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Battle of Loos 1915

21st September 1915 Unit Move and Inspection  6th London Brigade RFA left Place au Bruay and bivouacked at Haillicourt near the 6th London Brigade Ammunition Column. The six remaining guns of this Brigade and four guns of the 7th London Field Artillery Battery form the 47th Reserve Divisional Artillery (Chambers Group) under the command of Col Chambers. OC. 7th London FAB. Lt Bruce proceeded to 141st Infantry Brigade as Liaison Officer. 1st day of bombardment prior to Battle of Loos.

War Diaries

22nd Sep 1915 Pre Loos Bombardment  6th County of London Brigade RFA report day was spent cleaning up camp and putting up bivouacs. This is the 2nd day of bombardment prior to the Battle of Loos.

War Diaries

23rd September 1915 Pre Loos Bombardment  6th County of London Brigade RFA report one gun declared defective from 5th London Field Artillery Battery - one from 17th London Battery was taken up to replace it. 3rd day of bombardment prior to Battle of Loos. Spare stores were stored at 47th Royal Artillery storage at Haillicourt.

War Diaries

24th September 1915 Pre Loos Bombardment  4th day of bombardment prior to Battle of Loos.

War Diaries

24th Sep 1915 All Prepared

24th Sep 1915 The Biggest Cannonade

24th Sep 1915 Preparing for the Attack

25th Sep 1915 10th Scottish Rifles suffer at Loos  On this day, 10th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), part of 15 (Scottish) Div, attacked the German lines at Loos in their first major engagement of the Great War. The battalion lost 255 dead this day.

25th September 1915 Battle of Loos  6th London Field Artillery Bde march from Haillicourt to Les Brebis and bivouacked at Les Brebnis. They were part of artillery support for 140,141 and 142 Infantry Brigades in 47th Division which was attached to 4th Corps. Capt. Corsan was wounded in the neck by a bullet whilst fixing in Maroc for detached section of 15th London Battery. Lt Bruce was wounded during the initial attack by the 19th Battalion London Regiment just as he reached the German front line trenches. Detached section (under 2/Lt Petro) fixed on Double Crassier during the infantry attack. The 15th London Battery detached section under Capt. Corsan fired during the attack.

War Diaries

25th Sep 1915 8th SLI in action at Chalk Pit Wood  The 8th Somerset Light Infantry are in action at Chalk Pit Wood, Loos during the Battle of Loos.

25th Sep 1915 Into Action at the Gallop

25th Sep 1915 Beyond all Imagination

25th Sep 1915 8th East Yorks in action  According to the Battalion War Diary 8th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment took part in the main attack at Loos on the 25th September 2015 and were not in reserve. They were fighting in the SE corner of Loos village and also had two companies on the slack heaps throughout the 25th and 26th September 1915

25th Sep 1915 Piped over the Parapet

25th Sep 1915 Assualt Launched  At 6.30 on the morning of 25th of September 1915, the four-day artillery bombardment paused, gas and smoke was released and the infantry assault was launched. The gas released on I Corps front hung between the lines or blew back into British positions, notably on the northern flank around the Brickstacks. To the northern edge of the battlefield, advancing infantry emerging from the cloud suffered high losses as they were met with devastating machine gun fire. The second wave advanced once the gas at cleared, only this time to be cut down by a hail of machine gun fire and a shower of bombs. Gas was far more effective on IV Corps front south of the Grenay Ridge, in front of 15 & 47 Division sector the gas drifted towards the German trenches and the advance more successful. On some divisional fronts the gas was supplemented with smoke candles, as gas was not available in sufficient quantity. Even though it would not cause casualties, the smoke looked the same as gas and so forced the defenders to continue taking all the inconvenient anti-gas precautions. It had been estimated that to clear the German positions would require two hours of gas: but there was only enough for forty minutes, which even then, had to be supplemented with smoke.

Many of the British units achieved their first objectives, but the reserve troops urgently needed to exploit these initial successes were a long way back and after a long exhausting march did not go into action until the following day. By which time the German reinforcements were counter-attacking and the British were driven back.

By the end of the day the Allies had lost 13 Battalion commanders, over 400 officers and 8,500 men of other ranks.

25th Sep 1915 8th Devons Attack

25th Sep 1915 1st South Staffs in Action

25th Sep 1915 10th Gordons Attack

25th Sep 1915 10th Scottish Rifles Attack

25th Sep 1915 9th Black Watch Attack

25th Sep 1915  2nd Warwicks Attack

25th Sep 1915 9th RWF in Action

25th Sep 1915 12th Rifle Brigade in Support

25th Sep 1915 11th Royal Scots in Action

25th Sep 1915 No Mercy

25th Sep 1915 2nd HLI in Action

25th Sep 1915 19th Brigade in Action

25th Sep 1915 Ports Bombarded

25th Sep 1915 The Artois Campaign

25th Sep 1915 10th Sherwoods and 7th Borders Cover

25th Sep 1915 5th Camerons in Action

25th Sep 1915 2nd Ox & Bucks in Action

25th Sep 1915 engineers Bridge Enemy Trenches

25th Sept 1915 Battle of Loos

25th Sep 1915 1st Glosters in Action

25th Sep 1915 2nd Coldstreams Attack

25th Sep 1915 Bursting Shells

25th Sep 1915 9th Liverpools in Acton

25th Sep 1915 First to Reach Loos

25th Sep 1915 6th KRRC in Action

25th Sep 1915 In Acion

25th Sept 1915 

25th Sep 1915 Attack Continues

25th Sep 1915 The Great Charge

25th Sep 1915 Paying Back Old Debts

25th Sep 1915 Signaller's Bravery

25th Sep 1915  Beyond Powers of Description

25th Sep 1915 Sap Held

25th Sep 1915 Oblivious to the Fire

25th Sep 1915 Into the Trenches

26th September 1915 Battle of Loos  6th County of London Brigade RFA report remaining section of the 16th London Battery went up to Maroc to join the section already in the firing line. The 16th London Battery is under the command at present of Capt Cooper. Major Gordon is still with HQ at Thwaite's 141st Infantry Brigade. Detached section of 17th London Battery returned to Les Brebis to the wagon line. 2/Lt Lloyd returned to duty with the 17th London Battery from 47th Divisional Artillery.

War Diaries

26th Sep 1915 13th Northumberlands in action at Chalk Pit Wood  The 13th Northumberland Fusiliers are in action at Chalk Pit Wood, Loos.

26th Sep 1915 Pioneers Attack

26th Sept 1915  8th Lincolns Move Up

26th Sep 1915 Advances Repulsed

26th Sep 1915 2nd Worcesters in Action

26th Sep 1915 Dismounted Cavalry in Action

26th Sep 1915 Brave Deeds

26th Sep 1915 Hold at All Cost

26th Sep 1915 Shoring up Defences

26th Sep 1915 In Action

26th Sep 1915 In Action

27th September 1915 Battle of Loos  6th County of London Brigade RFA report One gun from 17th London Battery was sent to 13th London Battery to replace a gun badly damaged by an explosion in the trench. 16th London Battery fired three rounds registering.

War Diaries

27th Sep 1915 1st Scots Guards Charge

27th Sep 1915 Through the Ruins

27th Sep 1915 Transports Stopped

27th Sep 1915 Very Cold

27th Sep 1915 Enemy Attacks

28th September 1915 Battle of Loos  6th County of London Brigade RFA 's war diary records Lt. R Bruce officially reported killed and buried by Capt. Wood, Chaplain of the 141st Infantry Brigade. 2/Lt Lloyd took five captured German field guns and one captured machine gun to Vaudricourt, where they were inspected by Field Marshall Sir John French.

War Diaries

28th Sep 1915 Running Dispatches

28th Sep 1915 Into the Trenches

28th Sep 1915 Lull in Fighting

29th September 1915 Wagon Lines Shelled  6th County of London Brigade RFA report that at 0830 Germans shelled the Wagon Line at Les Brebis. The horses were immediately withdrawn for two hours. 2/Lt J A W Petro took a party of thirty men to get captured field guns in Loos. 16th London Battery fired on enemy's trenches North of Loos.

War Diaries

29th Sep 1915 10th West Yorks on the Attack  The 10th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment carried out an unsuccessful attack at Loos on the 29th of September 1915.

29th Sep 1915 Into Billets

30th September 1915 6th London Bde move  The 6th London Brigade RFA moved from Les Brebis to Location L.210 (between Les Brebis and Nobux les Mines), without the 16th London Battery guns and wagons which were still in action and two guns of the 15th London Battery also in action.

War Diaries

October 1915 Battle of Loos

1st October 1915 6th London Bde RFA move  6th London Brigade RFA moved from Noeux les Mines to Hesdigneul Race Course. Major Gordon rejoined the Brigade from the 141st Infantry Brigade HQ. Capt Cooper brought his 16th London Battery out of action and rejoined the Brigade. Lt Van den Bergh rejoined the Brigade from 5th London Brigade RFA. Lt Woollett brought 2 guns of the 15th London Battery out of action.

War Diaries

2nd October 1915 Personnel Changes  6th County of London Brigade RFA report Lt Col A.C. Lowe DSO rejoined the Brigade from 47th Divisional Artillery.

War Diaries

3rd October 1915 Church Parade  Church Parade for 5th, 6th & 7th London Field Artillery Brigades. 6th Brigade completed establishment with new (fuze 80) ammunition. 6th Brigade moved from Hesdigneul race course into billets at Labeuvriere.

War Diaries

5th October 1915 6th London Bde RFA Move  6th London Brigade RFA move from Labeuvriere to Marles las Mines into billets.

War Diaries

6th October 1915 Personnel Changes  6th County of London Brigade RFA report Capt M.J.K. O’Malley returned to the brigade from 47th Divisional Artillery and took up again the duties of Adjutant. Major H. Bayley returned to the Brigade from 47th Divisional Artillery.

War Diaries

8th October 1915 Ready to Move  6th County of London Brigade RFA was held in readiness to move at a half hours notice.

War Diaries

8th Oct 1915 9th Liverpools Hold their Ground

8th Oct 1915 Bombing All Night

9th October 1915 Conference  General Rawlinson spoke to the Division's representatives (Colonel, Adjutant, Major, Subalterns and thirty Gunners from each battery of the London Brigades Artillery and the 141st Infantry Brigade) at Drouviax.

War Diaries

12th Oct 1915 Staffords on the March

12th Oct 1915 8th Sherwoods on the Move

12th Oct 1915 Preparing for the Attack

12th Oct 1915 No Dugouts

12th Oct 1915 5th Lincolns into Trenches

13th October 1915 6th London RFA Brigade prepare  Wednesday, The Colonel and the Adjutant of 6th County of London Brigade RFA went to Mazingarbe to see positions for the Brigade. Battery Commanders went up to reconnoitre positions. Twenty five men per battery and thirty men from the Ammunition Column left Marles in ten wagons to dig gunpits near Philosophe. Lt Moore took charge of this party.

War Diaries

13th Oct 1915 5th North Staffs in Action

13th Oct 1915 6th South Staffs in Action

13th Oct 1915 Accounts of the Fight

13th Oct 1915 Support Battalions Advance

13th Oct 1915 4th Lincolns & Leicesters in Action

13th Oct 1915 In the Attack

13th Oct 1915 5th Leics in Action

13th Oct 1915 1st Queens in Action

13th Oct 1915 1st North Midland Engineers in Action

13th Oct 1915 5th Lincolns in Action

13th Oct 1915 In Action

13th Oct 1915 Men to be Proud Of

13th Oct 1915 Bravery as Searchlight Draws Fire

13th Oct 1915 Losses Suffered

14th October 1915 6th London Bridge RFA Move  6th County of London Brigade RFA Headquarters left Marles and proceeded to Mazingarbe at L23 b75. One section from each battery came into action at night near Quality Street 15th London Battery position at G21 C31 16th London Battery at G27 A55 17th London Battery position at G21 C02 Reference map-Trench map sheet 36 ON.N3 13th London Battery attached to Lt Col Lowe DSO - battery position G16 C10 4, Mar le Rutoire.

War Diaries

14th Oct 1915 Bayonet Charge

14th Oct 1915 Redoubt Held

15th Oct 1915 Commanding Officer Killed

16th October 1915 London Batteries Register  13th London Battery registered H31.G.1.4, H31.G.1.6.5, H25.0. 0, H25.G.1.2.5 and Points 14. 15th and 16th London Batteries, all registered approximately, but owing to the very bad mist left accurate registrations to a later date. 6th London BAC (Brigade Ammunition Column) proceeded to Noeux les Mines (L.M.C) from Marles.

War Diaries

16th Oct 1915 Pride

16th Oct 1915 Saturday Soldiers

17th October 1915 London guns Register  6th County of London Brigade RFA report though still misty, the batteries of Lowe Group were able to partially complete their registrations. 2/Lt J A W Petro, 6th London Ammunition Column was transferred to 17th London Battery.

War Diaries

18th October 1915 6th London Brigade in the Battle of Loos  6th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery war diary states: Concentration of fire at 1300hrs on Woods No 5 and 4 (H25.d.1.8 to H25.d.5.8 and H25.d.5.3 to H25.c.3.9). Six rounds per gun fired at 1300, followed by four rounds per gun at 1310, fired quickly. Bombardier A J Farquharson (17th London Battery) was wounded. 2/Lt J H Van den Bergh, 16th London Battery was appointed Orderly Officer to OC. Brigade and transferred to Brigade Headquarter Staff.

Gallantry Award, Under authority granted by His Majesty the King, the Field Marshall Commanding in Chief appointed the undermentioned officer to be a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order: Major Hadrian Bayley, 15th County of London Battery, RFA, 6th London Brigade RFA, in recognition of services rendered at Le Plantin from the 12th to the 26th May 1915.

War Diaries

19th October 1915 Personnel Changes  6th County of London Brigade RFA reports Lt Col R R Wandsbrough (6th London Ammunition Column) proceeded to England. Lt W J Barnard appointed to command 6th London Ammunition Column, vice Lt Col R R Wandsbrough. Capt M J K O’Malley (Adjutant, 6th London Brigade RFA) transferred to 17th Division. Lt G Lyon Smith appointed Adjutant of the Brigade, vice Capt M J K O’Malley 13th London Battery moved its position to G33.a.5.9. Batteries retaliated only, for every one German shell, one 18 pounder and one 15 pounder shell is fired in retaliation.

War Diary

13th Nov 1915 Story of the Attack

August 1915 

7th Jan 1916 Interview with a Captain

27th Apr 1916 Irish men under attack  8th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers along with the 9th Royal Dublin Fusiliers came under heavy artillery and chlorine gas attack at Hulluch (Loos)on the 27th to 29th of April 1916, suffering heavy casualties.

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Those known to have served in

Battle of Loos 1915

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Adams Frederick Guildford. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Ainsworth Albert. Cpl. (d.7th Oct 1916)
  • Aitken William Robertson. Private (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Anderson John. L/Sgt.
  • Anderson Thomas. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Arculus Alfred. L/Sgt. (d.26th Sep 1915.)
  • Armfield Samuel Percival. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Ashby George William. Capt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Aspley Henry. L/Cpl. (d.8th Jan 1916)
  • Bagguley William. Sgt. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Baker William Henry. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Bamber John Walton. Lt. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Barlow George Edward. Pte. (d.4th Nov 1915)
  • Barnett William James. Pte.
  • Barron Louis. Lt. (d.19th July 1916)
  • Bathard Samuel. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Baulk Harry Percy. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Beaumont Arthur George. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Beechey Albert. Rflmn. (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Beglan Michael. Pte. (d.14th Oct 1915)
  • Berry Dennis Henry. Pte.
  • Birch William. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Bird Frederick Charles. Rfmn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Bowes Norman. Pte.
  • Brabazon Francis Joseph. Pte. (d.12th Jun 1916)
  • Broad Walter James. Pte. (d.10th Oct 1917)
  • Bullock Eli. Pte.
  • Bullus Ralph Henry Samuel. Pte.
  • Carr Albert. Gnr. (d.14th Jul 1916)
  • Carrier Samuel. Pte. (d.30th June 1916)
  • Christelow John Thomas. Pte. (d.3rd Oct 1915)
  • Christie James Fairley. Cpl. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Christie John. L/Cpl. (d.28th Sep 1915)
  • Clark William. L/Cpl. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Clarke John Henry. Pte. (d.22nd April 1917)
  • Cleary Peter Flemming. Pte.
  • Cliffe Frank. Rfm. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Coar Edward Roland. 2nd Lt. (d.8th Jan 1918)
  • Cole Cecil. Pte. (d.8th October 1915)
  • Cole Leslie Stewart. 2nd Lt. (d.3rd Oct 1915)
  • Cook Herbert. Pte. (d.9th Apr 1917)
  • Cumpstey Fred. Pte.
  • Cunliffe Thomas. Pte. (d.23rd Oct 1915)
  • Dale Thomas James. Pte. (d.20th April 1919)
  • Davidson-Houston Charles Elrington Duncan. Lt-Col. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Davidson-Houston Charles Elrington Duncan . Lt.Col. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Davion Henry. WO1 (RSM)
  • Deary Robert R. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Devitt Robert. Pte. (d.28th Sep 1915)
  • Disley William James. Pte.
  • Dodds John George. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Doherty John. Pte. (d.21st Jan 1916)
  • Douglas-Hamilton Angus Falcolner. Lt-Col. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Douglas-Hamilton Lesley Reginald Coventry. Mjr. (d.24th Jul 1916)
  • Dundas Richard Charles. Lt.Col. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Dundas Richard Charles. Lt.Col. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Edwards Albert John. Sgt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Eustace James Henry. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Evans Daniel. Pte. (d.17th June 1916)
  • Evans Thomas. L/Cpl. (d.9th Jul 1916)
  • Fenton John. Pte. (d.24th May 1915)
  • Fitts Sydney Albert. Pte. (d.8th Aug 1916)
  • Fleming Harry. Pte.
  • Foster John. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Fowler George Glyn. 2nd Lt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Fowler George Glyn. Lt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Gammidge Leonard Norton. Pte. (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Geerts Walter Philibert. CSM.
  • Gogarty Christopher. Pte. (d.30th March 1918)
  • Gore Francis. Pte. (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Green Charles Frederick William. Pte.
  • Greenslade Ernest. Sgt.
  • Gregory Henry. L/Cpl (d.1st Nov 1916)
  • Guest Joseph. L/Cpl. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Gunter Frederick Somerton. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Hall Alfred. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Hanna Samuel. Pte. (d.4th May 1916)
  • Harper Carl Horace. Pte.
  • Harris W. H. J.. Lt.
  • Hart Sidney George. Cpl.
  • Heywood John Charles. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Hillier William Watson. Pte.
  • Hines John Cecil Newhall. CSM.
  • Hodge John. Fus. (d.1st oct 1915)
  • Home William. Cpl. (d.14th Sep 1914)
  • Hopkins William. Pte. (d.27th May 1916)
  • Hornsby John Arthur. L/Cpl.
  • Hunt Walter. Pte (d.16th Oct 1915)
  • Impson William. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Jacob Donald McClean. (d.21st Aug 1917)
  • James Frank. Pte.
  • Jenkins Frank Mason. L/Sjt. (d.8th May 1918)
  • Johnson Joseph William. Pte.
  • Judson John Reginald. Sjt. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Kay Elias James. Pte.
  • Kellett John. Cpl.
  • Kidd Thomas. Pte.
  • King George. Pte.
  • King Thomas William. Pte.
  • Lascelles Joseph. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Lax Lorraine.
  • Lewis Arthur Edward. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Lewis Arthur Leslie Vernon. Pte.
  • Lewis David. Pte. (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Lewis David. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Lewis David. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Lewis Joseph. Pte. (d.29th Jun 1916)
  • Littlehales Charles. Pte.
  • Lowrey John. L/Cpl. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Mabbott William. Sgt.
  • Marriott Harry. Pte. (d.25th September 1915)
  • Marshall Harry. Pte. (d.25th Sep 2015)
  • Mason Henry. Pte. (d.17th Jan 1918)
  • Matley Albert. Pte. (d.3rd Oct 1915)
  • Maxwell Robert. Pte. (d.21st October 1915)
  • McFarlane Alan. Pte. (d.26th Sept 1915)
  • McFetridge James. L/Cpl.
  • McFetridge James. L/Cpl
  • McGugan J. M.. Pte. (d.1st October 1915)
  • Mcleod Frederick William. Rfmn.
  • Meadows Albert George. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Melville James. Cpl. (d.8th May 1915)
  • Menzies Andrew. Pte. (d.27th Jan 1916)
  • Milne Charles William. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Milson William James Denton. Sgt. (d.4th July 1916)
  • Milton Joseph John. Pte. (d.16th Sept 1916)
  • Mongan John James. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Mongan John James. Pte. (d.27th Sept 1915)
  • More Charles John. Pte. (d.29th Sep 1916)
  • Morrison Alexander. Capt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Mount Francis. Capt. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Muirhead Thomas Barrie. L/Cpl. (d.16th March 1917)
  • Mulloy Daniel. Pte. (d.17th Aug 1916)
  • Mumford Joseph. Pte. (d.8th May 1915)
  • Murphy Thomas. L/Cpl. (d.1st October 1915)
  • Musson Thomas. Spr. (d.19th Sep 1915)
  • Nelson W. B.. Pte. (d.11th Aug 1916)
  • Newton William Trafford. Lt. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Nicholls George.
  • Nicholls William. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Northwood Richard. Pte. (d.1st Jul 1916)
  • O'Brien Thomas William. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • O'Hare John Joseph. Pte.
  • Ord George Henry. Pte.
  • Owen Henry. Pte. (d.17th Feb 1917)
  • Page George Clarence. Cpl.
  • Palmer Alexander. Pte. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Palmer Charles Stanley Banks. L/Cpl. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Paterson John. Pte (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Peachment George. Rflemn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Pearson Edward. Pte. (d.26th May 1915)
  • Perris Thomas. Pte.
  • Perry Thomas Cyril. Pte. (d.15th May 1916)
  • Perry Thomas Cyril. Pte. (d.15th May 1916)
  • Perry Thomas Edward. Pte. (d.25th Sep1915)
  • Price George. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Purvis William James. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Randall Henry John. L/Cpl. (d.3rd Jan 1916)
  • Reick Walter. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Richards Lawrence. Pte.
  • Ritson James Bede. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Roberts Albert John. Sgt.
  • Robertson James. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Robson Walter DeFrece. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Rocks Patrick. Pte. (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Rudd Charles Flower. Cpl. (d.9th Jan 1915)
  • Ruttens Edward. Pte. (d.19th July 1916)
  • Scott James. Lt. (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Scott John. Pte.
  • Seston Charles Joseph. Drvr.
  • Shepherd Ernest George. Sgt.
  • Shepherd Henry. Pte. (d.7th Jul 1916)
  • Simpson William John Sydney. Lt.
  • Smith Arthur Leonard.
  • Smith Charles Henry. Pte. (d.22nd Nov 1917)
  • Smith Fred. Pte. (d.20th Oct 1918)
  • Smith Frederick. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Smith Thomas. Pte. (d.26th Sept 1915)
  • Sparrow Frederick. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Spencer George William. L/Cpl
  • Spencer Randolph Churchill. Sgt.
  • Spillane Edward. Pte. (d.29th Apr 1916)
  • Stockton Robert. Dvr.
  • Stoddart Richard Thomas. Pte. (d.10th Oct 1915)
  • Taylor David Anderson. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Taylor George Laird. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Terrington Arthur. Spr. (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Thomas Francis Albert. Pte.
  • Thompson George. Pte. (d.28th Sep 1915)
  • Thrower Robert. Pte (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Tipping George. Pte.
  • Turner Angus. L/Cpl.
  • Wallis William. Pte. (d.13th Oct 1915)
  • Ward James. Pte. (d.6th Oct 1915)
  • Warren Frank. Sgt. (d.13th October 1915)
  • Warren Walter Sydney. L/Cpl. (d.13th October 1915)
  • Watt Stephen Adamson. Fus. (d.26th May 1915)
  • Wearne Frank Bernard. 2nd Lt. (d.28th June 1917)
  • Wells Edwin. Pte. (d.10th Jan 1916)
  • Wells Harry. Sgt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Werrill Allan Dowey. Cpl.
  • White John. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Wilby Sydney Charles. 2nd Lt.
  • Wilde William Stanley. Pte. (d.7th Apr 1915)
  • Wilson Joseph Harold. A/Sgt.
  • Windle Michael William Maxwell. Lt. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Woodhouse William. Dvr. (d.28th April 1915)
  • Wright Joseph. Pte. (d.21st Feb 1915)
  • Wright Thomas. Pte. (d.8th May 1915)
  • Youell Stanley John. Pte. (d.14th Oct 1915)
  • Young John. (d.6th April 1916)

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  • The Wartime Memories Project is the original WW1 and WW2 commemoration website

    This website has been running for 18 years and receives in excess of a million hits per month. The website and our group will continue long after the 2014-18 events are over. We hope that people will continue to support us by submitting material and stories in addition to submitting to the new websites set up for the anniversary.

  • We are looking for volunteers to help with researching the activities of units of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, Regular Army, Pals Battalions, Kitchener's New Armies, Voluntary Organisations and the Ships of the Royal Navy. We currently have a huge backlog of stories and historical documents which need to be edited or transcribed for display online, if you have a good standard of written English, an interest in the two World Wars and a little time to spare online we would appreciate your help. For more information please see our page on Volunteering.

Wanted: Digital copies of Group photographs, Scrapbooks, Autograph books, photo albums, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards and ephemera relating to the Great War. If you have any unwanted photographs, documents or items from the First or Second World War, please do not destroy them. The Wartime Memories Project will give them a good home and ensure that they are used for educational purposes. Please get in touch for the postal address, do not sent them to our PO Box as packages are not accepted.

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Major and Mrs. Holt's Concise Guide to the Western Front - North

Tonie Holt & Valmai Holt

Mons; Le Cateau; 1st Ypres, Neuve Chapelle, 2nd Ypres; Loos; Aisne/Chemin des Dames; Verdun, The Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele; Cambrai; Kaiser's Offensive; St Mihiel/Meuse-Argonne; Hindenburg Line Following in the Holts' series of five best-selling Battlefield Guides comes this Guide to 15 of the First World War's most significant battles of the Western Front. Whether travelling on the ground or in the mind the reader is carefully and concisely guided through the Western Front with a mixture of succinct military history, cameo memories, poetry and informed opinion - as well as careful travel directions. Each battlefield has a brief Summary of the Battle, the Opening Moves, a description of What Happened and a Battlefield Tour of the most salient features, accompanied by a sketch map and photographs of the battlefield today. There are sections on Tourist Information and War Graves Organisations and a sketch map on the end papers puts the battlefields in Perspective. This book conti
1915 : The Death of Innocence

Lyn MacDonald

By the end of 1914, the battered British forces were bogged down, yet hopeful that promised reinforcements and spring weather would soon lead to a victorious breakthrough. A year later, after appalling losses at Aubers Ridge, Loos, Neuve Chapelle, Ypres and faraway Gallipoli, fighting seemed set to go on for ever. Drawing on extensive interviews, letters and diaries, this book brilliantly evokes the soldiers' dogged heroism, sardonic humour and terrible loss of innocence through 'a year of cobbling together, of frustration, of indecision'. Over two decades' research puts Lyn Macdonald among the greatest popular chroniclers of the First World War. Here, from the poignant memories of participants, she has once again created an unforgettable slice of military history. This is an excellent account of 1915, the year when gas was used for the first time, Gallipoli became infamous and time and again thousands of men died, on both sides, for little gain. The interleaving of first hand acc
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1915 : The Death of Innocence

The Confusion of Command: The Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas D'Oyly 'Snowball' Snow 1914 -1918

Dan Snow & Mark Pottle

The enemy has got to be fought everywhere and hard... Everything is going very well indeed and no one minds the losses as long as we are moving. The never-before-published papers of General Sir Thomas D Oyly Snow provide a remarkable insight into the mindset of the Great War commanders. Despite being severely injured during the first Battle of the Marne when his horse fell and rolled over him, cracking his pelvis Snow served at some of the most important battles of the Western Front. His memoirs include the battle of Loos, the second battle of Ypres, the battles of Arras and Cambrai, the retreat from Mons and was responsible for the diversionary attack on Gommecourt on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Somme. This volume is comprised of vivid extracts from contemporary notes that only an eyewitness can offer coupled with frank postwar reflections that show the wisdom of hindsight and perspective, which brings an open awareness of military folly. D Oyly Snow died in London, aged 82, on
The Donkeys: A History of the British Expeditionary Force in 1915

Alan Clark

On 26 September 1915 twelve British battalions - a strength of almost 10,000 men - were ordered to attack German positions at Loos in north-east France. In the three-and-a-half hours of the actual battle, they sustained 8,246 casualties. The Germans suffered no casualties at all. The Donkeys is a study of the Western Front on 1915, a brilliant exposé of a key stage of the Great War, when the opposing armies were locked in trench warfare. Alan Clark scrutinizes the major battles of the year. He casts a steady and revealing light on those in High Command - French, Rawlinson, Watson and Haig among them- whose orders resulted in the virtual destruction of the odd professional British Army. Professor Michael Howard summed this book up as "a worthless history", Dr John Bourne; the University of Birmingham justly cites it as "preserving historical writing about the Great War in its ridiculously protracted adolescence". This is generous. Clark is an agenda driven politician with an appal
Drawing Fire: The diary of a Great War soldier and artist

Len Smith

"I wish I could have met him - a sniper's rifle in one hand and an artist's brush in the other." Christy Campbell A vivid and powerful diary of life in the trenches The horrors of war in the trenches are brought to life with a rare immediacy and power through the diary of soldier and artist Len Smith. Enduring battles such as those at Loos and Vimy Ridge, Len survives with a mixture of whimsical humour, bravery and sheer good luck. Len enlisted as an infantryman in the City of London Regiment on his 23rd birthday, 22 September 1914. During the war years he kept a journal on scraps of paper which he hid in his trousers to smuggle home at the end of the war. At the same time, he added to his thoughts with colour sketches of the people and places he encountered. His drawing skills were also put to good use to gather and record intelligence on German army positions which he did under great personal risk; they were later used to help plan military strategy. One of his many ingen
True World War 1 Stories

Jon E. Lewis

This is a collection of nearly 60 personal accounts of the war to end all wars, including the first gas attack, life in the trenches, Gallipoli, the war at sea, aerial dogfights and life as a prisoner of war. It is a record by those who were there at some of the bloodiest battles of the conflict including Loos, Mons, Ypres and the Somme, from the opening moves through to the day that peace was signed.
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True World War 1 Stories


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