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Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Want to know more about Royal Warwickshire Regiment?

There are:41580 pages and articles tagged Royal Warwickshire Regiment available in our Library

Those known to have served with

Royal Warwickshire Regiment

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Ainsworth Walter. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Albrighton Thomas Charles. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1918)
  • Allen Henry Edward. Pte. 5th Battalion (d.21st Jun 1915)
  • Allen Thomas Henry. 10th Battalion (d.27th Mar 1918)
  • Allso Percival Allen. L/Cpl. 16th Btn. (d.27th July 1916)
  • Allsopp Thomas. Pte. 6th Btn.
  • Andrew Joseph Arthur Westwood. Pte.
  • Andrews Joseph George Patrick. Pte 11th Btn. (d.27th April 1917)
  • Arnold Edward. Sgt. 11th Battalion (d.17th Nov 1916)
  • Arnold Thomas. Pte.
  • Austin Joseph. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.9 May 1915)
  • Bagshaw Walter John. Sgt. 2/5th Btn.
  • Bailey Francis William. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Baird D. H.. Pte. Depot
  • Bannerman Wallace. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.26th Oct 1916)
  • Barham Herbert John. Pte. 1/8th Btn.
  • Barron Louis. Lt. 10th Btn. (d.19th July 1916)
  • Bassett Raymond. Sgt. 2nd Battalion (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Bates Harold. Pte. 2nd/7th Btn. (d.19th July 1916)
  • Bates Lewis George. 2nd Lt. 6th Battalion (d.24th May 1916)
  • Bayliss Harry. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.11th May 1915)
  • Bayliss Harry. Pte. (d.11th May 1915)
  • Beavers William Victor. Pte. 2nd/5th Battalion (d.1st Sep 1917)
  • Bennett George.
  • Biller Edward John. Cpl. 9th Battalion (d.25th Jan 1917)
  • Bond Frederick Lewis. Gnr. 1/7th Btn.
  • Bond Frederick Lewis. Pte. 2/7th Btn.
  • Boraston James Richard. CSM. 1st/8th Btn. (d.24th Dec 1915)
  • Bowden Patrick. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.26th Nov 1915)
  • Bracken Hugh Alexander. Corporal 10th Btn. (d.22nd Mar 1918)
  • Bradshaw Lewis. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.25th April 1915)
  • Brain Albert. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.21st Nov 1914)
  • Brain Albert Edward. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.21st Nov 1914)
  • Brincklow G. H..
  • Britton C.. Pte. 1/5th Btn. (d.12th Sep 1917)
  • Broadrick F.. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.1st Aug 1917)
  • Brodie William Charles. Sgt. 1/8 Btn
  • Brown Ernest. Sgt. 7th Btn. (d.18th Apr 1917)
  • Budd James William. Lieut 2/5th Btn.
  • Burton Charles Silvester. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.23rd Mar 1918)
  • Cadden H. Pte. 2nd/7th Btn. (d.9th April 1917)
  • Casey Albert Edward. L/Cpl. 1st Btn. (d.26th August 1914)
  • Casey Arthur Harry Roland. Pte. 2nd/8th Btn. (d.3rd September 1917)
  • Casterton Algernon Alfred. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.30th Nov 1917)
  • Cave Guy. 1st Btn.
  • Chatterley Horace Victor. Pte. 12th Btn. (d.25th Sep 1917)
  • Church Sidney Charles. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.29th March 1918)
  • Clark James. Pte.
  • Clarke Alfred. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.29th Oct 1914)
  • Class Herbert Rudolf. 2nd Lt. 2/5th Btn.
  • Clissett William Frederick. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.31st Oct 1914)
  • Cockbill Harry Vernon. Qtr.Mstr.Sgt. 10th Btn. (d.10th April 1918)
  • Cockburn John. 2Lt. 1st Btn. (d.2nd April 1915)
  • Coley Harry. Pte. 16th Battalion (d.5th Oct 1917)
  • Cotterell Leslie Malcolm. Pte. 16th Btn.
  • Cox George David. Sgt. 1st Battalion (d.11th April 1917)
  • Cox William Henry Edwin. Pte. 9th (Service) Btn.
  • Craddock William. Pte. 5th Btn.
  • Cressall Frank . Lance Corporal 2nd Btn. (d.04 Sept 1916)
  • Cresswell Percy. L/Cpl. 2nd Battalion (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Cunnington Samuel H.. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.19th May 1917)
  • Dean John. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.11th April 1917)
  • Dewis William. Pte. 10th Btn.
  • Dobson Vincent. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.24th Sept 1918)
  • Downard Charles Henry. Sgt. 2/8 Battalion (d.16th Aug 1916)
  • Durber Sydney. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Earp Arthur G.. Pte. 1/5th Btn. (d.22nd July 1916)
  • Edmunds John. Pte.
  • Edwards Henry Humpherson. Pte. 10th Battalion (d.25th Oct 1918)
  • Eldred James. Pte.
  • Fall William George. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Fortey Edgar Albert Ivor. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.16th Feb 1917)
  • Foster Sidney Dent. Cpl. 1st Btn (d.17th Feb 1917)
  • Fountain Richard. Pte. 1st/6th Battalion (d.22th May 1916)
  • Foxall Ernest Bert. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn.
  • Frost Walter Ernest. Sgt. 7th Btn.
  • Gent Albert Edward. Pte. 1/1st Sqd.
  • Gilbert John Thomas. Sgt. 2/7th Battalion (d.1st Aug 1916)
  • Gilks Frank. Pte. 14th Btn. (d.13th Apr 1918)
  • Goodyear Joseph. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.26th Apr 1915)
  • Gray Edwin Richard. Cpl. 1st Btn.
  • Green Clement.
  • Gribble Julian Royds. Capt. 1st Bn. att. 10th Bn. (d.25th Nov 1918)
  • Gribble Julian Roydes. Cpt. 1st Btn. att. 10th Bn. (d.25th November 1918)
  • Griffin John William. Capt.
  • Grimes Harry. Pte. 10th Battalion
  • Hackett Joseph Richard. Sgt. 2/6th Btn.
  • Hands Henry. Sgt
  • Henderson Edward Elers Delavel. Lt Col. (d.25th Jan 1917)
  • Herring John Ivor. Pte. 14th Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Hickling Samuel. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Hill Henry. Pte. 2/7th Btn.
  • Hodgkinson Alfred J.. Pte. 2/8th Btn.
  • Hooper Albert Edward. Pte. 5th Btn. (d.8th Aug 1918)
  • Howells William. 2/7th Btn.
  • Hubbad Herbert. Cpl. 1/7th Btn. (d.28th June 1916)
  • Humphries Percy. Pte. 11th Battalion (d.9th April 1917)
  • Hunt Ernest. Private 10th Btn. (d.7th Aug 1917)
  • Hunt Walter. Pte 2nd Btn. (d.16th Oct 1915)
  • Hurdley Harold George. Pte. 1st/7th Btn. (d.4th Oct 1917)
  • Imber William Arthur. 2nd Lt. 2/7th Battalion (d.27th Aug 1917)
  • Jarvis Albert Ernest. L/Sgt. 1st Btn. (d.20th Aug 1914)
  • Jones Gilbert Edward. Cpl. 2nd Btn. (d.6th November 1914)
  • Jones Gilbert Edward. Cpl. 2nd Btn. (d.6th November 1914)
  • Jones William Ernest. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Jordan Lawrence. Pte. 14th Btn. (d.23rd July 1916)
  • Jukes Frederick. Pte. 1st Battalion
  • Knott George Albert. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.23rd Mar 1918)
  • Lamaison Leonard William Henry. Lt. 2/5th Btn. (d.2nd Jul 1916)
  • Laugher Frank. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.17th Sep 1917)
  • Laxon Charles Norman. 14th Btn.
  • Leake Albert Ernest. Pte. 15th Battallion (d.26th July 1916)
  • Leeding Tom. Pte. 14th Btn. (d.5th May 1918)
  • Lees James Edward. Pte. 10th Battalion (d.13th May 1917)
  • Lewis Frank Albert. L/Cpl. 1st/8th Btn. (d.9th Aug 1918)
  • Lilley Frederick. 2nd Lt. 5th Battalion (d.24th April 1918)
  • Lisseter Charles. Pte 6th Btn (d.4th Oct 1917)
  • Lovelace-Taylor Arthur George. 2nd Lt. 1st Btn. (d.9th Oct 1916)
  • Lyons William Denis. Pte. 1st/6th Btn. (d.5th Sep 1917)
  • Maile Thomas Henry. Cpl. 1/8th Btn. (d.17th or 27th Aug 1916)
  • Marshall Evelyn Saffrey. Capt. 9th Btn. (d.6th Apr 1916)
  • Maskrey Albert Vincent. Pte. 15th Bn (d.24th Sep 1916)
  • Mayrick Thomas. Pte. 14th btn. (d.28th Sep 1916)
  • McCullum Edwin. L/Cpl. 10th Btn. (d.21st March 1918)
  • Meanwell Harry. Pte. 2/6th Btn.
  • Mitchell Benjamin Henry. Pte. 11th Btn. (d.13th Aug 1916)
  • Mitchell Benjamin Henry. 1st Btn. (d.13th Aug 1916)
  • Moore Frank. Pte. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Moorwood William. Pte. 9th (Service) Battalion
  • Morris Sydney Spencer. Pte. 14th Btn. (d.27th Sep 1918)
  • Nelson George Harry. Pte. 16th Btn.
  • Ogden John William. Pte. 2nd/5th Btn. (d.3rd Dec 1917)
  • Over Charles Herbert. 2nd Btn. (d.20th Oct 1914)
  • Owen William Alfred. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.25th Jan 1917)
  • Palfrey Alan Edward. 2nd Lt. 4th Battalion (d.10 May 1917)
  • Pearson Alfred Christopher. Capt. 9th Btn. (d.4th April 1919)
  • Peat Arthur Robert. Pte 2/6th Btn (d.22nd Jul 1916)
  • Perry Harry. Pte. 5th Battalion
  • Phillips Charles Edgar. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.9th Oct 1917)
  • Phillips Charles Edgar. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.9th Oct 1917 )
  • Pitts Albert Henry. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.8th Feb 1915)
  • Power Charles. Lt. 2nd Btn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Pratt Edward Joseph. RSM. 10th Btn. (d.20th Sep 1917)
  • Pratt Joseph Edward. RSM. 10th Btn. (d.20th Sep 1917)
  • Price Matthew. Private
  • Quick Albert. Pte. (d.9th May 1918)
  • Ralphs William Henry. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Rea William. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.3rd July 1916 )
  • Reeves Albert. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.13th July 1917)
  • Reid Jeremiah. Pte. 2/8th Btn. (d.28 Mar 1918)
  • Riches Albert Edward. 2/7th Battalion (d.24th Oct 1918)
  • Richmond Frederick. Sig. 10th Btn. (d.19th Apr 1918)
  • Riddell Albert Henry. Private 1st Battalion
  • Riddell Albert Henry. Pte. 1st Battalion
  • Riley Frank. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.14th June 1918)
  • Riley Frank. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.14th June 1918)
  • Rippin Jim. Pte 10th Battalion
  • Rollason Mark Welch. Pte. 1st Btn (d.23rd Oct 1916)
  • Rowberry William. L/Sgt. 10th Btn. (d.18th November 1916)
  • Rowberry William. L/Sgt. 10th Battalion (d.18th Nov 1916)
  • Russell Francis Arthur. Pte 10th Btn
  • Rutherford Harry. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.10th June 1917)
  • Ruttens Edward. Pte. 2/6th Btn (d.19th July 1916)
  • Salisbury Leonard Ernest. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Salt Alfred. Pte. 15th Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Sanders John. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.19th Dec 1914)
  • Scotting Frederick William. Pte. 2/5th Btn. (d.28th April 1917)
  • Shaw Frederick. Pte 6th Btn (d.5th Sep 1917)
  • Shepherd Samuel. Pte. 1/8th Btn. (d.4th Oct 1917)
  • Shotton Bernard Louis. Pte. 6th Btn.
  • Shotton Bernard Louis. Pte. 8th Btn.
  • Simms Joseph. Pte.
  • Smith Frederick Philip. Lt. 10th Btn.
  • Solan Michael. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.23rd Mar 1918)
  • Spiers Emannuel. Pte. 2/5th Battalion (d.8th August 1916)
  • Spiers Emmanuel. Pte. 2/5th Battalion (d.8th August 1916)
  • Statham James. Pte. 15th Btn. (d.26th Jun 1918)
  • Statham James. Pte. 15th Btn. (d.28th June 1918)
  • Steadman Alfred James. Pte. 16th (Service) Btn. (3rd Birmingham) (d.10th Oct 1917)
  • Sullivan John. L/Cpl. 10th Btn.
  • Tayles Charles Frederick. Pte 8th Btn (d.27th Aug 1916)
  • Taylor Ellis . Private 2nd Battalion (d.22nd Mar 1915)
  • Taylor Joseph Cuthbert. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Tomes Arthur. Pte.
  • Tomkins Ernest Daniel. Pte. 2/6th Btn. (d.29th Jan 1918)
  • Townley Frederick George Richard. Pte. 2/7th Battalion (d.19th July 1916)
  • Truman D. G. H.. Lt. 2/5th Btn. (d.1st Jul 1916)
  • Twamley Leonard. Pte. 2/7th Btn. (d.19th Jul 1916)
  • Wain William George. Pte 9th Batt
  • Ward Harry. WO 2nd Btn.
  • Webb Albert. Pte. 6th Btn.
  • Westall Sidney George. Pte 1st Btn (d.25th April 1915)
  • Whelan Thomas. Sgt. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • White Sidney. Pte. 10th Btn. (d.23rd Mar 1918)
  • Whitehouse William. L/Sgt. 10th Btn., `D' Coy. (d.3rd July 1916)
  • Whiting Richard. L/Sgt. 1st Btn. (d.23rd October 1916)
  • Wicks Albert George. Pte. 2nd btn. (d.7th May 1918)
  • Wicks Frederick Edwin. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.25th Jan 1915)
  • Wier Albert. Cpl. 6th Btn. (d.14th Oct 1916)
  • Wilkes Reginald Samuel. 16th Battalion
  • Willetts Thomas Henry. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.7th Nov 1914)
  • Williams Bertram Thomas. Pte. 1/6th Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Williams Clive. Pte. 1/8th Btn. (d.20th Nov 1918)
  • Wood George. Pte. 2/7th Btns
  • Wright Herbert Joseph. Pte. 2nd Btn (d.14th Nov 1914)

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Benjamin Henry Mitchell 1st Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.13th Aug 1916)

Benjamin Henry Mitchell was born in 1880 died 1916. This is my children's great granddad and I am currently doing the family tree. I have tried to find a photo of Benjamin but to no avail. I've tried the Birmingham post newspaper as they usually show a photo of the soldiers who had died or were missing but I can't find one.

Mr. Pargetter


2nd Lt. William Arthur Imber 2/7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.27th Aug 1917)

William Arthur Imber

William Imber Served with the 2/7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

William Arthur Imber

WW1 Medal Rolls Index Card

Death Penny William Arthur Imber

Close-up of William Arthur Imber's memorial Penny

Christine Jones


George Bennett Royal Warwickshire

My grandad George Bennett lied about his age and in 1914 joined the Army and at 15 saw some real bad horrors. But, also he told me the stories of singing carols and playing football with the Germans at Christmas. He was a lucky one he came, when just before the end of the war he had is eye shot out and went home and became one of the wounded blues. Life went on and he became a caretaker of City School in Whittinton Oval School in Sheldon.

We feel really lucky that he was one of the lucky ones he lost a lot of his friends he went out with. Thank you Grandad and to all the other Hero's of the Great War He received a Certificate from the King

Sue Dixon


Pte. Joseph Arthur Westwood Andrew Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Joseph Arthur Westwood Andrew enlisted in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in Birmingham on 22 August 1915. He was wounded and sent to Folkestone for an operation in early 1918. He lost a hand and a foot and was discharged from the Army & awarded the Silver War Badge on 31st July 1918. He wore badge with pride for the rest of his life. He married and had a son, became a coach painter and lived to the ripe old age of 84. He lived in a purpose built bungalow for wounded soldiers at 8 Haig Place, Birmingham. My husband John Andrew, Joseph's grandson remembers playing as a child with the cardboard box that he kept his artificial leg in!

Joan Andrew


Pte Walter Hunt 2nd Btn. Royal Warwickshire (d.16th Oct 1915)

Walter Hunt joined the 2nd Bn Royal Warwicks on the 9th Sept 1914 and landed in France on the 17th May 1915. He made his way forward to join the rest of the 7th Division 22nd Brigade at the front. His first night in the trenches was his 22nd birthday.

The Battle of Loos started with a British bombardment on the German lines. For five days, the British guns rained shells to weaken defenses and cut wire. On the morning of the 25th, the high explosive shells were exchanged for gas, a tactic to wipe out any German resistance. The way forward was clear... The 2nd Battalion went over the top at 6.30 in the morning. When the battalion was mustered at midnight there were present no officers and only 140 men. Lt.-Colonel Lefroy and 2 of his officers had been mortally wounded, 7 other officers were killed, 7 were wounded and 1 was a prisoner. Of the men 64 were killed, 171 wounded and 273 were missing.

Pte Walter Hunt was one of the 171 wounded in that attack. He was passed back down the line and eventually returned to No 4 Military Hospital Lincoln, where due to the nature of his wounds he passed on the 16th Oct 1915. His body was returned to his family in West Bromwich, a rare event for the day and he received a full military funeral.

West Bromwich Free Press 29th Sept 1915:- "Two of our local heroes, Pte W Hunt (22) and Pte J Grosvenor were accorded a military funeral ... The day of the funeral was a day of almost general mourning in the town. In front of long lines of houses in the streets through which the mournful cortege passed, blinds were lowered. The body of Hunt was borne on a gun carriage, and that of Grosvenor in a hearse, both draped with the Union Jack and covered with flowers. The Band of the 8th R. Warwicks headed the funeral procession and the R. Engineers furnished two bearer detachments, whilst the firing party was supplied from the 8th R Warwicks. When the procession passed down the High Street, crowds of sympathetic onlookers lined the footpaths. In the cemetery there was something like 2000 people present. The service over the grave was conducted by th Rev. W Wibby in which he called for.... 'others to show the courage and commitment to their country as these two men lying side-by-side'..... 'I ask you to go forward in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and offer your services for King and Country'. After the firing party had fired three volleys over the grave, the Last Post was sounded, and the band played "Nearer, My God, to Thee."

Walter was my Great Uncle.

Dan Allinson


CSM. James Richard Boraston 1st/8th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.24th Dec 1915)

Richard Boraston was killed in action on the 24th of Dec 1915, aged 26 and is buried in the Foncquevillers Military Cemetery in France. He was the son of Mr. A. G. and Mrs. S. A. Boraston, of 24 Richmond Rd., Handsworth, Birmingham.

s flynn


Pte. William Denis Lyons 1st/6th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.5th Sep 1917)

William Lysons died on the 5th of September 1917 and is buried in the Etaples Military Cemetery in France. He was the son of John Sebastian and Lily May (nee Hollingsworth) Lyons

s flynn


Pte. James Statham 15th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.28th June 1918)

James Statham was born in 1878 and served with 15th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He went missing in action on the 28th of June 1918 and is commemorated on the Memorial to the Missing in Ploegsteert Belgium. I understand he may have been part of the 7th Royal Warwickshire Regiment prior to this and also serving in Italy. Looking for more details.

Jacky Robinson-Wing


Pte. Albert Reeves 1st Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.13th July 1917)

Albert Reeves was killed in action on the 13th of July 1917. Buried Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension in France, he was the husband of Harriet Reeves.

s flynn


Pte. Alfred J. Hodgkinson 2/8th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

ALfred and John Hodgkinson served with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment


Lt. D. G. H. Truman 2/5th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.1st Jul 1916)

Lt Truman was killed during an intense bombardment of the front line at Moated Grange, Laventie, his friend Lt Lamasion was killed and another friend James Budd was badly injured. He was buried in the Rue-du-Bacquerot no.1 military cemetery at Laventie

Robin Keyte


Lt. Leonard William Henry Lamaison 2/5th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.2nd Jul 1916)

Leonard Lamasion was the son of the late William and Marian Lamaison, of Southwold, Kenley, Surrey. He was 40 years old when he was killed during an intense bombardment of the front line at Moated Grange, Laventie, his friend Lt Truman was killed and another friend James Budd was badly injured. His wife Charlotte Florence Barton (formerly Lamaison) lived at Esmeryl, Dehra Dun, India. He was buried in the Rue-du-Bacquerot no.1 military cemetery at Laventie

Robin Keyte


Pte. William Rea 10th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.3rd July 1916 )

William Rea was educated at Monmouth School Monmouth and is referenced in the school magazine Pro Patria. He was born 30th February 1890. His father was William Joseph who died before him and his mother was Susan.

He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial and is also being commemorated in a project, Monmouth A Town at War, which is being delivered by Monmouth Museum and a group of volunteers.

Kay Potts


2Lt. John Cockburn 1st Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.2nd April 1915)

John Cockburn was born in Malta in 1890 the son of Charles James Cockburn & Kate and brother to Charles Cockburn, who was killed in Mesopotamia in 1916 He was the Second cousin to my great-grandmother.

Daniel Benest


Pte. Harry Rutherford 10th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.10th June 1917)

Harry Rutherford is my Great Uncle. All I know is a story related via my father from his father (Harry's brother). Apparently the brothers (being in the same regiment) crossed paths as Harry was going up to the line and Albert, my grandfather, was returning from the line and Albert warned Harry in what we assume to be a jocular way to "be careful of the Belgians, they're bloody big buggers!"


William Howells MM. 2/7th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

A letter William Howells wrote to his parents in August 1916. This portion was published in the Amman Valley Weekly Chronicle and East Camarthen News on the 25th of August 1916.

The following is a portion of a letter which was sent by Private Willie Howells, attached to the Royal Warwick Regiment, from Somewhere in France to his parents, who reside at Llwynon, Clarence Road, Landilo. Referring to Private T. Lewis of Manordello, who was killed in action on July 17th he writes:— "I dare say that Tommy Lewis' people have got to know that he was killed in action. Poor fellow, If found him in the line unconscious, and immediately started bandaging him, he had been wounded in the head and when we had finished bandaging him, I had to take charge of the stretcher on which he was placed. The German artillery were shelling our communication trench like h. and it was almost certain death to go down into it. I asked the three chaps who were with me if they would go down, and the appeal I used was Will you give Tommy a chance of life by taking him down now, or wait till the bombardment dies down?' and they all said, ' We will give him the best possible chance.' So down we went and we had to pass under terrible shell fire, but eventually reached the aid post, where I handed Tommy to the doctor's care. When I got outside. I had to cry, the relief was so great. All the way down I had been worrying over him and wondering over him, whether he would live or die, so that it was not surprising that I should find myself in tears.



Pte. Harold Bates 2nd/7th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.19th July 1916)

Harold Bates was my great grandfather, he never returned from the war and his body was never found. His daughter died 81 years later still knowing nothing about her father.


Pte. Herbert John Barham 1/8th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Herbert Barham was my great grandfather and was from Aston. He was living in Lozells in 1913 with his wife and 3 children. Unfortunately, his service record is lost, what I can work out is that he enlisted in October 1914 to the 1/8th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment and went to France in March 1915. He was still serving with the 8th Btn when the Territorial Force was renumbered in March 1917. He was demobbed in March 1919.

Although I know little about his active service, family anecdotes are that he was greatly affected by the war, possibly shell shock and it is thought this contributed to him tragically taking his own life in 1953. My wish is that his service and the traumas he suffered are not forgotten.

P Harrison


Pte. Joseph Simms Royal Warwickshire Regiment

My grandfather, Joseph Simms was in the Expeditionary Force in France. He survived the war but remained in ill health until he died young at 59.

Jacqueline Simms


Pte. Alfred Salt 15th Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (d.3rd Sep 1916)

Sadly for Alfred Salt, he has no known grave and is therefore commemorated on the Thiepval memorial. I have recently received information regarding my great uncles who served in the first world war. I also have many photographs that my cousin has found with soldiers, but unfortunately I have no names on the photos. I will get them scanned and upload them onto this site, which may help me but also they may help other families who recognise anyone they know.

Diane Palmer

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Lander's War: The War Diaries of Lt. Charles Herbert Lander 10th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Charles Herbert Lander

Charles Lander, had to wait until the chest measurement was reduced before he could apply as a private soldier with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Upon his commission, Charles was to serve in the 10th Battalion which was a part of 57th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division. Read on, and let Charles take you into the tumultuous world of the Great War, where moments of comedy, low points and sheer terror combine; and wonder as to how humans could endure, go home and live again in everyday society. Lt. Charles Herbert Lander truly had the skill to pull back the curtains on the window of time; with his words, he will take you to the now quiet fields of France and Flanders, now transformed from the most dangerous places on Earth to their former rural peace. He tells us how it was and who were the players in the great game, as they appear and all too often disappear from these pages.
Lander's War: The War Diaries of Lt. Charles Herbert Lander 10th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Charles Herbert Lander

Written by a serving officer from 10th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment in WW1 on the Western Front. This book provides detailed accounts of the Officers view of the war.


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