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Hertfordshire Regiment

Territorial Force:

  • 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment
  • 2/1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment
  • 3/1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment
  • 4/1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment

       1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment was a unit of the Territorial Force serving with the East Midland Infantry Brigade, East Anglian Division. It had its HQ in Hertford and consisted of Companies A to H.

    1st Nov 1914 1st Herts receive orders

    5th Nov 1914 1st Herts proceed to France

    20th Dec 1914 1st Herts on the March

    6th Jan 1915 Parcels from Home

    11th Jan 1915 In the Trenches

    15th Jan 1915 1st Herts in Front line.

    17th Jan 1915 Pain Killers in Demand

    25th January 1915 1st Bn Herts Regt marched to Halte   mile E of Gorre, remainder including 1st Bn Herts Regt marched to Halte 1 mile S.W. of Eclas d'Essaires and returned to billets at Hingette about 6pm.

    26th January 1915 1st Bn Herts CO appointed Brigadier General  The commanding Officer, Lieut. Col. The Viscount Hampden returned to England to take up an appointment as Brigadier General.

    27th January 1915 1st Bn Herts move to Essaires for the day  The Bn moved to Essaires very early and remained there until after dinners and then returned to Hingette.

    29th January 1915 1st Bn Herts move to Essaires and east of Gorre  The Bn again moved to Essaires and after dinners went on to mile E of Gorre, marching back to Hingette about 6.15pm.

    30th January 1915 1st Bn Herts march to Beuvry  Moved off early again to Essaires and after dinners marched to Beuvry where the Bn was in reserve to the Brigade.

    31st January 1915 Large draft of men arrive at 1st Bn Herts  A draft of 2 Officers and 195 men arrived. In the evening No.3 Coy was ordered to report to 2nd Bn Welch Regiment. Two platoons GIVENCHY, two PONT FIXE mile S.W. of GIVENCHY.

    1st February 1915 No 3 Coy 1st Bn Herts relieved  No.4 Coy relieved No.3.

    1st April 1915 1st Bn Herts marched into billets at Bethune  The Post Office H.Q. came up and another company took over our trenches. No.1 Company marched into billets at Bethune. Two machine guns relieved by the Post Office Rifles.

    2nd February 1915 1st Bn Herts moves to Annequin  Captain Lowry, Lieut. Molony, Lieut. Gibbons, Lieut. M. Whately, Lieut. Oldham arrived from Reserve Battalion. The Bn moved to Annequin, one Company in support trenches in Cuinchy, two Companies and H.Q. at Annequin.

    3rd February 1915 Two men killed from 1st Bn Herts  No.4 Coy returned in the evening from being attached to 3rd Brigade. No.1 Coy in support trenches lost 2 men killed.

    4th February 1915 1st Bn Herts in support trenches near Cuinchy  One Company in support trenches near Cuinchy 1 NCO & 20 men in Barricade Guard.

    5th February 1915 1st Bn Herts in support trenches near Cuinchy  One Company in support trenches near Cuinchy 1 NCO & 20 men in Barricade Guard.

    6th February 1915 1st Bn Herts in action in Pont Fixe road  The Bn paraded at 5.20am and moved to trenches in Pont Fixe road. No.4 Company in support trenches.

    Later No.3 Company went up under orders of Officer Commanding Irish Guards and later still No.2 Coy went up under orders of Officer Commanding 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards. Heavy bombardment 2-2.15pm. At 2.15pm parties of 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards and Irish Guards assaulted Brickstacks and took the same. The Bn returned to billets in the evening - one man killed.

    7th February 1915 Another 1st Bn Herts fatality at Cuinchy  Two Companies under Captain Jones reported to O.C. 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards at 6.30am at Cuinchy. No.2 Coy sent 2 platoons to Fire Trench.

    1 man killed in No.1 Company in support. Lieut. J. Pawle dangerously wounded.

    8th February 1915 1st Bn Herts under attack  The trench on our right made an attack, took some trenches but later retired.

    9th Feb 1915 Lost Teeth

    10th February 1915 Message of appreciation for 1st Bn Herts  The following message was received from the General Officer Commanding 2nd Division; "The GOC received with unqualified satisfaction your report of the steady soldier like bearing under heavy fire of the 1st Bn Herts. Regt. (Territorial Force) both in support of the attack on the 6th February and again during the bombardment in the afternoon on the following day. He will be glad if you would convey to Major Croft and the Officers, NCOs and men his appreciation of their action".

    12th February 1915 1st Bn Herts six wounded  Two Companies in trenches, 2 in support. Casualties - 6 wounded of which 3 only slight. In the evening engaged digging.

    14th February 1915 French attempt advance on 1st Bn Herts  Two Maxims of the Regiment were in action when the French attempted an advance.

    20th February 1915 False alarm for 1st Bn Herts  The Bn had orders to stand to arms about 5.30am owing to a false alarm.

    21st February 1915 Viscount Hampden 1st Bn Herts mentioned in dispatches  Lieut. Colonel The Viscount Hampden mentioned in dispatches by Field Marshall Sir John French, the Commander in Chief, dated January 14th 1915.

    28th February 1915  1st Bn Herts moved into Corps Reserve at Bethune  The Brigade moved into Corps Reserve at Bethune, being relieved by the 5th Infantry Brigade.

    1st March 1915 1st Bn Herts in Corps Reserve in Bethune.  Battalion in Corps Reserve at School in Bethune.

    2nd March 1915 1st Bn Herts at Vendin  Two Companies of of the 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment vacated billets and marched to Vendin.

    5th March 1915 Rest of 1st Bn Herts at Vendin  Remaining two companies joined up with the battalion at Vendin.

    6th March 1915 1st Bn Herts at Vendin  Bn in Corps Reserve at Vendin.

    7th Mar 1915 1st Bn Herts still at Vendin  1st Hertfordshire Btn are in Corps Reserve at Vendin

    8th March 1915 1st Bn Herts remain at Vendin  Bn in Corps Reserve at Vendin.

    9th March 1915 1st Bn Herts at Vendin still  Bn in Corps Reserve at Vendin

    10th March 1915 1st Bn Herts moved to St Preol  Battalion moved to St Preol in support on Canal Bank and in the evening returned to billets at Bethune.

    11th March 1915 1st Bn Herts at St. Preol,h  At 5am we again moved up to the same position at St. Preol, remained in support all day and in the evening relieved the 1st Bn Kings Royal Rifles at Givenchy, two companies going into the trenches, 2 in billets in reserve.

    13th March 1915 Valiant rescue by CSM Raven 1st Bn Herts  Two Companies in trenches, 2 in support. Digging in the evening. Casualties 4 wounded (C.S.M. Raven left trenches and went out and brought in Cpl Beaver of the 1st Bn Kings Royal Rifles who had been wounded 2 days previous (sic).

    14th March 1915 Brigadier congratulates 1st Bn Herts  The Brigadier congratulated the Bn on the excellent work and intelligent reports of the patrols that went out on the previous evening and specially congratulated C.S.M. Raven on his gallant conduct in saving the life of Cpl Beaver of the 1st Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Casualties 2 wounded.

    16th March 1915 More fatalities for 1st Bn Herts  One Coy digging in the evening. 2 killed, 2 wounded.

    17th March 1915 1st Bn Herts digs new trench  The General Officer Commanding 2nd Division congratulated the Bn on the fine progress made on the new trench.

    In the evening 4 platoons of the 7th Bn Kings Liverpool Regiment (Territorial Force) (one platoon of which lost its way and did not arrive) were engaged in digging trench. Our casualties, 5 wounded, 1 dying of wounds in hospital at Bethune

    18th March 1915 1st Bn Herts experience heavy artillery fire  Heavy artillery fire.

    19th March 1915  Uneventful period for 1st Bn Herts   19 to 31-3-1915. Nothing of importance happened.

    31st March 1915 1st Bn Herts go to billets in Bethune  One Coy of the 8th City of London (Post Office Rifles) took over New Cut Trench, Givenchy. No.2 Coy marched into billets at School in Bethune.

    2nd April 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by Post Office Rifles  H.Q., Nos. 3 & 4 Coys, 2 machine guns marched into Bethune on being relieved by 2 Companies of the Post Office Rifles.

    2 to 6-4-1915 Resting in Bethune

    6th April 1915 1st Bn Herts take over from Coldstream Guards  Bn took over trenches at Givenchy from the 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards. Nos. 1&3 Coys in front line, Nos. 2&4 Coys in second line.

    8th April 1915 1st Bn Herts moves into billets at Le Quesnoy  Btn was relieved by 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards and went into billets at Le Quesnoy.

    10th April 1915 1st Bn Herts back at Givenchy  The Bn again took over B1 Givenchy from the 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards.

    13th April 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at Le Quesnoy  Bn was relieved by the 15th Bn City of London (Civil Service Rifles) and went into billets at Le Quesnoy.

    15th April 1915 1st Bn Herts takes over from Civil Service Rifles  Battalion took over from 15th Bn City of London Regt. (Civil Service Rifles).

    17th April 1915 1st Bn Herts into billets at Le Quesnoy  Relieved by the 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards and went into billets at Le Quesnoy.

    19th April 1915 1st Bn Herts at Givenchy  Took over trenches at Windy Corner, Givenchy from 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards. 2 Companies in trenches, 2 in support.

    22nd April 1915  1st Bn Herts into billets at Le Preol  Relieved by the 15th County of London Regt. and went into billets at Le Preol.

    23rd April 1915 1st Bn Herts into billets at Givenchy  23 to 25-4-1915. Bn relieved by the 8th City of London Regt at B1 Givenchy.

    25th April 1915 New men drafted to 1st Bn Herts  25 to 28-4-1915. Into billets at Le Quesnoy. 25-4-1915 A draft of 30 men joined the battalion from England. Also 21 men rejoined the battalion from hospital.

    27th April 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by the 2nd Coldstream Guards  Bn relieved by the 2nd Coldstream Guards at B1.

    1st May 1915 1st Bn Herts back at Le Quesnoy  The Bn was relieved by the 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards and went into billets at Le Quesnoy.

    3rd May 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by Coldstream Guards  Bn relieved the 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards at B1.

    4th May 1915 Daily Battery Activity 6th London Brigade RFA   15th London Battery fired eight rounds at 1115 on enemy's communication trench S.27.d.11 and subsequently fired eight rounds on enemy's breastwork at 2350. Thirty nine rounds were fired at A.2.d.77 and A.2.b.95. 16th London Battery fired eight rounds in direction of trenches north of the S Bend. Both Batteries also fired twelve special 65a fuses. Report received that the 1st Herts. in front line trenches, had been overcome by gas. This was untrue.

    6th May 1915 Draft arrives at 1st Bn Herts  A draft of 2 Officers and 20 men arrived from England, also 8 men from Rouen.

    12th May 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by the Cameron Highlanders  Bn was relieved by the Cameron Highlanders and marched to Le Touret.

    13th May 1915 1st Bn Herts at Le Touret  At Le Touret the Bn bivouacked.

    14th May 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at Le Touret  14 to 17-5-1915. Moved into billets at Le Touret.

    17th May 1915 1st Bn Herts in support of the Irish Guards  Bn moved up in support of the Irish Guards in trenches mile East of Rue L'Epinette.

    18th May 1915 1st Bn Herts attacking  Moved into trenches further east. The Irish Guards attacked at 4.30pm, No.1 Coy in close support of Irish Guards. No.4 Coy in support of Grenadier Guards who also attacked. No.1 Coy and 1 platoon of No.3 Coy and 50 men of No.3 Coy reinforced Irish Guards and entrenched themselves. The Bn took over the Irish Guards from the line about 9pm and dug in. No.2 & 4 Coys in front line, No.3 Coy less 1 platoon in second line, No.1 Coy plus 1 platoon and No.3 Coy third line.

    19th May 1915 Heavy casualties for 1st Bn Herts  Consolidated position during the day, were heavily shelled and also when we were relieved during the night by the 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards.

    The Bn returned to billets at Le Touret, all back about 12.30am (20th). During the 18th and 19th the Bn had the following casualties; Lieut. Davis H.G.J., Lieut. Palmer V.H., 2/Lieuts. Christie, Oldham and Loyd wounded. 17 NCOs and men killed, 91 NCOs and men wounded.

    20th May 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at Bethune  Bn moved into billets at Bethune

    22nd May 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at La Beuveriere  Bn moved into billets at La Beuveriere.

    24th May 1915 GOC praises conduct of 1st Bn Herts  The General Officer commanding the Division inspected the Bn and congratulated it on its conduct during the recent operations and since it had joined the 4th (Guards) Brigade.

    31st May 1915 1st Bn Herts at Nouex les Mines  The Bn paraded at 4.10am and marched to Nouex les Mines. The Brigade went into billets there in reserve to the 5th and 6th Brigades.

    6th June 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at Cambrin  The Bn moved at 9.15pm. Nos. 1&2 Coys in billets at Cambrin.

    13th June 1915 DCMs warded to 1st Bn Herts men  Notification received the Company Sergeant Major Abbott, Acting R.Q.M.S. Rayment and Sgt. Selby have been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

    18th Jun 1915 Widening communication trenches

    20th June 1915 1st Bn Herts change places with Irish Guards  The Battalion moved from Cambrin and Annequin to Sailly Le Bourse, changing places with the Irish Guards.

    21st June 1915 1st Bn Herts relieve Grenadier Guards  The Battalion relieved the 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards about 2 miles NE of Vermelles.

    23rd June 1915 1st Bn Herts men mentioned in dispatches  The Battalion was relieved by the 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards and moved into billets at Sailly Le Bourse. The following Officers, NCOs and men appeared in the Commander in Chief's dispatched dated 31-5-1915: Lieut. Colonel, The Viscount Hampden, Major H.P. Croft, MP, Major F. Page, Captain A.G. Clark, Captain & Adjutant, the Honourable N. Gathorne-Hardy (Rifle Brigade), Captain P.E. longmore, Captain L.F. Smeathman, Captain G.E. Whitfield, No.14 Sgt J. Barber, 2108 Acting CQMS F. Rayment, 2550 Sgt A.E Sandell, 132 Sgt R. Shirtcliffe, 2662 L/Cpl R.A. Gough, 2283 Pte. Curtis.

    25th June 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved Grenadier Guards  The 1st Herts Btn again relieved the 2nd Btn Grenadier Guards in trenches.

    27th June 1915 1st Bn Herts billets at Bethune and Montmorency Barracks  1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment was relieved by the 1st Bn Loyal North Lancs Regt. and moved into billets at Bethune and Montmorency Barracks. Major E.M. Jones left the Bn for England to take over command of the 3rd/1st Btn Hertfordshire Regiment.

    28th June 1915 Message to 1st Bn Herts from Earl of Cavan  Brigadier General the Earl of Cavan, C.B., M.V.O. issued the following order on relinquishing command of the 4th (Guards) Brigade; "On leaving the Brigade to take command of a Division it would not be seemly to recall the various actions since 18th September in which it has been my privilege and delight to command you but I may say - whether in action, in the trenches or in billets, no unit of the 4th (Guards) Brigade has ever disappointed me, nor has any battalion ever fallen short of that great standard set by our predecessors.

    We welcomed the 1st Herts Territorials at Ypres and most worthily have they bourne their part with the rest of us.

    To you all I convey the gratitude of a very full heart and I wish you Goodbye and Godspeed"

    30th June 1915 1st Bn Herts at Montmorency Barracks  In billets at Montmorency Barracks, Bethune

    1st July 1915  DCM for Cpl Long 1st Bn Herts  It appeared in General Headquarters Orders that No.2140 Cpl C. Long had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

    5 July 1915 1st Bn Herts relieve Kings Liverpool Regt  5-7-15. Two Companies went into trenches at Cuinchy A2 sector relieving the 5th Bn Kings Liverpool Regt. 2 Companies Brigade Reserve at Annequin.

    8th July 1915 Capt Gathorne-Hardy leaves 1st Bn Herts  Captain the Honourable N.C. Gathorne-Hardy, Adjutant, left the Battalion to command the 4th Bn Rifle Brigade

    11th July 1915 1st Bn Herts hold A2 sector  The Battalion held A2 sector till the 13th, the 2 companies in reserve relieving the 2 companies in the trenches every 48 hours.

    13th July 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved in A2 sector  The Brigade frontage was shortened, the 4th Brigade holding from Canal to La Bassie road.

    Battalion was relieved in A2 sector by the Royal Munster Fusiliers and 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards. No.4 Coy relieved 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards in Cuinchy Support Point and No.2 Coy relieved 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards at Cambrin Support Point and Braddells Point.

    14th July 1915 Draft from England joins1st Bn Herts  A draft of 1 Officer and 70 men joined the Battalion from England. 2nd Lieut. Lambert.

    21st July 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by Highland Light Infantry  The Battalion was relieved by the 9th Bn Highland Light Infantry and marched into Montmorency Barracks, Bethune.

    3 new Officers joined the Battalion from England - 2/Lieut. Grimble, 2/Lieut. Gudgeon, and 2/Lieut. Lee.

    26th July 1915 Lt. Ransom joins 1st Bn Herts  Lieut. Ransom joined the Battalion from England.

    29th July 1915 1st Bn Herts at Givenchy B1 sector  The Battalion relieved the 1st Bn Kings Liverpool Regiment at Givenchy B1 sector, 3 Coys in the trenches and 1 at Le Preol.

    30th July 1915 1st Bn Herts relieved by the 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards  The Battalion was relieved by the 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards and marched back to billets at Le Quesnoy.

    24th Aug 1915 Two Meals a Day

    27th Sep 1915 Brave Actions

    25th Dec 1915 Christmas

    27th Dec 1915 1st Herts on the Move

    29th Dec 1915 Eating Meals in Decency

    31st Jan 1915 In Billets

    4th Mar 1916 At Buckingham Palace

    22nd Jun 1916 Reliefs

    26th Oct 1915 1st Herts in the Trenches

    29th Jun 1917 On the Move

    30th Jun 1917 Reliefs

    1st Jul 1917 In Reserve

    7th Jul 1917 Reliefs

    16th Jul 1917 Reliefs

    17th Jul 1917 On the March

    18th Jul 1917 Training

    22nd Jul 1917 On the Move

    23rd Jul 1917 Training

    29th Jul 1917 Preparations

    30th Jul 1917 Into Position

    31st Jul 1917 Attack Made

    2nd Aug 1917 In the Trenches

    3rd Aug 1917 Continuous Rain

    5th Aug 1917 In Bivouacs

    7th Aug 1917 On the Move

    9th Aug 1917 In Camp

    10th Aug 1917 Inspection

    11th Aug 1917 Reinforcements

    12th Aug 1917 Reinforcements

    14th Aug 1917 On the Move

    19th Aug 1917 Reliefs

    23rd Aug 1917 Reliefs

    27th Aug 1917 Reliefs

    30th Aug 1917 Reinforcements

    2nd Sep 1917 Reliefs

    5th Sep 1917 In the Trenches

    6th Sep 1917 Reliefs

    8th Sep 1917 Reliefs

    10th Sep 1917 Reinforcements

    11th Sep 1917 In Camp

    12th Sep 1917 On the March

    13th Sep 1917 Reinforcements

    14th Sep 1917 Reinforcements

    18th Sep 1917 On the March

    19th Sep 1917 Equipment

    20th Sep 1917 Attack Made

    21st Sep 1917 Reliefs

    22nd Sep 1917 Reliefs

    23rd Sep 1917 Reliefs

    25th Sep 1917 Into Position

    26th Sep 1917 Into Support

    27th Sep 1917 Bringing in the Wounded

    30th Sep 1917 The Cost

    1st Oct 1917 Inspection

    2nd Oct 1917 Inspection

    3rd Oct 1917 Training

    4th Oct 1917 Working Parties

    6th Oct 1917 Change of Command

    9th Oct 1917 Reinforcements

    10th Oct 1917 New Adjutant

    11th Oct 1917 Reinforcements

    16th Oct 1917 Working Parties

    17th Oct 1917 On the March

    18th Oct 1917 Special Work

    19th Oct 1917 Reinforcements

    20th Oct 1917 Reinforcements

    20th Oct 1917 Cinematographer Visits Camp

    23rd Oct 1917 On the March

    24th Oct 1917 Party Rejoins Battalion

    25th Oct 1917 Concert

    26th Oct 1917 At the Ready

    27th Oct 1917 At the Ready

    28th Oct 1917 Reliefs

    29th Oct 1917 In the Trenches

    31st Oct 1917 Reliefs Completed

    21st August 1918 Attack Made

    4th Nov 1918 Attack Made

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    Those known to have served with

    Hertfordshire Regiment

    during the Great War 1914-1918.

    • Butts William. Pte. (d.19 Nov 1914)
    • Chisholm Douglas William. Sgt. 1/1st Btn.
    • Fordham Eric John. Pte. (d.8th Oct 1918)
    • Fuller Charles Edward. Pte. (d.23rd Aug 1918)
    • Hayes John. L/Cpl. (d.12th Sep 1918)
    • Milton Edwin. Pte.
    • Peachey William Thomas. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.13th Nov 1916)
    • Thompson Ernest Samuel. Pte. 1st Btn.
    • Young Frank Edward. 2nd Lt. 1/1st Btn. (d.18th Sep 1918)
    • Young Frank Edward. 2nd Lt. 1st Btn. (d.18th Sep1918)

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    2nd Lt. Frank Edward Young VC 1st Btn. Hertfordshire Regiment (d.18th Sep1918)

    Frank Young was killed in action on 18th September 1918 aged 23 years during the action for which he gained his award. He is buried in the Hermies Hill British Cemetery in France. He was the son of Frank and Sarah Ellen Young, of 46, Wood Avenue, Folkestone, Kent

    An extract from The London Gazette No. 31067, dated 13th Dec., 1918, records the following:- "For most conspicuous bravery, determination and exceptional devotion to duty on 18th September, 1918, south-east of Havrincourt, when during an enemy counter-attack and throughout an extremely intense enemy barrage he visited all posts, warned the garrisons and encouraged the men. In the early stages of the attack he rescued two of his men who had been captured, and bombed and silenced an enemy machine gun. Although surrounded by the enemy, 2nd Lt. Young fought his way back to the main barricade and drove out a party of the enemy who were assembling there. By his further exertions the battalion was able to maintain a line of great tactical value, the loss of which would have meant serious delay to future operations. Throughout four hours of intense hand-to-hand fighting 2nd Lt. Young displayed the utmost valour and devotion to duty, and set an example to which the company gallantly responded. He was last seen fighting hand to hand against a considerable number of the enemy."

    s flynn


    Pte. William Butts Hertfordshire Regiment (d.19 Nov 1914)

    William was born in 1886 in Stockbridge, Hampshire to Emily and Isaac Butts. The family moved first to Brentford and then to Hitchin, Hertfordshire. William became a parchment maker, like his father.

    William enlisted in August 1914 and arrived in Flanders in early November. Sadly he was killed by a land mine two weeks later. He has no known grave but his name in on the Menin Gate.

    Elizabeth Wood


    Pte. Eric John Fordham Bedfordshire Regiment (d.8th Oct 1918)

    Eric Fordham was posted to the Hertfordshire Regiment, he was killed in action on the 8th of October 1918, aged 19 and commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial in France. Son of Alfred and Marian Eliza Fordham, of Elm House, 35, Claremont Rd., Surbiton, Surrey, he was the youngest of 5 brothers who went to war and 4 came home. One was in the King's Royal Rifles, another the AIF Hospital Ships, and two in the Royal Naval Division, yet on the day Eric died they were all within a few miles of each other.

    s flynn


    Pte. Ernest Samuel Thompson 1st Btn. Hertfordshire Regiment

    My Grandfather Ernest Thompson was an early volunteer and went to France in January 1915; He served with the 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment. He was wounded - shot through the right hand and elbow - in May 1915 and subsequently sent home. He was honourably discharged in January 1916.

    Although he didn't talk about his experiences I do have a postcard he sent to my Grandmother when he was in France asking her to knit some more socks as they were standing in constant mud. I remember him telling me about the Christmas football match, which he probably heard about on his arrival in France. In later life, he worked around his injuries, which also included being gassed, and he always said that he would be all right if he could get a new set of lungs! Not many years later, hearts and lungs were being transplanted.

    My Grandfather painted a postcard-size picture of the Hertfordshire Regiment insignia with his left-hand (as his right hand was injured), possibly during his recuperation? He played cricket for Baldock Town at some stage but more especially for Kryn and Lahy where he was primarily a bowler. I used to sit with my Grandfather listening to cricket and cleaning his medals - wonderful days and memories. He invariably had bronchitis as a result of his damaged lungs and subsequently succumbed to this damage; He never received a war pension which would not be allowed today.

    Pearl Townsend


    Pte. William Thomas Peachey 1st Btn. Hertfordshire Regiment (d.13th Nov 1916)

    William Thomas Peachey enlisted in Hertford as Private in the 1st Battalion the Hertfordshire Regiment. Killed in action at The Battle of the Ancre, 13th November 1916 and is buried in the Connaucht Cemetery, Thiepval.

    Chris Allan


    Pte. Charles Edward Fuller Hertfordshire Regiment (d.23rd Aug 1918)

    Charles Edward Fuller enlisted in Bedford into the Hertfordshire Regiment. He was killed in action in the British assault at Achiet le Grand railway cutting, 23rd August 1918 and is buried at Achiet le Grand Cemetery.

    Chris Allan


    L/Cpl. John Hayes Hertfordshire Regiment (d.12th Sep 1918)

    John Hayes of Smith End, Barley, enlisted in Royston. A Lance Corporal in the Hertfordshire Regiment, he died of his wounds fighting alongside the New Zealand Division on the Hindenburg Line at the Battle of Havrincourt, 12th September 1918. He is buried at St Aubert British Cemetery .

    Chris Allan

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