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19th December 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

19th December 1916

On this day:

  • Much Work in Progress   236th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery report at 0950 A236 Battery fired on and dispersed a working party. At 1515 A236 fired on a new machine gun emplacement near Observation Point at I.19.c.10.65, but without effect. A lot of work is being done here.

    War Diaries

  • Insufficient fuel for 33rd Bn AIF braziers   Battalion in billets. Working parties supplied to AE. Found great difficulty in supplying numbers ordered. It was found that while in the trenches the braziers issued to the Battalion were very satisfactory but that insufficient fuel was allowed to keep them going.

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary, La Chapelle-d'Armentières

  • 33rd Battalion AIF Routine Order No.140   33rd BATTALION A.I.F.
    Lieutenant-Colonel LJ Morshead,
      Armentières, 19th December, 1916

      VISIT OF C-in-C 1349
      The Commander in Chief - Sir Douglas Haig - will be visiting the Army Area tomorrow, 10th inst.  All ranks must be warned to turn out neatly and correctly dressed and shaven. They must be on the alert and pay strict attention to saluting, especially when the C's car approaches. This can be readily recognised by the small Union Jack carried thereon.

      Working parties must parade at the times mentioned. For information of Company Commanders  it may be noted that work will cease in the line as follows: –
      7 am shift – Cease at noon
      Noon shift - Cease at 1 pm
      Care must be taken that men on morning shift have breakfast before leaving billets and that both shifts carry midday ration. Specialists will not be exempt from these parties unless expressly notified.
      Men who parade for baths will be included in the working parties for afternoon shift.
      Officers who are detailed to take charge of working parties must see that men do not idle.
      Companies will submit daily at 1 pm a state showing
      (a) men available for working parties.
      (b) details of all others (including all temporarily attached) showing distribution
      The two totals must show total strength of Company plus section attached in accordance with Operation Order No. 4, para 10.

      GUM BOOTS 1351
      All receipts obtained for handing over Gum Boots to relieving Battalion or gum boots store must  be forwarded to Battalion Headquarters by 10 am on ?? inst.

      GUARD 1352
      The guard over Battalion Headquarters is cancelled.  In future the duty Co. will mount a guard of one NCO and 6 men with one post at Co. and one at Battalion Headquarters.

      FATIGUE 1353
      The Duty Co. details of fatigue party of 4 men to report to Mr FE Bourepaire  at ÉCOLE PROFESSIONALE, Armentières at ? am daily.

      DUTY CO 1354
      20-12-16 - C Co.
      21-12-16 - D Co.

      DAILY DUTIES 1355
      Subaltern of the day: Lt. AG Farleigh
    Next for Duty:  Lt. JG Fraser
      Regimental Orderly Sgt:  Sgt. TM Rourke
      Next for duty;  Sgt. IC Dight
      Regimental Orderly Cpl: Cpl. G Richardson
      Next for duty: Cpl. F? Mackney
      Officers visiting: Lt. JG Fraser
      Artillery 20-12-16:  Lt.  CAK Cohen
      (Report at Brigade Headquarters  at 9:15 am)

      STRENGTH 1356
      The undermentioned having been discharged from hospital are taken on strength
      No. 765. Pte. HA Eyles.            No. 490, Pte. EJ McManus
      No. 1413. Dvr. A Kinkade.        No. 1100. Dvr. A Carpenter
      No. 1417. L/Cpl. J McDonald.  No. 1101. Pte. W Grove?
      No. 87? Pte. ?? Smith.             No. 5076. Pte. WH Miller
      The undermentioned are struck off strength No. 2123. Pte. ?J Pillar (killed in action)
      No. 2074. Pte. ME Hockendorf (died of wounds)

      (Signed) RC Jones  2/Lt.
      Adjutant. 33rd Battalion A.I.F

  • Snow and high activity in sector   6th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment

    19th December 1916 - In the Field - Weather much better although snow fell. Great activity by our aircraft also our artillery were very active. No casualties.

    war diaries

  • 19th December 1916 Ongoing training and inspections

  •    SAILLY

    Rain turning to snow in evening. After artillery preparation raiding party entered GOMMECOURT SALIENT, but finding trenches all blown in and no Germans they returned. No casualties.

    The National Archives Reference WO95/2361/1

  • 19th Dec 1916 On Leave

  • 19th Dec 1916 Trench Recce

  • 19th of December 1916 Two Recruits

  • 19th Dec 1916 Training

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  • Rflmn. Charles Bixby. Kings Royal Rifle Corps 17th Btn
  • Pte. Sydney Knowles. Durham Light Infantry 8th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Bertie Laver. Middlesex Regiment 17th Btn., attchd. Royal Engineers

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