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1st March 1916 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

1st March 1916

On this day:

  • 3rd January 1916 Grenade training injury

  • HMEF Ellesmere Port opens   H.M. Explosive Factory Ellesmere Port, Cheshire started up in March 1916. The first output of Synthetic phenol was in May 1917. It was under the direct control of the Ministry of Munitions.

  • HMEF Litherland opens.   H.M. Explosive Factory Litherland, Liverpool, Lancashire started up in March 1916 to manufacture T.N.T. It was under the direct control of the Ministry of Munitions.

  • HMEF King?s Lynn opens   H.M. Explosive Factory King’s Lynn, Norfolk started up in March 1916 for the production of Acetone. It was under the direct control of the Ministry of Munitions.

  • HMEF Parkgate Street, Dublin opens.   National Shell Factory Parkgate Street, Dublin, Ireland started up in March 1916 for the production of 9.2-in. shells. First output was April 1917. It was under the direct control of the Board of Management.

  • NSF Hyde Road, Manchester opened   National Shell Factory Hyde Road, Manchester started up in March 1916 for the production of, first output was Summer 1916. It was under the direct control of the Board of Management.

  • Training and recreation   6th County of London Brigade RFA spend Wednesday 1st March 1916 to Friday 3rd March 1916. These days were employed in training, officer’s rides, taking up positions etc.

    War Diaries

  • Railway Activity   16th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles - Pioneers.

    Railway Candas to Acheux.

    March arrived with the country still in the grip of polar weather during which one of the detachments being sent up the line for experience had to travel in a blinding snow storm. Having arrived, it described conditions as being extremely vile. Many parts of the track, where the ground was soft, needed repairs and additional ballast.

    Work at Belle Eglise was completed on the 20th March and an RTO (Railway Transport Officer) arrived for whom an office had to be built. The line was then opened and trains with munitions, supplies or troops began to arrive at short intervals.

    The Battalion was starting to establish a good reputation for itself. The Chief Engineer, Third Army received a letter from the Ulster Division which had been transferred from Third to Fourth Army expressing its regret at the loss of the service of its Pioneer Battalion. There was also on the 11th March, a letter from GHQ to the CRE, appreciating the work of the Battalion and that its services would be represented to higher authorities.

    Much work was needed to complete the railway line but the Battalion records seem to indicate a period of organised work and recreation for some months ahead.

    The Terrors by SN White

  • No.1 Section 1st Canadian Tunnelling Coy join 3rd Canadian Tunnelling Coy   

    No.1 Section of 1st Canadian Tunnelling Co. attached to us for instruction reported to our H.Q. about 8 am from Ste. Marie Cappel.

    War Diary Transcript

  • 13th East Yorks set Sail   The troopship Simla set sail at 5.30 am March 1st from Port Said to sail to Marseilles.

  • 1st March 1916 Moves and Inspections

  • Further moves   1st German Division part of 1st Army Corps 10th and 8th Army



    The division went to France in March 1916. The 41st Infantry Regiment detrained on the 13th March near Metz and the 48th Infantry Regiment at Hagondange on the 5th March 1916.


    The division was put into the line near Vaux on the 20th April 1916, fought in the Bois de la Caillette in May, in the Bois de Vaux Chapitre and the Bois Fumin in June and July. It suffered enormous losses there. In the 1st Company of the 41st Infantry Regiment, the numbers on the pay books passed from 1,359 (10th Apr) to 1,674 (19th July), indicating the arrival of at least 316 reinforcements. From the beginning of the war until July, 1916, the regiment had received an average of 1,360 men per company.


    At the end of July, 1916, the 1st Division, leaving behind the 41st Infantry Regiment, which fought before Verdun in August, was once more taken to the eastern front, where it formed part of the Carpathian Corps.

    Historical Records

  • 138th MGC in action.   In March 1916, 138 Machine Gun Coy are in action on Vimy Ridge at Doullet, Jericourt and Camblain L'Abbe, Villers au Bois: "Much shelling and mining. In action with machine gun covering craters blown up by our troops. Trenches in rear of us blown up by enemy. This happened in almost tropical rain: we were soaked through, but had a hot ration of tea and rum when we got back to our dug-out. Wall of another dug-out collapsed by rush of water. We had to fish out gun and ammunition; as much as possible before being engulfed."

  • 1st Mar 1916 B Coy Return to Camp

  • 1st Mar 1916 Minesweeper Lost

  • 1st Mar 1916 On the Move

  • Mar 1916 

  • 1st Mar 1916 In the Trenches

  • 1st Mar 1916 Prisoners

  • 1st Mar 1916 In Reserve

  • 1st of March 1916 Moving into gun positions

  • 1st March 1916 Routine work

  • 1st March 1916 Routine work

  • 1st of March 1916 Shelling on Mesnil

  • 1st Mar 1916 In the Line

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  • J. Coxon. Durham Light Infantry
  • Pte. Charles Kendal. Northumberland Fusiliers 24th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Read their Story.

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