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20th November 1914 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

20th November 1914

On this day:

  • Construction work begins at Clipstone Camp   W. Hodson & Sons of Nottingham begin construction work for the army camp at Clipstone near Mansfield, on land belonging to the Duke of Portland, with over 400 men being engaged.

  • 2nd Life Guards at Brielen   2 Life Guards spent a quiet day in Dug outs at Brielen. At 5 pm the Regiment moved to billets at Brielen.

    War Diary

  • 2nd Sportsmans Battalion raised   24th (Service) Battalion (2nd Sportsman's), better known as the Sportsmen's Battalions, were among the Pals battalions formed in the Great War. Rather than be taken from a small geographical area, these particular battalions were largely made up of men who had made their name in sports such as cricket, boxing and football or the media.

    24th (Service) Battalion (2nd Sportsman's) Formed in London on 20 November 1914 by Mrs E.Cunliffe-Owen. March 1915: moved to Hornchurch. June 1915 : came under command of 99th Brigade, 33rd Division. Landed at Boulogne in November 1915. 13 December 1915 : transferred to 5th Brigade in 2nd Division.

  • Zeppelin LZ32 has first flight   Zeppelin LZ32 (L7) was an M Class craft which had its first flight on 20th November 1914. It went on to carry out 77 reconnaissance missions over the North Sea and made several unsuccessful attempts to attack the English coast. It was brought down on the 4th May 1916 by British fire from HMS Phaeton and HMS Galatea and its wreck was destroyed by the submarine E31

    John Doran

  • 3rd West Lancs Engineers leave St Helens   The St Helens Reporter published: "On Friday morning the local detachment of the 3rd West Lancashire Divisional Engineers and Field Ambulance left headquarters at Cropper's Hill for their winter training quarters at Blackpool. The weather was very inclement at the time of departure and beyond a few people who assembled at headquarters, the few who lined the streets gave the men a hearty send-off. The members of the 3rd W.L.F.A. left at 9.45, being under the command of Captain Dick. They are 220 strong. The officers will be billeted at the Imperial Hydro and the men in boarding houses in Clifford-road. The Engineers left at 10.30. There are about 350 rank and file under the command of Major Taberner. The officers will be billeted at the Imperial Hydro and the men in Adelaide-street."

    The St Helens Reporter (Nov 20, 1914 p.5)

  • Continued Action   E Battery 3rd Brigade RHA

    In action all day at Lindenhoek - very hard frost - fired about 120 rounds. back to billets in Dranoutre at 1800. Changed two disabled guns for new ones. Sent a section back for overhaul and only four guns in action.

    war diaries

  • 20th Nov 1914 1st East Lancs in trenches

  •  Quiet Tonight

  • 20th Nov 1914 Snipers Pose Threat


    Minutes of Committee Meeting Cocken Hall November 20th 1914

    Present: - Lord Southampton, Colonel Hugh Bowes, Col Rowland Burdon.

    The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The parade state was presented as under. Colonel Burdon reported that - as was seen by parade state – none of the men had yet been sent back from West Hartlepool.

    The frame of the drying shed was erected and the Recreation Room and Rifle Range were both approaching completion.

    Arrangements had been made whereby Mr C. Fortune (Messrs Accountant, 36 Church St, West Hartlepool) has taken Mr Roberts’ place for financial purposes; and the signature of cheques – both with regard to the regimental account and the Committee’s account. It is hoped that the payment of bills will now proceed somewhat more regularly. Payment on a/c to the Darlington Construction Company to the amount of £4000 had already been made by the Paymaster, York.

    The question of appeals for clothing for the regiment was mentioned; and it was felt rather strongly that there was no occasion for this at the time; as much of the underclothing provided by the Committee had not been applied for by men for whom it was intended. It was decided that the Colonel should write a letter conveying this to the writers of any appeals to the newspapers.

    Colonel Bowes mentioned that instruments for a band had been presented to the regiment by Col. McKenzie of Seaham Harbour; and he hoped to be able to get together from the battalion itself a band of 16 performers.

    Samples for the furnishing of huts were inspected; but were not found to be satisfactory; and the Clerk of the Works was instructed to proceed to Newcastle, and obtain further samples from Messrs Emley & Messrs Walker.

  • 20th Nov 1914 Freezing Hard

  • 20th Nov 1914 Downhearted

  • 20th November 1914 4th Hussar stables destroyed by enemy artillery

  • 20th Nov 1914 Training

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