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World War 1 One ww1 wwII greatwar great

Queen Alexandras Nursing Service

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There are:0 pages and articles tagged Queen Alexandras Nursing Service available in our Library

Those known to have served with

Queen Alexandras Nursing Service

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Aitken . Sister.
  • Andrews . Sister.
  • Angel . Sister.
  • Archer . Sister.
  • Armstrong . Sister.
  • Banham . Sister.
  • Barrow . Sister.
  • Barton . Sister.
  • Beardsmore . Sister
  • Beasley . Sister.
  • Black . Sister.
  • Blandy . Sister.
  • Brampton . Sister.
  • Buckham . Sister
  • Burnett . Sister.
  • Burrell . Sister.
  • Cavan . Sister.
  • Chesters . Sister.
  • Clough . Sister.
  • Congleton . Matron
  • Cooper . Sister.
  • Cowie . Sister.
  • Cross . Sister.
  • Davies . Sister.
  • Donaldson . Sister.
  • Drage . Matron.
  • Edwardes . Sister.
  • Fowles . Sister.
  • Fuller . Sister.
  • Garnett . Sister.
  • Garrett . Sister
  • Gower . Sister.
  • Gracie . Sister
  • Grant Victoria Stewart.
  • Grayon . Sister.
  • Gwatkin Gladys Brabazon Stapleton.
  • Hannah . Sister.
  • Harrison . Sister.
  • Harrison . Sister.
  • Haywood Ida Rosina. Nurse
  • Hewitt . Sister.
  • Jocke . Sister.
  • Johnson . Sister.
  • Jones . Sister.
  • Keay . Sister
  • Latham . Sister.
  • Little . Sister.
  • Loughron Mary McLean. Matron
  • MacDonald . Sister
  • Mackenzie . Sister.
  • MacLennan . Sister.
  • Maddison . Sister.
  • Maskell . Sister.
  • McClaren . Sister.
  • McCord M. F.. Matron.
  • McGregor . Sister.
  • McInnes . Sister.
  • McMahon . Sister.
  • Monroe . Sister.
  • Northwood . Sister.
  • O'Donoghue . Sister.
  • O'Hearne . Sister.
  • Paynter . Sister.
  • Pearson . Sister.
  • Porteous . Sister.
  • Rawes . Sister.
  • Reay . Sister.
  • Reid . Sister.
  • Rindon . Sister.
  • Robertson . Sister.
  • Robson . Sister.
  • Rodwell Mary. Nurse (d.17th Nov 1915)
  • Rottenbaugh . Sister.
  • Sampson . Sister.
  • Searle . Sister.
  • Searle . Sister.
  • Shields . Sister.
  • Simpson . Sister.
  • Sims . Sister.
  • Spindler Nellie.
  • Standen Edith. Staff Nurse.
  • Starbuck . Sister
  • Stevenson . Sister.
  • Street . Sister.
  • Strike . Sister.
  • Sumpsion . Sister.
  • Thompson . Sister.
  • Treloar . Sister.
  • Tyson Cecilia Gertrude. Staff Nurse
  • Wales . Sister.
  • Walsh . Sister.
  • Watson . Sister.
  • Webb . Sister.
  • Wellstead . Sister.
  • Whincup . Sister.
  • Williams . Sister.
  • Williamson . Sister.
  • Withers . Sister.
  • Yarnell . Sister.

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Feb 2018

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World War 1 One ww1 wwII greatwar great
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Sister. Gower No. 16 Stationary Hospital

Sister Gower served at No 16 Stationary Hospital, Le Treport and No 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux.


Sister. Reay No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Reay served at No 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux and No 46 Stationery Hospital, Etaples.


Sister MacDonald No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister MacDonald served at No 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux and No 16 Stationary Hospital, Le Treport.


Sister Keay No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Keay served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Sister. Harrison No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Harrison served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Sister Garrett No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Garrett served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux.


Sister. Garnett No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Garnett served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital at Wimereux and No. 16 Stationery Hospital at Le Treport. She moved to No. 19 Casualty Clearing Station in September 1915.


Sister. Fuller No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Fuller was based at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Sister. Donaldson No 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux

Sister Donaldson served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Matron Congleton No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Matron Congleton served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital at Wimereux.


Sister Buckham No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Buckham served at No. 32 Stationary Hospital at Wimereux


Sister Beardsmore No. 32 Stationary Hospital

Sister Beardsmore was based at No 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Sister. Andrews No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux

Sister Andrews was an Asstistant Theatre Sister at No. 32 Stationary Hospital, Wimereux


Nurse Ida Rosina Haywood

My Great Grandmother was Ida Rosina Haywood nee Wright born 20th of October 1891 at 38 Hampton Road, Grays, Essex. She was married on the 22nd of December 1915 at St Pancras London aged 24 to Alfred William Haywood. Ida who was a nurse at Whipps Cross, is believed to have served in the Queen Alexandra's Nursing Service during WW1 in Gibralta and Salonika.

Ida had three children and died aged 33, following child birth on 27th of September 1924. Her children were; Rose or Rosina Haywood, Edna Francces Haywood (my mother) and Alfred William Haywood.

David Broadley


Victoria Stewart Grant

Victoria Grant, and her two sisters, Margaret Dorothy and Josephine Elizabeth, were on a "tour" in Britain or Europe when war broke out, and so they were either pressed into service, or they volunteered. Apparently they did both nursing duties and mechanics duties. Would they have volunteered to be QAIMNS? Or would they be on the VAD lists? How can I access both these lists? (I have other QAIMNS women to look up too!) I'm writing a book about the women of my home county here in Ontario, Canada who went overseas and served during the war. Thanks for any direction you can point me! Much appreciated

Sher Leetooze


Matron Mary McLean Loughron MID RRC Queen Alexandra Imperial Military Nursing Service

Mary McLean Loughron was born in Winchelsea, Victoria. She trained as a nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital before deciding to join the war effort, embarking with an Australian medical group on the RMS Orontes in early 1915. On arrival in France, Loughron enlisted with the British Army, joining the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS), and was eventually stationed at 2nd Stationary Hospital Annexe in Abbeville.

During her service, Loughron was twice awarded the Royal Red Cross (RRC), one Second and one First Class, and was Mentioned in Despatches on 30 April 1916 for gallant and distinguished conduct in the field. She served in France until the end of the First World War, and immediately afterwards worked as Matron of the Peace Conference Hospital in Paris. A portrait of Matron Loughron dressed in the indoor uniform of the QAIMNS was hung in the gallery of Portraits of the Allies in the Luxembourg, to represent the British Army Nursing Service.

Loughron returned to Australia on the SS Orvieto in December of 1919. She went on to open a private hospital in Camberwell, Victoria, which she ran for 10 years, and subsequently spent 20 years as chief inspector for Victoria for the Child Welfare Department.

s flynn


Staff Nurse. Edith Standen

Staff Nurse Edith Standen was my Paternal Grandmother and served at Lord Derby War Hospital between 1 July 1915 and 1 July 1916 in the Queen Alexandria Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserves (QAIMNSR). She was educated at Denmark College, Denmark Hill, Wimbledon and was trained at Wandsworth Infirmary, St Johns Hill, New Wandsworth between 11 November 1911 and 24 July 1914, passing her finals on 8 April 1914. She moved to Victoria Infirmary as a Staff Nurse until 1 June 1915 where she joined QAIMNS(R) and served a year at Lord Derby War Hospital.

David Brett


Gladys Brabazon Stapleton Gwatkin DCM.

Gladys Gwatkin was a Sister serving in a General Hospital with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve

S. Flynn


Nellie Spindler

Based deep inside the danger zone, nurse Nellie Spindler saw her field hospital flooded with Allied troops injured from day one of the Battle of Passchendale. The Leeds Infirmary sister was part of the small band of Queen Alexander Imperial Military Nurses sent close to the Western Front. Casualty Clearing Stations (CCS) were situated a safe distance away. But Nellie, treating abdominal wounds, needed to be closer to the action to prevent infection. But after just 3 week she would also join the massive list of fallen heroes.

S. Flynn


Staff Nurse Cecilia Gertrude Tyson HMHS Syria

My Great Aunt, Gertie Tyson enlisted in 1915 in the Queen Alexandria's Imperial Military Nursing Service having been a Sister at the Royal Infirmary in Hull. She served on the Hospital ships Syria and Varsover for 2 years before choosing not to re-enlist due to 'urgent family matters'. Her brother Fred had died in Belgium 8 months earlier, his body never having been found. His name is on the Menin Gate. I have a photo of Aunt Gertie on board one of the ships with some of her patients. After the war she continued her nursing career and became Matron of a hospital in Hull and after her retirement, a District nurse in Rawcliffe, near Goole.

Maggie Risby

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There are:0 pages and articles tagged Queen Alexandras Nursing Service available in our Library
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