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13th April 1918 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

13th April 1918

On this day:

  • 9th Irish Fusiilers relieved   9th Btn. (North Irish Horse) the Royal Irish Fusiliers are relieved by Sherwood Foresters at midnight.

    War Diaries

  • HQ Relocation 59th Heavy Artillery Brigade   Brigade HQ 59th Heavy Artillery Brigade moved to Trois Tours Chateau (B.29a).

    War Diaries

  • Enemy Attacks   The early morning of the 13th. was very quiet. Rations were delivered to the companies of the 6th West Riding Regt by 4.30am. and the C. O. and the Intelligence Officer went round the lines at about 5am. and found everything in good order and the line well s....ted. It was found that in the readjustment of the line during the night of 12th./ 13th. 'B' Company was in support to 'A' Company and a little behind was their left flank. At about 3pm., the enemy commenced shelling the line and also roads and farms in the rear.

    The enemy attacked on 7th. D. of W.'s front and also on the 16th. Royal Scots on their left and further to their left again. The enemy was also active on our right about the railway but any contemplated attack was dispersed by rifle and Lewis gun fire, The troops on the battalion's left gave ground and 'D' Company were left with their flank in the air. The Bosche approached to within 100/ 150 yards and suffered very heavy casualties from 'D' Company's rifle and Lewis gun fire. They were held up for some considerable time. Eventually, the enemy worked round both flanks of 'D' Company and forced them to withdraw. It is certain that 'D' Company killed a very large number of the enemy and themselves suffered severe casualties. Sergeant Berry and Sergeant Harding were killed and 2nd. Lieutenant Armitage and 2nd. Lieutenant Sunderland were wounded. [NB. Both these officers, on the casualty list compiled on 21/05/1918 which I have used, are shown as wounded on 12/04/1918).

    'B' Company were sent up to reinforce the troops in front and, in spite of heavy machine gun fire, they pushed into a forward position and assisted to hold up the enemy, who had made an advance of about 500 yards. After this, our line remained firm and, at about 9.45pm., orders were received to withdraw in accordance with attached. This withdrawal was carried out without incident and the line was duly established. [NB. No details of where this new line was have survived but the battalion H. Q. was established at Bailleul].

    Casualties on this day for 6th Battalion West Riding Regt were Major G. Tanner (Wounded at Duty), Lieutenant A. C. Stalman (Wounded), 2nd. Lt. F. V. Mellors (Wounded at Duty), 265485 Sergeant J. Bury (Killed in Action), 265069 Sergeant A. Davis (Missing, but since rejoined)266754 Lance Sergeant A. Gregson (Wounded), 266537 Corporal J. W. Tillottson (Killed in Action), 265139 Private J. Appleby (Wounded), 20385 Private J. Armitage (n. Y. D. N.), 241737 Private W. L. Beeson (Wounded), 242760 Private H. Bennett (Missing), 203417 Private F. Burls (Wounded), 24302 Private C. Cahalin (Wounded), 267445 Private R. V. Casson (Killed in Action),23871 Private J. W. Carter (Killed in Action), 242030 Private J. Charlesworth (Wounded), 11883 Private C. Connel (Missing), 267912 Private R. Cooper (Wounded), 25503 Private W. Craig (Wounded), 11299 Private W. Crossland (Wounded), 267396 Private A. Crossley (Wounded), 17017 Private W. Dempsie (Wounded), 267522 Private W. Denby (Wounded), 242604 Private H. Ellison (Wounded), 265238 Private F. Gee (Wounded), 267539 Private A. Gill (Wounded), 23888 Private W. Greenwood (Wounded), 26674 Private A. Griffin (Missing), 242755 Private J. Gunningham (Wounded), 266339 Private T. Hargreaves (Wounded), 268279 Private E. Hawkesby (Killed in Action0, 29375 Private F. Haywood (Wounded & died of wounds 14/04/1918), 267592 Private I. Hillary (Wounded), 12170 Private F. Jowett (Wounded), 242520 Private H. Maddeys (Missing), 24208 Private H. Mounsey (Killed in Action), 14895 Private A. V. Nalson (Missing), 25146 Private H. Roundstein (Missing), 267921 Private J. C. Rymer (Killed in Action), 41204 Private A. L. Shaw (Wounded), 242213 Private J. M. Smith (Missing), 26622 Private W. Stephenson (Missing), 29807 Private J. W. Stringer (Wounded at Duty), 267588 Private A. Thornton (Wounded), 24357 Private F. Wall (Wounded), 11671 Private C. H. Walton (Wounded), 41209 Private T. H. Watkins (Wounded), 265619 Private W. Watson (Wounded), 24165 Private H. Westfield (Wounded), 31742 Private H. Wilkinson (Wounded), 300139 Private A. Wood (Killed in Action).

  • 13th Apr 1918 In Action

  • 13th Apr 1918 Gaps in the Line

  • 13th Apr 1918 Enemy Shelling

  • 13th Apr 1918 Holding the line

  • 13th Apr 1918 Training

  • 13th Apr 1918 Baths

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  • Pte. Leonard Hunter Bramley. Border Regiment 11th Battalion, B Coy. Read their Story.
  • Sgt. James Bury. DCM MM MID. Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment 1/6th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Sgt William Firmston. Royal Fusiliers 2nd Btn. Y Coy. Read their Story.
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  • Capt. Thomas Tannatt Pryce. VC MC. Grenadier Guards 4th Btn. Read their Story.
  • 2nd Lt. Henry Keith Sanger. East Yorkshire Regiment 10th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Able Sea. George Theodore Snelling. Hood Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Alfred Stewart. York & Lancaster Regiment 13th Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte. Albert Edward Ward. Northumberland Fusiliers 9th Btn., 2nd Platoon Read their Story.
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  • Pte. Robert Wood. East Yorkshire Regiment 10th Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte James Emmanuel Wymer. Northumberland Fusiliers 19th Btn Read their Story.

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