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1st July 1918 - The Great War, Day by Day - The Wartime Memories Project

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Day by Day

1st July 1918

On this day:

  • 22nd Northumberlands return to France   22nd Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers return to France with 16th (Irish) Division.

  • NPF Stand-on-Green opens.   National Projectile Factory Stand-on-Green, Ailsa Craig, Chiswick, London started in Jul 1918 for the production of 4.5-in shell. It was under the direct control of the Metropolitan Munitions Committee. The was also a National Shell Factory on site.

  • NSF Stand-on-Green opens.   National Shell Factory Stand-on-Green, Ailsa Craig, Chiswick, London started in Jul 1918 for the production of 4.5-in shell. It was under the direct control of the Metropolitan Munitions Committee. The was also a National Projectile Factory on site.

  • St Jans Capel Sector   16th Btn. Royal Irish Rifles - Pioneers.

    St Jans Capel Sector.

    Having completed a lot of defensive preparation as usual an unexpected move took place for the Division with a move to take over French positions further to the South. The Division was moved into reserve behind the French XVI Corps before taking over from the French 41st Division on the outskirts of Bailleul and the 16th moved into billets in the vicinity of St Sylvestre Cappel.

    From the 4th to 6t July was spent in billet inspections, infantry training and specialist training on Lewis gun, signalling and bombing.

    On the 7th the Battalion moved to the St Jans Capel sector and half of Companies 2 and 3 were moved into billets south east of Mont des Cals. Work from 8th to 18th July was as follows:

    • No.1 Company – Infantry training which it had missed during June.
    • No.2 Company Forward Half – Communication tranches and wiring.
    • No.2 Company Rear Half – Infantry training.
    • No.3 Company Forward Half – also in support area on dugouts, deepening
    • and revetting trenches, completing Machine Gun Emplacement and Wiring.
    • No.3 Company Rear Half – Infantry training.
    Work continued in other locations until the 29th July. On the night of 23/24th July posts at Mont Noir were shelled (gas) resulting in 1 officer and 28 other ranks being wounded. No.1 Company working in the forward area was also shelled.

    Battalion strength:

    • 1st July Officers 32 ORs 1087
    • 31st July Officers 33 ORs 1054
    • Officers Killed nil wounded 2
    • Other ranks Killed nil Wounded 35

    The Terrors by SN White

  • Daily Activity   9th Btn. (North Irish Horse) the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

    Map Ref 27 NE Local 1/20000 L Sheet 27 Sheet 28. Proven.

    Divisional Horse Show was held on the ground of the aerodrome at Proven on account of the fine weather and proved a great success. A large percentage of the Battalion attended.

    War Diaries

  • School of American Pilots opens near York   In July 1918, a group of American pilots and ground staff were based at RFC Bramham Moor which became a training school. When the USA had entered the war in 1917, American pilots had gone straight into action with a lack of combat experience and consequently suffered heavy losses, additional training schools were established in Britain to increase skills before deployment.

  • Heavy Artillery prepares for battle   The Australian corps of heavy artillery move location in preparation for Battle of Hamel planned for the 4th of July. Four 60 pounder guns are at N.24.b.55.95 and two guns located at N.24.b.11.32 with A/Major C W Walker commanding.

  • Targetting enemy crossroads   59th Heavy Artillery Brigade

    July 1st to 4th: 30th & 37th Siege Batteries were engaged in breaking up enemy main crossroads with aeroplane and balloon observation. Some very successful shooting was achieved.

    War Diaries

  • 7th Dublins at Salhieh    7th Dublin Fusiliers and Division were at Salhieh p/w camp during this time.

  • 1st Jul 1918 

  •    While it started to receive Bristol Fighters in July 1918, 9 Squadron did not completely discard its R.E.8s bombers until after the end of the war.


    Heavy artillery shelling, both enemy’s and ours. Some of our heavies and 18 pounders fell short at about 11am near LA BECQUE. 92nd Brigade on our right relieved by 94th Brigade. In front line on our right 24th R WELSH FUSILIERS. SWARTENBROUGH shelled intermittently with 77mm and 5.9 from 10am to 5pm.

    The National Archives Reference WO95/2361/1

  • 1st Jul 1918 Inspection

  • 1st Jul 1918 Trench Raid

  • 1st Jul 1918 Reinforcements

  • 1st of July 1918 A Horse Show

  • 1st Jul 1918 Excerise

  • 1st Jul 1918 Lucky

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  • Pte. J. Dunlop. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Btn.
  • Pte. S. Tett. Royal Ordnance Corps 51st Coy. Read their Story.
  • Pte. S. Tett. Royal Army Ordnance Corps 51st Coy Read their Story.

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