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Photo Baseball Trophy in Folkestone, England, June 1918 called THE FLETCHER TROPHY

Photo Baseball Trophy in Folkestone, England, June 1918 called THE FLETCHER TROPHY Click image to view full size.

On Saturday 8th June 1918, the American Army played the Canadian Army in a baseball 'championship' match at the Cricket Ground, Folkestone. The US Army was based at Shorncliffe, near Folkestone, Kent The local newspaper, the Folkestone Herald mentioned that a cup had been presented specially for this 'championship match' by the London City and Midland Bank. In another edition of the paper it mentions that the donors were F. Fletcher and J.H. Gambrill. Then in another edition it mentions that the donor of the trophy was Mr. Frank Fletcher, manager of the Midland Bank, and the Trophy was known as THE FLETCHER TROPHY The American Army team won the match and a small shield was placed on the plinth of the FLETCHER TROPHY recording the fact that the 310th Battalion, U.S.A. Army were winners. Three years later, the Trophy comes to the fore again in a newspaper report regarding the newly formed 'Kent County Schools' Football Championship'. The report is published in the Folkestone Herald, 8th October 1921, it reads:- "The Fletcher Trophy which was given for a County Schools Championship by Mr. Frank Fletcher of Folkestone, will appropriately enough, be on show in Mr. Frith’s window next week. The trophy is one which was offered for a baseball championship between the American and Canadian troops in Folkestone and Shorncliffe area, and was won by a battalion of the American Army. Then the Americans went to France, and when the war was won the trophy was returned to the donor. He presented it to the County Schools' Federation in 1921, which had just been formed, and the plinth still has on it a shield recording the fact that it was won by the 310th Battalion U.S.A. Army." It is pleasing to report that this trophy - a Tankard - is still in existence today and is called THE FLETCHER TROPHY and is still the Championship trophy for the Champions of Kent in Under-15's Schools' football. I have attached a photograph. If used in any article will you please acknowledge "KSFA" (Kent Schools' Football Association). If this is something that you feel is 'a little different' and might have a place on your Project COBB website, then please let me know. It would be nice if there was ever a programme printed for this match. That is something I intend to chase up on my further research. I am still working on a little bit more background story to this, and of course trying to find a proper match report of the game. Anyway, let me know what you think. With kind regards,

Does anyone have a programme of this Baseball match. Once I find the programme then the names of the players will be able to researched.

Submitted by: TonyDart

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