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30th November 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

30th November 1916

On this day:

  • 30 November 1916 

  • France   36th Battalion AIF cross to France in late November 1916.

  • Enemy is Strong   33rd Battalion AIF Report from La Chapelle-d'Armentières "Our artillery quiet all day. Enemy put 4 Minnie's over left CO without damage. At 10pm Our patrol from 3.10.1. reported enemy were strong. Enemy working on parapet repairing damage done by our Light trench mortar on 29th inst. At 8 pm Patrol from Post C report enemy quiet.

    Right (1) Sector, Enemy used great number of Verey Lights, also 3 search lights all night. 3 of enemy said to have been shot by our snipers. Enemy bombed his own wire during night. Enemy used rifle grenades on our right during day without result. Enemy used M.G. (Machine gun) and Rifle fire along our parapet all night."

    War Diary of 33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force, La Chapelle-d'Armentières & Right(1) Sector

  • 33rd Battalion AIF Routine Order No. 120    33rd Battalion AIF Routine Order No. 120 by Lt Col LJ Morshead commanding Chapelle d'Armentières 30.11.1916.

    BATTALION AREA 1183 No one is allowed in the battalion area without permission of the CO. O's C CO's will question all officers whether they had first reported to battalion headquarters before visiting the trenches. Yesterday a party of officers from another battalion made an inspection without the knowledge of the CO. Officers not belonging to this Brigade or Division Staff must have a pass signed by the CO or Adjutant.

    SPECIALIST OFFICERS 1185 The following officers will report daily to the CO at times specified Signalling Officer 9:30 am

    Scout Officer 10:00 am

    Lewis GunOfficer at 10:30 am

    Bombing Officer 10:45 am

    Sniping Officer and 9:00 pm

    VERY LIGHTS 1185 Apart from intelligence reports the CO must be informed when, where, how many, and why Very Lights are used.

    DISTRIBUTION OF ORDERS 1186 The Signalling Officer is responsible for seeing that all specialist officers read and sign all copies of orders sent to him.

    MESSAGES 1187 There is too much delay in replying to messages sent from Battalion Headquarters to Companies. These messages should be sent out to responsible officers by Company runners if necessary as soon as they are received from Headquarters runners. More attention must be paid to promptly detailing any specialists who are asked for.

    SNIPERS 1188 Battalion snipers will take up their position at Cemetery Post, on the Subsidiary Line. They will report there to Lt. Saunders at 8 am. See RO No. 110 Paragraph 1177, re rations.

    TELEPHONE MESSAGES 1189 All ranks must be warned of serious results that may follow from telephone messages giving particulars of strength, casualties, dispositions, etc. These matters are invariably to be sent by runners except in cases of extreme urgency when the officers sending same will be held responsible. Instances have already occurred of units using their designations instead of station calls. In future disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.

    WATER 1190 The water supply of the town may be used for drinking by troops from the fountains in the streets. All water supply is cut off from dark to daylight. Cooks, etc. should therefore be warned to obtain a sufficient supply to last overnight and for breakfast. Water used in houses and obtained from wells should not be drunk by troops unless boiled, i.e. in the form of tea etc.

    STRENGTH 1191 No. 4971 Pte. DC ? Anderson is taken on strength of this Battalion from ?/11/1916

    PUNISHMENTS The following punishments were awarded on 25 November 1916

    No. 4971 Private DC ? Anderson "A" company absent without leave from 6 am 20/11/1916 to 4:30 am 21/11/1916. Forfeit 1 days pay. 20 days at F.F. No 2.

    No. 4262 Private H Long "D" company absent without leave from 6 am 29/11/1916 to 10 pm 21/11/1916. Forfeit 2 days pay. 20 days at F.F. No 2.

    No. ? Private E Ryan "D" company absent without leave from 6 am 29/11/1916 to 10 pm 21/11/1916. Forfeit 2 days pay. 21 days at F.F. No 2. (signed) RC Jones, Second Lieutenant Adjutant, 33rd Battalion AIF

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force war Diary Appendix

  • 30th Nov 1916 Appointment to Reserve Cavalry

  • 30th Nov 1916 Rest and Inspections

  • 30th Nov 1916 Romania Defeated

  • 30th Nov 1916 Advance by Tank

  • 30th Nov 1916 On the March


    Frosty morning. Sick parade for past 3 days averaged over 100. Men mostly suffering from sores owing to run down condition.

    The National Archives Reference WO95/2361/1

  • 30th Nov 1916 Letters Home

  • 30th Nov 1916 Drill

  • 30th Nov 1916 Training

  • 30th Nov 1916 Football

  • 30th Nov 1916 Reliefs

  • 30th of November 1916 Combined Bombardment

  • 30th Nov 1916 Route March

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  • Pte. George Hetherington. Border Regiment 2nd Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Ophir Alfred Jarvis. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 7th Btn. Read their Story.

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