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4th December 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

4th December 1916

On this day:

  • December 1916 

  • 16th Northumberland Fusiliers inspected   The 16th Btn Northumberland Fusilers inspected by Brigadier-General Ashburner, the new 96 Brigade GOC

  • Visibility Good    236th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery report Visibility was good and all batteries carefully checked map and gun ranges. Considerable enemy movement was seen behind their lines and working parties were dispersed by A236 Battery with two salvoes falling amongst them, after which no further movement was observed. Barrage Z to help 47th Division was ordered at 1501 which was successful.

    War Diaries

  • 4th Dec 1916 36th Battalion AIF in the trenches

  • 4th Dec 1916 Won't be Home For Xmas

  • 33rd Bn AIF fire howitzers   Half Battalion relieved by half 35th Battalion as per Battalion 0.0 No.1 dated 3/12/1916. 11 am Enemy fired 10 - 77 mm shells from position which exploded left Co fire trench. No casualties.

    2.15 p.m. Our artillery fired some howitzers at machine gun and emplacement in railway salient but failed to knock it out. 11 pm Our artillery gas attack on left of the Battalion sector.

    Enemy machine gun as usual active during night.

    Patrols reported all quiet on 'A' Co front. Snipers claim having inflicted 2 casualties on enemy. Enemy wearing steel helmet similar to ours seen in railway salient. Enemy showed less activity during night.

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary, La Chapelle-d'Armentières, Right (1) Section

  • 33rd Bn AIF Operation order No.9   Not to be taken to the front line trenches

    33rd Battalion AIF

    Operation order No.9

    by Lt Col LJ Morshead


    La Chapelle-d'Armentières 4th December 1916

    Left Matt sheet 30 of bleak 20,000


    (i) The remaining two platoons per Company will be relieved on the 5th inst. by the remaining two platoons per Company of the 35th Battalion.

    (ii) The times, routes and method of relief, provision of guides, and march to billets will be in Operation Order No.1.


    Officers commanding Companies will obtain receipts for all trench stores and equipment. Articles belonging to the 27th Battalion NF on charge to Companies will not be handed over, but will be sent to billets and thence to 27th Battalion NF.


    Lewis guns and equipment will be placed in Square Farm by 7 am on the 5th inst.


    All stores other than trench stores and officers trench kits will be dumped at Square Farm. The transport officer will arrange for the collection of these at 5 pm on 5th inst.

    5. GUARD

    The Battalion Police under Corporal Hewitt will guard all stores and Lewis Guns in Square Farm.

    6. REPORTS

    (i). On the completion of the relief Co. Commanders will wire "Compliant with" to Battalion HQ.

    (ii). When their commands are settled in billets Co. Commanders will so inform Battalion HQ by Runner.

    (signed) RC Jones S/Lt.

    Adjutant 33rd Battalion AIF


    COPY no. 1 to ? Inf. Bde; 2 - CO; 3 - 2nd in command; 4 - Adjutant; 5 - 'A' Co; 6 - 'B' Co; 7 - 'C' Co; 8 - 'D' Co; 9 - Lewis Gun Officer; 10 - Signalling Officer; 11 - Scout Officer; 12 - Sniping Officer; 13 - Bombing Officer; 14 - Billeting Officer; 15 - Regimental Medical Officer; 16 - Transport Officer; 17 - Quartermaster; 18 - 35th Battalion; 19 - file; 20 - War Diary

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary

  • 33rd Battalion AIF Routine Order No. 125    Not to be taken in front line trenches
    33rd BATTALION. A.I.F.
    Routine order No.125.
    Lieut-Col LJ Morshead
    Chapelle d'Armentières 4-12-16

    Return of empty sacks, jars etc 1230
    Reference to R.O.124. para 1220. Companies will arrange to collect and place the articles referred to at Battalion Headquarters dump. The Regimental Transport will arrange to collect and deliver same to Quartermaster.

    Interview with C.O. 1231
    All interviews with the C.O. must be arranged in the first instance through the Adjutant at Battalion Headquarters, unless the C.O gives a specific order to the contrary. All ranks to note.

    Supplies 1232
    Indents for supplies must be submitted by Quartermaster to Brigade Supply Officer Steenwerck at least 72 hours before drawing. Companies must therefore make provision for this when rendering ration states to Quartermaster.

    Stationery supplies 1233
    Companies requiring stationery supplies should endeavour to give a weeks notice. If this is done it will be possible to keep them supplied with field stationery, but it must be borne in mind that they must carry their own supplies.

    Daily duties 1234
    Captain of the week: Capt.WH Douglas
    Subaltern of the day: Lt. HJ Lazer
    Next for duty: Lt WW Stockham
    Regimental Orderly Sgt: Sgt. ECP Thomas
    Next for duty: Sgt KJ Campbell Regimental Orderly Cpl: Cpl. CR Hancock
    Next for duty: Cpl. FC Mackney

    (Signed) RCJones. 2/Lt. Adjutant. 33rd Battalion. AIF

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary

  • 4th December 1916 Brigade inspection

  • 4th December 1916 Ongoing winter training and inspections

  • 4th Dec 1916 On Leave

  • 4th Dec 1916 Locals

  • 4th Dec 1916 Rejoining

  • 4th Dec 1916 Training

  • 4th of December 1916 Effective Shooting

  • 4th of December 1916 Bombardments

  • 4th Dec 1916 Field Day

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  • Pte. John Cameron. Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Pte. Joseph Edward Sanglier. Norfolk Regiment 2/5th Btn. Read their Story.

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