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Army Veterinary Corps

24th Feb 1915 Horse inspection for 2nd Life Guards   2nd Life Guards War Diary: Every horse inspected by A D V S 3rd Cav Division and by Col Yardley (Remount Officer). They decided to change 10 horses as unsuitable or worn out.

War Diary

Feb 1915 Training

Mar 1915 Training

12th Mar 1915 Inspection

17th Mar 1915 On the Move

24th Mar 1915 On the Move

26th Mar 1915 On the Move

28th Mar 1915 On the Move

29th Mar 1915 Accomodation

30th Mar 1915 Into Billets

31st Mar 1915 Training

1st Apr 1915 Orders Issued

2nd Apr 1915 Orders Issued

3rd Apr 1915 Preparations

6th Apr 1915 Inspection

7th Apr 1915 On the Move

9th Apr 1915 Embarkation

10th Apr 1915 Embarkation

19th Apr 1915 Orders

20th Apr 1915 Orders

21st Apr 1915 Conference

22nd Apr 1915 Preparations

23rd Apr 1915 Transports Sail

24th of April 1915 Units in position

24th Apr 1915 At Sea

25th Apr 1915 Landing

20th of May 1915 Troop Distribution

27th May 1915 On the Move

3rd of September 1915 Off to France

5th of September 1915 In France

5th of September 1915 Concentration of Units

10th Sep 1915 Taking Care of Sick Horses

17th of September 1915 Advance Units Arrive

21st of September 1915 In the Front Line

22nd of September 1915 Gas Precautions

29th of September 1915 Snipers and Reliefs

8th of October 1915 German Dud Shell

9th of October 1915 Artillery Regrouped

23rd of October 1915 French Take Over Front

14th Nov 1915 AVC Man Accidentally Killed

8th Jan 1916 On the Move

9th Jan 1916 On the Move

10th Jan 1916 On the Move

15th Jan 1916 In France  By the 15th of January 1916 all units of 34th Division had arrive in France and concentrated at La Crosse, east of St Omer.

16th Jan 1916 Organisation

21st Jan 1916 Orders

21st Jan 1916 Instruction

22nd Jan 1916 Orders Issued

23rd Jan 1916 On the Move

26th Jan 1916 On Alert

27th Jan 1916 Emergeny Scheme

28th Jan 1916 Emergeny Scheme

1st Jan 1918 Training

2nd Jan 1918 Training

3rd Jan 1918 Training

4th Jan 1918 In Reserve

4th Jan 1918 Training

5th Jan 1918 In Reserve

5th Jan 1918 Moves

6th Jan 1918 In Reserve

6th Jan 1918 Moves

7th Jan 1918 Training

7th Jan 1918 Training

9th Jan 1918 Snow

10th Jan 1918 Snow

11th Jan 1918 Poor Weather

12th Jan 1918 Training

13th Jan 1918 Snow and Frost

14th Jan 1918 Training

15th Jan 1918 Training

16th Jan 1918 Bad Weather

17th Jan 1918 Poor Weather

19th Jan 1918 Orders

20th Jan 1918 Orders

21st Jan 1918 Heavy Rain

24th Jan 1918 In the Line

25th Jan 1918 Artillery Active

26th Jan 1918 Orders

27th Jan 1918 Fog

28th Jan 1918 Artillery Active

29th Jan 1918 Artillery Active

30th Jan 1918 Artillery Active

31st Jan 1918 Mist

1st Feb 1918 Trenches Improved

2nd Feb 1918 Trenches Improved

3rd Feb 1918 Orders

4th Feb 1918 Shelling

5th Feb 1918 Warmer

6th Feb 1918 Orders

7th Feb 1918 Fraternisation

8th Feb 1918 Quiet

9th Feb 1918 Reorganisation

10th Feb 1918 Shelling

11th Feb 1918 Quiet

12th Feb 1918 Quiet

13th Feb 1918 Some Shelling

14th Feb 1918 Patrols

15th Feb 1918 Artillery Active

16th Feb 1918 Artillery Active

17th Feb 1918 Enemy Aircraft

18th Feb 1918 Mist

19th Feb 1918 Quiet

20th Feb 1918 Gas Shells

21st Feb 1918 Reorganisation

22nd Feb 1918 Patrols

23rd Feb 1918 Shelling

24th Feb 1918 Shelling

25th Feb 1918 Shelling

26th Feb 1918 Artillery Active

27th Feb 1918 Artillery Active

28th Feb 1918 Shelling

1st Mar 1918 Raids

2nd Mar 1918 Snow

3rd Mar 1918 Patrols

4th Mar 1918 Quiet

5th Mar 1918 Patrols

6th Mar 1918 Gas

7th Mar 1918 Enemy Active

8th Mar 1918 Enemy Active

9th Mar 1918 Mist

10th Mar 1918 Enemy Active

11th Mar 1918 Gas

12th Mar 1918 Gas

13th Mar 1918 Raids

14th Mar 1918 Artillery Active

15th Mar 1918 Intense Fire

16th Mar 1918 Trench Raid

17th Mar 1918 Patrols

18th Mar 1918 Raids

19th Mar 1918 Patrols

20th Mar 1918 Reliefs

21st Mar 1918 Arrangements

21st Mar 1918 In Action

22nd Mar 1918 Fighting Withdrawal

22nd Mar 1918 Messages

23rd Mar 1918 Messages

23rd Mar 1918 Fighting Withdrawal

24th Mar 1918 Messages

24th Mar 1918 In Defence

25th Mar 1918 Fighting Withdrawal

26th Mar 1918 Fighting Withdrawal

27th Mar 1918 In Defence

27th Mar 1918 Moves

31st Mar 1918 Shelling

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Those known to have served with

Army Veterinary Corps

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Alderson Robert William. Pte. Northumbrian Div. (d.11th Nov 1915)
  • Bell Charles Edwin. Pte. 15th Veterinary Hospital (d.3rd September 1917)
  • Brown William David. A/Sgt. Mobile Veterinary Section 10
  • Butlin Albert John. Pte. Army Veterinary Corps
  • Cameron Donald Law Patrick . WO. 4th Btn.
  • Crawshaw John. S/Sgt.
  • Gardiner Frederick. Pte. 3rd Australian Mobile Veterinary Section.
  • Grimmer Henry. Pte.
  • Jobson Joseph. A/Cpl.
  • Magee John Thomas. 24th
  • Marshall Edgar Robert. South Midland Div.
  • McShane Patrick. Pte. 23rd Mobile Section
  • Murphy John. Pte. 48th Mobile Section
  • Nash A. E.. Pte. 8th Royal Veterinary Hosp. (York) (d.20th May 1917)
  • O'Brien Thomas Augustine. Lt. (d.6th Oct 1918)
  • Reeves Richard John. Sgt. 24th Div. Mobile
  • Routledge Arthur Richard. Capt. (d.27th June 1918)
  • Sedgwick James G.. Pte.   18th Veterinary Hospital
  • Stephenson R. E.. Pte. Station Vet, Hosp. Larkhill (d.24th Sep 1917)
  • Walsh William. Capt. (d.27th Feb 1919)
  • Wilson Charles. Pte.
  • Wright William Samuel. L/Cpl 9th Veterinary Hospital (d.11th Jan 1918)

All names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List

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World War 1 One ww1 wwII greatwar great
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L/Cpl William Samuel Wright 9th Veterinary Hospital Army Veterinary Corps (d.11th Jan 1918)

William Samuel Wright was aged 29 at the time of his death in 1918, He is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery. The 9th Veterinary Hospital was situated at Abbeville, France.

Sue Smith


Capt. William Walsh Royal Army Veterinary Corps (d.27th Feb 1919)

William Walsh was 26 when he died and is buried in the north-east part of the Ballina Catholic Cathedral Churchyard, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He was the son of F. Walsh of Ballina, Co. Mayo.

s flynn


Lt. Thomas Augustine O'Brien Army Veterinary Corps (d.6th Oct 1918)

Thomas O'Brien was buried in the Ajmer New Cemetery in India.

S Flynn


John Thomas Magee 24th Army Veterinary Corps

Bartley Green History Group is gathering information on all the men who are listed on the Absent Voter Lists for WW1.

Maureen Surman


Pte. Patrick McShane 23rd Mobile Section Army Veterinary Corps

Paddy McShane was my grandfather. He was 23 when war broke out and working in Birkenhead docks. I know he kept a horse as part of his job, hence AVC23. He might be considered young for this unit so he must have been good with horses. I know he was at Woolwich in the run up to leaving for Alexandria via Malta in March 1915, sailing from Avonmouth with, I think, the 29th Division. He survived the war but was never really well again. He died in 1936 of malaria. I have his 14-15 Star but my dad said he threw the others on the fire in 1936 when he was aged 12.

Daniel Mcshane


Edgar Robert Marshall South Midland Div. Army Veterinary Corps

Edgar Marshall standing between two men in doorway.

Edgar Marshall was born in Himbleton, Worcester on a cider apple farm. He trained as a vet and in January 1915 he joined the Army Veterinary Corps, South Midland Division. After the war he emigrated to New Zealand. Bob had a "gift" with horses.

Edgar Marshall tending to a horse during WW1

Attestation for Edgar Marshall

Brenda Clark


Sgt. Richard John Reeves 24th Div. Mobile Army Veterinary Corps

Richard Reeves served with 24th Division Mobile Army Veterinary Corps.

Mike Walburn


Pte. Henry Grimmer Army Veterinary Corps

Henry Grimmer was born in Oakham, Rutland on 19th June 1871, the second of the eight children of Henry & Elizabeth Grimmer. Henry senior was a groom for Lord Lonsdale of Barleythorpe Hall & died aged just 40yrs old after being kicked by a horse. Henry junior (known as Harry) was 13yrs at the time & his mother was left a widow with 8 children to bring up, the youngest being just 4 months old.

By the time he was 21yrs Henry was living at 4 Reece Mews, Kensington, London & working as a hansom cab driver until he volunteered to fight in the Boer War. In a Rutland parish magazine of 1900 he was listed as Lance Corporal Henry Grimmer of the Leicestershire Regiment. Returning from the Boer War in early 1901 he seems to have found work in Melton Mowbray, where two of his younger brothers were working & it was here in Melton Mowbray that he married Mary Ann Ofield in November 1901. Before too long the newly weds had moved to Staffordshire & lived in Rangemore & Tutbury where their first 5 children were born. We assume that Henry worked as a groom during this time possibly for the Burton family (Bass Brewers) of Rangemore Hall who were frequent hosts to the aristocracy & royalty. By 1911 the family were back in Oakham, Rutland & where 3 more children were born. Henry worked as a groom at Barleythorpe Hall as his father had done & where in 1914 Lord Lonsdale gave a home to the staff, horses, carriages & cars of the King of Belgium during WW1.

In May 1915 Henry volunteered for the Army Veterinary Corps as Private SE 5182 & about which we know very little apart from photos showing that he was in Egypt working with camels at a 'hospital'.

Returning home at the end of the war Henry & his younger family lived above the coach house of the Hall at Burley on the Hill, the home of the Finch family & for who Harry worked as a groom & on the estate and his wife Mary as cook until they retired. After Mary died in 1951 Henry went to live in Barleythorpe with his daughter & died aged 87 yrs in 1959 during a flu epidemic.

Our hospital, Egypt

H Grimmer with Company Egypt

Pte Henry Grimmer SE5182

Ken Grimmer


S/Sgt. John Crawshaw Army Veterinary Corps

John Crawshaw was my great uncle. The only details of his war service that I have found were in his medal roll record where it states that he served abroad after 1st of Jan 1916 and was awarded the British War and Victory Medals. His name was mis-spelt as Crawshore. If anyone has any further info, I would be glad to receive it.

TT/01742(6) Staff Sergeant John Crawshaw served with the Army Veterinary Corps during WW1.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately with so many AVC personnel at multiple levels in Divisions, Base Depots and Hospitals it would be almost impossible to trace an individual without more detailed information of where an individual served. All current searches are inconclusive.

John Crawshaw


WO. Donald Law Patrick Cameron 4th Btn. Imperial Camel Corps

Donald Law Patrick Cameron was born at Balranald, New South Wales in 1897. He was living in Mosman and working as a motorboat driver when he enlisted on 8 February 1917. Although Cameron had spent two years with the Citizens Naval Reserve, he joined the Imperial Camel Corps and departed Sydney aboard HMAS Port Sydney on 9 May 1917.

After arriving in Egypt in June, Cameron became an acting corporal in the Camel Reserve Company, and then joined the 4th Battalion, Imperial Camel Corps in August 1917 as a trooper. He served in Palestine throughout 1917 and in mid-1918 joined the 1st Light Horse Regiment, then serving in Jordan. Cameron's stay with the 1st Light Horse Regiment was short-lived as he soon transferred to the Mobile Veterinary Section and then fell sick in September 1918, spending three months recovering from fever. After recuperating, Cameron served out the rest of the war with the Australian Base Post Office in Egypt, finally returning to Australia on 14 March 1919.

Donald Cameron also enlisted in the Second World War as a warrant officer with the 202nd Australian Camp Hospital

S Flynn


Capt. Arthur Richard Routledge MID & 2Bars Army Veterinary Corps (d.27th June 1918)

Captain Arthur Richard Routledge FRCVS, served in the Army Veterinary Corps and died age 44 on the 27th June 1918. He is remembered at Jarrow Library and is buried at Louth Cemetery. His medal card shows the award of the War and Victory medals also Silver War Badge Off/700 badge no. 341969. (This badge is normally issued when returning home early from active service and could indicate he died after his return home from the war.) His Medals were later sent to his home address at 61 Upgate, Louth, Lincolnshire on the 24th June 1921. He was Mentioned in Despatches with 2 bars.

Arthur was born in Jarrow 1874,son of James Routledge JP of Stapleton House, Jarrow and the late Amelia Routledge nee Flann. He was married in October 1905 at West Ham, Essex to Gertrude May Routledge nee Herring of Stapleton House, Louth, Lincs. At the 1911 census they were 5 years married living at that address with a daughter Muriel May aged 3 and a domestic servant Emma Clarke(22).

Vin Mullen


Pte. Albert John Butlin Army Veterinary Corps

Albert John Butlin was 34 when he rejoined the Army Veterinary Corps on the 13th July 1916. He lived in Balsall Heath with wife Charlotte and children Eva Annie, John Harry and Ivy Hannah.

Lorraine Money


Pte. John Murphy 48th Mobile Section Army Veterinary Corps

John Murphy served with Royal Irish Rifles as private 19149 but was then specially enlisted to the Army Veterinary Corps SE34670. He would likely have served with the 48 Mobile Veterinary Section as part of the 36th Ulster Division as he arrived in France on 3rd of Oct 1915.

Barry Riley


Pte. Charles Edwin Bell 15th Veterinary Hospital Army Veterinary Corps (d.3rd September 1917)

This is my Great Great Grandfather. I came across his details whilst searching the Commonwealth War Graves website as we always believed him to be buried somewhere in France. However he is buried in Salonki, Lembet Road Cemetery in Thessaloniki which came as a surprise. What also came as a surprise was his age, him being only 35 years of age upon death. His date of death was also upsetting as according to records the area he was in managed to push back and defeat the troops they were fighting in January 1918. He died on 3rd of September 1917. He served in the Army Veterinary Corps, Unit 15th Veterinary Hospital.

Having done research this would appear to be along the War Horse story that has captured everyone both on film and the stage play. This would fit in completely as my Great Great Grandfather came from a family who worked the land, especially horses in York. He is mentioned in a book of the named War Dead of the Great War in York Minster. Although I have just found him, having done research I feel like I know him, my brother is the double of him looks wise and I feel so much pride to have found out the information I have about him.

Gillian Heley

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There are:7832 pages and articles tagged Army Veterinary Corps available in our Library
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