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14th April 1918 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

14th April 1918

On this day:

  • 9th Irish Fusiliers on Kemmel defences   9th Btn. (North Irish Horse) the Royal Irish Fusiliers moved back to Kemmel defences.

    War Diaries

  • 14th April 1918 Battle of Lys

  • Advance Stopped   The early morning was quiet and all the men were in good form, although tired. As the day proceeded, the enemy became rather more active and shelled heavily in the afternoon.

    At about (time left blank) it became evident that the enemy was again active on our right and a party of Bosche was seen from 6th Duke of Wellington Battalion's H. Q. to be through our line and only about 400/ 500 yards away from our H. Q. All H. Q. details, under Lieutenant Stewart and Regimental Sergeant Major Richardson were put into position with a view to filling the gap until assistance arrived. They opened rapid fire on the enemy, inflicted casualties and undoubtedly stopped the enemy's advance until a platoon of 'C' Company and a company of the 1/7th. D. of W. and 1/4th. D. of. W. arrived on the scene, when the H. Q. party was withdrawn. Casualties to H. Q. details numbered about 5 wounded by rifle and machine gun fire.

    The situation then quietened down and Battalion H. Q. was withdrawn about 300 yards back into a cellar. (NB. This entry in the War Diary is the only one available for 14/04/1918 and it seems unlikely that what the rest of the 1/6th. were doing on this day was ever recorded].

    Casualties on this day for 6th Battalion West Riding Regt were 265626 Sergeant F. Cryer (Wounded), 303011 Sergeant F. Nicholson (Wounded), 266634 Sergeant A. Taylor (Killed in Action), 14703 Lance Sergeant J. W. Russell (Wounded), 203745 Corporal T. Howard (Killed in Action), 31778 Private F. R. Ainley (Wounded), 23866 Private T. Alderson (Wounded), 267634 Private A. V. Austin (Wounded), 266563 Private H. Baldwin (Wounded), 265142 Private P. Baldwin (Wounded), 26715 Private K. Bartlett (Wounded), 241457 Private H. Beaumont (Wounded), 267015 Private H. A. Boocock (Wounded), 17003 Private J. Boyd (Wounded), 300160 Private S. S. Buffett (Wounded), 265647 Private J. T. Cardus (Wounded), 266920 Private M. Chapman (Wounded), 242636 Private W. Charlesworth (Killed in Action), 267554 Private W. W. Cooper (Killed in Action), 267496 Private A. Crook (Wounded), 203239 Private E. Davison (Wounded and missing), 265986 Private J. W. Emmott (Wounded), 267505 Private F. E. Gaukrodger (Wounded), 240648 Private J. Haigh (Wounded), 267512 Private G. Harker (Wounded), 265387 Private A. Higgins (Wounded), 266726 Private J. W. Hilton (Killed in Action), 267868 Private F. Holden (Wounded), 26569 Private A. Jackson (Wounded), 18185 Private D. Kellett (Wounded), 303006 Private G. Lamb (Killed in Action), 266851 Private J. A. Leach (Wounded), 267829 Private J. Littlewood (Wounded), 268156 Private J. Lockwood (Killed in Action), 266803 Private F. W. Major (Wounded), 267962 Private M. Maloney (Wounded), 266562 Private P. McCann (Wounded), 265290 Private D. McFarland (Wounded), 267884 Private H O'Melia (Wounded & died of wounds 23/04/1918), 267426 Private P. Phillips (Wounded), 265009 Private C. W. Ralph (Wounded), 267888 Private A. Rothery (Wounded), 267734 Private W. Smith (Wounded), 267895 Private W. G. Smith (Killed in Action), 267924 Private C. Stenton (Killed in Action), 268426 Private F. G. Sunderland (Wounded), 41179 Private J. Taylor (Killed in Action), 41138 Private O. Taylor (Wounded), 266199 Private H. Waddington (Wounded), 29943 Private H. Wails (Killed in Action), 26657 Private S. R. Walton (Wounded and missing), 300135 Private C. Ward (Wounded), 266536 Private G. R. Watson (Wounded), 26653 Private H. Westridge (Wounded), 29894 Private W. Whitwam (Wounded), 242412 Private F. Wilkinson (Wounded).

  •    LA BECQUE

    During the whole day artillery very active with intense fire from 11am to 5pm. Advanced posts about 600x to our front apparently blown out by artillery and occupied by enemy. Letter of appreciation received from GOC 19th Brigade. Lt Col TILLEY killed. Maj. LOWE assumed command. Quiet during the night with m gun fire.

    The National Archives Reference WO95/2361/1

  • 14th Apr 1918 Fall Back

  • 14th Apr 1918 Change of Duty

  • 14th Apr 1918 In Action

  • 14th Apr 1918 Change of Command

  • 14th Apr 1918 Awards


    A Portuguese prisoner being examined by a German Intelligence Officer at Fourmies prison camp. IWM (Q 55260)

    The Portuguese Divisions suffered terribly in the initial attack on the 9th of April 1918 with almost 2000 men being killed and around 7000 taken prisoner.

  • 14th of April 1918 A Counter-Attack

  • 14th Apr 1918 Orders

  • 14th Apr 1918 Defence

  • 14th Apr 1918 Working Parties

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  • Pte. George Paton. Cheshire Regiment 10th (Service) Btn.
  • Capt. Thomas Rufus. MC MID. Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Btn.A Coy. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Herbert Shelley. Lincolnshire Read their Story.
  • Pte. Henry Edward Veale. Northumberland Fusiliers 9th Btn. Read their Story.

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