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20th April 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

20th April 1916

On this day:

  • Intermittent Enemy Shelling   6th County of London Brigade RFA at Carency report 2nd Lt Tomb, 6th London Ammunition Column is attached to the 17th London Battery and 2nd Lt Corsan 6th London Ammunition Column who was attached to the 15th London Battery returned to his unit. The enemy shelled the Zouave Valley and Notre Dame de Lorette slopes intermittently all day. At 1825 the enemy exploded a mine on the left front of the Division on our right.

    War Diaries

  • U-9 joins Training Flotilla   SM U-9 commanded by Johannes Spieß transfers from the Baltic Flotilla to the Training Flotilla.

  • U-Boat Index - WW1   SM U-78

    Type UE 1 Shipyard Vulcan, Hamburg (Werk 60) Ordered 9 Mar 1915 Launched 27 Feb 1916 Commissioned 20 Apr 1916

    20 Apr 1916 - 15 Jan 1918 Otto Dröscher.
    16 Jan 1918 - 31 Jan 1918 Karl Thouret.
    1 Feb 1918 - 27 Feb 1918 Oblt. Johann Vollbrecht.
    1 Mar 1918 - 26 Apr 1918 Karl Vesper.
    27 Apr 1918 - 24 May 1918 Wilhelm Meyer.
    25 May 1918 - 27 Oct 1918 Oblt. Johann Vollbrecht

    Career 12 patrols.
    9 Jul 1916 - 27 Oct 1918 I Flotilla

    Successes 17 ships sunk with a total of 27,488 tons.
    2 ships damaged with a total of 11,332 tons.
    2 ships taken as prize with a total of 3,427 tons.

    • 16 Jul 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Vidar (prize) 2,178 sw
    • 5 Aug 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Aranda 1,838 nw
    • 2 Sep 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Kelvinia 5,039 br
    • 26 Sep 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Loch Shiel 216 br
    • 21 Oct 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Atle Jarl (prize) 1,249 nw
    • 16 Nov 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Vega 1,204 nw
    • 13 Dec 1916 U 78 Otto Dröscher Kursk (damaged) 7,869 ru
    • 7 Feb 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Väring 2,107 sw
    • 13 Feb 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Barnsley 144 br
    • 15 Feb 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Stralsund 510 nw
    • 3 Mar 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Meldon 2,514 br
    • 2 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Sagitta 1,981 nw
    • 2 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Tithonus (damaged) 3,463 br
    • 4 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Vladimir Reitz 2,128 da
    • 5 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Bris 101 da
    • 7 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Jason 810 br
    • 13 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Strathcona 1,881 ca
    • 14 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Andromache 313 br
    • 19 Apr 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Lobelia 184 br
    • 17 Jun 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Fornebo 4,259 br
    • 13 Dec 1917 U 78 Otto Dröscher Arnewood 2,259 br

    Fate 27 Oct 1918 - Torpedoed by HM Sub G2 N of North Sea at 5602N 0508E. 40 dead (all hands lost). The commonly listed sinking date of October 28, 1918 is in error.

    There was another U 78 in World War Two.
    That boat was launched from its shipyard on 7 Dec 1940 and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 15 Feb 1941.

    John Doran

  • 20th April 1916 Training and relief party

  • 20th Apr 1916 In Cairo

  •    At 5.45pm 18th DLI proceeded from Bus Les Artois to front line trenches where they took over from 11th East Yorks.

    The National Archives 18DLI War Diary WO95/2361/1

  • 20th Apr 1916 Under Shellfire

  • 20th Apr 1916 In the Trenches

  • 20th Apr 1916 Reliefs

  • 20th of April 1916 Covering Hamel Sector

  • 20th April 1916 The CO lectures to NCO`s

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Remembering those who died this day.

  • Pte. Henry Bellis. East Lancashire Regiment 6th Btn. Read their Story.
  • 2nd Lt. Henry Alexander Birkby. Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • 2nd Lt. Henry Alexander Birkby. Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. William Crosbie. Leinster Regiment 7th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. John Lang. Seaforth Highlanders 1st Btn. Read their Story.
  • Sapper Enoch Moxon. Royal Engineers 182nd tunnelling Company Read their Story.
  • Pte. Thomas Smith. Worcestershire Regiment 9th Btn Read their Story.
  • Cpl. William Young. Durham Light Infantry 14th btn.

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