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15th September 1915 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

15th September 1915

On this day:

  • Personnel changes   6th County of London Brigade RFA's war diary records Capt. Cooper reported at 47th Divisional Artillery at 0700 for the purpose of bringing up 2 guns from 16th London Battery. The order was cancelled and Capt. Cooper returned to Place a Bruay. 2/Lt J.C. Woollett returned from the Firing Line and became OC. 15th London Battery. Capt. Cooper returned to 17th London Battery.

    War Diaries

  • 1st Battalion Royal Scots Belgium & France 1914 - 1915.   1st Battalion at Armentieres, France
    1st Battalion Royal Scots marched to Fort Rompu and occupied hut shelters as on last occasion.

  • 23rd Heavy Battery proceed to France   23rd Heavy Battery RGA arrive in France

  • 15th September 1915 9th Lancers training

  • U-Boat Index - WW1   SM U-6

    Type U 5 Shipyard Germaniawerft, Kiel (Werk 148) Ordered 8 Apr 1908 Laid down 24 Aug 1908 Launched 18 May 1910 Commissioned 12 Aug 1910 Commanders.
    5 Aug 1914 - 28 Sep 1914 Oblt. Wilhelm-Friedrich Starke.
    29 Sep 1914 - 4 Nov 1914 Oblt. Otto Steinbrinck.
    5 Nov 1914 - 5 Jan 1915 Oblt. Reinhold Lepsius.
    6 Jan 1915 - 21 Jan 1915 Oblt. Otto Steinbrinck.
    22 Jan 1915 - 15 Sep 1915 Oblt. Reinhold Lepsius.

    Career 4 patrols 1 Aug 1914 - 15 Sep 1915 I Flotilla

    Successes 16 ships sunk with a total of 9,614 tons.
    3 ships taken as prize with a total of 2,337 tons.

    • 14 Apr 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Folke 1,352 Swedish
    • 14 Apr 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Glencarse (Prize) 188 British
    • 14 Apr 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Vestland 3,392 Danish
    • 19 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Capella 422 Swedish
    • 21 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Anvers (Prize) 862 Norway
    • 21 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Madonna 455 Swedish
    • 22 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Fortuna 203 Norway
    • 25 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius G.P. Harbitz 673 Norway
    • 25 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Harboe 388 Norway
    • 25 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Sognedalen 644 Norway
    • 26 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Elna 78 Danish
    • 26 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Emma 687 Swedish
    • 26 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Marie 173 Danish
    • 26 Jul 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Neptunus 143 Danish
    • 10 Sep 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Presto 206 Norway
    • 11 Sep 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Wansbeck 462 Norway
    • 11 Sep 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Randulf Hansen (Prize) 1,287 Norway
    • 12 Sep 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Bien 120 Norway
    • 13 Sep 1915 U 6 Reinhold Lepsius Norte 216 Norway
    • 19 ships sunk (11,951 tons).

    Fate 15 Sep 1915 - Torpedoed by HM Sub E16 off Stavanger 5910N 0509E. 24 dead and 5 survivors.

    There was another U 6 in World War Two.
    That boat was launched from its shipyard on 21 Aug 1935 and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 7 Sep 1935.

    John Doran

  • Registering and Action   E Battery 3rd Brigade RHA

    4 guns in action near Le Quesnoy.

    Registered to front from Canteleux to the canal. Fired 60 rounds in all. remaining section came into action at 1930. Remaining two guns of 71st RFA withdrawn at 2030. Battery was withdrawn and went into bivouac at Le Quesnoy at the Wagon Line.

    war diaries

  • 15th Sep 1915 Snipers & Artillery less Active

  • 15th Sep 1915 Dugouts Destroyed

  • 15th Sep 1915 Recomendations

  • 15th Sep 1915 Officers Attached

  • 15th Sep 1915 Training

  • 15th Sep 1915 Infection Measures

  • 15th Sep 1915 Training

  • 15th Sep 1915 Reliefs

  • 15th of September 1915 Reconnoitres and Plans

  • 15th of September 1915 Accidents

  • 15th Sep 1915 Lectures

  • 15th of September 1915 

  • 15th September 1915 

  • 19th Sep 1915 On the March

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Remembering those who died this day.

  • Pte. Harry Sidney Augustus Anstss. oyal Kent Regiment 11th Battalion Read their Story.
  • Sub.Lt. R. Elliott. HMS Lagos Read their Story.
  • Pte. William Stanley Argyle Gammon. Coldstream Guards 4th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Serjeant David McCann. Royal Highlander Regt. (Black Watch) 9th Svc Bn, Read their Story.
  • L/Cpl. Peter Sands. Royal Irish Rifles 1st Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte. Martin Stanton. East Lancashire Regiment 1/5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Martin Stanton. East Lancashire Regiment 5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Dvr. Joseph Yorke. Royal Field Artillery

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