squadron (d.2nd March 1942)

Keith Lauder flew as an Observer with 59 Squadron.

Doug McElroy

W/O Hubert Farewells "Slasher" Birks 59 Squadron

I have published a book about my father Hubert Birks 's experiences: 'Into the Hands of Nippon'

David Birks

Sgt. Douglas Robert Rutherford 59 Squadron (d.2nd March 1942)

Douglas Rutherford was among st the crew of Hudson AM796 of 59 Sqn RAF took off on a Reefer patrol over the North Sea from its base at North Coates, Lincolnshire, UK, at 0855hrs on the 2nd of March 1942. Since then nothing further heard of either the aircraft or any member of the crew. The aircraft was believed lost in an air battle over the North Sea.

Doug McElroy

Sgt. Keith John Collinge Lauder 59 Squadron (d.2nd March 1942)

Keith Lauder was on board Hudson AM796 of 59 Sqn RAF when it took off on a Reefer patrol over the North Sea from its base at North Coates, Lincolnshire, UK, at 0855hrs on 2 March 1942. Since then nothing further heard of either the aircraft or any member of the crew. The aircraft was believed lost in an air battle over the North Sea

Doug McElroy

F/O. Donald Hunter Bain 59 Squadron (d.2nd March 1942)

Donald Bain was onboard Hudson AM796 of 59 Sqn RAF which took off on a Reefer patrol over the North Sea from its base at North Coates, Lincolnshire, UK, at 0855hrs on 2nd of March 1942. Since then nothing further heard of either the aircraft or any member of the crew. The aircraft was believed lost in an air battle over the North Sea

Doug McElroy

Sgt. Winston Trevor Jones 59 Squadron (d.2nd March 1942)

Winston Jones was a crew member on board Hudson AM796 of 59 Sqn RAF which took off on a Reefer patrol over the North Sea from its base at North Coates, Lincolnshire, UK, at 0855hrs on 2nd of March 1942. Since then nothing further heard of either the aircraft or any member of the crew. The aircraft was believed lost in an air battle over the North Sea

Doug McElroy

Sgt. Nathaniel White 59 Squadron (d.21st Apr 1942)

Nathaniel White was lost in a flying Battle over the North Sea

Doug McElroy

Flt.Sgt. Chandos Scouller 59 Squadron (d.11th May 1942)

Chandos Scouller was lost in a flying Battle over the North Sea. His resting place is Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany.

Doug McElroy

F/O Douglas John Richards 59 Squadron (d.30th May 1942)

Douglas Richards was lost over Germany. His resting place is the Sage War Cemetery, Sage, Oldenburg, Germany

Doug McElroy

P/O Alan James McLay 59 Squadron (d.18th Aug 1944)

Alan James McLay was lost whilst flying from Scotland. His resting place is Wick Cemetery, Wick, Scotland.

Doug McElroy

Sgt. John Richard Hoskins 59 Squadron (d.28th April 1942)

Doug McElroy

Flt.Sgt. Norman Athol Cooper 59 Squadron (d.19th June 1944)

Norman Athol Cooper's place of rest is the Tamlaght Finlagan Church of Ireland Churchyard in Ballykelly, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Doug McElroy

Flt.Sgt. Kenneth John Nielsen Apitz 59 Squadron (d.19th June 1944)

Kenneth Apitz's place of rest is the Tamlaght Finlagan Church of Ireland Churchyard in Ballykelly, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Doug McElroy

Flt.Lt Eric Knowles DFM 59 Sqdn.

Did anyone fly with my late father? Please contact me.

Roger Knowles

Sgt. Hubert Farewells "Slasher" Birks 217 Squadron

My father Hubert Birks joined the crew of a 217 Squadron Coastal Command Beaufort. On his first operational flight on the 9th of July 1941, they attacked a U-boat. The four crew: PO Graham, PO Stockley, Sgt Williams and Sgt Marshall, were later reported missing. My father joined 59 Squadron and then volunteered to fly with a crew of a Hudson to the far east. He spent three and a half years as Japanese POW Camp before returning to home to the UK. He past away in 1973, aged 62.

David Birks

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