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5th June 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

5th June 1916

On this day:

  • Inspections   236th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery at Barlin. B236 and C236 Batteries were inspected by the Brigadier General RA, 5 Corps. One Section of A236 Battery went into action at Ablain.

    War Diaries

  • 5th June 1916 Officers Ride

  • 5th Jun 1916 Difficult task for Carrying Parties

  • Trench Raid   The raiding parties from 24th Northumberland Fusiliers left Franvillers in a motor bus at 18.30hrs on the evening of the 5th June, they were driven to Albert, reaching the town at approximately 20.00hrs.They were assembled in the large dug out at the enemy end of Mercer Street. By the same hour the Brigade and Battalion Commanders were in their respective positions, and communications had been tested. There was at the time complete silence over the line.

    At 23.00hrs (zero hour)the bombardment started according to the programme and during the bombardment the raiders left the dugout and made their way along the trench Sap no. 6. At that the time the barrage was supposed to lift, but it did not. With shells landing all around the head of the Sap, Major Gallwey waited for an opportunity to leave the Sap and cross No-Mans Land, but time had ran out. The party had by now several casualties. Private Joseph Hughes of Spennymoor was killed and Lance Corporals Stockhill and Blades also Privates Brierley, Cain and Brown, along with Major Gallwey were wounded by British shellfire. Sergeant Patrick Butler and four other soldiers were awarded Divisional Cards of Honour for the part they played in the raid. For Private Brown who had severe wounds,it was the end of the war and by the time the lads were going over the top on 1st of July, he was well on the way back to Blighty and home to Usworth.


  • Raiding Party   Nominal Roll of 24th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers Raiding Party 5th/6th June 1916.

    In Command, Major J.P.Gallwey.

    No.1 Squad

    • In command: Lieutenant W.A.Brown and 348Sgt.P.Butler.
    • Bayonetmen 373 Pte.J Reardon. 656 Pte.H. Gilroy 541 Pte.J.W.Crieghton 836 Pte.J. Brierley 1189 Pte.D. Cain 1170 Pte.H. Hughes 544 Pte.H.Bowles
    • Throwers 1120 Pte. R. Taylor 1133 Pte.J. Connoly 1469 Pte.O. Kehoe 1518 Pte.J.Fennelly
    • Carriers 220 Cpl.A.Brodie 1577 L/Cpl.Nightingale
    • Scouts 701 Lcpl.Gray 66 Pte.J. Donnelly
    • Signallers 1375 Pte.A.T.Smith 101 Cpl. T.Lawler
    • Stretch Bearers 48 Pte. T.Brown 1027 Pte.W.McGarr
    • Machine Gun Team 204 L/Cpl.Nolan 420 Pte.Flannigan 1150 Pte. Egan

    No. 2 Squad

    • In command 2nd Lieut. J.A.Donnally and 630 Sgt. J.Leighton
    • Bayonetmen 1448 Pte. Skelton 1635 Pte.Harold 727 Pte. Hubbard Pte.Jones 417 Pte.Traynor 70 Pte. Wilson 764 Pte. Smith
    • Bombers 1015 Pte. Cairns 983 Pte.Nimmons 1602 Pte.Blades 884 Pte. Charters
    • Carriers L/Cpl. Stockhill Pte.J.Kelly
    • Scouts 611 Pte. C.Hughes 448 Cpl.Graham
    • Signallers 1402 RSM Grailey 1426 Pte. Marron
    • Stretcher Bearers 234 Pte. Welsh 833 Pte. Rowell


  • 5th Jun 1916 6th Northumberlands Relieved by 7th Btn.

  • 5th Jun 1916 Ship Sunk

  • 5th Jun 1916 On the Move

  • 5th Jun 1916 Arab Revolt

  • 5th Jun 1916 Recce

  • 5th Jun 1916 Training

  • 5th Jun 1916 Reliefs

  • 5th Jun 1916 Raid Attempted

  • 5th Jun 1916 Route March and Rranges

  • 5th Jun 1916 In the Trenches

  • 5th Jun 1916 Training

  • 5th June 1916 

  • 5th of June 1916 Another Billet

  • 5th Jun 1916 On the Move

  • 5th June 1916 Four men buried today

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