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4th July 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

4th July 1916

On this day:

  • 4th Jul 1916 In Action

  • All Quiet   236th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery report from Aix-Noulette the enemy was active in the Angres Setor this morning with trench mortars, otherwise all quiet.

    War Diaries

  • U-Boat Index - WW1   SM U-50

    Type U 43 Shipyard Kaiserliche Werft, Danzig (Werk 28) Ordered 4 Aug 1914 Launched 31 Dec 1915 Commissioned 4 Jul 1916

    4 Jul 1916 - 31 Aug 1917 Gerhard Berger

    Career 5 patrols.
    30 Aug 1916 - 31 Aug 1917 III Flotilla

    Successes 27 ships sunk with a total of 92,924 tons.

    • 10 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Bogota 4,577 br
    • 11 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Løkken 1,954 nw
    • 11 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Morazan 3,486 br
    • 11 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Sarah Radcliffe 3,333 br
    • 12 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger San Giovanni 1,315 it
    • 12 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Stylinai Bebis 3,603 gr
    • 12 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Ioannis 3,828 gr
    • 13 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Lela 2,987 it
    • 14 Nov 1916 U 50 Gerhard Berger Hatsuse 282 br
    • 18 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Jean Pierre 449 fr
    • 22 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Blenheim 1,144 nw
    • 24 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Falcon 2,244 br
    • 25 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Aries 3,071 br
    • 25 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Huntsman 7,460 br
    • 25 Feb 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Laconia 18,099 br
    • 11 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Sarvsfos 1,462 nw
    • 19 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Avocet 1,219 br
    • 20 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Emma 2,520 br
    • 21 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Diadem 4,307 br
    • 23 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Dykland 4,291 br
    • 23 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Oswald 5,185 br
    • 25 Apr 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Swanmore 6,373 br
    • 7 Jun 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Yuba 1,458 nw
    • 11 Jun 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Sigrun 2,538 nw
    • 16 Jun 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Carrie Hervey 111 br
    • 21 Jun 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Ortona 5,524 br
    • 26 Jun 1917 U 50 Gerhard Berger Vonin 104 da

    Fate 31 Aug 1917 - Sunk probably from a mine off Terschelling on or after 31st August 1917. Casualties: 44 dead (all hands lost).

    There was another U 50 in World War Two.
    That boat was launched from its shipyard on 1 Nov 1939 and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 12 Dec 1939.

    John Doran

  • 4th July 1916 3rd Canadian Tunnelling Coy War Diary

  • 4th July 1916 Battlefield clearing party to Fricourt

  • 4th July 1916 Escort change passing Malta

  • 4th Jul 1916 Bombardment Continues

  • 4th Jul 1916 Very Hot Day

  •    FRONT LINE.

    Taken from Appendix 1 18 DLI Battle of SERRE.

    0200. Ration party from BUS and ---- ordered to remain in MONK as reinforcements in view of information above.

    0400. Red rockets went up & LG & MG opened by a unit on our right.

    0403.Hostile artillery open w. Fd Guns & MG chiefly barraging our front line & then lifting quickly to MONK, chiefly shrapnel some HE.

    0410. 18th Btn asked for retaliation on GERMAN trench between WARLEY and DELAUNAY. Bde report Gas on 94th Bde area on our left.

    0423. Our guns open retaliation effectively.

    0430. No signs of gas, hostile fire weakening.

    0435. Front line reports all correct, two casualties, hostile guns practically ceased fire.

    0508. All quiet.

    0530. Stand down. N.B. Enemy before opening artillery fire put up red rockets, on sending up green rockets fire ceased.

    0630. Lt TAIT D Co found wounded in OLD MONK & brought back.

    1100. Bde Instructions. 31 Div. to go into CORPS reserve & move to BERNAVILLE area joining II Corps & coming into GHQ reserve. 93 Bde to be relieved by 144th Bde night of 4-5/7/16 & move to LOUVENCOURT and thence 6.7.17 to BERNAVILLE area.

    2200. Relief of 18th Btn by WORCESTERS. HQ moves 10.5pm to LOUVENCOURT.

    2200. 18th DLI relieved by WORCESTER REGT and moved to LOUVENCOURT.

    The National Archives Reference WO95/2361/1

  • 4th Jul 1916 Reorganisation

  • 4th Jul 1916 Trench Raid

  • 4th Jul 1916 Raid Planned

  • 4th Jul 1916 Reliefs

  • 4th Jul 1916 Resting

  • 4th Jul 1916 In Action

  • 4th July 1916 Rain

  • 4th Jul 1916 Reliefs

  • 4th Jul 1916 Heavy Rain

  • 4th of July 1916 An Inspection

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  • Rifleman William James Summers. 17th Battalion Read their Story.
  • Pte. Alfred Augustus Webb. Cheshire Regiment 11th Battalion, D Company

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