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23rd April 1915 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

23rd April 1915

On this day:

  • Allies close gap near Ypres   The 2nd Buffs and 3rd Middlesex holding the line at the cross roads in the centre of Sint Jan, were joined by the 5th Kings Own and the 1st York and Lancs, to form the Geddes Detachment under the command of Col Geddes of the Buffs. They joined with the Canadian Division to fill the gap left by the French Colonials who had fled under a gas attack the previous evening. Later in the day the Geddes Detachment was reinforced and the seven battalions counter-attacked as part of a wider effort to stabilise the line.

  • Daily Battery Activity 6th London Brigade RFA    6th County of London Brigade RFA report 16th london Bty began to register a new zone, but the Observing Officer was shelled out of his observation station. Later 16th Bty registered trenches from S.27A.0.3 to A.3.A.0.5, 23 rounds fired. Ranges 3375-3575 yards. 17th London Bty did not fire. 15th London Bty came into position again from reserve, at daybreak 23rd April 1915.

    The 15th & 16th Batteries are now under the tactical command of Colonel Hall RA (36th Brigade RFA), the 17th Bty remains under the tactical command of Colonel Parry (34th Brigade RFA). Brigade Headquarters moved from the banks of the La Bassee to Loisne.

    War Diaries

  • In Action   1st Battalion, Royal Scots are fighting at Sanctuary Wood, Zillebeke, Belgium in the Second Battle of Ypres.

  • 23rd April 1915 On the march

  • Transfer of horsed wagons   Orders received by 19th Field Ambulance at Erquinghem-Lys for the seven horsed ambulance wagons to be sent to No. 1 Co. 6th Divisional Train this morning, with drivers and horses. The motor ambulance wagon sent by the ADMS 6th Division has been sent to the 16th Field Ambulance.

    War diary RAMC 19th Field Ambulance, Erquinghem-Lys

  • 1st Bn Herts into billets at Givenchy   23 to 25-4-1915. Bn relieved by the 8th City of London Regt at B1 Givenchy.

    War Diary of the 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment

  •    E Battery 3rd Brigade RHA

    With 5th Cavalry Brigade in reserve. Started at 1130 and marched to Boeschepe where went into bivouac at 2000 - very cold.

  • 23rd of April 1915 Under attack

  • 23rd of April 1915 Troop concentrations

  • 23rd of April 1915 Northunberlands Transferred

  • 23rd of April 1915 DLI

  • 23rd of April 1915 Moving forward

  • 23rd of April 1915 Occupying the Line

  • 23rd of April 1915 Directives received

  • 23rd of April 1915 Divisional movements

  • 23rd of April 1915 Cancelled movement

  • 23rd of April 1915 Delays

  • 23rd of April 1915 Urgent advance

  • 23rd of April 1915 DLI to 5th Corps

  • 23rd of April 1915 Artillery placement

  • 23rd Apr 1915 

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Brigade Moves

  • 23rd Apr 1915 7th Northumberlands on the March

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Training

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Noxious Gases

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Galantry in Bayonet charge

  •    April 23rd 1915 To The Committee of the County Battalion The Durham Light Infantry

    There will be no meeting of the Committee at Cocken Hall on Monday the 26th inst. There is little that requires immediate attention; and probably only half the Battalion will be there.

    Orders were received by telephone on the morning of the 21st that the Battalion was to proceed to camp near Blagdon immediately - I believe the same evening. Colonel Bowes very wisely decided that the Garden Party which had been decided to be held that afternoon - together with a show parade - should not be interfered with; and it was the means of collecting together something like 2000 people, friends and relatives of the members of the Battalion. After consultation with him I decided to try and postpone the departure of the Battalion for a few days, if possible; and therefore, at about 5 p.m. I telephoned to York, only to find that all the arrangements had been counterordered an hour previously; and that 400 men and officers were to entrain, at two hours’ notice, for Middlesbrough, for what York described as “an emergency.” The entraining was carried out without a hitch; and 710 men and 23 officers, horses, etc., are at present in Middlesbrough. Colonel Bowes has, however, applied that the Battalion shall be allowed to reassemble at Cocken before they finally go into camp elsewhere. Major Tristram - who unfortunately has had rather a serious fall - is meanwhile in Command at Cocken. If the Battalion is to move at this short notice there is sure to be trouble in future with the Contractor; which, however, will, of course, lie upon the shoulders of York.

    The second Depot Company grows very slowly. At present there are about 1400 of all ranks, of whom we shall lose 8 special artificers, who go back to their firms for the manufacturing of armaments.

    A new cook house must be provided. I propose to go on with this quite independent of the 18th (Service) Battalion leaving Cocken, as it must be provided for the incoming Battalion; about which I am writing to York.

    About half of the men have been vaccinated; which, of course, would not have been done had we known of the move.

  • 23rd Apr 1915 On the March

  • 23rd Apr 1915 In Billets

  • 23rd Apr 1915 On the Move

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Delay

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Transports Sail

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Route March

  • 23rd Apr 1915 Orders

  • 23rd Aug 1915 Trench Work & Artillery Exchange

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