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11th January 1915 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

11th January 1915

On this day:

  • 3rd Monmouths reorganised   The 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment, in Cambridge, was reorganised into four double Companies, consisting of tried and tested soldiers and all who had volunteered for service. Drafts from the reserve Battalion began to arrive to make up the force of the original Battalion, these were fit men who were able to replace those found unsuitable for overseas service, during the final selection. They were issued with new service equipment, rifles and bayonets and their old equipment was passed on. For the rest of their stay in Cambridge they were subjected to rigorous courses of exercises in movements in this formation, and instructions and practice in bayonet fighting, all carried out on the famous area, Parker's Piece.

  • M Class Zeppelin   Zeppelin LZ35

    • Production Ref: LZ35
    • Class type : M
    • Tactical ref: none
    • Usage: Military
    • First Flight: 11th January 1915


    Two raids on Paris and Poperinghe (Belgium), dropping a total of 2,420 kg (5,340 lb) of bombs. It made a forced landing near Aeltre (Belgium) due to damage by enemy fire ans was then destroyed by a storm.

    John Doran

  • 11th Jan 1915 2nd Queens inspected

  • 11th Jan 1915 On the Offensive

  • 11th Jan 1915 In the Trenches

  • 11th Jan 1915 Reliefs

  •    Minutes of Committee Meeting Cocken Hall January 11th 1915

    Present:- Colonel R. Burdon, Colonel Bowes and Captain Lowe

    The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. Colonel Bowes stated that tenders for the shelves in the barrack huts had been obtained, but were so much more expensive than was expected that the matter had been again referred to the Clerk of the Works.

    The Paymaster at York had written stating that they could not at present spare a Clerk to give instructions with regard to certain difficult War Office forms, but that the Battalion might send a Non-Commissioned Officer to York for instructions.

    The bath-room, drying house, and Rifle Range, and the canteen, were all now working most satisfactorily. It was agreed that Colonel Burdon should write to Messrs. Gradon and call their attention to the fact that the Latrines were not yet finished, in spite of continued notifications.

    Colonel Bowes reported that recruits were coming in quite fairly. The letter to the Magistrates, etc, has been drafted, and is being sent out.

    It was further agreed that Col. Burdon should write and urge Messrs. Gradon to proceed with the repairs to the roads. Mr. Kirkup, manager for the Lambton Collieries, has also very kindly arranged for ashes to be delivered at 4/- per load. The number of loads to be checked by the Pioneer Sergeant.

    It was decided to purchase four more Miniature Rifles; and that a good recruiting notice should be inserted in the “Evening Chronicle”, and the “North Star”.

    Authority for the erection of four more barrack huts had been applied for to York to accommodate the Depot Company: Colonel Bowes having stated that it was possible to carry on with that amount of accommodation: but on talking the matter over, and in view of the fact that two Depot Companies will eventually have to be provided, and that it would be a great convenience to the Bantam Battalion if the County Battalion resigns the use of Newton Hall in their favour, it was decided that as Colonel Bowes said that he would be able to provide for both Depot Companies, if six new huts were built, and he could rely upon the use of West Rainton Drill Shed, Col. Burdon should write to York, and ask for permission to build six huts; and as the tendency of contracts to rise Col. Burdon accepted a tender from the Darlington Construction Company for six huts at £153 each, lined, and with stove fitted (but not including cost of stove); the first two to be ready in a fortnight; and the remainder within a month; or, if possible five weeks.

  • 11th Jan 1915 Revetting

  • 11th Jan 1915 Reliefs

  • 11th Jan 1915 News from the Front

  • 11th Jan 1915 Baths

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