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Rifle Brigade

Want to know more about Rifle Brigade?

There are:34650 pages and articles tagged Rifle Brigade available in our Library

Those known to have served with

Rifle Brigade

during the Great War 1914-1918.

  • Aldridge Archie. Cpl.
  • Allison William. Rfmn. 9th Battalion (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Altham Richard. Rflmn. 1st Battalion, C Coy. (d.3rd May 1915)
  • Ambrose John Francis. Rflm. 3rd Btn. (d.19th Jun 1918)
  • Amey Edmund Victor. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.6th July 1915)
  • Amos Thomas Harry. Rfmn. 13th Btn. D Coy.
  • Anderson Albert. Rflmn. 11th Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Appleton David Hopkins. Rflmn. 7th Btn. (d.14th Oct 1917)
  • Arnold Arthur. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Ashley William Thomas. Cpl. 3rd Battalion
  • Atkins Bert. Rflmn. 9th Btn. (d.18th August 1916)
  • Atkins Bert. Rifleman 9th Btn (d.18th August 1916)
  • Auger F. Rflmn. 4th Btn. (d.20th Aug 1918)
  • Badrick Percy. Rfmn. (d.30th May 1918)
  • Baker Felix Benjamin. L/Cpl. 9th Battalion (d.3rd May 1917)
  • Baker Henry Thomas. Rifleman. 1st Btn.
  • Barnes Mulock Harold. Rfmn. 7th Btn. (d.1st Apr 1918)
  • Barton Walter. Rfm. 12th Battalion (d.27th Sep 1915)
  • Basnett Edward Hudson. Rfm. 11th Btn. (d.4th Apr 1917)
  • Bayley Peter Ferguson. 2nd Lt. 9th Btn. (d.23th March 1918)
  • Beacham Charles Joseph. L/Cpl. 4th Battalion (d.25th Aug 1915)
  • Beechey Albert. Rflmn. 9th Btn (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Bentley Thomas Frederick. Cpl. 1st Btn.
  • Bernstein Simon. Rfm. 1st Battalion (d.12th Oct 1917 )
  • Bird Frederick Charles. Rfmn. 2nd Btn (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Birtwistle Fred. CSM. 2nd Btn.
  • Blakey Thomas Muir. Rfmn. 13th Battalion (d.10th Jul 1916)
  • Brackenbury Frederick. Pte. 13th Btn.
  • Brandon William Henry. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn. (d.31st Mar 1918)
  • Brayshaw Herbert. Pte. 1st Battalion (d.5th Aug 1915)
  • Brennan Benjamin. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.26th January 1916)
  • Bridges William. Private 22nd Wessex & Welsh (d.27th Jun 1918)
  • Bromwich Harry Edward. Rfmn. 13th Btn. (d.30th Jul 1917)
  • Brooks Thomas Charles. Pte 8th Bn. D Coy. (d.25th Jan 1916)
  • Brooks Thomas Charles. Pte. 8th Battalion (d.25th Jan 1916)
  • Brown George Walford. L/Cpl. 3rd Battalion Rifles (d.31st Jul 1917)
  • Brown James. Rifleman 3rd Battalion (d.7th June 1917)
  • Brown Joseph. Rflmn. 3rd Battalion (d.12th Oct 1915)
  • Burch Robert Henry. 13th Bn
  • Burrell Frederick. 2nd Battalion (d.23 October 1916)
  • Butt Lewis John Dalgliesh. 2nd Lieut 16th (Service) Bn. (d.4th Jul 1916)
  • Butzbach Arthur Stanley. L/Cpl. 13th Btn, C Coy. (d.5th Jun 1917)
  • Buxton Jocelyn Murray Victor. 2nd Lt. 6th Btn. (d.1st Jul 1916)
  • Byrne Hedley John. Rflmn. 10th Battalion (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Carling Thomas. Rfmn. 13th Btn (d.1st July 1916)
  • Carpenter Sidney. Rflmn. 1st Btn (d.1st October 1917)
  • Cates George Edward. 2nd Lt. 2nd Btn. (d.9th March 1917)
  • Chapman Charles Frederick. 11th Btn.
  • Childs Leslie. Rfm. 3rd Battalion (d.21st June 1917)
  • Cliffe Frank. Rfm. 12th Battalion (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Cole Thomas Henry. Rfn. 1st Btn. (d.3rd Oct1917)
  • Congreve William La Touche. Major. (d.20th July 1916)
  • Cooper John. Rflmn. 9th Battalion (d.28th July 1915)
  • Coppin Frank Ernest Herbert. L/Cpl. 1st Battalion (d.26th Aug1914)
  • Cork Horace Stanley. Pte. 9th Btn., A Coy.
  • Corner Leonard William. Rfm. 7th Battalion (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Cornwell Alfred Ernest. A/Cpl. 1st Battalion
  • Cox Frederick. Rfmn. 3rd Battalion (d.6th Feb 1916)
  • Coyne Patrick Joseph. Rfmn. 12th Btn. (d.17th Aug 1917)
  • Critchell Frederick. Pte. 3rd Btn. (d.26th June 1917)
  • Cumpstey Fred. Pte. 12th Battalion
  • Davies Raymond. Pte
  • Davis Owen Walter. CSM 9th Batallion
  • Day Stamford Percy. Rflmn. 1st Battalion (d.1st Sep 1918)
  • De Haro Grant. Rflmn. 3rd Btn. (d.12th October 1918)
  • Deer Ernest. Rflmn. 1st Btn. (d.16th June 1918)
  • Devlin Robert. Rfmn. 20th Btn (Northern) (d.2nd Apr 1918)
  • Dines Charles George. Rfm 9th Btn (d.24th Mar 1918)
  • Dixon Frederick Charles. Sergeant 12th Btn. (d.9th Sep 1915)
  • Doyle Joseph. Rflmn. 2nd Battalion (d.31st March 1918)
  • Drake Alfred George. Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.23rd Nov 1915)
  • Draper Charles Frederick. Cpl. 9th Btn (d.1st July 1916)
  • Dunkerton Frederick John . Rflmn. 16th (St Pancras) Battalion (d.3rd Sept 1916)
  • Edmondson John. Rfm. 1st Battalion (d.1st Nov 1918)
  • Edwards J. R.. Rfm. 3rd Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Eley William. Pte 9th Battalion (d.18th Aug 1917)
  • Elliott Frederick Robert. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.2nd Dec 1917)
  • Elms Thomas. 12th Battalion (d.21st September 1917)
  • Emeny Arthur. Rfm. 9th Battalion (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Esquilant Frederick Alfred. Sgt. 12th Btn., C Coy. (d.2nd Dec 1917)
  • Essex Reginald William. Pte. 12th Btn. (d.22nd Feb 1916)
  • Evans John Alexander. Rflmn. 9th Battalion (d.15th Sep1916)
  • Farr James William. Rfmn. 1st Btn.
  • Fenn Charles Fredrick. Rflmn. 9th Btn. (d.24th March 1918)
  • Field W.. Pte. 3rd Btn.
  • Field Walter Thomas. Cpl. 12th Battalion (d.5th Sep 1916)
  • Fitzgerald Ernest. L/Cpl. 16th Btn. (d.3rd September 1916)
  • Flicker James. Rfm. 9th Battalion, "A" Company (d.24th Mar 1918)
  • Flint Albert Edward. Rfn. (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Flynn James. Rfmn. 9th (Service) Btn. (d.25th Sept 1915)
  • Ford T.. Rfm. 3rd Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Franklin William. Pte. 8th Battalion (d.4th April 1918)
  • Franks Edwin. Rfm. 7th Btn. (d.2nd Feb 1916)
  • Frost Herbert Charles. Rflmn. 1st Btn. (d.1st Nov 1918)
  • Gear Arthur. Pte. 16th Battalion (d.17th Nov 1917)
  • Gibson Thomas. Rflmn. 1st Battalion (d.15th June 1918)
  • Gildersleve Thomas. Rfmn. 13th Battalion (d.14th Nov 1916)
  • Girling Thomas William Carter. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Gladwin William. Rifleman 11th Btn (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Godwin Louis Vionnet. 2nd Lt. 2nd Btn. (d.23rd October 1916)
  • Gough John Edmund. Brig-Gen. (d.22nd Feb 1915)
  • Graut Herbert Mallett. L/Cpl. 1st Battalion (d.3 May 1915)
  • Gray Sydney Robert. Rflmn. 10 Btn.
  • Green James Edward. Rfm. 9th Btn. (d.27th Apr 1917)
  • Gribbin Richard. Pte. 8th Btn. (d.30th July 1915)
  • Groombridge Frederick James Charles. Pte. 9th Btn.
  • Hall Joseph. Pte. 8th Battalion (d.20 May 1918 )
  • Harris Edward. Pte. 7th Battalion (d.18th October 1917)
  • Harris Henry William. Pte. 5th Btn.
  • Harris Philip Claude. Rfmn. 3rd Btn. (d.23rd Oct 1914)
  • Harris Sydney. Rflmn. 11th Bn. (d.25/02/1916)
  • Hayden Percy James. Rfm. 8th Btn.
  • Hayward Walter John. CSM 8th Btn. (d.26th August 1916)
  • Heath Frank Jabez.
  • Henderson Joseph. L/Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.21st Mar 1918)
  • Herrmann A. W. F.. Rfm. 3rd Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Herrmann James Thomas. Rifleman (d.15th October 1917)
  • Hewitt Albert Victor. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Hill Percy Henry. Pte. 19th (Western) Battalion. (d.1st Jan 1917)
  • Hoare Ralph John. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.31st October 1916)
  • Hoath Harry Gardner. Rflmn. 13th Btn. (d.16th Jul 1916)
  • Hobday Leonard Isaac. Pte. 11th Battalion (d.20th Sep 1917)
  • Hodges George W.. Cpl 1st Btn.
  • Holloway William George. Rflmn. 9th Btn. (d.5th Jan 1916)
  • Honeyman William Robert. Rflmn. 11th Btn. (d.13th Dec 1916)
  • Hopkins Arthur Howard. Pte.
  • Horne Joseph. L/Cpl. 23rd (North Western) Btn.. (d.19th Sep 1918)
  • Horton A. Rflmn. 11th Bn. (d.25th February 1916)
  • Howarth Arthur. Rfn. 8th Btn. (d.30th Jul 1915)
  • Howell Robert. Rflmn. 13th Btn. (d.1st Oct 1918)
  • Hulse Percy. Cpl. 12th Btn. (d.26th Sept 1915)
  • Hurley Charles Edward. Rflmn. 7th Btn. (d.18th Aug 1916)
  • Ingram Percival St.John. Rflmn. 13th Battalion (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Ingram Percy St John. Rfmn. 13th Btn. (d.24th Apr 1917)
  • Inman J. Sgt. 11th Bn. (d.25th February 1916)
  • Irish G. A.. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.3rd Oct 1915)
  • Jenkins Arthur William. Cpl. 16th Btn. (d.18th April 1918)
  • Jennings Thomas. Sjt. 3rd Battalion (d.27th Mar 1918)
  • Jones Frederick George. Rifleman 12th Service Battalion (d.17th Sep 1916)
  • Jones Sidney Walter. Rfmn. 2nd Battalion (d.27th May 1916)
  • Kadwill William Arthur. Sgt. 4th Btn. (d.16th October 1918)
  • Karasek H.. Rflmn. 16th Btn. (d.16th Oct 1916)
  • Kelly Bernard. Rflmn. 11th Bn. (d.25/02/1916)
  • King James William. L/Cpl. 2/10th Btn.
  • King William George. Cpl. 6th Btn.
  • Kirby John Joseph. Pte. 16th Btn.
  • Knowlden Alfred. L/Cpl. 8th Btn. (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Knowles Thomas Walter. Rflmn. 7th Btn. (d.31st Jul 1915)
  • Laflin Ernest Alfred. Pte. 16th (Service) Battalion, C Coy. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Lahmerd George Henry. Pte. 3rd Battalion
  • Lambourne William Thomas. Pte.
  • Lawrence Charles Casio. Sjt. 7th (Service) Battalion (d.12th Oct 1917)
  • Leahy James. Pte. 2nd Btn. (d.13th Mar 1915)
  • Lee Percy. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.23rd October 1916)
  • Lee Stephen. Sgt. 13th Btn. (d.28th April 1917)
  • Lees C. Rflmn. 11th Bn. (d.25th February 1916)
  • Lesurf William Frederick. Rfm. 1st Battalion (d.19th Oct 1916)
  • Lewis Henry. Rfmn. 1st Btn.
  • Linfield Walter. L/Cpl. 8th Battalion (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Linskey James Bede. Rfmn. 3rd Battalion (d.1st Sep 1916)
  • Livings Davies Walter. Rflmn. 7th Battalion (d.30th March 1917)
  • Lloyd Thomas James. Rfmn. 12th Battalion (d.26th Sep 1915)
  • Lodge Thomas James. Rfmn. 1st Btn. (d.5th Nov 1914)
  • Maloney James Benjamin. Rflmn. 9th Battalion (d.18th Aug 1917)
  • Maloney James Benjamin. Rflmn. 9th Battalion (d.18th August 1917)
  • Manuel Sidney Harold. Pte 10th Btn
  • Marriott Fredeick Ernest. 2nd Lt. 7th Battalion (d.30th July 1915)
  • Mason Alfred. Cpl 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Mason Alfred. Cpl. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Mason Alfred. Cpl. 1st Battalion (d.1st July 1916)
  • Mason Alfred. Cpl. 1st Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Matthews Frank Harold. Pte. 1st Btn.
  • Maunders Leonard. Rflmn. 3rd Btn. (d.25th September 1914)
  • Maynard James Frederick. Rfmn. 7th Btn. (d.6th Dec 1916)
  • McAfee Lewis Alexander. Cpt. 8th Batallion (d.30th July 1915)
  • McAuliffe Patrick Francis. 23rd Btn. C Company.
  • McDonald John. Rflmn. 2nd Battalion (d.21st April 1917)
  • McDonald John. Rflmn. 2nd Battalion (d.21st April 1917)
  • McMahon William Bernard. Sgt. 16th (St Pancras) Btn. (d.7th Oct 1916)
  • Miles William George. Rflmn. 16th (St Pancras) Battalion (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Milsom Sidney. Lt. 8th Btn. (d.30 July 1915)
  • Mingo Ernest Leonard. Pte. (d.18th Oct 1916)
  • Mole Stephen Horace. Sgt. 2nd Btn.
  • Moore Edward Charles. Rflmn. 9th Btn. (d.4th Apr 1918)
  • Morrison Charles Henry. Pte. 17th Battalion
  • Moulding Benjamin. Rflmn. 7th Battalion (d.30th July 1915)
  • Myatt Walter Albert. Rflmn. 12th Battalion (d.30 November 1917)
  • Newbold Frederick. Pte. 11th Battalion
  • Newton Percy Holyoake Neller. Rfmn. 3rd Btn. (d.22nd Mar 1915)
  • Nixon Edgar Ford. Rfmn. (d.22nd Mar 1918)
  • Nobbs Sidney Henry. Rflmn. 2nd Battalion (d.23rd Oct 1916)
  • Noble Cecil Reginald. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn. C Company, (d.13th March 1915)
  • Noble James Alfred. Rflm. 7th Battalion (d.21st Mar 1918)
  • Noulton George. Sgt. 23rd Btn. (d.27th Sep 1918)
  • Orchard Ernest John. Rflmn. 3rd Btn. (d.2nd August 1917)
  • Orsler Arthur Edmond. Pte. 1st Battalion. (d.2nd Oct 1917)
  • Owen Thomas. Rfm. 5th Btn.
  • Page Thomas Eldred. Rflm. (d.1st Nov 1918)
  • Pain Charles Ringwood. Rifleman 7th (Service) Battalion (d.30th July 1915)
  • Parfitt Frederick William. Rfmn. 12th Btn. (d.29th Jun 1916)
  • Parfitt William G.. L/Cpl. 3rd Btn. (d.6th Jul 1915)
  • Parrish Henry. Sgt. C Coy. 9th Btn. (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Parsons A. J.. Sgt. 11th Btn.
  • Pearson Charles E.. Rfmn. 9th Battalion (d.25th Aug 1916)
  • Pereira Henry Miles. Pte. 16th Btn. (d.5th June 1916)
  • Perry George Henry. Rflmn. 1st Btn. (d.1st December 1917)
  • Phillips Edward Campbell. 1st Battalion
  • Phillips Walter Arthur. Rflman. 1st Btn. (d.13th Oct 1917)
  • Piggin Robert. Rfmn. 7th Btn. (d.8th Sep 1915)
  • Pike James. Rflmn. 10th Battalion (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Pike James. Rflmn. 10th Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Pitches Charles John. Rfl. 12th Battalion (d.19th June 1917)
  • Pitt John. Rflmn. 13th Btn. (d.14th March 1916)
  • Pond Frederick. Pte. 2/15th Btn. and 3rd Btn.
  • Poppleton Edwin Knight. Pte. 3rd Btn. (d.6th Feb 1918)
  • Powell Leonard Thomas. Rfmn. 7th Battalion (d.26th Oct 1915)
  • Pozzi Frederick William. Pte. 16th Battalion (d.3rd September 1916)
  • Pretty Frederick Luce. Cpl. 1st Battalion
  • Pritchard W. J.. Rflmn. 10th Btn. (d.26th August 1915)
  • Quilty Fredrick Richard. L/Sgt. 13th Battalion (d.8th May 1918)
  • Quinn Bernard Thomas. Rflmn. 9th Battalion (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Ramsay Norman. 2nd Lt. 16th Battalion (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Randall Joseph James. Rfm. 3rd Battalion (d.1st Feb 1915)
  • Rann Charles Henry. Sgt. 2nd Btn., D Coy. (d.28th July 1917)
  • Reynolds William Benjamin. Rflmn. 1st Btn (d.6th July 1915)
  • Rice Henry. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.6th March 1918)
  • Ridler Willis. Cpl. 22nd Btn. (d.28th April 1916)
  • Ritchie Thomas Geddes. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.26th October 1917)
  • Roberts Harry. L/Cpl. 41st Coy.
  • Roberts Lionel John. 2nd Lt. 16th (St Pancras) Btn. (d.3rd Sep 1916)
  • Roberts Robert. Rfmn. 2nd Bn. (d.25th Sep 1915)
  • Robinson William James. Rifleman 8th Battalion, C Coy. (d.15th Sept 1916)
  • Robinson William. Rfm. 13th Btn (d.10th Jan 1918)
  • Romanini Louis. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.7th Aug 1916)
  • Saward Charles Richard. Rfmn. 10th Btn. (d.30th Nov 1917)
  • Scannell John. Pte. 22nd (Wessex & Welsh) Battalion
  • Scott Arthur Edward. 2nd Lt. 3rd Btn. (d.21st March 1918)
  • Searle Walter. Pte. 12th Btn. (d.19th October 1916)
  • Seary Sidney George. L/Cpl. 1st Battalion (d.3rd May 1915)
  • Seccombe Henry George. Rifleman 16th Btn. (d.3rd Jun 1917)
  • Selby Edward Thomas. Rfm. 7th Battalion, C Coy (d.4th June 1917)
  • Shaw Percy. CSM.. 1st Battalion
  • Sheehan Albert Frederick. L/Cpl. 16th Btn
  • Shepherd George William. Pte. 9th Btn.
  • Shores Frederick. Cpl. 4th Btn.
  • Simpson Reginald Charles. L/Cpl. 4th Battalion, C Coy
  • Skeggs Albert Edward. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.2nd January 1917)
  • Slaughter Herbert Othneil. L/Cpl. 5th Btn. (d.1st July 1916)
  • Smale Matthew. Cpl. 16th Btn. (d.3rd Nov 1916)
  • Smith Frank Andrews. Rfmn. 7th (Service) Brigade (d.7th Dec 1917)
  • Smith Joseph John. Rflmn. 13th Btn.
  • Smith W.. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.3rd Oct 1915)
  • Smith William Adieu. Pte. 9th Battalion
  • Soper Henry. Pte. 3rd Btn.
  • Southam George William. Rfm. 12th Battalion (d.8th Sep 1915)
  • Spratt Walter Edward. Rfmn. 1st Battalion (d.4th Oct 1917)
  • Stewart Cecil. L/Corporal (d.1st May 1917)
  • Stewart Cecil . L/Cpl. 12th Btn. (d. 1st May 1917)
  • Stimson Eric Malcolm. Pte. 9th Btn (d.12th Aug 1915)
  • Sullivan Stephen. Pte. 1st Btn. (d.19th Dec 1914)
  • Syrett Robert Charles. Rfm. 3rd Btn. (d.7th Jun 1917)
  • Taylor Albert Edward. 1st Battalion (d.19 October 1916)
  • Taylor Arthur Leonard. 2nd Lt. 10th Btn (d.19th November 1918)
  • Taylor John William. Pte. 12th Btn. (d.7th Jan 1917)
  • Taylor Joseph Alfred . Rfn. 3rd Btn.
  • Taylor Thomas. Rfm. 1st Btn. (d.1st Nov 1918)
  • Thornburn John Henry. Pte 2nd Btn. (d.18th Apr 1915)
  • Thornley Joseph. Rfn. 13th Btn. (d.11th April 1917)
  • Thornley Percy. Rflmn. 2nd Btn. (d.15th May 1915)
  • Thornton John. Rflmn. 11th Bn. (d.25th February 1916)
  • Thumwood Albert James. Rflmn. 1st Battlion
  • Toft James. Rfl. 7th Btn. (d.4th Oct 1915)
  • Tompkins Gilbert. Rflmn. 7th Btn. (d.30th July 1915)
  • Toynbee R V. Lt. 2nd Battalion
  • Trimmer William Edward. Pte. 2nd Battalion (d.6th February 1915)
  • Trott Frank. Pte. 13th Btn. (d.7th November 1918)
  • Tuffin Albert Edgar. 52nd (Graduated) Btn.
  • Turnour Arthur William Winterton. 2nd Lt. 2nd Btn. (d.25/09/1915)
  • Turvey Herbert Charles. 16th Btn. (d.7th Aug 1916)
  • Wade William. Rflmn. 9th Batallion (d.11th May 1916)
  • Wardhaugh Frank. Rfmn. 8th Btn. (d.30th July 1915)
  • Wardle Albert Henry. Rflmn. 1st Battalion (d.6th April 1918)
  • Warr Richard William. Rflmn. 7th Battalion (d.20th Aug 1916)
  • Watkins Charles. Rfn. (d.27th May 1917)
  • Watkins Charles. Rfmn. (d.27th May 1917)
  • Watkins Charles. Rflmn. 10th Btn. (d.27th May 1917)
  • Welch Henry Thomas. Rflmn. 16th Btn (Prince Consort's Own) (d.1st October 1916)
  • Welsh George. Pte. 11th Battalion (d.3rd Dec 1917)
  • West William. Lance Corporal 3rd Btn. (d.12th Jan 1915)
  • Wheatley James William. Rflmn. (d.9th Oct 1916)
  • Wickings A.. L/Sgt. 9th Btn. (d.7th March 1918)
  • Wilkes Walter Joseph. Pte. 9th Btn. (d.9th Aug 1916)
  • Wilkinson George. Rfmn. 3rd Btn (d.25th Aug 1916)
  • Williams Arthur James. Rflmn. 3rd Btn. (d.21st Dec 1916)
  • Williams George. Rfmn. 16th Btn (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Williams Ralph William. Cpl. 3rd Battalion
  • Willmott Henry George. Sgt. 9th Btn. (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Wilson Charles. Cpl. 10th Btn. (d.4th Apr 1918)
  • Wilson Charles. Cpl. 9th Btn. (d.4th April 1918)
  • Wiltshire Frederick John. Rfmn. 9th Battalion (d.15th Sep 1916)
  • Wiltshire Frederick John. Pte. 9th Battalion (d.15th Sept 1916)
  • Winnett William Arthur. Rfm. 13th Btn (d.11th Apr 1917)
  • Winter William. Rfmn. 13th Battalion (d.23rd April 1917)
  • Wiseman Harry. L/Cpl. 9th Btn.
  • Wiseman William Ernest. L/Cpl. 3rd Btn. (d.31st Jul 1917)
  • Wood Alfred A. Rifleman 4th Battalion (d.10th May 1915)
  • Wood Leslie Milford. L/Cpl. 13th Btn. (d.20th Jul 1918)
  • Woodley Frank. L/Cpl. 2nd Btn. (d.9th May 1915)
  • Woodroffe Sidney Clayton. 2nd Lt. 8th Btn. (d.30th Jul 1915)

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Rfmn. James Flynn 9th (Service) Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.25th Sept 1915)

James Flynn Served with the 9th Btn. Rifle Brigade, known as Jim he was my Nan's brother and was killed in action.

Steve Sullivan


Rflmn. John Alexander Evans 9th Battalion Rifle Brigade (d.15th Sep1916)

Alex. Photo taken near Queensbury

Alex Evans was born on 3rd October 1896, a twin and one of 12 children. On 5th May 1915 he enlisted for the Rifle Brigade at St Paul's church yard and was initially with 6th battalion. He was shipped to France on October 7th 1915 with the 9th battalion Rifle Brigade. On 18th May 1916 he was wounded in action by a gunshot to the thigh and was in hospital in Rouen and transferred to Étaples on 14th June 1916, Two days later on 16th June he rejoined his battalion on the Somme.

On 14th September the battalion marched overnight from Bécordel-Bécourt to Delville Wood in readiness for the commencement of the battle of Flers-Coucelette. The battalion war diary for 16th September is sadly thin with no details but the 9th battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps diary was well kept by their officer. The extracts from the KRRC diary tells the story and fate of Alex's battalion, the 9th battalion Rifle Brigade, who led the attack on Gird Trench and Bulls Road during the first day of the battle of Flers-Courcelette (15th-22nd September 1916) on the Somme, France. The KRRC were to the rear of the Rifle Brigade.


6.20am. Btn moved from Montauban Alley to York Alley behind 9th btn RB.

8am. The 9th btn RB appeared to be bearing away too far to their right and were only in front of the right half of A company.

8.15am. Btn passed through Switch Trench without stopping. Machine gun fire from Lesboeufs area passing over their heads (Lesboeufs being the village to their right on Bulls Road being attacked by the Guards division - the 9th btn RB will have gone through just before them.)

8.30am -8.45am. The btn continued to advance without stopping and passed through Gap Trench on the heels of 9th btn RB still bearing off to their right.

9am. Two German field guns firing towards Flers (the village to their left on Bulls Road) from a position on Sunken Road near N.32.c.5.2.

Meanwhile 9th btn RB had stopped advancing and had formed a line more or less parallel with Gird Trench, their left being N.32.c.9.0.

About 9.30am. I asked Capt Merewether, then commanding 9th btn RB, what were his intentions. He told me 9th Btn RB intended to attack Gird Trench at the appointed time according to the programme. Seeing as his battalion were very weak I told him that the 9th btn KRRC would advance in close support of the 9th btn RB.

9.30am. The battalion was organised in two lines behind the 9th btn RB ready to advance behind them. Btn HQ established at T.2.c.3.7 from where a good view of the front could be obtained.

9.30am – 11.20am. Our (artillery) guns did not appear to be shelling Gird Trench (meaning the German machine guns and snipers in the trench were not impeded at all). Although no friendly shelling on Gird Trench the 9th btn RB tried to advance on this trench but as soon as they got on the rising ground in front of them a hostile machine gun situated at about N.32.d.9.2 prevented them advancing. All their remaining officers (approx 16 including Capt. Merewether) were killed bar one junior officer and 315 other ranks, (including Alex), and their attack failed. Seeing this I assumed command of the remainder of the 9th btn RB.

The officer of the KRRC decided it was too dangerous to continue at that time but their objectives were met later that day.

Also in the diary was a reference to the tanks, "A new engine of war, a petrol- driven armoured car, termed the tank was used for the first time. Four of these machines were allotted to the division during these operations and are considered to have done splendid work." The tank. D5 Dolphin was in the area with Alex's battalion providing support. Dolphin managed to cover more ground that day than any other tank (more than 4000 yards).

Alex was buried initially on the battlefield at 57c.T.2.b.35.25 before eventually being move to Combles Communal Cemetery Extension about 3 miles away. He was 19 years old. His twin brother Charlie survived the war and lived until the age of 75.

Alex and his twin in about 1913

Alex's grave at Combles

The battle lines and Alex's grave

CWGC  - remembered with honour

Holly Kendrick


Major. William La Touche Congreve VC, DSO, MC, MID. Rifle Brigade (d.20th July 1916)

Billy Congreve was killed in action on the 20th of July 1916, aged 25 and is buried in the Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension in France. He was the son of Lt.-Gen. Sir Walter Congreve, V.C., K.C.B., M.V.O., and Lady Congreve, of Chartley Castle, Staffs., husband of Pamela Congreve, of 15, Queen Anne's Gate, London.

An extract from the London Gazette, dated 24th October, 1916 records the following: "For most conspicuous bravery during a period of fourteen days preceding his death in action. This officer constantly performed acts of gallantry and showed the greatest devotion to duty, and by his personal example inspired all those around him with confidence at critical periods of the operations. During preliminary preparations for the attack he carried out personal reconnaissance's of the enemy lines, taking out parties of officers and non- commissioned officers for over 1,000 yards in front of our line, in order to acquaint them with the ground. All these preparations were made under fire. Later, by night, Major Congreve conducted a battalion to its position of employment, afterwards returning to it to ascertain the situation after assault. He established himself in an exposed forward position from where he successfully observed the enemy, and gave orders necessary to drive them from their position. Two days later, when Brigade Headquarters was heavily shelled and many casualties resulted, he went out and assisted the medical officer to remove the wounded to places of safety, although he was himself suffering severely from gas and other shell effects. He again on a subsequent occasion showed supreme courage in tending wounded under heavy shell fire. He finally returned to the front line to ascertain the situation after an unsuccessful attack, and whilst in the act of writing his report, was shot and killed instantly."

s flynn


Sgt. Henry Parrish MM. C Coy. 9th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.15th Sep 1916)

Henry Parrish is my great grand-father. He served in the Rifle Brigade, 9th Battalion, 'C' Company and died on the 15th September 1916 at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette leaving a wife and three children. He earned the Military Medal for his bravery during this battle. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial.

Corinne Stevens


Brig-Gen. John Edmund Gough VC. Rifle Brigade (d.22nd Feb 1915)

Brigadier General, Sir John Edmond Gough, General Staff, A. D. C. to H.M The King. Chief of Staff, First Army late Rifle Brigade. VC. KCB. CMG. The award was won in Somaliland in 1903, he died of wounds on 22nd of February 1915 and is buried in the Estaires Communal Cemetery in France. He was the son of Gen. Sir Charles Gough, V.C., G.C.B. and the husband of Lady Gough, of 4 Upper Harley St., Regent's Park, London.

s flynn


Rfn. Joseph Alfred Taylor 3rd Btn. Rifle Brigade

Rifleman Joseph Alfred Taylor

Joseph Alfred Taylor Rifleman was my maternal grandfather. I have been given his pay book, pow card and section d reserve discharge papers from my Auntie. My Mum also had his photo. He was born in 1895 and lived in Clerkenwell, Islington. He was married to Hanna Simpson. They lived in Rawstone Street, Clerkenwell and later moved to Sadlers Street (now demolished ) but off Lloyds Row ( near the famous Sadlers Wells Theatre).

The first entry on his pay book is July 1916,(in the field) which suggests to me the Somme Offensive. On 28/7/1917 he was captured wounded (gassed) and taken to Limburg POW camp. He survived the war and went on to serve in section D reserves. He suffered ill health as a result of the gassing and died in 1931 (gastric ulcers) when my mum was just 8 years old. Joseph was reported as captured on 28th July 1917 around the opening of the 3rd Battles of Ypres. This coincided with the early uses of Mustard Gas by the Germans.

Card he sent home to say he had been taken prisoner

Steve Stone


L/Cpl. Cecil Reginald Noble VC 2nd Btn. C Company, Rifle Brigade (d.13th March 1915)

Cecil Noble died of wounds on the 13th of March 1915 and is buried in the Longuenesse (ST. Omer) Souvenire Cemetery in France.

An extract from the Supplement to the London Gazette of 27th April, 1915 (No. 29146) records the award of the V.C. to this N.C.O. and to C.S.M. H. Daniels "For most conspicuous bravery on 12th March, 1915, at Neuve-Chapelle, when their battalion was impeded in the advance to attack by wire entanglements, and subjected to a very severe machine-gun fire, these two men voluntarily rushed in front and succeeded in cutting the wires."

s flynn


Cpl. Charles Frederick Draper 9th Btn Rifle Brigade (d.1st July 1916)

Born at Arreton, Isle of Wight on 20th August 1889, Charles Frederick Draper was the youngest of the eight children of William and Emily Draper. His father was an agricultural labourer and later road foreman for the local District Council. Charley presumably excelled at school, because he left his agricultural roots and the Isle of Wight behind him and became a solicitor’s clerk. The 1911 census finds him as a law clerk in lodgings at Shepton Mallet.

Charley enlisted in the 9th Battalion, The Rifle Brigade at Winchester on 22nd May 1915, aged 25 years and 8 months. Like the rest of his family, he was short in stature, standing 5’ 5” tall and his enlistment papers state that he had scars on both groins from a previous hernia operation. Where he spent his early months in the army I do not know, but he embarked for France on 6th April 1916 and on 12th April he was transferred to a Machine Gun Depot and arrived at Étaples on 17th of the month.

He joined his battalion in the field on 20th May and was wounded in action on 27th June. According to the medical report he suffered shell wounds to his arm, leg, abdomen and chest. He died on 1st July 1916 and was interred in the Communal Cemetery at Habareq. He is also commemorated on his parents grave stone at Gore Cemetery, Arreton. Charley never married. He left a school atlas, published in 1913, in which he, or a member of the family, traced the progress of the war by underlining key locations. It remains a treasured family possession.

Bridget Lewis


L/Cpl. Reginald Charles Simpson 4th Battalion, C Coy Rifle Brigade

Granddad, Reginald Simpson, enlisted in 1916 (or was conscripted not too sure). He served in Salonika and was discharged on 25th of September 1919.

C Anderson


Herbert Charles Turvey 16th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.7th Aug 1916)

My Grandfather, Herbert Charles Turvey, a very brave man died in these battles. We will never forget you Grandad Turvey.

John Turvey


Cpl. Archie Aldridge Rifle Brigade

Archie Aldridge enlisted in 1914, probably in either the 14th or 15th Reserve Battalions which were recruiting in Southend. He survived the war and was awarded the 1914-1915 campaign star as well as the other regular WW1 medals. Since these two Reserve battalions were used to provide replacements to the other battalions I would like to find out which one he ended up in when he shipped to France.

John Ballard


Rflmn. Robert Howell 13th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.1st Oct 1918)

Robert Howell was killed in action on the 1st of October 1918, aged 20. Buried in the Bancourt British Cemetery, France, he had been born in Bromley, Kent. Son of Robert & Susan Howell (nee Fuller), of 37, Star Lane, Canning Town, London. They had 14 children.

s flynn


L/Cpl. Harry Wiseman 9th Btn. Rifle Brigade

I am in possession of WW1 pair for Harry Wiseman. His service record shows he was listed as Missing from 21st to 31st March 1918, then as a POW at Limburg.

C Giles


Rfl. Charles John Pitches 12th Battalion Rifle Brigade (d.19th June 1917)

My Great Grandfather Chas Pitches died in a field hospital as a result of injuries received in the line of duty. His grave is in Grevillers. Somewhere in the family, there are some letters from the Matron to my Great Grandmother advising her of his progress and prior to that a handful of touching letters to her from my Great Grandfather whilst on active service.

Rifleman Charles  Pitches headstone

Deborah Pullen


2nd Lt. Peter Ferguson "Old Bill" Bayley 9th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.23th March 1918)

Before becoming commissioned Peter Bayley served as a Corporal in the 12th Highland Light Infantry with the service number 4034. He became a temporary 2nd Lt on 26th June 1917. He joined his battalion in France on 5th December 1917.

Peter was wounded (gun shot, right thigh) at Passchendaele on 13th December 1917. He rejoined his battalion on 11th February 1918. He was reported as missing in action between 22nd and 24th March 1918 at Flavy-Le-Martel. Later, because his father was in denial about his son's death, as it was presumed he was POW. However, having contacted his son's fellow comrades he found out his son was killed on 23rd March 1918 due to a wound to the leg. He had told his men not to wait with him as it was part of a retreat. Rest In peace. Brave soul.



Rflmn. W. J. Pritchard 10th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.26th August 1915)

Rifleman Pritchard died of wounds on 26th August 1915 at No 16 Stationary Hospital, Le Treport, France. He was 26 years old and the son of Walter and Alice Pritchard of West Bromwich. He is buried in Le Treport Military Cemetery, Plot 1, Row H, Grave 6.


Sgt. Stephen Horace Mole 2nd Btn. Rifle Brigade

At Aubers Ridge on 9th of May 1915 Stephen Mole was shot and wounded. He lay for three days and was rescued by a German officer and taken to their hospital. His leg was saved. He was returned to Britain where he served until 1921. He died in 1970. He saw his great grandson born, who went on to serve as an officer in Iraq.

Roger Sparks


Rfl. James Toft 7th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.4th Oct 1915)

James Toft was killed by a German shell near Railway Wood East of Ypres in Belgium. He is remembered on the Menin Gate as there is no known grave.

Peter Toft


L/Cpl. Walter Linfield 8th Battalion Rifle Brigade (d.15th Sep 1916)

I found a WW1 death plaque for Walter Linfield among my late father's possessions and traced him to having died during the Battle of Flers Courcelette on 15th of September 1916 aged just 24. I think that this battle was the first in which tanks were used during the war, but without great success. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial.

Greg Linfield


Rflmn. H. Karasek 16th Btn. Rifle Brigade (d.16th Oct 1916)

Rifleman H Karasek was the Son of Bertha and the late Isidore Karasek. He was 21 years old when he died and is buried in the Gottingen Jewish Cemetery in Germany.

s flynn

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