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2nd December 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

2nd December 1916

On this day:

  • Daily Battery Activity   236th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery. formerly 6th County of London Brigade RFA. Territorial Force.

    No firing due to thick mist.

    War Diaries

  • U-Boat Index - WW1   SM U-61

    Type U 57 Shipyard A.G. Weser, Bremen (Werk 216) Ordered 6 Oct 1914 Laid down 22 Jun 1915 Launched 22 Jul 1916 Commissioned 2 Dec 1916.

    2 Dec 1916 - 26 Mar 1918 Victor Dieckmann.

    Career 9 patrols.
    15 Feb 1917 - 26 Mar 1918 II Flotilla

    Successes 33 ships sunk with a total of 84,564 tons.
    8 ships damaged with a total of 24,478 tons.
    1 warship damaged with a total of 1,020 tons.

    • 2 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Edvard Grieg 989 nw
    • 3 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Rosborg 1,877 da
    • 9 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Spartan 2,287 nw
    • 10 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Angola 4,297 pt
    • 13 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Luciline (damaged) 3,765 br
    • 13 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Northwaite 3,626 br
    • 13 Mar 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Warner 1,273 br
    • 17 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Aburi 3,730 br
    • 18 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Castilian 1,923 br
    • 21 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Skjold 1,592 nw
    • 21 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Telena 4,778 br
    • 23 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Calluna 1,405 da
    • 23 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Lena 2,463 br
    • 24 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Metropolis 1,811 nw
    • 24 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Thirlby (damaged) 2,009 br
    • 30 Apr 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Jarstein 198 nw
    • 9 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Ada 2,370 sw
    • 9 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Dana 1,590 da
    • 10 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Betty 2,683 ru
    • 10 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Ribera 3,511 br
    • 14 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Widwud (damaged) 299 ru
    • 16 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Fallodon (damaged) 3,012 br
    • 17 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Raloo 1,012 br
    • 19 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Batoum 4,054 br
    • 20 Jun 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Nitonian (damaged) 6,381 br
    • 28 Jul 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Comanchee (damaged) 5,588 br
    • 2 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Libia 2,416 fr
    • 4 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Countess Of Mar 2,234 br
    • 5 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Sauternes 902 fr
    • 5 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Campo Libre 50 sp
    • 6 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Campana 3,675 am
    • 6 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Jeanne Et Genevieve (damaged) 695 fr
    • 7 Aug 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Trento 3,276 it
    • 29 Sep 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Elmsgarth 3,503 br
    • 11 Oct 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Rhodesia 4,313 br
    • 16 Oct 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Cassin (damaged) 1,020 am
    • 27 Dec 1917 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Santee (damaged) 2,729 am
    • 3 Jan 1918 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Birchwood 2,756 br
    • 5 Jan 1918 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Rose Marie 2,220 br
    • 6 Jan 1918 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Halberdier 1,049 br
    • 6 Jan 1918 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Spenser 4,186 br
    • 23 Mar 1918 U 61 Victor Dieckmann Etonian 6,515 br

    Fate 26 Mar 1918 - Missing after March 23, 1918. 36 dead (all hands lost).
    U 61 sailed on March 14, 1918 and was in contact with U 101 on March 17.
    U 61 then sank the sank the Etonian on March 23, 1918. There was no known contact after that date.

    Previously recorded fate.
    Sunk in a D/C attack by PC51 at 51.48N 05.32W on March 26, 1918. This attack was actually against UC 56, which though shaken was able to continue on patrol. (Reattribution by Oliver Lörscher, December 2012.)

    There was another U 61 in World War Two.
    That boat was launched from its shipyard on 15 Jun 1939 and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 12 Aug 1939.

    John Doran

  • More action for 33rd Bn AIF   Enemy Artillery quiet all day. 11.30 -11.50 am & 2.15 pm. Our artillery active on sectors to left of our position. At 9:30 pm a salvo was fired at Machine gun in railway salient without results at 10:30 pm machine gun in front No.1 locality was silenced by our artillery.

    Evening machine gun kept up constant fire along our parapet and also at head of Central Avenue. Patrols again visited railway salient and reported much the same as on previous night. They discovered ? wires and an instantaneous fuse running between the trenches. These cut and samples taken. Our snipers claim having hit three enemy on the 2nd and on 3rd inst. Enemy sniper caused us one casualty killed.

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary, La Chapelle-d'Armentières, Right (1) Section

  • 33rd Battalion AIF Routine order No.123   Not to be taken in front line trenches.
    33rd Battalion A.I.F.
    Routine order No.123.
    Lieutenant-Colonel LJ Morshead
    Chapelle d'Armentières 2-12-16

    Patrols 1208
    Special care must be taken that men going on patrol duty do not carry any letters, diaries, etc. and that identity discs and all identification marks or badges are removed to prevent the enemy obtaining any useful information. Instead of the identification disc the man should carry in his breast pocket a card merely giving his name, rank, and number.

    Synchronising time 1209
    In future units will synchronise watches with Brigade Signal Office at 9 am daily.

    Documents 1210
    Every officer is responsible for the documents he carries on his person. As soon as an order, circular, etc, has served its purpose it must immediately be destroyed or taken away from the front line trenches. Plans showing our trenches must not be kept in the front line.

    Rules of the road in France 1211
    It is republished for the information of all concerned that traffic will be kept to the right of the road and pass traffic in front on the left side. It is most important that all vehicles shall keep close into the side of the road to avoid blocks. Police and Traffic Control Posts have been instructed to report all offenders.

    Bicycles lost 1212
    The loss of bicycles is very frequent. Bicycles are to be issued to individual soldiers who will be responsible for their safety.
    A man on duty by himself who has occasion to leave his bicycle must place it under charge of some responsible person or in a place of security. The Military Police have orders to take charge of all bicycles left unattended and to hand them over to the nearest A.P.M. who will return same to owners only on proof of ownership.

    Photography 1213
    G.R.O's No. 464, 1137 and 1348 are republished for information.
    No officers, soldiers, or other person subject to military law is permitted to be in possession of a camera, to take photographs, or to send photographs or films through the post. This order will be republished in orders issued to all units, and promulgated to all troops now serving in this country in the future.
    Any officer, soldier, or other person subject to military law who disobeys this order will be placed under arrest and the case reported to Army Headquarters.

    Dispatch of letters 1214
    The following Regulation is republished and will be brought to the notice of all ranks.
    No correspondence to be dispatched by British troops serving abroad except through the Army Postal Service.
    The posting of letters in civil Post Offices is forbidden within the zone of the British Armies.
    Letters found in civil post boxes are handed to the British military authorities and will be detained.

    Ration states 1215
    Whilst in trenches a platoon parade state must be furnished daily by C.Q.M.S, to facilitate breaking down the Company issue at Quartermaster's store and repacking into sandbags for dispatch to front line. These states should be complied accurately as possible as the issue is based on them.

    73 Intelligence Reports 1216
    Intelligence reports to be addressed to intelligence officer H.G.2. marked Intelligence Report. These are to be delivered not later than 6:30 am. These intelligence reports include Scouts, Machine Gun, Officer and Sniper reports.

    (Signed) R.C. Jones 2/Lt Adjutant. 33rd Battalion A.I.F.

    33rd Btn Australian Imperial Force War Diary

  • 2nd December 1916 Inspections

  • 2nd December 1916 Winter training and inspections

  • 2nd Dec 1916 Parcels Arrive

  • 2nd Dec 1916 Sick

  • 2nd Dec 1916 Relief

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  • Sgt. George Sidney Carter. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 16th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Cpl. Frank Caves. Royal Fusiliers 26th Btn. 6th Platoon. Read their Story.
  • Gnr. C. J. Dobson. Royal Field Artillery 173 Brigade, A  Bty. Read their Story.
  • Pte. James McRae. Gordon Highlanders 5th Btn. Read their Story.
  • Sgt. Joseph Smith. 75th btn. Read their Story.

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