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No. 41 Squadron Royal Air Force in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

The Wartime Memories Project

- No. 41 Squadron Royal Air Force during the Second World War -

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World War 2 Two II WW2 WWII

No. 41 Squadron Royal Air Force


28th May 1940 Patrols

28th July 1940  Battle of Britain

29th July 1940 Battle of Britain

5th August 1940  Battle of Britain

9th Aug 1940 Defence

15th Aug 1940 Eagle Day

15th Aug 1940 Eagle Day

3rd Sept 1940 In Action

5th Sept 1940 Black Day

5th September 1940 Battle of Britain

7th Sept 1940 Battle of Britain

8th September 1940  Battle of Britain

11th September 1940 Battle of Britain

14th Sept 1940 Battle of Britain

15th Sep 1940 Battle of Britain Day

17th September 1940  Battle of Britain

24th Sept 1940 Bad day

11th Nov 1940 Italian airforce joins battle

28th July 1941 On the Move

Feb 1942 In Support

19th Aug 1942 Dieppe Raid

28th Feb 1943 Move

21st June 1943  Reorganisation

29th April 1944 On the Move

28th June 1944 Move

Sept 1944 Patrols

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Those known to have served with

No. 41 Squadron Royal Air Force

during the Second World War 1939-1945.

  • Adams D. A.. P/O
  • Aldridge F. J..
  • Allison J. W..
  • Allison J. W..
  • Angus R. A..
  • Baker H. C..
  • Bamburger C. S..
  • Barton Robert A.. F/O.
  • Beardsley R. A..
  • Bennions George Harman. P/O
  • Blatchford Howard P.. F/O.
  • Bodkin William Fred. F/O. (d.28th Aug 1941)
  • Boyle J. G.. P/O (d.28th Sep 1940)
  • Brown M. P..
  • Carr-Lewty Robert. Sgt.
  • Carr-Lewty Robert. Sgt.
  • Carter L. R.. Sgt.
  • Chalder H. H..
  • Copley James J. H.. P/O
  • Corey Guy W.. P/O
  • Darling E. V.. P/O
  • Draper G. G.F..
  • Finlay D. O..
  • Ford R. C..
  • Gamblen Douglas R.. F/O. (d.29th Jul 1940)
  • Garvey L. A..
  • Gillies . Sgt.
  • Harris Albert. Sgt.
  • Healy T. W.R..
  • Hibbert John E.. Adj.P/O.
  • Hood Hilary Richard Lionel. Sqd Ldr. (d.5th Sep 1940)
  • Howett Isaac E.. Sgt.
  • Johnston Geoffrey A.G.. Sqd Ldr.
  • Langley G. A.. P/O (d.15th Sep 1941)
  • Lecky J. G..
  • Lister R. C.F.. Sqd Ldr.
  • Lloyd P. D..
  • Lock Eric Stanley. P/O (d.3rd Aug 1941)
  • Lovell Anthony Desmond Joseph. F/Lt.
  • Mackensie John N..
  • McAdam J..
  • Mileham D. E..
  • Morrough-Ryan Oliver B.. P/O
  • O'Niell D. H.O.. F/O. (d.11th Oct 1940)
  • Overall Horace E.H.. P/O
  • Piddocke Bernard G.. P/O
  • Robertson . P/O
  • Ryder Norman. F/Lt.
  • Sayers J. E..
  • Scott W. J.M.. F/O. (d.8th Sep 1941)
  • Shipman Edward A.. Flt.Sgt
  • Shipman John.
  • Sinclair Colin.
  • Spencer Terence. S/Ldr.
  • Staple Owen David. Wing Commander
  • Theilmann John G.. F/O.
  • Usmar Frank. Sgt.
  • vanGoens Rijklof. F/Lt. (d.17th Aug 1944)
  • Walker J. R..
  • Wallens R. W.. P/O
  • Webster John Terrence. F/Lt. (d.5th Sep 1940)
  • Winskill Archie. P/O
  • Young John R.C.. P/O

The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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Wing Commander Owen David Staple DFC 107 Squadron 14 Squadron 75 squadron 41 Squadron 40 Squadron

Owen David Staple was from Dec-1942 with 36(Mosquito) Operational Training Unit in Canada as a pilot; from February 1944 with 60 OTU in the United Kingdom; from June 1944 with 107 Squadron (Mosquito); from April 1948 14 Squadron in Japan; from November 1954 75 Squadron; from September 1959 with 41 Squadron in Malaya.

Decorations,Medals,Awards: DFC-1945, AFC-1960, 1939/45 STAR, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal 1939/45 War Medal, New Zealand War Service Medal, General Service Medal (Malaya).

Wing Commander Owen David Staple past away in 1974 at the age of 49. I am looking for more information on him as he died when I was 3 months old. The information is going towards the family tree so we do not forget the memories of the brave men and women of war.

Michael David Staple

John Shipman 41 Squadron

My father, John Shipman, flew Spitfires from Catterick in 41 Squadron. His personal recollections are recorded in his book "One of the Few"

John Shipman

Colin "Jock" Sinclair 41st Sqd.

Colin Sinclair was an electrical engineer in 41 Squadron- based at Tangmere on the first night of the War. At retirement in 1970 he was a Wing Commander.

Rowena Sinclair

Sqd Ldr. Hilary Richard Lionel "Robin" Hood 41 Squadron (d.5th Sep 1940)

The events leading to Squadron Leader HRL Hood DFC being officially listed as Missing are complex; contemporary records are now incomplete, contradictory and vague. By assembling the facts available, supplemented by eye-witness accounts and tangible relics, a clearer picture emerges which could possibly explain Squadron Leader Hoods true fate.

At 1500 hrs on Thursday, 5 September 1940, Squadron Leader Hood led 12 Spitfires of 41 Squadron from Hornchurch with orders to patrol Maidstone at 15,000ft. Hood flew as Blue 1 of B Flight, rearguard cover being provided by A Flight, led by Flight Lieutenant Norman Ryder. The scramble was a hurried affair and, as the squadron climbed away from Hornchurch, a large enemy formation was encountered flying up the Thames Estuary towards London: He111s, Do17s and Ju88s escorted by Me109s. Other Fighter Command squadrons had been vectored to intercept this raid; the Hurricanes of North Wealds 249 Squadron, Debdens 17 and 73 Squadrons, Northolts 303 Squadron and Staplefords 46 Squadron.

41 Squadron Pilot Officer Wally Wallens recalls: "As usual I was flying Number 2 on Robin Hood leading B Flight and, being unable to gain height advantage and position in time, Robin put us in line-astern and open echelon port and attacked head-on, a desperate manoeuvre that could age one very prematurely. Within seconds all hell broke loose and, as the action developed, B Flight was overwhelmingly attacked by the 109s. Only four Spitfires from 41 Squadron failed to return this engagement. Pilot Officer Tony Lovell had parachuted out of his burning aircraft over South Benfleet and returned to Hornchurch. Pilot Officer Wallens had force-landed, near Orsett, with a cannon shell through his leg and had been taken to hospital. One pilot was confirmed killed in action. His body was identified as that of Flight Lieutenant Webster DFC. Squadron Leader Hood was officially recorded as Missing." Reg Lovett of 73 Squadron Another casualty of this interception and relevant to our investigation was Flight Lieutenant Reg Lovett DFC of 73 Squadron. That units Intelligence Report states that:

A and B flights took off from Castle Camps at 14.55 hrs with orders to orbit North of Gravesend. At 1510 approx. enemy formation sighted about 1 mile to south being engaged by A/A at 19,000ft. E/A flying westwards in 3 vics, in line astern. A Flight led by F/Lt Lovett DFC attacked the rearmost formation. Leader commenced quarter attack, but as E/A travelling very fast it developed into astern attack at 350 yards. Leader experienced considerable cross fire and was hit by MG fire on the port side. Closed to 300 yards, but hit on starboard leading edge by cannon shell, and in breaking away a Spitfire came upwards almost vertically and they collided. Leader baled out and landed near Rochford, uninjured after a delayed drop." Throughout this engagement, numerous aircraft fell to the earth below, observed by many military, police and ARP personnel, in addition to the general public. The majority of aircraft fell in the Nevendon area of Essex, adjacent to the A127, the main arterial road between London and Southend-on-Sea.

The ARP telephone messages recorded: "At 15.30 approx. at Nevendon 0.25 mile SE Nevendon Hall. Machine Wrecked. Spitfire. Pilot baled out unhurt. At 15.30 approx. Wickford. Fuselage, part body and one wing fell Cranfield Park Road 400 yards SW Tye Corner. Wing bears marking K, believed British."

Further details were recorded in the War Diaries of local military units. The aircraft losses noted in the ARP records were also present in these diaries, but the following additional information was noted: "312 Searchlight Battery RA: A wing apparently belonging to a British fighter was recovered at M177010. One British pilot picked up dead on the Arterial Road at M1710.

S/Ldr. Terence Spencer DFC 350 Sqdn.

S/Ldr Spencer served with 350 and 41 Squadrons during WWII.

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