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22nd April 1915 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

22nd April 1915

On this day:

  • French retreat near Ypres   In the early evening the Germans employed gas against French troops to the North of Ypres, causing a retreat. Two battalions from the 2nd Buffs and 3rd Middlesex were ordered into a stop formation at the cross roads in the centre of Sint Jan was hordes of French Turcos and Zouaves fled towards Ypres, leaving a gap in the Allied lines.

  • German Embassy issues warning against Atlantic travel   

    Warning in the press, adjacent to an advertisement for Lusitania's return voyage.


    "Travellers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk."

    Imperial German Embassy, Washington, D.C. 22 April 1915

  • Daily Battery Activity 6th London Brigade RFA    16th London Battery moved into a new position and did not fire.

    War Diaries

  • 2nd Camerons at Hill 60   2nd Queens Own Cameron Highlanders are in the trenches at Hill 60

  • The "Second Battle of Ypres". 1st Battalion fighting at Sanctuary Wood, Zillebeke, Belgium April 1915.   1st Battalion fighting at Sanctuary Wood, Zillebeke, Belgium.

  • 22nd April 1915 9th Lancers train

  • Sheffield City Battalion vs 15th Sherwoods   Sheffield City Battalion's soccer eleven played a match against the 15th Battalion Sherwood Foresters and won the game by six goals to nil.

    Sheffield City Battalion - Ralph Gibson & Paul Oldfield

  • Motor ambulances replace horsed wagons   Seven motor ambulance wagons from St Omer arrived for duty with 14 MT* drivers in place of seven horsed wagons to be withdrawn.

    * Mechanical transport

    War diary RAMC 19th Field Ambulance, Erquinghem-Lys

  • 1st Bn Herts into billets at Le Preol   Relieved by the 15th County of London Regt. and went into billets at Le Preol.

    War Diary of the 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment

  • 3rd Monmouths in the line   The 3rd Monmouth Battalion relieved the 5th King's Own and finding things much as before they carried on with their every day routine. But there they stayed without relief, for 17 days, the 5th Kings Own never came again and the Welshmen waited patiently for relief, amid rumour after rumour as to the war activities. They knew that heavy bombardment had started a few miles north of the 3rd Mons position and during the following days rumour after rumour began to circulated about what had happened on the fateful day of 22nd of April. They heard that 18,000 Canadians withstood the first Western Front poison gas attack and could scarcely believe the news. On the 22 April an event occurred that was a major event in the war, the first use of gas as a weapon of war. This attack caused widespread panic among French troops and German forces swept through the gaps, which opened up in the front line. Canadian and British troops struggled to hold back the attack but, after suffering constant shelling and very high casualties, they were forced to retreat to a new defensive line.

  • Move to Russia   1st German Guards Division

    The Division went to Russia (Galicia), detraining at Bochnia on the 22nd April.

    During a campaign from 15th May to 31st August it fought at Tarnow and Krasmoslaw, skirted Brest-Litowak and pushed on to Krobin.

    The losses of the 3rd Foot Guards Regiment during this period were 17 officers and 2,116 men. The 1st Foot Guards Regiment lost 53 officers and 3,005 men

    historical records

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Attack Expected

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Reconnaissance

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Noxious Gases

  • 22nd April 1915 In the Trenches

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Counter Attack

  • 22nd April 1915 Arms Tested

  • 22nd Apr 1915 On Stand by

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Inspection and Orders

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Into Billets

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Preparations

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Arms Tested

  • 22nd of April 1915 Germans Attack

  • 22nd of April 1915 At Readiness Level

  • 22nd of April 1915 Standing by

  • 22nd Apr 1915 Training

  • 4th Northumberlandson the march   The Companies of the 4th Northumberlands assembled at Bavinchove station and marched through Cassel to Oudezeele arriving at 3pm, they are divided into platoons and march to their billets at small farms.

    At 10.40pm news arrived of the German gas attack near Langemarck, some 20 miles to the east just over 5 hours earlier, which had resulted in an advance by the enemy of around a mile. At 10.50pm orders arrived for six Companies of the York and Durham Brigade to be ready to move by motor bus in full battle order. Forty minutes later the order was countermanded to stand by, ready to leave fully equipped.

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Remembering those who died this day.

  • Pte. Hope Reginald Croucher. 1st Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. William Joseph Evans. Middlesex Regiment 2nd Btn.
  • Pte. Francis Morrison Grant. Gordon Highlanders 1st Btn.
  • Pte. Thomas Hendry. Royal Scots 1st Battalion Read their Story.
  • 2nd Lt. William Bertram Hirst. Lincolnshire Regiment 4th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Robert Jackson. Northumberland Fusiliers 2nd Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. John McGhee. Royal Scots 1st Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte. Patrick Reilly. Royal Scots 1st Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte. David Cousins Scott. Royal Scots 1st Battalion Read their Story.

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