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26th January 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

26th January 1916

On this day:

  • 16th Northumberland Fusilers move to Millencourt   16th Northumberlands move back to Millencourt to prepare for building a new trench system in f sector, work to start on the 2nd of Feb 1916.

    records of the 16th (service) battalion northumberland fusiliers captain ch cooke mc, newcastle upon tyne 1923

  • Hostile Artillery Active   6th County of London Brigade RFA report hostile artillery was again active during the day. From 1345 to 1430 enemy bombarded very heavily, the Copse, the Chalk Pit and Fosse 7 communication trenches with light high velocity guns, 4.2s, & 5.9s from Lens. The Germans have done a lot of work in their new trenches. Observation Balloon went down as soon as the shelling ceased. During the night new trench and saps were kept under fire. The remaining sections of the 3rd London Brigade RFA took over from the remaining sections of the 1st London Brigade RFA

    War Diaries

  • U-Boat Index - WW1   SM U-72

    Type UE 1 Shipyard Vulcan, Hamburg (Werk 56) Ordered 6 Jan 1915 Launched 31 Oct 1915 Commissioned 26 Jan 1916

    28 Jan 1916 - 17 Jul 1917 Ernst Krafft.
    18 Jul 1917 - 5 Nov 1917 Johannes Feldkirchner.
    6 Nov 1917 - 31 Dec 1917 Erich Schulze.
    1 Jan 1918 - 31 Oct 1918 Hermann Bohm

    Career 4 patrols.
    11 Apr 1916 - 17 Sep 1916 I Flotilla.
    17 Sep 1916 - 1 Nov 1918 Pola/Mittelmeer II Flotilla

    Successes 21 ships sunk with a total of 38,596 tons.
    5 ships damaged with a total of 21,513 tons.

    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Achaia 2,733 br
    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Hiso 1,562 nw
    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Doreen 9 br
    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Allegro 7 br
    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Griffin 10 br
    • 7 Sep 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Puffin (damaged) unknown br
    • 19 Nov 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Maria Di Pompei 286 it
    • 23 Nov 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Margherita F. 44 it
    • 26 Nov 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Christoforos 3,674 gr
    • 27 Nov 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Salvatore Ciampa 1,728 it
    • 2 Dec 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Palermo 9,203 it
    • 11 Dec 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Jeanne 534 it
    • 14 Dec 1916 U 72 Ernst Krafft Caledonia (damaged) 7,572 br
    • 3 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Manin B. 249 it
    • 7 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Errington Court (damaged) 4,461 br
    • 8 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Cheltonian 4,426 br
    • 8 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Felicina 165 it
    • 9 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Bravore 1,650 nw
    • 9 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft General Laurie 238 br
    • 9 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Montebello 2,603 it
    • 13 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Santo 622 it
    • 13 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Biagio 276 it
    • 25 Jun 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Southern (damaged) 5,694 br
    • 7 Jul 1917 U 72 Ernst Krafft Shigizan Maru 2,828 jp
    • 1 Aug 1917 U 72 Johannes Feldkirchner Rokeby (damaged) 3,786 br
    • 4 Aug 1917 U 72 Johannes Feldkirchner British Monarch 5,749 br

    Fate 1 Nov 1918 - Scuttled during the evacuation of Cattaro in position 42.30N, 18.41E.

    There was another U 72 in World War Two.
    That boat was launched from its shipyard on 22 Nov 1940 and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 4 Jan 1941.

    John Doran

  • Work starts on No2 shaft for 3rd Canadian Tunnelling Coy   

    Wytschaete. Commenced work on No2 shaft.

    War Diary Transcript

  • 26th Jan 1916 Second to None

  • 26th Jan 1916 Cleaning

  • 26th Jan 1916 Inspection and Baths

  • 26th Jan 1916 Training

  • 26th Jan 1916 On Alert

  • 26th Jan 1916 Trench Work

  • 26th Jul 1916 Cleaning

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  • Pte. Benjamin Brennan. Rifle Brigade 9th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. James Edward Christie. Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Btn.
  • Stok1. James Powell. Royal Navy TB13 Read their Story.
  • Pte. Thomas Warriner. Northumberland Fusiliers 5th Btn.

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